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Review #26, by Lily__PotterHiding Bruises: The Dirty Details

12th February 2010:
awhhh! SO amazing(: well Tina is.i hope this doesnt turn out very cliche...i doubt it will though,.not wiht you as the author! aha, i think that if Tina and Sirius start dating, she should tell him. she better! cuz then i will be sad/: aha amazing chapter

Author's Response: Heyy,,
Hehe,, glad you like it (and Tina, cause it wouldn't be much good if you didn't like her especially as she is the only character who's properly mine ;P).
I hope it doesn't turn cliche,, I try to not be predictable and I do still have some surprises waiting to come :))
Lily ;) xx

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Review #27, by Lily__PotterShy: Meet Bree

11th February 2010:
amazing!! update soon?

Author's Response: thank you, first review of the story;)
next one should be up in 8-10 days.

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Review #28, by Lily__PotterPriceless: Emergency

10th February 2010:
oh wow! Amazing! Please Please PLEASE update soon!

Author's Response: working on it ;] thanks! i am glad you like it!

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Review #29, by Lily__PotterKayleah Isabella Harlem: Prologue

10th February 2010:
awwhh! i lovee this! Im not so sure bout Leah bein in Slytherin,.but you're the author(: please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review.
Trust me, Leah being in Slytherin is crucial. You'll find out soon enough. Haha. :D

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Review #30, by Lily__PotterHiding Bruises: Fireman's Lift

4th February 2010:
ah! poor Tina/: oh well...please update soon!

Author's Response: Heyy again!!
Awww, I no :'( Next chapter already on the way!!! xD
Lily ;) xx

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Review #31, by Lily__PotterFallen: The one with the Order Meeting

24th January 2010:
oh wow! AMAZING! Please update Very Very VERY soon!

Author's Response: I'll try!!! Thnk You so much for reviewing!!

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Review #32, by Lily__PotterThe Goddess Of Elements: Chapter 17 - Hello...?

24th January 2010:
amazzingg![: i cant eait to see this turn out!

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Review #33, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Progress.

19th January 2010:
awh! thats so so so cutee! there was no cliffiee too! YEAH

Author's Response: Thank you :D And yep, no cliffie, (no cliffie on the next chapter too :D)

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Review #34, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Clash.

29th December 2009:
AH! you should not be allowed with cliffies anymoree! i think we should mkae them illegal! AH! that was.expected..kinda. the James part...the thing that wastn was when she said "i dont like him tho!" but she does...? Aha. Sirius and Mary are gonna get together. Hopefully soon[: SHE IS DYING IN 5 MONTHS! she needs a boyfriend! i loved the little sobbing scene, brillant[: it was a very short wait, and i didnt notice any mistakess![: BUT, it was ANOTHER cliffie! you had one last chapter to! ugh/: so, i think imma make this easy for you:
Amanda + Sirius = BAD COUPLE
Mary + Sirius = VERY CUTE COUPLE
ahaha. thats my obvious statement[: also, i loced the filling part. it made more sence...but didnt. I mean it anwsered so many questions, but then brought on a whole bunch of new ones! AH! lol. sorry, rambling again. feel free to just skip all this and move straight on to the QT's. I know you like thossee[: well...i thinkk you do[:
1. Is Becky gonna flirt with Sirius?
2. Is Dumbledore gonna say something to Mary?
3. Will Nate be the one to tell the Marauders and Lily?
4. Snape should go die in a hole
5. Did you have a nice holiday? i hope so

Author's Response: Hey Hey Hey! :)

I'm sorry about the cliffe's... they just seem to happen. I don't they'll be a particually dramatic one in the next few chapters so I hope you can forgive me.

The Lily James bit always was inevitable :) I think you'll find out about Sirius and Mary soon...

Thank you for that basic lessson in maths ;)

Yeah, it was a bit of a filler, but pretty neccessary. My chapters tend to do that... sorry :)

I do very much like them.

1.) I think she's a little weak to flirt, although when she's got some of her strength back I think their will be some flirting, the question as to who has yet to be answered ;)

2) He may do, I'm not really sure on that one yet :S

3) I can promise you that he will not :)

4) I don't think its exactly a question, but yes. ;)

5) yeah it was really good thanks, hope you had a good holiday too!

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Review #35, by Lily__PotterRedemption.: Of Failed Plans and Damsels in Distress.

24th December 2009:
omg! ii LOVEE it! update soon?! mkay, thankss

Author's Response: Thankyou! I'll update as soon as the queue re-opens:)

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Review #36, by Lily__PotterLet It Go: Emergency

20th December 2009:
yes! updatee[: pppleeeaaase

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Review #37, by Lily__PotterA Life I'd Rather Not Live: Feeling Different

20th December 2009:
wow. i lovee this. update soon?

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Review #38, by Lily__PotterNobody Sees Me Wishing: Valentines

19th December 2009:
wowie. amazing. update soon?

Author's Response: I'll update as quick as I can. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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Review #39, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Consequences.

16th December 2009:
ohh woww.. if everyy update was as fast as this one thatd be fabulouss[:i serisoulyy thought Mary was gonna tell Sirius that she was dying when he was carrying her! but, alas, she didnt. Lily...she was PMSing. Was it James again? probablyy. Remus & Alice? they ever gonne let that go? wait..probably nott...and Woods? i thought he was gonna ask Mary out...i was like "WHOA!" lol. and snape...well...hes just creepy. Marlene seemed...better, worse? about to apologize? whoo knows? or rightt. YOU! lol. and then Sirius&&Amanda...wowiee. i never really likedd her..because she shares teh same last name as Mr. Brocklehurst from Jane Eyre.sorry random. but Mr. Brocklehurst was a i dontt like Amanda...hahah. and then her and sisiruss? def NOT cute perfect and too reckless...doesnt fit. then Sirius? ohhemmgee! EAVSEDROPPERR! goshh...i hope mary yells at i really liked how when mary hurt her leg, she was thinking bout certain things...but Beck?!? at hogwarts?!?! NO WAY! wow...OMG! she might tell lily&&everyone the Mary is dying! O: ohh wowiee! imagination gets carried awayy! hahaha. the Chappy was amazingg[: and very soon update! LOVEDD ITT!
QT for you!
1. Is Becky gonna cause issues?
2. Is Marlene gonna die?
3. Do you enjoy getting reviews?
4. Have yuo ever gotten writers block? if so, how do you end it?
5. Do yuo every get somee wieerdd reviews?
6. Will the next chapter have alot of fillers?
hahahah!! thankss againn!
P.S. you should do a reviwer for each chapter[: like whosever review made your day the most,yuo should dedicate the chapter to them.ahh idk. some throwing a random idea out there

Author's Response: LP! Sorry about the long responce time, I've been like super busy :/ but it's here now :)

I can't promise the updates to be quite THAT fast, but I'm pretty sure they'll be faster after christmas :)

You'll find out about Lily in the next chapter. I reckon Alice might get over it eventually... I DO know about the Marlene suituation *laughs evily* you'll know soon, don't worry :)

Sirius and Amanda really aren't a great couple... don't reckon it will last too long though ;)

I know! What a hyppocrite! I was quite frustrated with him when that happened - he shouldn't get away with it, and I don't think Mary will let him.

Becky's comming to Hogwarts! I'm excited. I'm very excited :)

Thank you so bery much
QT! YAYtimes.

1.) Becky is the personification of issues, so it's likely... but I reckon Mary can deal with that

2.) Is Marlene going to die...? Can't tell you that one, sorry...

3.) Of COURSE! Getting reviews makes my day, I love it, they make me very very very Happpy :D

4.) Writers block. yeah, well mostly I move onto a different chapter and try to write that untill I get inspired again. I've got the last two chapters written out all ready. Or I read some lovely reviews ;) and sometimes I try writing a different story entirely :)

5.) not that often actually, I have one that just says L < and that's it, I reckon it was a mistake but I don't know how to answer it!

6) Read on and see dear, read on and see...

I may do that at some point if I remember, cheers!


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Review #40, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Tranquillity.

12th December 2009:
ohhmiiooodd! what is it with you and cliffhangers?!?! hahah. maybe i should start from teh begining. hey ac[: how are you? im perfectt! sometimes..ahaha. well, it has been a very long time. but it was worth it, i was hoping she would tell sirius in this chapter though, obviously, she didnt. :[ ahh... well next chapter? i dont like how mary went and told sirius all hers and marys secrets. that wasnt very friend-like. well, mary is wierd like that. mary didnt have any breakdowns in this chapter...ahaha. she has those alot, so i was surprised. Lily was getting a little...edgy. she wants james bad[: lol. remus&alice? are they gonna get back together, or was that more of a filler for the chappy? i was kinda hopingg alice and frank would get together sometime in the this story. but..well who knows? 22 chapters all ready...i rmember when you had 6 chapters, and i was like he 3rd person to comment, to believe i was with you the entire time. how long is the stor going to be again? i cant remember off teh top of my was 50 or 30 i have bad memory. haha
QT time for you!
1. Are you surprised at how this story has turned out so far?
2. will sirius and mary get together eventually?
3. what is your favorite story on this website?
5. did you make evrything in this story up?
well...sorry i just wasted like 10 minutes of your life with my pointless rambling[: next chappy soon?
still loving this story:
xx Lils

Author's Response: HEY! This is the first review I'm going to answer because I quite fancy answering these lovely questions. :)

Sorry about the cliffies, they just happen... It was a very long time SORRY ABOUT THAT :D Yep. Mary didn't have a breakdown which is a bit of a shocker, but there we go. Lily has been rather stressed recently, more onthat soon :D. Alice and Remus? We'll you'll see...

I remember when I had my first chapter up and a totaal of one review! Then I had about 11 on one chapter and I was OVER THE MOON! this story has come soo ffaar!

It's going to be about 50 chapters at the minute... although that may chage either way as I have to keep altering the plot.


1.) yeah I am a bit, I mean... the first draft I wrote I think she told them all in chapter 6? it was a lot more cliche and the chapters were no longer than 1000 words each. It's almost been a year since I started thaat first draft soo it's weird to think. I never in a million years thought this many people will like my story either! My writings certainly improved because of this story :D

2.) Mary and Sirius will get together at some point, but eventually? Hm... I realised that won't make much sense, but it does really :D

3.) My favourite story :O. Erm... I really don't know. I go through periods of loving certain stories. At the minute I'm really in to How to tame a Marauder, which is the story that beat me to the dobby (which she sooo deserved :D). It's good.

5.) everything in the story? Nah, not so much. There is in fact a real life Nate, I'm Mary (without the dying thing thannk goodness) and a lot of the characters have come from people I know. Then certain suitations have happened to me before, Becky is a real person I hate to say, but most of it yeaah I did.

I enjoyed the rambling. Next chapter is pretty much done already, just need to re-write the end and edit it, then send it off to my beta. Then I'll put it in the queue :D

Thank you soo much for reviewing :D

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Review #41, by Lily__PotterHiding Bruises: Stars

9th December 2009:
yess i like it! update soon?please? btw...i can make a banner. i cant make a good one though. i can only do one character. but if you get desperate enough e-mail me at: dancerjml[at]hotmail[dot]com
hopee to see an updatee Lily[:

Author's Response: Glad you like it :)
I'm about to update, so hopefully you won't be waiting too long (I know how horrible it is having to wait for someone to update a story :'( )
Thank you sooo much for the offer! :) I may email you soon and I'm sure you're banners are be much better then anything I could make (AKA nothing) :P
Hope to see another review (hint hint)
Lily ;) xx

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Review #42, by Lily__PotterI Don't Love Him: Losing Grip

8th December 2009:
OMG! i really lovee this story! update soon?

Author's Response: thank you :)
dont worry , the next chapter is coming up very soon.


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Review #43, by Lily__PotterInto Dust: My Freedom

6th December 2009:
i really like this story! its interesting to see how Bella and Sirius are going to keep this a secret. Next chapter soon?

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Review #44, by Lily__PotterThe Goddess Of Elements: Ch 16 - Animal I Have Become

6th December 2009:
wow! this was AMAZING!! is the next chapter coming up soon?? Need any ideas? I think you should do something like, Saralina should start to die, then she should be pronounced dead for like 10minutes, long enough for people to know. then she should somehow come back alive and be transfered to dumbledores office so he can secretly work on her, while everyone else thinks she is dead. the she should randomly show up in class. haha. sorry. i get carried away.[:
Please hurry up with the next chapter!
P.S. your welcomee[:

Author's Response: I LOVE that idea! That's so awesome!! And then I should like at the end of the next chapter pronounce her dead...SWEET IDEA!!! You are my favorite reviewer lol

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Review #45, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Pain.

3rd November 2009:
enough said.
lol. hey AC! hows everything? hope ts good! did u hvae a nce halloween? ok so, chapter, right. at least here is no cliffie(: but the chapter was very...unusual. in a good way though. I dont know if you notice it, but Mary goes into depth thinking about many...almost random, things. its Interesting to read from a person who is dying's point of view. how she analyzes everything. But i hate that she balmes it on herself, even though that is the normal thing to do. I also was very happy that she realised that she needed her family, especially Johnny, i like him(; Marlene, needs to try and understand things from Mary's point of view, she needs to think about how Mary feels, not just herself. Though Marlene does have a reason to be angry, Mary is not the source of it. wow, im being formal, sorry bout that. I also think that Mary should have a chapter thinking about her mother, and having a break down. It would be cool if Mary would Dye her hair black and get some tattoos, like hr mother did. Anyway, loved it all togather. Another chappy soon...?

Author's Response: LP! Gosh I've missed you. I'm sorry I'm only just aanswering this review now I have been SOOO Busy. I did have a good rather eventful Halloween, driving between parties in my questionable costume :)

Ahha, she does do that. It's cause she's a bit like me, and thats how my mind workds :) I think Marlene needs to think a little more, s does Mary.

I'm sure she will think about her mother much more now she has her diary :)

Riht, next chapter. It has FINALLLY been finished (I know, I am so so so so so SO sorry) and it's with my beta. THen the queue's seven days - the worlds been aagainst me with this one. But then it will be up. I PROMISE :D

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Review #46, by Lily__PotterThe Goddess Of Elements: Chapter 15- Time of Dying

24th October 2009:
Hey! I made a banner for this story! It has Kristen Stewart on the front, the title, and the author's name (you!). It also has a quote. It says "This is the Story of Sirius's first love...alove to stand the test of time"
If you are interested in this banner, please e-mail me at
Thank you, and I can;t wait for the nest chapter!!! ;)

Author's Response: Wonderful!!! I would love the banner!! I have been trying to find someone to make it but I didn't know who :) thanks

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Review #47, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Inevitability II.

20th October 2009:
HOLY SHOOT! AC! it's a CLIFFIE! NO! PLEASE, PLEASE, please! don change povs nxt, chapter! I need to hear this! Oh, by the way, How are you? How's the writing going? ;) but oh my holy singing hippogriffs with a frying pan! that was intense! PLEASE HURRY UP! i really liked the quote "this letter is about as real as charolette's blonde hair" that was funny! I also liked how Mary was starting on trying to ignore him. Good luck Mary! :) okay!
QT time for YOU(;
1. Did you plan this chapter all along?
2. Is Mary ever gonna forgive Nate?
3. Is Marlene gonna tell someone?
4. Is Daniel gonna stalk her?
5. Is Becky going to die?
So, you're gonna hurry with the next chapter? right? right? RIGHT?! jk. I love you AC. good job!!! :)
xx Lils

Author's Response: I promise I won't change povs this time! Ahha, I have a habit of doing that... I'm sorry, about that. But nope, it's going to be in Mary's POV for a while now:). How are me? Welll... All right really, ishly, hmm... not great. But I'm managaing. The writings going quiet well, half the next chapter written.

It was a bit intense... :)

Qt for me :)

1.) This chapter? well, I have a big ol' plan of chapters but recently I've been ignoring it and had to regig the plot to fit in with where i want it to go. This chapter wasn't really planned in actually fact, there was going to be more plot on it, but I bumped it all into the next chapter because it works better that way.

2.) Of course...

The rest, I'm not answering just yet, you'll get the answers soon enough :) :)

Next chapter is half done, horraar!
Love you too Lils/LP

x AC

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Review #48, by Lily__PotterMake Me Smile: New Trend

18th October 2009:
Hey fawkes. Love this story! I'm really interested to find out who the father is though. At first, I thought she may have been raped, but Im not positive now. I really like how Danny acted torwards it, it kind of spiced up the story. But I don't want this to trun out to be a cliche story, so that when (and if) Sirius and Hayden start dating, Danny gets mad and tells the whole school her secret! I would hate that! Hopefully, it will turn out better, and im sure that having you as an anuthor will make it better. hope to see a chapter soon!
xx Lils

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Review #49, by Lily__PotterPadfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines: Padfoot and Prongs' top pick-up lines

13th October 2009:
funny! me and My friend were talking about pick-up lines and we got:
"I Lost my number, Can I have yours?"
"Did it hurt when you feel from Heaven?"
"Does my hair match my shoes? Thanks for checking me out"
"If I only had $100, i'd use it to buy the key to you're heart"
I left my library Card at home, can i still check you out?"
"If you were my homework I'd do you on the table"
"do you work at little ceasers? Cuz you're hot and i'm ready"
"do you work at subway? Cuz you're giving me a footlong."
ahaha! were wierd. but my favorite that you used was the map and the eyes one. Good job! love the story ;)
xx Lils

Author's Response: Haha, OMW they are chessy. My favourite one of yours and the most cheesiest has to be "Do you work at Subway? Cuz you're giving me a footlong". Although I have to admit if a guy said that to me, i'd smack him lol.

Thank you for the review, I'm glad you liked the story :)

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Review #50, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Inevitability.

12th October 2009:
wow AC!!! Sweet chapter! I was really into how Rachel reacted about Mary and Sirius. I think that when (or "if") they get together, Rachel should try to except it, but still cry everytime she sees them. Lily is...idk probably PMSing. JK! haha. Mary is gonna bottle it all up then explode at someone! i would love to see that :) Daniel McKinnon talked about the cure for the diease i think. Mary is going to forgive Nate (eventually!) Alice will be mad and sad (haha) then dump Mike for Frank! Snape is gonna die a very painful death for trying to spill Mary's secret! right, lol? I am right, right?!?! jk. haha.
Yes. i know you love me because i love you too!
Hope to see a chappy soon! ;)
10/10 As always
xx LP
Am I you're number one reviewer?? haha HOPEFULLY! :)

Author's Response: Helloo LP!!! Thank you :D I'm beginning to really like Rachel again :) And there is that big if/when, how cruel would I be if I built it all up then let her die before they even dated? Ah. I really like that idea actually... only kidding ;) (Or am I?!?!).

Mary is probably going to explode. If anything more happens, it's a certain ;)

Ahha, you'll see... :)

Should be pretty soon!

Ac xxx

(I don't have a number one reviewer because I love you all, but you're right up there ^^ with the top :D)

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