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Review #1, by kendenCrazy, Stupid, Love.: Fog and Mousy-Brown Hair.

4th January 2012:
Is it Theodore Nott?
Me and my cousin really liked the story and where its going, but we felt like some parts were strange... Like, when Cho "winks" at Padma or when Pansy gives Theodore the "friendship hug"! They just create awkward scenes.
We really liked it other wise though! Your ships are so imaginative and fun!
Also, every body's beautiful!? Except for Hermione, huh? :p
And our favourite ship is Luna/Blaise :) and draco/cho! (but mostly draycho

Author's Response: thanks for the review! :)

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Review #2, by kendenCrazy, Stupid, Love.: Welcoming Speeches and Good Finders.

3rd January 2012:
Thought I'd check out your stories! Yay! You write Cho :) I'm liking where this is going, gonna read on!

Author's Response: i love cho!
thanks for the review! :)

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Review #3, by kendenCho's Day Off: Cho's Day Off

15th November 2011:
Loved it!
Extremely well written, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thanks kenden. I was less sure about this one but people seem to be enjoying it. :)

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Review #4, by kendenCrazy, Stupid, Love.: Well, At Least You Made the Team.

15th November 2011:
I am in love with this story! All 11 chapters, so far! Please continue, I will be waiting anxiously here! :) I absolutely love that you ship Draco/Cho! Its really a lovely couple!

Author's Response: thanks so much dear! all reviews mean so much to me! :)) thanks again!

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Review #5, by kendenHome Ed.: The End of Summer and Start of Term

26th August 2011:
I really like where this story is going! The only problem I have is the amount of grammatical and spelling (though, mostly spelling) errors in the story! I would love to help you with that, if you would like I can beta it for you before you publish? By the way, I am kenden_malfoy_chang from tda (working on your banner!). If you would like me to beta it for you, feel free to message me on tda!

Author's Response: Okay, ya that would be awesome. I know my spelling is horrid, I told my English teacher that on the first day of school. The reason is my laptop doesn't always tell me that words are misspelled. So, ya, can't wait to see the banner you make. :)

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Review #6, by kendenTruth or Dare?: Gryffindors+Slytherins+Ravenclaws+closed eyes= Disturbed teachers!

26th June 2011:
Haha, that was a good read! Thanks for that :)
Also, I was absolutely thinking Cho and Blaise!! Don't know why, but yeah.

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Review #7, by kendenThe Forgotten Swan : The Forgotten Swan

12th August 2010:
That was such an original take on a Cho story! Never have I read a story about Michael in this light and NEVER would I have imagined that the shipping Cho/Michael would turn out like this! Gosh, its amazing what you can do!! :D I really did enjoy the story, it was unforgettable, to say the least! Also, you managed to stay clear of all the regular Cho story cliches, which I most appreciated :)

Great job!

Author's Response: Hey there!

I'm glad that you found it to be original. Hehe. Thanks so much. I'm really glad that you enjoyed the story and that it was unforgettable. Not to mention, I'm pleased to avoid the regular Cho story cliches.

I like portraying the characters as people, and not simply flat one-dimensional cardboard cut-outs.

Thanks again, ever so much!

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Review #8, by kendenVoldemort's Ghosts: Chapter 1: Hermione's Vision and Harry's Decision

9th August 2010:
I love the way you write and the story is very interesting! Am reading on, hope it'll be as epic as its sought out to be (based on chapter 1) :)

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Review #9, by kendenThe unknown story of Cho Chang: Fight

9th August 2010:
Very exciting last updated chapter! :) Am adding to my favourites and waiting for an update ;)

Author's Response: Thye next is on his way! I guess it will be there tomorrow!

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Review #10, by kendenThe unknown story of Cho Chang: Just the beginning

9th August 2010:
I love the love- triangle going on here!! :) david likes cho- cho likes cedric- cedric likes...? I also love how cedric teases her, and stared at her but he doesn't quite do any thing more :) love it!!

Author's Response: Oh thank you so much! And thank you you bother to review, cause reviews and sweet/useful comments is what keeps me going! So thank you!

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Review #11, by kendenWe Must Rise Again: The Burn of Confusion

9th August 2010:
I don't know quite what to say, so I'll leave it at this: I LOVE IT!! I'm burning with curiousity as to what will happen next!

Author's Response: I'm glad the story's keeping you hooked. I wasn't sure how well this story would pan out with such an odd pair. I'm glad you like it :)

Thanks for the comments!

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Review #12, by kendenWe Must Rise Again: (Big) Risks and Benefits

9th August 2010:
great start! Am reading on to see what happens with this... I love the idea of a story all about Neville being leader :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I wasn't sure if it was too short, but I'm glad you liked it!

Before I wrote this, I thought it would be interesting to see who brought the army back together when Harrry wasn't around.

Thanks again for the awesome comment :D

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Review #13, by kendenThe unknown story of Cho Chang: Chapter 3: A Cracked Skull

9th August 2010:
gah it had to happen!! i'm soo engrossed this'll be a short revieww

Author's Response: Thanks nevertheless!! (L)

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Review #14, by kendenThe unknown story of Cho Chang: A stupid mistake

8th August 2010:
yikes! I loved what you did there with the spells! :) accio and depulso!

Author's Response: Thank you so much!

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Review #15, by kendenThe unknown story of Cho Chang: The Hogwarts Express

8th August 2010:
Wonderful!!! :D I lovee that its a full on story about Cho because Cho is positively, no doubtedly my favourite character!! :) I like where its going so far... but I think its a bit strange the way they're talking since they're only like, 11? O.o well, I like it either way!! :)

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm so glad I find other Cho fan's this way!
Yes you're right and I explained the reason down here somewhere but I will start my next chapters with a please note and an explanation for that so there won't be more confusement. Thank you for your review!

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Review #16, by kendenRon's Maybe: Ron's Maybe

6th August 2010:
I really liked the story! It was truely original and it was perfectly canon :) Well, as canon as Ron/ Luna can get I suppose :P

but one thing that was strange was that when they were together the first time, they were 18 as you mention, but 10 years later they have wrinkles and receeding hairlines O.o ? Just an observation! Great story though :D

Author's Response: I can imagine I forget that little tidbit of continuity... Ergh. No matter how careful I am, every story I write has some sort of silly error like wrinkles! I think I'll be editing that.

Aside from your helpful observation, thank you for the review!

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Review #17, by kendenDraco Style: Draco is cool

29th July 2010:
agreed. agreed. agreed. aggreeed gosh i love you!!

gahhh i just loed reading that (again and agaiin)
hey, just wondering, how did you ge this story validated? O.o

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Review #18, by kendenPerfect: Songfic

29th July 2010:
wow! you really are good ;) very nice I love the idea/ theme thing for this :) the whole Draco not beiing perfect, everybody expecting him to combo.

Hey, just wondering though, how did such a low word count get validated? O.o

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Review #19, by kendenThree's a Crowd; Four's a Circus: The Room of Requirement

20th July 2010:
really nice story.. i felt it was a little rushed though? especially on the draco/ cho side of it.. but i liked it either way :)

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Review #20, by kendenSnitch: Snitch

20th July 2010:
i really enjoyed your story! :) its a great draco/cho shipping

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Review #21, by kendenCho Chang and the Deceitful Myrddin: Chapter Four: Summer Escape, Howler, and R.J.'s Visit

6th September 2009:
Wow! What is gonna happen next, i'm soo excited! :) awesome and the grammar is now awesome also.

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Review #22, by kendenCho Chang and the Deceitful Myrddin: Chapter Two: Bickers and Siblings

3rd September 2009:
Very nice story, so original and awesome!

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Review #23, by kendenCho Chang and the Deceitful Myrddin: Chapter One: Dreams and Relatives

3rd September 2009:
It is a very nice story... the only thing is that the grammar is a litte off sometimes.

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Review #24, by kendenFiveís a Convention: Choís Choice

2nd September 2009:
Very nice story, are you planning on continuing it? Please do so!

Author's Response: Chapter 3 is now available

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Review #25, by kendenOne Tree Hogwarts: El Intro...

8th March 2009:
wow, that is SUCH a good plot! i lovee. it!!!
cant wait for your next chapter!

Author's Response: thanks. i hope to write more, but i'm just not sure exactly how to go about doing that... thanx for the kind review, i'm glad you liked it! :)
-xoxo, rowenaravenclaw94

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