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Review #1, by cazvalleygirlRun: Newcomers

15th September 2012:

A huge congratulations I award you on the completion of this, frankly fantastic, story. Honestly, itís the most original, creative piece of work Iíve had the joy to red on Hpff, and believe me Iíve read a lot!

The possibilities of where you could take this are endless, if you so wish to of course (which I really, really hope you do!)

Itís pointless me rambling on about every single aspect that I LOVED about Run but the ending was just perfect. Fred and George, wow that pulled on my heartstrings.

One thing though that has puzzled me, what happened to Orla on earth? Why was she so reluctant to tell Colin?

Well done and thank you for this wonderful story, I look forward to reading your future work.
Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: Thank you, Charlotte!

It's going to be sad not to log in and see your reviews. I've loved hearing what you've got to say about a chapter. I'm so flattered, and so thankful, that you liked this enough to read it all the way through. :')

Alas, this is probably the end for Run. I might do sporadic one-shots in the future, and a couple of my HPFF friends are thinking about writing one-shots that take place in this universe, but other than that it is over.

I decided to leave Orla's demise up to the readers. In my mind, she was attacked by a werewolf. Greyback wasn't the only one, certainly, and tragedies happen all the time outside of war.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :)

- Sarah

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Review #2, by cazvalleygirlRun: Impending

9th September 2012:
Iím back : )

Apologies for my appallingly late reviews, I promise I havenít been off reading other fan fiction lol. Along with the rest of the world I became a fully-fledged addict of the 50 shades trilogy and all my spare time was taken up with that lol! Hope you can forgive me ;) But imagine my delight when I come back on this site and see you have not only uploaded another chapter but only finished the whole story!

Iím so excited to read on Iím going to keep this review very brief, except to say I loved it!
Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: Apologies for my appallingly late review responses! I'm trying to whittle them down to a manageable number today. 50 shades trilogy lolol. ^ ^ I haven't read that; how is it?

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I always love to hear your opinions.

- Sarah

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Review #3, by cazvalleygirlRun: The Beauty of Someday

9th August 2012:
Have you any idea how much I love you and this story right now!

Ok, this has to be one of my favourite chapters to date. It was so perfect in every way. I love that Sirius is so happy in death, odd as that seems to write lol. He had a life where he was imprisoned and forced to hide, so for the first time since his teenage years he is a free man and I mistook his exhilaration for life in the clock as immaturity before
and now I finally get it : )

Iím happy Tonks and Lily have the beginnings of a friendship forming. I think Lily will be a great source of comfort to Tonks in the coming years (assuming she survives the duels that is!)

Cliondnaís Clock, there is something about it thatísÖnot rightÖlol! Apart from the fact a bunch of dead people live there lol! Cassandra Trelawney and her reaction to her vision, the photo that Lily did not bury, Fred not recognising many people in the last duel, the whole Orla and Colin on the magic carpet sceneÖand a million other little hints you have probably dropped in the story at some point lol!

I am actually addicted to this; I would pay money to read it! I so hope you are writing your own material lady and let me know when your books published because Iíll be buying it!

Snape! Argh! Ok, Iím going to be completely honest because this is a review so be prepared mwahahaha! Snape to me is the most interesting character in all of Harry Potter. I have started to write him myself over and over again but have always failed to do him justice so Iíve left him well alone. So now the time has come to be brutal, you prepared? ;)ÖÖI was really, really worried when he first entered James and Lilyís home and actually apologised to the man who he blames for the love of his lifeís death. To the man who taunted him as a teenager, the man he has spent his whole life hatingÖ..but it worked! I canít actually believe you pulled it off! You made Snape apologise to James and I believed it!

ARGH! You are fantastic you know that right? And have you any idea how insanely jealous I am! Honestly, I loved it. It just worked!

Iím off to read the next chapter, in awe and in envy of you! Keep doing what you are doing because itís just amazing! Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: Aghhh, Charlotte! You certainly know how to make me flail!

Sirius is one of my absolute favorite characters. He was dealt such a raw existence while still alive, with an unhappy childhood, an adolescence plagued with the rise of Voldemort, and from there on out his life was just pure hell. It's amazing he lasted as long as he did.

I think it was very important for Tonks to have that support from Lily. While James was still in the running, of course, Lily couldn't really wholeheartedly support Tonks because she knew it could come down to them in the end. So she kept her distance, emotionally as well as physically. But now that James is out, their tense atmosphere can relax. Lily can now afford to make friends with Tonks. Now more than ever, that's exactly what Tonks needs.

Aww, you always bowl me over with the lovely things you say. I do write original fiction and hope to be published eventually. ♥

OMG HUGE RELIEF. Not gonna lie, that scene made me so nervous to write. Because this was /Severus/ and he was apologizing to /James/ and gahh. It's something I've really been wanting to write, all of them sort of coming to a truce, but it took twenty-some chapters to get there because Severus is not a character one can rush. I knew that during the course of this story, before its completion, I wanted for the three of them to turn over a new leaf, to bury their prejudices and old feelings. Severus is beginning to do that. I'm so proud of him. ^ ^

YOUR REVIEWS ARE THE BEST EVER. They are like chocolate and unicorns and glitter and sprinkles, all thrown together and plated with diamonds. Or something. I've stopped making sense because your compliments made me giddy.

Thank you so much for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #4, by cazvalleygirlRun: Line in the Sand

9th August 2012:
A whole chapter on Salazar! Yay :)

I really liked it. It wasnít a surprise to read of Slytherins love for Ravenclaw. Youíve hinted in the past and I knew there must have been a reason he had turned into such an old grouch lol. But in all seriousness I did feel such pity for Salazar in this chapter. Iím not sure how he has kept loving a woman who has broken his heart for another time and time again, Iím not sure she deserves either Salazar or Godricís love actually. Whatís more, if she had filtered between the two all of these years she clearly doesnít love one with all of her heart, maybe she and Snape should just get together? Lol ;)

Iím interested to see what will happen with Crabbe now heís lost his mentor, but I canít dwell on that because I have ten minutes peace and quiet and Iím determined to read the next chapter : ) x

Author's Response: Salazar! Woo! I try to stuff him in wherever I can simply because he's so much fun to write. He was a bit more sobering here, not his usual sarcastic self, but I loved writing him nevertheless. His feelings for Rowena remind me of stories I hear about people all the time - Person A and Person C both love Person B, who is for some reason unable to choose. Does she love them both just because both of them love her back? So is it more about receiving love and the way that makes her feel? Neither Godric nor Salazar deserve that, to be let in only halfway, and I'd hardly think it would be fulfilling for Rowena. I think we've all met people whose love lives are like watching a car crash; this is one of those relationships.

Thank you for reading and reviewing! I love responding to them. :)

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Review #5, by cazvalleygirlRun: Tradition

8th August 2012:
Hello and a very late Happy Birthday to you, I hope you had a fabulous day.

This chapter was so fun! I canít help but picture Regulus as Johnny Deppís Captain Jack Sparrow lol. He is a trickster who has a playful nature and a lot of wit but can be deceitful and calculating as we know from his life. All in all, I love him!

I love that you put such misfits together. Cedric and Reg! A Hufflepuff and Slytherin! It shouldnít work but it does, I hope this group of men bond and find comfort and friendship and more chaos with one another :)

Itís great that Gellert and Albus have found peace with one another, and the whole chimney scene was genius.

It didnít escape my notice that you probably had Reg taunt Snape about his Mother to allure us to the fact that she hasnít been seen so farÖInteresting lol!

And I know Iíve said it an estimated 100 billion times but this really is the most interesting, original fan fiction Iíve ever had the pleasure to come across.

Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: Hello again, Charlotte! It seems that every time you're catching up, I go and post a new chapter. XD Today I get to post Round Four, woot woot!

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes. :)

CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW REGULUS. ♥ ♥ ♥ I doubt I'll ever be able to get rid of that image, now. I'm going to picture him staggering all over town with a pirate hat, making all sorts of ridiculous expressions while he shouts incoherently. Regulus is a vivacious character, witty but at times quite dim, and I LOVE writing him. His character brings about a sort of lightheartedness that is missing in other characters because of their differing circumstances. It was nice to write this chapter and break away from the angst/regret/sadness. It was fun for me to write and I wanted the odd group of boys to have a fun, carefree night together. I'm so pleased you liked it!

Snape's mother. :3 And the plot thickens!

You could say it 100 billion more times and I would squeal every single time. :) I really cannot express how much that means to me, and how encouraging it is. Thank you so much for reading and reviewing and just generally being awesome all the time. I feel so lucky to have such great readers.

- Sarah

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Review #6, by cazvalleygirlRun: Quidbumps

2nd August 2012:
Hello, me again!

Wow, what a fabulous chapter! For a person who has very little interest in sport (even the magic kind) I really, really enjoyed this particular memory.

And now, more than ever am I convinced that not all is as it seems in Cilodnaís Clock. Why didnít Fred recognise hardly anyone? I understand that many centuries have passed, but with only one death per yearÖsomething is just not adding upÖGlad to see Salazar was there though, in his giant chess piece house nursing his woundsÖI wonder if the founders know whatís going onÖ.you arenít got tell me are you lol : )

I really felt for every single player in this duel, even Crabbe. There was something so honest about his searching for his father; you reminded us that very deep down heís just a seventeen year old lad who is very alone.

Then there was poor Fred, his longing for those he loved was painfully obvious : (

And I loved the end; I love Tonks even more for what she done for Lily and JamesÖbut thatís blown my ďSev talks to Lily whilst James is in the racesĒ theory?

Iím sorry my reviews are not very detailed Iím just eager to get onto the next chapter and catch up, but you know the score, it was superb!

Author's Response: I must say that I have little interest in the sport, as well. I like that JKR included so much of it, because it helped make Harry more boyish and it rounded out their culture nicely to have a prominent magical sport, but during matches I didn't really care about much except for who caught the Snitch. Quidditch is difficult to write, too, which is why I combined it with Shuntbumps to basically invent my own game, because with regular Quidditch there is just too much going on to follow it properly! This scene was a challenge to write.

Yes, it's very odd that Fred didn't recognize anyone. :3 *makes spooky, mysterious noises* Haa, Salazar. He is a drama queen, just sitting in his little chess piece house, brooding away.

I do feel bad for Crabbe, because I can recognize that if he'd been raised in a different family, perhaps even a different school House, he might not have been the bully that he turned out to be. He doesn't have any friends in Cliodna's Clock. This is sort of his own fault, but still. I do pity him.

Pshh, your reviews are always lovely! Thank you for reading and reviewing. :)

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Review #7, by cazvalleygirlRun: Dreaming Again

1st August 2012:
You really, really pulled on my heartstrings with this chapter lady! Poor Severus!

Snape has always been my favourite character and not just in the Harry Potter series but in all literature. He is such a complex character and an antihero and he has always been fascinating to me. So you can imagine my sheer delight when I realised all this chapter was dedicated to him.

Iím glad that Severus has developed a sense of self awareness. He realises his love for Lily is a sickness, an obsession yet he still believes he could have kept her alive, when in truth, it was he who sealed her fate. I donít think heís fully accepted that he played a vital part in her downfall because it would destroy him.

I wonder if his early yearsí witnessing his parentís abusive relationship has disillusioned his views on relationships. He seems to view Lily as this being who needs protecting, he blames James for everything.

Anyway I so loved this chapter and I so hope you write loads more of him! Pleassse? And please let him have his moment with Lily? Begged enough yet?

Yet again an amazing chapter, well done, Charlotte x

Author's Response: Hey, Charlotte!

Oh my goodness, yes. Severus. ♥ You're so right, he's the ultra antihero. It's been a slow realization for him here, coming to the stinging conclusion that the Lily in his mind isn't the Lily in the flesh, and he's not the same person he likes to think he is, either. He's so complex and intricate, so many facets of him - and I think that's what makes him so interesting for fan fic writers.

I promise you will see more of him. :)

Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #8, by cazvalleygirlRun: Evidence

31st July 2012:
Iím not even going to mention my terribly late reviewÖagain! But Britain has been sunny and Iím considerably more tanned, enough said ;) But now the Olympics have kicked off and everyoneís inside anyway, good job because the rains back lol!

Anyway, thatís enough of my ramblings and profuse apologies and onto this chapter.

I actually liked Colin! Thatís a first for me lol. But thereís something so sweet and innocent about him in this chapter I couldnít help it. His relationship with Orla is so charming and Iím glad he has someone. And she is so full of lifeÖor afterlife in this case lol. Whereas Colin is a worrier sheís a free spirit and adventurous. I guess sheís a breath of fresh air for Colin, away from the pressures of the duel.

And what is going on with the Adriatic Sea? I donít trust Cliodna, and I havenít since her first appearance at the races.

Anyway Iím off to read so more x

Author's Response: You're not late, you're right on time! XD It'll never be too late to read this story because it's not going anywhere. It'll always be here when you get the time!

Bahaha, I was wondering how the Olympics would fare in outdoor situations since London's famous for its rain.

Colin's a hard character to sell! In canon he was so annoying but it all came from such an innocent place, and I'm trying to transition him here into a young man instead of that boy who constantly shoved his camera up everyone's noses. He pairs well with Orla, I think, who forces him into adventures. It would be depressing to watch Colin try to handle the duel without her there in the background to distract him when he needs it.

The Adriatic Sea. :3 No comment!

XD Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #9, by cazvalleygirlRun: Number Two, Polaris Crescent

9th July 2012:
Hello :)

First let me apologise for my extremely late review, and say what a lovely chapter this is! Iíve been neglecting Hpff due to decorating my home, but the wallpapers up, the paint brush has been firmly put back in the shed and so here I am and I have two chapters left to read, yay : )

I use the word ďlovelyĒ because this chapter heavily featured Tonks and Remus, and there is something lovely and believable about the way you write them as characters and as a couple. I feel so much empathy for Tonks; as a mother and as a wife I really would hate to be in her shoes. Of course her first priority like any mother would be her child and so I totally understand why she has HAD to enter the races. But then what about Remus; he could be left wifeless and childless if Tonks loses the final duel. Of course Teddy would join him in time, but itís possible he would be an old man by that point and much older than Remus. Itís an odd concept to grasp, a child older than its parent and I can see more clearly now how James Potter must be feeling. Especially because he died so young, he was barely an adult himself and we know Harry lives to be well into his late thirties.

Anyway, Iím not going to ramble on in this review, you know the drillÖItís amazing! And I have chapters to read : ) x

Author's Response: Hi!! Lucky you, decorating. That sounds like fun. ^ ^

Tonks and Remus is one of the pairings that I think about more as a pairing than separately while I'm writing this story. Like when I'm writing James and Lily, they're more of separate entities, in my brain at least, than Tonks and Remus. Maybe it's because Severus managed to sneak in between James and Lily and throw a wrench in things.

I have no idea what I would do if I were Tonks. As a wife and mother myself, it would be devastating, leaving my little one behind. If I arrived in Cliodna's Clock just before the races were to begin, I think the temptation would be too much to resist and I would end up signing up for it. However, if I came to Cliodna's Clock months and months beforehand and was already beginning to heal and get over my grief by the time the races rolled around, I might be able to see with more perspective how signing up would not benefit me in any way.

It's a tough thing to think about.

Thank you for coming back to read and review! :)

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Review #10, by cazvalleygirlRun: Capture the Flag

20th June 2012:
Hello, itís me again :)

This is without doubt my favourite chapter so far and that is hugemungus compliment by the way because every single chapter is fantastic! I loved the memory and I canít wait to read on and see what other memories you have chosen to use as settings for the duels.

Have I mentioned how bloody amazingly creative you are!!! Only about a million times! But itís so true. How you came up with this whole idea and have kept it going is amazing.

And SNAPEÖ.YOUÖGOTÖRIDÖBut I think his elimination will work in his favour. After all James is still in the game, and while heís off in the pensive in the upcoming rounds Lily will be alone. Maybe this will be Snapeís opportunity to talk to the love of his life? Iím glad to see the back of Peter; he makes me feel a little bit sick lol! His manic laugh was chilling!

I have no idea who I want to see in the final. My favourites are Cedric, Fred and Tonks but if they reach the final thereís a chance they might lose their soul forever, ARGH! Iím so conflicted!

The only reason I can comprehend why this story isnít on its millionth review is because it takes a certain degree of intelligence and patience to keep up with it and your brilliant writing! Itís so full of detail and the characters are so true to the ones J.K created.

Iím super excited to read the next chapter and hope to see more of the Grotta residents at some point : )

Well done, Charlotte x

Author's Response: Hi, Charlotte!

If you keep giving me such lovely reviews, I am going to get a massive ego. XD

Interesting thought about Snape. I won't say whether or not he tries that. :3 I don't think anyone's sorry to see the back of Peter, except that now this means that he won't be eligible to have his soul destroyed in place of someone else. Cedric, Fred and Tonks seem to be frontrunners in the favorites department! All three of them are such good people, it's not hard to see why you like them.

Baww, thank you. I like to think that this story isn't a super mindless read, and that it requires some thought on the part of the reader.

You will definitely see more of the Grotta residents at some point. :)

Thank you, as always, for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by cazvalleygirlRun: Various Magic

12th June 2012:
Hello, itís me again :)

And congratulations on another fantastic chapter! You are so creative it makes me green with envy on one hand and happy as punch on the other because I can read some awesome piece of fan fiction! Honestly this is the best piece of fan fiction I have ever had the pleasure to read. I love that you keep the characters so canon. Iíve said it before but Iím sure you have access to J.k Rowlingís secret notes :)

I adored the start of this chapter. We got to see more of Dumbledore and you write him superbly well and Iím so pleased because heís one of my favourite fictional characters.

And your portrayal of SalazarÖ

WOWZA! That bloke is so annoyingly brilliant; I bow down to your creative brilliance! I like how heís not evil in this story; although how he didnít end up in the Grotta for all that business with the Chamber of secrets Iíll never know! After all he did invite a gigantic killer snake into the school to rid it of muggle borns! If that didnít get you a one way ticket to the Grotta then what would lol! But I accept heís not fully evil and a bit of his soul could be redeemed so I guess thatís why he ended up in Cliodnaís Clock. I found his view of Voldemort extremely amusing ďdreadful little blots like VoldemortĒ hysterical lol!

And the whole Tonks/Remus/Moody and Ted scene was so entertaining. I fear I may be turning slightly Moody-ish because Iím starting to get suspicious about Cliodna and the whole Devil Duels set up. Obviously Moody is a very paranoid individual but he has had reason to be throughout his life and I think maybe his suspicions are right on this one.

I found Remusí thoughts the most poignant of all in this chapter.

While admittedly he had begun to question the existence and necessity of the Devilís Duel, deducing that the twenty-four hour prize on Earth was tailored for those suffering from grief (and was therefore little more than a murder plot preying on the unstable and vulnerable)

I donít know why I didnít catch on before because it is glaringly obvious! Of course the Duels are for the people who are most vulnerable! I so hope Tonks kicks some arse now! But what about Cedric and Fred and SnapeÖargh Iím so torn!

And thatís the best thing about this whole story, everyone will have a different view and many people will have different views on who should fail and succeed lol! Good luck pleasing everyone with that! ;)

Well done again, you are just a fantastic author! Now hurry up and publish a book : ) x

Author's Response: Hi again!!

Eeep yay, thank you. Your reviews are so lovely. I'm sure I sound like a broken record, but you've no idea how much I appreciate your feedback. It's very encouraging.

Bahaha, Salazar really ought to be in the Grotta, what with unleashing a giant snake on unsuspecting Muggle-born students. I suppose I gave him a bit of leniency here that he didn't really deserve, for the purposes of the plot. He's wise to not enter the tournament, because I'm sure karma's got a few points stacked against him.

Moody was paranoid, but it's exactly like you said - he had reason to be. He knew stuff other people didn't know, and lived in a much darker world. I think that I identify a lot with Moody, now that I think about it, because I'm always seeing conspiracy theories everywhere I go.

Oh my goodness, yes, everyone's got their own idea of who should win and who should lose. As the author, it's so gratifying to see the variety of responses. I'm glad there's no clear frontrunner and no clear loser.

I just love writing this story. ^ ^ And I just posted Chapter 16, which is Round Two! Hope you like it. :) And my ultimate dream is to publish a book, so thank you for saying that!

- Sarah

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Review #12, by cazvalleygirlRun: Midnight Oil

31st May 2012:
You have achieved what J.K Rowling failed to do...You made James Potter sexy!!! : )

I really, really enjoyed the whole James/Lily scene which is a huge first for me. I have very little interest in reading the marauder era so maybe I am not the best to judge; but honestly, your James is the best James I have ever read. His passion for his wife really added to his character I loved the line ĎďHeís going to try to work his way under your skin,Ē James said, lightly kissing her neck. He wiped away a lock of hair that had fallen over her shoulder, lips turning up into a smile of relief when he felt her pulse quicken. At least she still belonged to him, for now.í I LOVED IT!

And I totally sympathised with him about not wanting to lose Lily in the Devilís duel. This whole chapter has just made me see him in a different light so thanks for that! I may even read a good marauderís tale if you could recommend any? Since I posted my own story Beautiful Within, which just happens to be a Dramione, I have read almost nothing but Draco/Hermione storiesÖUNTIL I FOUND THIS! : )

Anyway back on track! James really does HATE Snape doesnít he? I can understand this to a certain degree and however much I adore Severus every bad thing James said about him was trueÖBut he did keep Harry alive. Maybe he feels some sort of gratitude and for that he loathes him more? Iím not sure but I think Lilyís reaction is totally realistic. I cannot speak for all women, but even us who are happily married still get flattered by otherís attention. I donít think that makes Lily a bad person at all! I think she should speak to Snape, she owes him that much.

I adore your Cedric! I really do. And I hope his friendship with Fred grows. It would be nice if they had one another.

Anyway, thanks again for updating so quickly and for yet another superb chapter. Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: SEXY JAMES POTTER, GASP. XD

I feel so accomplished that I converted you to James-appreciation, because writing James is a first for me. Before this story, I had zero interest in writing James/Lily. I do like reading them when they're well-written, but honestly it's kind of hard to find characterizations of them where Lily isn't a condescending fire-breathing dragon and James isn't drooling over Lily, tripping over his shoes. My favorite marauders story is In the Black by TenthWeasley (you can find this story in my favorites), as well as its WIP sequel, In the Red. They're brilliantly written - they're about a girl who is friends with James, Sirius, Remus, and Peter, but is in love with Severus Snape. I also love a story called Amaranthine, which is a James/Lily one-shot by Celestie. I'm sure I have other favorite Marauder-y things, but I'm all hyped up on coffee and can't think of them.

James was right about everything he said about Snape; and as far as the Longbottoms are concerned, Snape should be held accountable for those actions. In my opinion, though, he redeemed himself and them some by coming through for Harry in the end. He might not have been pleasant to the boy, but he saved him and for that, both Potters owe him a nice big thank-you.

Fred and Cedric both need a friend, so they'd better just get along. -shakes fist at them- XD

Thank you for reading and reviewing!!

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Review #13, by cazvalleygirlRun: The Brothers Black

31st May 2012:
Hello again, and please forgive my late review, my excuse is the weather! We have actually received some sunshine here in Britain over the last week so basically been lying around getting myself all pink : )

Anyway, enough about me and my sun burn and on to the chapter! I adored it from start to finish. The dynamic between the two brothers is so interesting to me. I suspect that they had to work through some issues before they got to the place they are currently at and I love where they are at! Their banter in this chapter was so comical and so well written.

Although Regulus is nearly young enough to be Siriusís son there doesnít seem to be a huge difference in their level of maturity and I wonder if that is because Azkaban stumped Sirius aging at the age of twenty one? I suppose he didnít experience a great deal of life experience after that. We have never known him to be with a woman, and of course he didnít have children. His friends, to me at least, seemed to be his life and when you wrote ĎNone of his mates ever wanted to play Quidditch when it was pouring buckets, much to his dismay (But it makes visibility so interesting! I thought you Nancy boys liked a challenge?).í To me that sounds like the moans of a teenage boy rather than a thirty six year old man. Look at me analysing your characters lol! I LOVE THIS STORY!

And Iím glad you gave us more of an insight into Cliondaís Clock. Particularly I loved the idea of the cottages in the treeís and the underground lairs, brilliant stuff!

I am so happy Ariana is alright; she suffered enough in life so Iím thrilled youíve made her happier in death. And we had a mention of Dumbledore and Moody, yay! Not that Iím a huge fan of Moody but itís nice to know heís there plodding along.

Try as I may I just canít get interested in Colin. Iím sure the actor in the film ruined that character for me lol! But I am intrigued by what was so obviously troubling him on the beach.

Anyway, I feel very spoilt today because I get to read another chapter straight away!
Again, 10/10, Charlotte x

Author's Response: You can have some of my sunshine! It's hotter than Hades over here in my neck of the woods. I'm holed up in my house with the air conditioner turned on full-blast.

This chapter was refreshing for me to write because in my other chapters, I have to deal with people dealing with things - like Fred dealing with his death, Remus and Tonks dealing with their deaths and the loss of Teddy, Snape and Lily and James all dealing with each other, etc. So it was nice to be able to write about two people who are somewhat at ease, and have already established a friendly relationship before I came along and had to write them. In my mind, Regulus and Sirius had to work out some things after Sirius arrived, but Regulus had been waiting in the afterlife for so long already that he was ready and willing, and both of them jumped on the opportunity to have a real family again.

I mentioned in an earlier chapter about how Sirius was keen on pretending he'd been living in Cliodna's Clock for ages and that everything was hunky-dory. Sirius, in this story, is still coming to terms with the fact that life went on for James after James's death, and that life didn't include Sirius, and vice versa. He can't pretend to be twenty-one years old anymore, but he wants to. It's his comfort zone. He spent so much time in Azkaban thinking about James and everything he'd lost that being reunited with his best friend more or less made him revert back to a more carefree mindset. That and the fact that he's free: before his death, he was labeled a mass-murderer, and couldn't so much as walk outside. Here, he can do whatever he wants.

lol I love analyzing characters, too. XD

Ariana and Moody and Dumbledore are plodding around, mostly in the background. You will see more of Moody and Dumbledore in chapters soon to come. :3

Bahaha, poor Colin gets no love. I'm sure that the actor from the films ruined him for me, too - which is why I'm using Andrew Garfield instead. MUCH easier to deal with. ;) All I can say about Colin's actions in this chapter is to pay close attention to them.

:3 I'm so vague, lol.

Thank you for reading and reviewing, as always!

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Review #14, by cazvalleygirlRun: Cold, Shaking, Seething

17th May 2012:
Hello, itís me again, the person who is addicted to this wonderful story of yours!

Let me start by congratulating you on what I believe to be your best chapter to date. Honestly, I adored every single paragraph and Iíd just like to put it out there that I am insanely jealous of you writing abilities. I know this may sound bizarre but I honestly cannot tell whether or not you are a fellow Brit or an America! That may sound odd but being British I can usually tell with certain stories the writers origin by the use of their language or slang, but you write like a professional writer and I love that!

The whole idea of the admiral murman is genius! And it most definitely did not disappoint. It was such an action packed chapter that Iím impressed you managed to fit all into 5,000 words lol!

I loved Cedric as captain! Huffelpuff students are known for being loyal and honest and playing fair, not qualities that would be useful in a game like the Devilís Duel I should imagine but after seeing Cedric in this chapter Iím starting to think heís going to play the game a lot cleverer than some of the others. After all he has no children back in the land of the living so he can use his head rather that his heart to further himself in the games.

And poor Fred, heís obviously rather clueless. Iím glad he didnít get knocked out in the first round.

To be truthful Iím glad Rufus has gone. Even though he does seem to be a decent man, heís not someone Iím that interested in reading about. But Peter, the sly old rat is obviously a lot more cunning than his old friends give him credit forÖWill they ever learn!!!

And the last part of this chapter, Snape and LilyÖÖÖ..ARGH! Poor old Sev, heís waited almost seventeen years to speak to Lily and James Potter goes and ruins his moment. I really, really hope Severus beats him lol! I know that sounds horrible because James could have the chance to see Harry but Iíd love Snape to get one over on him lol! Although I do believe that both men were only really in the competition mainly for Lily so perhaps now she has gone they wonít have much will continue?

I must admit I wasnít expecting Lily to leave the races so soon, but I think itíll make for more of an interesting read now she has, it will be far less predictable. And I donít think itís just the races the competitors will have to deal with. Something else seems to be lurking in the shadows, and personally Iím hoping for something involving the Grotta residentsí lol!

Brilliant, awesome, excellent, astounding and the other gushy words I canít think of! Please update soon! Charlotte : ) x

Author's Response: Wooo! Hello again!

Hee, I am American. :) I try to make my HPFF stories as British-sounding as possible because there are some readers out there who will criticize authors to the death for sounding American. The only thing I don't do is British spellings because I know that I would mess up here and there and it would be inconsistent. I have to say that I'm very happy that you weren't sure if I was a Brit or not! I do try very hard to make everyone sound authentic, so it feels like that's paid off. ^ ^

I'm surprised that I managed to fit it into 5,000 words, too! I estimated that it would fall at around 6,000 words, so it was nice that I could show everything I wanted to show without making it super long. I don't know about future rounds, though - I imagine that they'll probably all be long chapters.

You're right about Cedric. I think that people have painted him as a bit of a simpleton, but they forget that Cedric was chosen by the Triwizard Cup - not Harry. And while Harry had the help of "Moody" and his friends, Cedric was mostly on his own. You don't get all the way to the end of the Triwizard Tournament by being a simpleton. The Devil's Duel is harder and there are more challenges and contenders, though, so he's really going to have to give it his all if he wants to stand a chance.

Peter's old friends are forever underestimating him.

BAHAHA, literally laughing out loud about your hopes that Severus will beat James. The response to this has been pretty divided - some people want to see James smash Severus and others want to see Severus get to say his piece to Lily. I can see why both Severus and James are doing what they're doing, so I suppose that in the end Lily will just have to take matters into her own hands if any of them want resolution. I'm very excited to have thrown Lily out of the tournament - now they don't have anyone with specific advantages. It's anyone's game, now!

Thank you for reading and for always stopping by to leave a lovely review. Your reviews are definitely a highlight of my day. :)

- Sarah

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Review #15, by cazvalleygirlLast Moments: Last Moments

14th May 2012:
What a wonderful one shot. A very enjoyable and emotional read, well done, cazvalleygirl :)

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Review #16, by cazvalleygirlAcceptance: Alone

14th May 2012:
Very enjoyable read and so sad, well done : )

Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing, I'm glad you liked it :)

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Review #17, by cazvalleygirlObliviate: Letting Go

13th May 2012:

What an emotionally charged story, I loved it. The pace was fast but it felt right. I thought they way you included a past memory and made it relevant to the present time. I felt so sorry for Lily. She has to let someone go and I think that's something most people in the world can relate to. A very enjoyable read well done, cazvalleygirl :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Description isn't really my strong suit so I'm glad you don't think the pacing was too fast. I've never really written anything this emotionally intense before so it's good to hear that I did alright with it!
Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! Reviews always make me feel so warm and fuzzy inside :)

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Review #18, by cazvalleygirlBend or Break: An Ending & A Beginning

11th May 2012:
Excellent start, looking forward to reading the next chapter :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I hope you enjoy this!

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Review #19, by cazvalleygirlRun: Rules of the Challenge

10th May 2012:
Hello...Again! : )

It's not funny how much I adore this story! After putting my children to bed on a Wednesday night I find myself rushing to log onto Hpff to see if you have updated, and you have! And what a chapter, completely brilliant yet again!

The residents of Grotta among those in Cliodnaís Clock made for an interesting read. I felt so awful for poor old Orion; it must be terrible to see someone you love so desperately pathetic. I was wondering why Orion got sent to the Clionda's and Walburga to the Grotta. I'm sure you may already have explained so forgive me if that is the case, but there is so much information in your story remembering every little detail without looking back is a challenge lol.

I see Bellatrix hasn't lost any of her wicked malice yet. She is so horrible but Iím sure Grotta will take its toll, although I admit she does make for interesting reading when sheís so vile. And I was intrigued to see Clionda herself attending the duel; I hope we get to see more of her and why the village of the dead is named after her. The birdís pecking at her face was quite disturbing lol! Where do you get these ideas lol!

The whole idea of the first duel, the Admiral Murman, WOW! I must admit, I did wonder how you would top your previous description of the duels inside paintings but this! Memories!!! ARGH! I really am so jealous of your creativity! I love it! And Iím so interested to see how theyíll work out whoís who!

I so hope that Tonkís does well, Iím sure she will. Iíll feel so bad for whoever has to die; they are all decent people, well except maybe Peter! But heís showed he does have some courage and that has surprised me. Please do not let it be Severus: (maybe he feels like he has to enter to prevent Lily from winning and ultimately risking her existence? Perhaps he canít bear to lose her again? And I still canít fathom Peterís reasons? Come on give us a clue, please : )

Another 10/10, and thank you for such an enjoyable read! Cazvalleygirl x

Author's Response: skdjsdjgksd This review. -hugs it to self-

Good question about the placements of Orion and Walburga. I haven't explained it and I'm not sure if I will delve into that in the story, but in my mind Walburga was just a really nasty, nasty person when she was alive. Her soul was just so ugly that there wasn't really anywhere else to put her. That isn't to say that she can't reform, because she's definitely turned around a bit since death. It's sad that it took the erosion of most of her soul to make Walburga more human, more compassionate, but there you have it. And with Bellatrix, it's very possible that the Grotta will take its toll on her as well. Whether it improves her or destroys her, is yet to be seen.

The birds pecking at Cliodna's face was a pretty bizarre thing to throw in there but I derno, it just popped up. XD Mythology tells that Cliodna traveled with three magical birds whose songs could heal the sick, so I kind of tweaked it a little. Sickness-healing birds aren't really necessary in a place like the Clock, so I just made them a little creepy.

Yay, I'm so stoked that you liked how this year's races are going to be in memories! I'm trying to make each round have its own set of unique challenges, because I don't want any of this to be easy for them. I mean, it /is/ called the Devil's Duel, after all, so they're going to have to work very hard if they want to win.

Heee, Peter's and Snape's motives. *cackles like evil witch* I shall not say, you will just have to wait and see!


Thank you for reading and reviewing! It never fails to make my day.

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Review #20, by cazvalleygirlRun: Voices in the Crypt

3rd May 2012:
Hello again, it's only me, the person addicted to your story : )

I thoroughly enjoyed this chapter, from start to finish. So where do I begin? Ok, Benjy Fenwick. His ability to feel such empathy for those in Grotta speak's volumes about his character and it was refreshing to read, espically as his death at the hands of the Death Eaters had been so brutally violent. And I love how he could see that if he had been born and raised in a family so obsessed with blood status and the darks arts he himself could have succumb to the darkness.

Moving on, Grotta! Needless to say it did not disappoint. Since the very first chapter I have been intrigued by the awful place and I think you described it even better than I had imagined. The black sand, the suffocting atmosphere, the dead bodies, all very morbid and haunting but it was written just perfectly! You must have such a creative imagination! Did anything inspire you to write about Grotta, or was it all you? Either way it was amazing!

Your ability to write minior characters and make the reader interested in them is second to none. And you nail all the characters we already know, it's as if J.K Rowling has give you lessons herself! I particularly enjoyed Rufus in the chapter.

I hope we get to see the Dumbeldore family at some point. Their story was so sad it would be nice to see them happily reunited. And Moody! Is he there? Is he a gaurd at Grotta? Constant Vigilance and all that lol. Hopefully he's relaxed a little in death.

And of course the names!!!!!! Why!!! And Peter? He is such a coward I'm suprised he's had the guts to enter at all! Definitely a few suprises in there. And what if it comes down to Snape and Lily! There's no way he'd let her lose, and then he'd be lost forever!! Argh! THIS IS JUST SO GOOD!

Anyway, thank you for posting so often and making every chapter better than the last, cazvalleygirl :) x

Author's Response: Hi there! I'm so happy to see you back again. ^ ^

I'm glad you liked Benjy. :) He brings something else to the table, I think. Despite the fact that Death Eaters blew him to bits, he's sacrificing a lot of daylight hours just to try to protect them from each other. He's just genuinely a very fair and good person.

Thank you so much for the compliments! They're very flattering. XD And to my knowledge, I don't think anything really inspired the Grotta. Something or another probably did on a subconscious level that I'm unaware of, but nothing comes to mind. It's like...Azkaban, but in a frozen desert, I suppose.

I would pay decent money to get lessons from J.K. Rowling, just saying. Yay, Rufus! He's a rigid one. Not exactly the life of the party.

I've actually been sadly negligent of poor Moody. I'm not sure whether or not he would be in the guard. I sort of picture his life now as the retirement he'd always wanted but was too exhausted and paranoid to enjoy while he was still alive. I'm going to try to squeeze him into the story later in some way or another.

Surprise is what I aimed for! Oh yes, Peter's a terrible coward, so it should be especially meaningful that he's entered the tournament. Snape and Peter both have their individual reasons for entering, which you will find out soon. But don't worry, it won't be Snape vs. Lily in the end. Since they're on the same team, the farthest they could go against each other is head-to-head in the fourth round. Only one of them could potentially win the fourth round to go on to the fifth. Remember that it's team members vs. their own team members for now, until the final round.

Thank you so much for reading and for the fantastic reviews! They never fail to put a smile on my face.

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Review #21, by cazvalleygirlSomething to Someone: Something to Someone

2nd May 2012:
Hello : )

And well done on this short but passionate one shot. I thoroughly enjoyed it and the only criticism I can muster is the length; simply because I love the way you have portrayed Draco and I'm kind of greedy when it come's to him lol! A very good read, cazvalley :)

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Review #22, by cazvalleygirlCrows + Locusts : Crows + Locusts

29th April 2012:
Hello : )

And a very big pat on the back for writing such an enjoyable one shot. Lily's last sentence actually gave me goosebumps. Of course we all know that James and Lily's story doesn't end with a happy ever after, but reading your portrayal of their last day it really added the human element to their sad story.

An excellent attempt on a James/Lily fic, well done Cazvalleygirl :)

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you! *receives pat on the back happily as I do not get one often*

It wasn't originally intended to be set in that time but it just sort of... happened.

Thank you!

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Review #23, by cazvalleygirlRun: Blackberries

27th April 2012:
Hello : - )

And well done on yet another superb chapter! I love how you have portrayed Mrs Lovegood, always how I imagined her. She seems quietly eccentric, she reminds me more of Luna than Xenophilius does. I loved that whole scene actually,the little details really helped bring the story alive.

I must confess, I never really have had much interest in Colin but I'm intrigued by what his relationship with the mysterious Orla is going to bring to the story. The memory garden added a special touch, but I'm a little confused of its purpose, is it for the people who have passed on from Cliodnaís Clock?

I really enjoyed the last part of this chapter. Salazar is quickly becoming my favourite founder. He reminds me a little of Draco Malfoy, I think its down to his his ability to infuriate wilth scornful remarks. And I can't wait to find out more about his and Rowena's realtionship. I sense a chemistry between them that she wishes wasnt there.

Anyway needless to say I loved it! Look forward to the next update, cazvalleygirl :)

Author's Response: I'm pleased you like Mrs. Lovegood. :) She won't be a huge part of the story, as I think her existence would be quiet, a little ways away from all the action; but her role is still important in that she sort of takes care of Cedric and Colin in some ways. She houses them in the boardinghouse, she cooks for them, and she's always around if anyone needs her.

I confess that I've never had much interest in Colin, either. He more or less reminded me of a pesky gnat throughout the books, what with his incessant picture-taking and following Harry around like a lost puppy. But he's a right little hero, he is, for sneaking into Hogwarts and doing his best to emulate his idol, Harry. The Memory Garden is like the reverse of a cemetery on Earth. We mourn people here who die. In Cliodna's Clock, they mourn the people who haven't died /yet/. Like with the monument for Aberforth and Albus. Their parents and Ariana made that as a way of grieving, since they are worlds apart from their living loved ones. No one is actually buried in the Memory Garden. Something different happens to those who die in Cliodna's Clock.

Salazar is both infuriating and amusing, I think, to Rowena. She definitely wishes she could ignore him and that his remarks didn't bother her, but they do. Salazar knows this. He wants her to see him as he sees himself, but he's pretty much the world's worst at communicating his feelings, so they never really get anywhere. There are so many wounds in their relationship that it's hard to tell whether or not it can ever be salvaged. I very much enjoy writing the two of them together. XD

Thank you so much for reading and for reviewing! You are awesome. :)

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Review #24, by cazvalleygirlWhat We Never Were : What We Never Were; it ended before it began

24th April 2012:
A very lovely, well written one shot that I thoroughly enjoyed. Well done, cazvalleygirl : )

Author's Response: Thank you. I'm glad you enjoyed it(:

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Review #25, by cazvalleygirlRun: The Other Boy Who Lived

20th April 2012:
Well, that was emotional!

Poor Tonks, poor Remus, I think Remus was right to worry. How is Tonks supposed to be within feet of her baby and resist the urge to hold him in her arms, to look at him! Argghhh so heartbreaking!

I found this whole chapter quite sad, poor Cedric, he is so desperate for company :( although the incident with Lily did make me laugh!

I can't believe I have read all the published chapters, please don't keep us waiting to long, but I suppose I can comfort myself by adding you to my favourite authors list and having a nose at your other stories :) thanks for a fab read, Cazvalleygirl

Author's Response: I wouldn't be able to do it. I would not be able to get close enough to my child to see and not touch; it would just be too much. The fact that Lily's been able to restrain herself from doing this speaks volumes about her strength. I think that the only reason why she can stay away is because she knows that she will throw herself into the duel again next year and keep visiting him. She knows she will get more 24 hours.

I feel so bad for Cedric, he would have to be so lonely. Being a teenager with no niche to fit into, roaming uselessly around the same village day after day, month after month, would do things to your head. Having Colin and Fred there would be a huge deal for him, but Colin and Fred are both more concerned about other things at the moment. Cedric will have to be patient. :)

I usually update this story every Wednesday, give or take a few days. You can count on a new chapter very, very soon! Thank you SO much for all these reviews! It really made my day. :)

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