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Review #1, by flavia pulchraRomeo and Juliet: Wherefore art thou, Romeo?

27th December 2010:
I haven't read anything so funny in a long long time. You have managed to capture and twist this over-used style so well that I recognised it from the first sentence. A shimmering example of the effervescent wit on this site, and a point well proven that there is a boundary of how much soppy love/hate we can take.

Author's Response: Ah, thankyou muchly! It was so over the top that though I enjoyed writing it I wasn't sure how it would be received!

There are so many decent writers on this site, and I think ff doesn't get the recognition it deserves because of all the other writers who are just lazy or not really concerned with writing so much as living vicariously through their protagonists :S [/soap box]

Thankyou so much for the lovely review! Glad you enjoyed!

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Review #2, by flavia pulchraTattletale!: Cry Revenge

5th November 2009:
more please!
i love the dramatic-ness with which you write! its great
and i love the idea
very original, never seen this before. unlike the 'oh no how do we tell our parents!' ones which are a bit cliche this has a proper plot (so far)

keep it up i will read forever!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'll have the next chapter out one of these days!

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Review #3, by flavia pulchraHow to Embarrass Lily Evans Marauders Style: Chapter 1

6th October 2009:
manor not manner
but good other than that

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Review #4, by flavia pulchraAll Alone At Christmas Time: Hide and Seek

13th September 2009:
write quickly!
i ned to know what happens next
i love this story so pleeasse put the next chapter up soon!

Author's Response: Ok! Haha sorry, I would be updating more regularly I just have a lot of school work at the moment, but I am on to it... :). I'll get you an update soon! Thanks very much for reviewing!

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Review #5, by flavia pulchraComplicated Hexagon: Slytherins and Decisions

6th September 2009:
im so confused!

why would she pick james and sirius over ron
she is HERMIONE and therefore always wants to the right, most sensible thing
she knows that her time has to happen for everything to be fixed and surely dumbledore is cleverer than to just want the best things for the wizarding world if it means that history (in the future) has to be rewritten!

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Review #6, by flavia pulchraComplicated Hexagon: Giving In On All Accounts

5th September 2009:
i agree completely with your author's note but im a bit unclear as to whether the big shock has happened yet...

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Review #7, by flavia pulchraComplicated Hexagon: The Time Turner Draught

5th September 2009:
this is really good but im sure you know that what with all the awards etc

it sounds so much more mature than most other stories here and has a fantastically new idea which in most other cases would be ridiculous and silly but you have twisted it into an interesting plot which is completely plausible (relatively speaking obviously)
i look forward to reading on!

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Review #8, by flavia pulchraThe Art Of Match-Making: “Mistletoe, Mistletoe, Put On A Smile. Watch For The Knargals, You Might Be Under There For Awhile."

5th September 2009:
i like the idea but the story is a bit dull and slow-moving
and its lavEnder not lavander

Author's Response: Um..thank you for the feedback and I know. I just like it better that way.

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Review #9, by flavia pulchraLoving: Rose and Scorpius.: The MoM Christmas Party

23rd August 2009:
oh my god thats beautiful

Author's Response: Thanks so much!!! Thank you for reviewing! Chapters six and seven are ready to go...I hope I can beat the que closure but I might not, so they might not be in for a while yet :(

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Review #10, by flavia pulchraLoving: Rose and Scorpius.: Halloween Hell

23rd August 2009:
still absolutely loving it
a couple of things though:
i dont think slughorn would say "hey" to stop an arguement
nor ron say "sweetie", he'd say rosie though according to the epilogue
seriously the best story ive read so far, balanced, in the right style and the characters are so well rounded
i have fallen in love with your scorpius

Author's Response: Thanks so much!! I admit, I didn't think over the minor characters too much. I know in the books Slughorn is a bit passive, but maybe now he's headmaster (in my story) he's a bit more authoritive?? I completly agree about Ron sounds a bit weird. Maybe the conversation was awkwered for him, and thats why he said it. Hmm. But thanks so much for your reviews, you're so awesome!!

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Review #11, by flavia pulchraKissing Krum: The 'Crime'

10th August 2009:
ages all wrong
krum is 17 or 18 because you have to be that age to be in the tournament
hermione is 15 because harry is 14 and her birthday is in september

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Review #12, by flavia pulchraComplications: Unbelievable

10th August 2009:
i hate carlie.
victoire needs other friends

Author's Response: Just out of curiousity, why do you hate her? I don't take offence, so I don't mind what you say. Just want to know so I can make her a bit more..likeable! lol xxx

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Review #13, by flavia pulchraDeathly Hallows Revisited: Deathly Hallows Revisited

9th August 2009:
very funny and very clever
you are my new favourite author without a doubt
please write more!

Author's Response: Thank you so much, I really appreciate that! Got loads more written, just depends how fast the Validator is :) they reject me alot though I don't think they like me lol.

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Review #14, by flavia pulchraForbidden In The Forest: The Clearing

7th August 2009:
Sorry I couldnt reply to your review properly the thing wouldnt let me, so im writing a thank you review instead. i can see you like stories short and sweet as well. this is lovely and I hope you write more because this is the kind of writing there should be more of. a snapshot of the lives of characters that we dont know much about. it's also nice to hear from people on this website who arent american for once (im english).
I would beta you just to read more of your stuff! It's great, soulful and love the banners sally sparrow on them. X

Author's Response: Yes, gotta love Sally Sparrow as Rose. I always specifically request carey mulligan, i think she looks normal but kind of beautiful, great for Rose :)
Yes sometimes it seems everyone is american lol, thanks for your reviews very much!!

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Review #15, by flavia pulchraLoving: Rose and Scorpius.: Hugs And Kisses

7th August 2009:
sweet and accurate
more please

Author's Response: Thank you so much!! Chapter four is coming around august 10, depending on validation backlog. I submitted it 2nd August. Love reviews very much :) :)

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Review #16, by flavia pulchraThe Unknown Years: Decisions

14th July 2009:
mon dieu! zut alors! merde! sacre bleu!
good actual story but could you at least try to keep what the characters say English rather than American!!!
no-one wears ball gowns to school dances (or says such in that context), we wear miniskirts or denim skirts and 'tank tops' for heavens sake!
and you certainly wouldnt wear a ball gown to meet the Queen.
please research further in future
but good general story line
im going to keep reading at any rate

Author's Response: well every school dance i went to we wore very nice ball gowns... so maybe you wear mini-skirts but that's not my experience, and also... if you don"t wear a ball gown to meet the Queen what are you going to wear?

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Review #17, by flavia pulchraAcross the Universe: Chapter 1

10th July 2009:
its never warm in april in scotland
or england
its rainy and miserable until june and then after that there is so much rain that everywhere floods

Author's Response: sorry didn\\\'t mean to offend. hahaha.

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Review #18, by flavia pulchraWhere the Apple Falls: Where the Apple Falls

9th July 2009:
english people dont say tardy, call their fathers 'sir' or say creek, its brook, stream or river

Author's Response: Thanks - I'll keep that in mind for future stories.

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Review #19, by flavia pulchraBreaking Tradition: Chapter Six: Silver Lining

28th June 2009:
english people dont say root
support instead

realise not realize

no-one says snog anymore- we say get off with instead

but good on other english vocab
eg fit, pissed off and cor

try "what the blazes'' and ''blimey''

Author's Response: Lol, thanks for the English vocab. lesson :D I could always use one.

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Review #20, by flavia pulchraNever enough: Ain't it heavy

21st June 2009:
you should try poetry
you'd be good
this was too but very poetic
maybe a little too much so

Author's Response: Thanks. I agree that this is a mixture of poetry and prose, but I thought they mixed well. I'll try some pure poetry next. Thanks for your encouragement and for leaving a review after reading.

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Review #21, by flavia pulchraForbidden Things: Act II

21st June 2009:
definitely sequel needed
really good

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Review #22, by flavia pulchraForbidden Things: Act I

21st June 2009:
great so far
you have the characters bang on

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Review #23, by flavia pulchraTruth.....or Dare: Dean's Dare

31st May 2009:
ok i am really angry because you can't say 'write so good' because good is an adjective and 'write' has to be described by an adverb eg well!

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Review #24, by flavia pulchraIn the Closet with Fred Weasley: In the Closet with Fred Weasley

31st May 2009:
oh deary me
this is um terrifying!

Author's Response: ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?

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Review #25, by flavia pulchraThe Essay: The Essay

31st May 2009:
its good
i practically am hermione so coming from me you should be pleased
i think maybe you could cut down all of the times that she/I am crying and angry with ron
if she/I love(s) him then she wouldnt do that too him
and ron would be too scared to say much
but really good otherwise

Author's Response: Thanks, 'Hermione!' ; ) Really? I don't know, I liked that. I mean, look at how much she breaks down in the sixth book! She's always crying and getting angry with Ron! : ) hahahah thanks for the opinion though and I'll think about reworking some of it. I think what I wanted to put across was the reason why she was like this with Ron is because she loves him, and when people fight they love eachother! Love is complicated! loll
Thanks again

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