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Review #1, by Lily__PotterBeing Summer: The One That's the Epilogue

27th September 2013:
Fantastic. I loved every chapter.

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Review #2, by Lily__PotterCuriosity: Friendship

18th September 2013:
Please write more. I love this.


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Review #3, by Lily__PotterThe Marionettes of Fate: The Long Con

13th September 2013:
PLEASE FINISH! I'm begging!

Author's Response: Aw. :) If you insist. lol. reviews like this just make my day. Thanks, doll!!

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Review #4, by Lily__PotterNo Solid Ground: I'll share in your suffering to make you well

6th September 2013:
I truly love this story. I am not normally a fan of The Next Generation stories, but this one is the only exception. You have developed all of the characters so well and everything fits perfectly. I hope that you post soon because I am addicted to this story. Albus is perfect and I love Cassie. But, James is my favorite. I hope that there is some action soon,.
I have fallen in love with this story and I cannot even express how much I hope that you update quickly. You are a fantastic author and this story is just an example of that. The plot is so well-thought out and I love the way that everything is developing.
I'm sorry for using the word "love" so much, but there is no other way to describe how I feel for this story. Please, please, please update quickly. I'm begging you! You have created a masterpiece.
Anyway, I really like the part about Hogwarts becomming corrupt. Also, Cole is great (well not great, but well developed) character.
Anyway, PLEASE UPDATE ASAP. I just want to read more! I have so many ideas in my head for what might/could happen and I just need to read more! Well, thank you for reading my lengthy review. Hope you're doing well :)

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Review #5, by Lily__PotterRestored: Chapter 34: Forever

2nd September 2013:
Please write another. Your stories are magical.

Author's Response: Okay, there are more. The next one you should read is "Continuum". While it is a Harry and Ginny story, you'll find Anwen, Sirius and the gang as well.

Thanks so much for your praise (and wicked fast reading) and I'm so happy you enjoy them,

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Review #6, by Lily__PotterWoven: Chapter 50: End

31st August 2013:
I am completely expecting another sequel! Please! Possible in Ethan's POV at Hogwarts or something? Something fluffy? I have fallen in love with Anwen and her family and I am begging you to write more. I'm in awe of you stories, they're flawless. Please, please, please write more. Your stories brighten my day. You're a phenomenal author and I would love for you to continue this. The style that you wrote this in astounds me. You were able to stay so true to the story line while adding in so much more. I was never bored or disappionted in this series. I will say that this is without a doubt the best Sirius/OC story that I have ever read-which is saying something because I have read most of the SB/OC stories on this website. These stories have a special place in my heart and I just want to read more. Please tell me that you are continuing! I cried, smiled, and laughed with this story and I feel as though a part of my life is over.
I think you should continue this story. I have so many ideas and dreams for where this could go and you could have truly started something special here. This is worth something. I would consider this more than one of the best SB/OC stories, this is one of the best stories on this website in general. Your novels had me entertained and I never could put them down once I started them. You deserve an award.
Much much love and respect,

Author's Response: There is another sequel, it's called "Restored" and it covers the years after the war through Anwen and Sirius' deaths. You will find out much more about the children and the lives they lead.

I can't thank you enough for your praise. As a fanfic writer, it is all the payment we get, and to have someone so obviously enjoy the work we've done makes it all better.

I love Sirius as a character. He's the exact opposite of my husband, so I joke I'm having my mid-life crisis with a literary character. Anwen is an amalgam of myself, my daughters and my nieces; and the perfect foil for Sirius.

After you've read "Restored" there is another set of stories which feature these characters as well. Just keep reading the stories in the order I posted them to the site.

Again, thanks so much for your praise and for taking the time to read and review,

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Review #7, by Lily__PotterThe Marionettes of Fate: Sleight of Hand

21st August 2013:
I HAVE NO WORDS! I JUST NEED TO READ MORE, PLEASE. I HAVE FALLEN IN LOVE WITH THIS STORY. Seriously, I just want to read more. Please update soon. Im begging!

Author's Response: I don't have any words either!!! Thank you for this lovely review! :) the next chapter is under way and I hope to post it before Halloween at the latest. Thank you again!!
Hugs and Such,

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Review #8, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Surviving.: Comfort.

20th August 2013:
Hey AC! I finally got around to reading this sequel and its fantastic, of course. For old time's sake, QT.
1. Did you plan for Lily to become this much like Mary?
2. Where are Nate and Quiggles?
3. How was Johnny's treatment and does he like Hogwarts?
4. How is Mary's family? The new baby?
5. Have you ever thought about doing one chapter from Mary's point of view in the afterlife watching over all of them and her reaction to their lives now?
6. How long is this story going to be?
Alright, AC, I'm looking forward to the next chapter :)
Forever your biggest fan,

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Review #9, by Lily__PotterNature's Bounty: Door Number Three

17th August 2013:
I truly love this story. Ryu is perfect. I would LOVE if you updated soon. This story is one of my favorites :)

Author's Response: Thanks, it means a lot to hear you like Ryu as much as I do! I'm working on the next chapter now and I'm hoping to have it in the queue by the 26th so look out!

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Review #10, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Burn out.

16th August 2013:
AC! I just reviewed on the last chapter, though I was not signed it. I have just come back to HPFF after a year. And I just re-read TAOB, only to find that I had actually finished it already? Oh my days, I must have lost my mind. Anyway, youre still incredible!

Author's Response: Pahah, of course I remember you LP! Also, you're also still incredible and it's lovely to have you back (if you're staying). Lots of love

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Review #11, by Lily__PotterUnexpected: The day after

27th March 2012:
I LOVE THIS! keep going, please! (:

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Review #12, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Endings.

2nd May 2011:
Dear AC,
hey it's LP, remember me? DOUBT IT. im sorry i have been such a horrible horrible reader to you. i totally got too caught up in my own life to even remember to care about this story! i am so sorry! but now, I read the whole thing (chapter 1-45!) and I am in amazement. this is beautiful, AC. I almost cried. I loved the ending. Well, I'm going to go read the sequel!
2) did you cry?
3) are you going to miss writing this?
4) did you miss me?(;
5) did it turn out like you hoped?



And it's all right! Life had an annoying habbit of getting in the way of all the things you actually want to do (as i have found, several times). Thanks for coming back though! And that's a lotttaa reading.

Question time (I've missed these)!
1) it felt surprisingly anit-climatic. I had thought there would be lightening and thunder bolts and lots of dramatic feelings... There were not. It was just like submitting a normal chapter, except I was slightly more nervous.

2) I DID NOT CRY. I wish I had. I really wish I could have forced myself to cry but... I didn't :(

3) Yesyesyes. Still, at the same time I have loads of other exciting new things that I'm writting. Hp stuff and non hp stuff. If I'm honest, what I really miss is all my reviews. My other stories will never live up to the insane number of reviews this had ^

4) Of course. Goes without saying.

5) I think it turned out much better than I could have ever hoped at the beginning. i did rush towards the end but... I don't think I could have done much better. So yes, it did.

Do keep in touch. Do! Do!

Thanks for reviewing one last time ^ :)

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Review #13, by Lily__PotterAs Time Goes By: My Hero

20th April 2011:
this is honestly like my favorite story ever, if you abandon it, i will literally cry!

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Review #14, by Lily__PotterNature's Bounty: Round One

20th April 2011:
I am in LOVE with this story. PLEASE WRITE MORE!

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Review #15, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Closure.

12th June 2010:
AC! wow. my life gets busy for a while and i stop reading and i come back to all of this drama?! oh my

Author's Response: LP! Wow, I haven't spoken to you for ages (or so it feels like) but there we go! It is rather crazy drama ;) Enjoyy.

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Review #16, by Lily__PotterOne Thousand Sleepless Nights: Prolog

17th April 2010:
update really soon please! this is a great story!

Author's Response: THANKS! :) I'll try and update ASAP


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Review #17, by Lily__PotterWatching Over Me: 001.

13th April 2010:
oh, god. FANTASTIC! update soon?! please?!

Author's Response: thankyou :) there are updates coming, a songfic being validated at the moment but there's another chapter on its way x

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Review #18, by Lily__PotterAs Time Goes By: New Romantic

13th April 2010:
oh gosh! i just found this story today & im IN LOVE WITH IT! please hurry & right more! this chapter was great! totally not lame, i'm so happy i found this story! this is for sure one of the better SB/OC's i've read! i love her and James's friendship! James seems like such a nice guy, She's lucky to have a freind like him. Luke? he's okay. seems like he would cheat on her if they went out though. Sam? YES! i'm lovin him for Kay! only as friends though. never dating, that wouldnt work out well. i think there shoudl also be more James/Lily, but that's just me!
well, i love this story so much! the writing is GREAT! please hurry and post another chapter! PLEASE!
10/10! & beyond!

Author's Response: wow, thanks! I don't really know what to say. I'm glad you took your time to review it and that you like it! Thanks :D

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Review #19, by Lily__PotterChanges and Challenges: Chance Meeting

7th April 2010:
A GREAT GREAT GREAT story! please hurry & post! PLEASE! im begging you!

Author's Response: Thank you thank you thank you! I'm glad people are reading this and liking it. Reviews make me so happy! I'm trying to update but the chapters aren't planned out so it takes some time. I'll try as hard as I can though so just be patient.

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Review #20, by Lily__PotterDefying Nature: Nature At Its Most Brutal

7th April 2010:
oh wow! i hardly ever review stories, but i had to review this one! this is so great! i love it! please please hurry & post!

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Review #21, by Lily__PotterFallen: The one with the start of the new life

13th March 2010:
OMG OMG OMG i love this story! thank you so much for posting it!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading and reviewing it!!

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Review #22, by Lily__PotterHiding Bruises: Morning Chit-Chat

27th February 2010:
love love love love love love love love LOVE itt!

Author's Response: Heyy,
lol, glad you liked it!! :)
Lily ;) xx

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Review #23, by Lily__PotterShy: Chapter four: Unlike Me

27th February 2010:
really good(: i love violet! update soon? pretty pretty please> with a cherry on top?;D

Author's Response: ahhahaha i will:) just need to finish up the last chapter and sort out the gramma mistakes and spelling mistakes so far in the story. then it should be up:) thank you very much for the review;)
Rose x

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Review #24, by Lily__PotterFallen: The one with the apology

27th February 2010:
ohmigosh! this is the best story EVER! please hurry and post soon!

Author's Response: The queue is ridiculously short so keep an eye out because the next chapter will definately be out in a few days max! In the mean time thank you!! I'm so happy you're liking it!!

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Review #25, by Lily__PotterThe Art of Breathing.: Progress II.

20th February 2010:
hey AC! whats up? it seems like its been super long since we've talked...probably because i only left a short review on your last chapter. Sorry, about that by the way. i was a little rushed. well for this chapter, you're right. NO CLIFFIE:D im super happy about that! unfortunetly lily & james had another fight/: and i thought they were going to have a happy date...ah, silly me. and Jermey seems cool! will there be more of him in later chapters? i really think hes a cool guy. And poor amanda. i feel so bad for her, but she must have known it was coming, she admitted to Mary. when she said "hes still in love with you" or something like that..its kind of sad, shes also seemed really nice. Maybe her and Jermey could get together? when Mary and Jeremey Kissed i was like "NO!" aha(:
and Sirius-
Sirius, Sirius, Sirius. FINALLY! he aksed mary out!:D thats great! unfortunetly- i have a bad feeling that it will end up the same way as lily and james's. Maybe not though? maybe it will turn out good? And Becky, shes being quite good(: hopefully she will turn out good! I can't wait until the next chapter! this chapter was amazing!
1) Will Mary and Sirius's date be good?
2) Will Becky full recover? And be happy?
3) Will Lily and James make up?
4) Will Sirius and Mary ever get to explain to Amanda? Will she forgive them?
5) How are you?
Well, can't wail till the next chappy(: update soon!

Author's Response: Hey LP! It's been so long since we have talked... thats definately from a song... what is it... WHAT CAN I DO TO MAKE YOU LOVE ME! That's it. It's all right btw, I don't mind! Plus no cliffie, yay, and there isn't a cliffie for 27 either which is also shocking. Can't promise about chapter 28 though :P

Jeremy should be in it a little bit more I think, although he probably won't ever be a very very important character. Poor Amanda... We'll see about her and Jeremy... ;)

He did, he did! Maybe, maybe not. Wait and see babe, wait and see. Next chapter is upadooodle :)

QT. (YAY!)

1) Good may not be the most accurate way to describe it...
2) I think she'll get a lot better though maybe not completely completely better?
3) Well they have to make up at some point, as they're going to get married in the end... :P It may be pretty soon though ;)

4) I think Sirius is a little scared by the prospect and Mary may have to take matters in to her own hands.

5) I'm okay thanks, it's been a stressfull couple of weeks but you get by... :)

Next chapter is up, and chapter 28 is very very nearly written :)

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