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Review #1, by The Classic Crime Into a Darkness where the Stars do Drown: My Dreams

12th January 2010:
Sorry it took me so long to read your story! I know I promised to but things have been totally crazy.

Wow! I usually like to stay with stories that center around the Golden Trio but I really enjoyed this one! It's got an interesting storyline that has me wanting more. There are a few things though. Perhaps, it is a tad bit rushed? I feel like the whole thing moved way too fast. And wouldn't Scorpius be more...Draco-like? I bet you are going to explain why he is not more like a Slytherin in future chapters though. Overall, I great start to a story! I'll read more when I get more time! =]

Author's Response: Aww thankyou for reviewing, means alot to me :)
yeh i know i did that too fast, yada yada but the other chapters sorta explain it bit more, i think i'm going to try ad update this weekend :D
Thanks again, looking forward to the next instalment of Allie and Harry :)
Estella x

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Review #2, by The Classic Crime When the Light Dies...: The Essence of Normality

7th January 2010:
Aww! These two are so dang cute I can barely stand it! lol. It's a great start to a story that I have been dying for! The one thing was that there was a few grammatical errors such as missing words or incorrect useage. Not that I'm an expert or anything but just a few obvious ones.

Really great chapter! Keep 'em commin'! =]

Author's Response: Hey Classic! Thanks for the review! I'm really glad you enjoyed the story! Sadly, this won't be nearly as long as I had planned for. In fact I think I might just try to crank out one more chapter and make it a short story, but the chapter should be pretty intense and be a somewhat cliffhanger. I just feel slightly unmotivated with a Twilight crossover now that I'm not reading the series anymore. So this story line will have to wait a while. But thank you none the less!

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Review #3, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: Fallin' For You

25th November 2009:
LOVED IT! I loved the whole game between Slytherin and Gryffindor! So cool. It was very easy to picture the scene in my head and it kept me entertained the entire time. I am now starting to like the boys. They are all different and kind of remind me of the marauders in a way. Very good job with this chapter! Lots of good writing and plot stuff.

Can't wait for a new update!

Author's Response: Thanks! I really like writing them. They are like the Marauders in a way. Thanks again for the great review!


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Review #4, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: Tired of the Game

25th November 2009:
I liked this chapter! The beginning was very light and fun between Carina and Ron. Normally, I'm not usually a big Ron fan but in your story I think he's really cute and friendly toward her. Good job!

Draco is a big dumb jerk in this chapter! I felt so bad for Carina when he said that to her. I was like OH NO YOU DIDN'T!

Really good stuff! Writing was excellent, as always. Can't wait to see what goes down at the Slug Club meeting!!

Author's Response: Haha, you made me laugh with the whole Oh no you didn't thing! Thanks for the awesome review! I'm so glad you like it!


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Review #5, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: My Two Guardians

19th October 2009:
Interesting. Still wondering who this girl is... The new characters are okay, we don't know too much about them so I'm not in love with them yet but I'm syre the time will come. =] I think it's cute how little experience Carina has with boys although she seems to be a tom boy herself. Good chapter even though nothing big really happened. As always, it was kept me entertained!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Hopefully you'll like the boys soon enough. It's really fun to write them and I really like them, but thanks so much for the review Classic!!!

Clair :D

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Review #6, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: False Predicaments

12th October 2009:
Great chapter! I loved it! The dreams still confuse me but that's okay. lol. I love this Liam guy...very interesting to see what will happen... my guess is Mr. Malfoy will get a tad jealous? Hmm. lol.

Cannot wait to see what else you have planned! It's not too much of a cliffhanger but even if it was it would be okay considering the next chapter is already up! Go fast validation! =]

Author's Response: Awesome. Yeah, I'm trying to work on having it be suspensful, but I guess it's not really working out... Anyways, thanks for reading and reviewing!!

Clair :D

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Review #7, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: Accidents Had Never Felt So Good

27th September 2009:
good chapter! there were a few mistakes (like leaving out a small word here or there) but over all good job. i've very curious to know who has been writing in her diary...hmm... i don't know. lol. it's strange to think that Snape is being so nice to her, it's rather out of character for him. i wonder if there is more of a reason than just wanting to help her with the 'mission'? more questions! ah! lol. keep up the good work, you've got me intrigued! =]

Author's Response: Yay! I'm glad you're catching on with the journal writing thing. i was afriad it'd just seem like a random thing that no one would understand, but I'm glad it sounds good to you! Yeah, there's another reason kind of why Snape is being sort of nice to her cause' of course he'd treatign Draco like crap as we know in the books, but hopefully the reason will sound good once it'd explained? I'm glad I've got you intrigued though. That's one of the whole points to this story! It's my first sort of msytery thing, so hopefully it's goin' well!

Thank you so much Classic!

Clair :D

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Review #8, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: A Friend and an Unknown Foe

27th September 2009:
wow! lots going on in this chapter! i liked it alot!

okay, the journal entry was a tad bit confusing, for a while it just seemed like she was rambling so if you could kinda explain? i LOVED the part where she and Ron were doing the potion and Ron was like "Are we flirting?" so cute! i wonder if they might have a slight flirtation?? hmm.

the fight between Draco and Carina was good too. now i understand why she gives in to what she doesn't want to do. more bleeding dark marks!? ahh!! lol.

great chapter!

Author's Response: I'm sorry about the journal entry. She kind of is just talkign about how Draco is confiding her in her plans and how she had that nightmare again where she's in the room of requirement. I'm glad you liked it! I thought of that whole seen at work one day and thought it was fun. Plus you can see Carina socially and not all quiet and alone. I'm really glad you liked it! Thanks for the review! And if you think that Draco and Carina fight was good, you just wait. There's going to be bigger and better :)

Clair :D

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Review #9, by The Classic Crime Why I Dance With You: Kissing the Rain

13th September 2009:
Oh. My. Gosh. That was so cute! The description was insane and the vocabulary good. Those two are so darn adorable I don't even know what to say! Lol. The only thing I have to say was wasn't Evelyn born in like the twenties or something? That part of the story was hilarious but I thought she was alot older than those songs were.

Awesome, awesome job. I can't wait for more of those darn cute kids! =]

Author's Response: Haha I love the title 'darn cute kids'. I think they are cute too, not because I created them, but they are just cute :) Uhhh, nope Evelyn was born in 1940 (exactly) so yeah. I thought the songs I picked were really cheesy but zey were all I could come up with :) Ok, I'm going to read What You Should Know ASAP! Aah! Oh, and thanks for the review :)

Clair :D

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Review #10, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: Nightmares and Daydreams

6th September 2009:
Hmm.. Very interesting. It is not my favorite so far because nothing of much importance occured but it was good none the less. I love that Carina is so against what she is supposed to do, I think if you perhaps made her a little more rebelious when it came to her Death Eater duties (haha I said duty) it would be more realistic. Because she says how much she hates what she is doing but she does nothing to stop herself from helping Draco, she just complains. Ya know what I mean? I hope you understand. It's not meant harshly or anything like that, just a simple observation. I love Carina's character and how she stands up to the other Slytherins. I also like that she is kind of an outcast. Peopl can relate to characters like her.

Also this line: "What a stupid word ‘like’ was." I'm not sure what that had to do with anything. It was just sort of thrown in there. Or was there a meaning to it that I am just not seeing? Let me know, please!

All in all, I love it. This storm has major potentional and I am excited to see what happens in future chapters. Good, great job! =]

Author's Response: Haha yay! Oh, no I know exactly what you mean by the rebel thing and trust me, there will be some of that. I cannot wait for the next chapter though. It's fun (I think) But thank you so much for the review! :D I'm super happy you liked it!

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Review #11, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: The Bleeding Snake

25th August 2009:
Ahh... the mysterious dark mark bleeding thing...well...i think...that it is because...Carina is rejecting it her 'change' into a death eater. In return to this rebellion, the dark mark-or dark lord, which ever- are causing her harm as punishment. I have no clue if that is right but it's what I think. Lol. Chapter was good, as usually. Excited to see what happens next!

Author's Response: Hehe, thank you. Did you like it? Yeah, it'd one of the 'mysterious' things that will be goin' on. I don't know if it's one of my best chapters but better are coming! I'm currently writing chapter six right now! Thank you so much for reviewing!

Clair :D

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Review #12, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: Like My Tattoo? I Don't....

9th August 2009:
Okay, to start off overall I loved the chapter. The interaction between Voldemort and the teens along with just Draco and Carina was excellent. It was a very interesting chapter plotwise. Now, there are a few grammer mistakes. Nothing major just a little word missing here or there and a couple commas missing (we all have stuff like that so it's totally not a big deal).

The only thing I had a slight problem with was at the beginning. It felt as though in the first couple paragraphs you were trying to hard to get in some fancy words and sentences. This is fan fiction not a Jane Austin novel if you know what I mean. Normal, teen friendly sentences are always key in my opinion. I hope that didn't come off as me completey bashing your chapter because I really did love it! Love the plot, loved the chapter. And maybe I'm insane about the beggining who knows. The both of us know that I am pretty nuts so if you think I'm loopy I totally get ya. Lol

Anyways, can't wait for the next chapter! Hurry up and update already! Lol. =] Kay, bye!

Author's Response: Haha, I don't think you're loopy. You're like me as free spirited. VERYY free spirited as I am :D I definitely don't think you were bashing on my chapter. Not at all. On the contrary a huge grin spread over my face. Thank you a BILLION time! Thank you thank you thank you! Haha, I think the teen friendly sentence idea (which I completely agree with) could only come from you! Hehe, you're the creme of the crop (whoever came up with that phrase.. :0) at teen stuff. But thanks! You're opinion is ALWAYS valued and HEAVILY appreciated. more than you could know! Thanks Classic!

Oh, and I've got a one-shot for a challenge in validation right now. It killed me having to interupt this story as I'm SUPER eager with it (there's some good stuff comin in my opionion) but the one-shot is for a challenge and if I didn't get it in validation now, it would go past the deadline (which would make me sad cause' I got a hard topic). But I think you shoudl enjoy it hopefully! Thanks again! (hugs!)

Clair :D

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Review #13, by The Classic Crime One's Innocence: The Sense of Right and Wrong

2nd August 2009:
Hey! That was different... lol. But NOT in a bad way. It was just different than your normal style of writing. I love the plot and cannot wait to see what happens when they get to Hogwarts! Yay!

Yeah, I am TOTALLY confused about Carina's background but I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually. Ha! Okay, the whole writing aspect was great! I didn't see any mistakes but there was this one line: "...permanently ruin her innocence record". Did you mean inocent or innocence? It sounds kinda weird and I just thought I would point it out. Poor girl... she doesn't want to kill Dumbledore but she has no choice. So sad...

Once more, love the story so far! Can't wait to read more!


Author's Response: Haha, thanks! Oh I was kind of scared when you said it was different. But I see what you mean. Was it better than my normal style? Haha, well I think it should get better. Please read on! Thanks so much for reviewing. Haha, is the relationship status confusing you with Carina, cause' it did me when I was trying to figure it out. But Bellatrix's husband, Rolduphus Lestrange's brother, Rabastan (he's in harry Potter I didnt make him up :) ) Rabastan is Carina's dad so Bellatriz is her aunt but not on the Malfoy side of the family. If that makes more sense. Except in my world Rabastan died in Azkaban so Carina just lives with the Malfoys. Haha :) Thank you for reading! :D

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Review #14, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: The End but the Beginning

22nd July 2009:
Aww that was possibly the sweetest ending ever. *tears filling my eyes* hehe. i loved the scene between evelyn and derrick (like i like every scene between them) it was so innocent and cute with just the right touch of a romantic cheesy goodbye. i cant help but say aww again. i loved your story and im sad to see it come to an end. you did a really great job with it. totally pumped for your next story though!! WOOT!! lol. this was awesome. thank you for writing it!

Author's Response: Thank you for thanking me for writing it! That last little sentence in your review. thank you. it meant a lot. Thank you for helping me along the way! I don't know if you noticed but in my author's note you're one of the people I mentioned as a thank you. (sorry i forgot if i used your penname or not in it, but for sure you get credit for helping me!)

And even though Why I Waited (supposed to be sequel) won't make it up here (my own problem) I'd like to give you a HUGE thanks for hearing me out on my problems with that particular story. I'm still making one-shots with Evelyn and Derrick, but I thank you for listening and helping me through out that stupid writer's block. Thanks so much!

Clair :D

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Review #15, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: The Battle at Hogwarts

16th June 2009:
WOW! LOVED IT! It was so good. My eyes were glued to my laptop the whole time DYING to know what was going to happen next! I hate to see the Fred still dies along with Avery (That was so sad by the way, I actually teared up a bit. I'm not even lying girl.) I was happy to see that Bella was still alright. I completely forgot about the Room of Requiement burning up until I started reading about it and I was like 'Oh my goodness! Bella! Run!' lol.

I think it's awesome that they cannot die from the Killing Curse. So sweet of Eveyln to save Ginny. Did she know that she couldn't die from the curse or was she just guessing? Either way it was a very nice thing to do for her friend.

This is totally my favorite chapter in this story. Yes, it was long enough. lol. Ah, it was so good! Cannot wait for the next chapter even though I know the story is coming to an end. =[

Good, awesome, amazing job! =] 10/10! You so deserve it!

PS. I thought it was cool when Alice was all like 'He's just faking it' when Harry comes out and everyone thinks he's dead. lol. Loved that part for some reason, it pretty much rocked my socks. Kay! I've rambled enough. Bye!

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you! You made me smile! I'm really so sad right now cuz I just came back from the BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE at camp! Yeah, but wow! You teared up! I mean, I didn't mean to make you almost cry, but it's cool to see that it got to you like that and that you capture the emotion! Thank SO much for reading and reviewing! Fo sho! (haha it mean for sure I learned it from camp)

Clair :D

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Review #16, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: Evacuation and Preperation

4th June 2009:
aww the derrick/evelyn moment was so sweet. i couldnt help but smile while reading it. im so excited to see the battle. vampire on vampire. should be amazing! i love how you have the brothers trying to comfort their little 'sister' thats very cute too. overall amazing chapter i loved it! update soon! =]

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'm glad you liked it!! Thanks for reading and reviewing!


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Review #17, by The Classic Crime The Marauders' Photograph: The Marauder's Photograph

31st May 2009:
it was cute. a little rough around the edges but still a good fic. If you dont mind me saying i would have added a tad more detail and such to the story instead of sticking so close to the lyrics. you could have taken it alot further with details or added some more meat to it if you know what i mean. i loved the way you changed the words so they fit into the wizarding world! that made me giggle. hehe

it was a really cute fic. over all good job. =]

Author's Response: thank you so much! Yeah, it was my first song fic so likewise it wasn't the best, but it'll get better! Thanks for reviewing!

Clair :D

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Review #18, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: The War Begins

24th May 2009:
omg i need more! i want to know how the battle goes! it was a really well written chapter. good job! im seriously really excited to see how the battle will turn out for the cullens. i love how excited jasper and emmett got when they heard they would be able to fight. silly boys. im wondering if bella will be sneaking out with ginny? hmm. intrigue. well update soon! =]

Author's Response: Thank you! It's kind of a relief that you thought it was well written because frankly I wasn't too too proud of it, but thank you so much! Nice theory by the way with Bella, we shall see. Thanks so much for reading and reviewing!

Clair :D

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Review #19, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: From Good to Bad

17th May 2009:
really great chapter! i liked it alot! i loved the race between the cullens. it was cute. and i love the whole derrick/evelyn thing too. they have a sort of forbidden innocent romance going on and its really sweet.

it was sad for evelyn to see her dad die but it was a really great idea to throw in there at the same time! lol it would just be sad to outlive your real family by... forever. its kinda sad but at least she has the cullens! i really loved the chapter! cant wait for the next one!

Author's Response: Yes! Thank you so much! I'm really glad you liked it! I didn't know if people would think the race would be kind of cheesy or anything, but it seems most people thought it was cool say yay! I like the forbidden innocent romance thing you mentioned. When you put the words together that's exactly what it is kind of. Thank so much! Loved your most recent chapter too by the way, but of course you knew that. Thanks!

Clair :D

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Review #20, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: Back to the Burrow

5th May 2009:
good chapter! i was happy to see that they went back to the burrow with the rest of the family. the only thing is that jasper seems a little out of character but in a good way. he seems more playful and happy instead of broody like it the books. i think its good. jasper was always wrapped up too tightly. lol i liked the chapter alot! =] keep'em commin!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, when I looked back on this chapter before sumbitting it for validation, I noticed he was too. But I thought it'd be ok since I wanted to see him a more happy happy joy joy character haha. I'm glad you liked it, and thank very much for the review!

Clair :D

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Review #21, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: Punishment

26th April 2009:
it was a good chapter! not much happened but it was interesting to see what the cullens thought of evelyn stealing a sword (i would i thought they wouldnt have cared too much considering it was just a sword to them and held no actual meaning) but i understand that they dont like her drawing attetion to herself infront of death eaters (or as alice says dark eaters lol)

i love the relationship between evelyn and alice. i think its really sweet. you missed a word in this sentence ' “But, you said you couldn’t wizards,” I protested.' i think you meant to put a 'see' in there so i just thought i would give you a little heads up.

cant wait to read the next chapter! =]

Author's Response: Ok, thanks for the 'see' thing. yeah, the cullens wouldn't really care with the sword thing but the whole drawing attention would not be so.good. and no nothing much did happen in this one but some action packed ones are coming...soon is validation goes well (who knows) thanks SO much!

Clair :D

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Review #22, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: Confronation

12th April 2009:
i liked it! the part about riding a cleaning tool was funny. i laughed. ah, the eveyln/ginny feud has ended. hopefully life at hogwarts will be easier now. =] one question though. is derrick american? cuz i kinda picture him that way. idk let me know! great job!

ps. my next chapter is up if you are interested. =]

Author's Response: yeah! im glad you liked it. and derrick is actually british which abviously doesn't make him like jacob where he's native american looking (not even american lol). but he and his pack just look like average joes haha.

aaah im not interested in your next chapter.are you kidding me!!! of COURSE ill read your chapter! thanks for the review!

Clair :D

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Review #23, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: Speculation

8th April 2009:
i liked it! it was cool to see derrick and eveyln together. my favorite line was '-Not if I fell over a thousand feet and shattered into a bunch of pieces into a raging fire pit down below', that was purty funny. i like eveyln too. shes got a little bit of spunk in her that you dont see too often. it was really good! =]

Author's Response: yes! thank you! that was my favorite line too. and yes, evelyn does have a spunk and short of tough side to her. I love her and derrick together. one thing i forgot to mention in my review to you was that i like how you make some things significant to harry potter and twilight but not make it esactly alike them. its a unique story thats amazing! some twilight stories i read r way too mch lke twilight so great job!

clair :D

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Review #24, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: Ratted Out

3rd April 2009:
i thought it was great! i love that alice came to visit her. and im wondering what draws derrick and evelyn to eachother. hmm. lol it was really good! update soon please. (which im sure you will do) =]

Author's Response: Oh, yes! I will update! Lol. With Alice I was a bit worried she wasn't in character so much. I don't know. What do you think? Chapter 9 is being validated as I type so hopefully it'll be up soon. Thansk for the review!!!

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Review #25, by The Classic Crime When I Became a Cullen......: Hogwarts Express

24th March 2009:
oh snap! hehe intense. it was so cute how you had that dude help her out! i also noticed that you slipped a little prince caspian moment in there (with susan at the news stand with the nerdy guy) when evelyn was talking to the sit-together guy. very good part. but im kinda confused. first you said that the kids name was derrick greeley then changed it to berryman in the last bit. same or different guy? let me know!

good chapter i pretty much loved it. =]

Author's Response: oh gosh. i didn't change that? sorry it is the same guy. his last name was berryman but i changed it but not all the way im guessing. let that be note for everyone else! it is the same guy and his real last name is greeley! thanks u all and good night! lol yes there will def be some more moments with evelyn and derrick. i love it! thanks!

clair Clementine :D

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