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Review #1, by inkscribbleSome Kind of Wonderful: if love can move a mountain

16th April 2010:
WOW. Oh my gosh. This was such a fabulous story, I simply adored it. The writing was flawless, the characters were so well developed and I loved how they met again after so many years. Honestly, I think the reason I liked this so much (except for the obvious awesomeness of the whole thing) is because they were old - I don't even know why, it just made it original, I think.

Amazing job!

Author's Response: Aw! Thank you so much! I really wanted to throw a different Scorose out there. I'm really glad you enjoyed it -- it makes me just that much happier with the story.

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Review #2, by inkscribbleFrom Roxy, with love: License to Apparate

15th April 2010:
This is all unique, brilliantly amazingly and fantastic.

It's a bit too early to tell I suppose, but right now it seems like Roxanne and Lysander will have some sort of epic love/hate relationship. Honestly, those can get really cliche and boring - but from what I've read so far, everything about this story is uncliche and unboring (ahem, it's a bit too late for good vocabulary). I think Roxanne is such a well developed and well written character already too and I love the first person perspective.

Plot! Oh my god the plot! I ADORE it. The whole secret army thing is just so original. My favorite part of the story was when Roxanne was listing all the things her family members get to do. Like Rose being a journalist, James' Quidditch career helping out and - my personal favorite - Lily being married to Scorpius.

Great job! Sorry for the messy and horrible review, but I'm tired. (;

Author's Response: You're also lovely. TRUFAX

Possibly deluded and definitely far too kind ♥. Thankyou so much though for your amazing praise - I'm so glad you liked it! I don't know how original it is, but it's FUN and I can definitely promise an epic and hopefully humorous Roxy/Lysander relationship. Interesting you mentioned Scorlily, that MAY be a rather big sub plot -winks subtly-

Hope the rest doesn't disappoint!

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Review #3, by inkscribbleYou're Gonna Miss Me: Love, Roger

10th April 2010:

Seriously, this must be the most brilliant story ever. I've never really been a fan or not a fan of Roger. I've never cared much for him at all, actually. Now all I want to do is go look up more stories about him. Except I doubt anyone could write one as good as this.

It was hilarious! Roger's voice just made the whole thing so great. I've read countless of story when the heart-broken guy just sounds like a teenage girl but you really managed to make him believable. Oh and I'm not even going to get into how brilliant your writing is, that'll make this review way too long.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for this review! I am really glad you liked the story! Even Roger! I'm so glad I got you interested in his character! That really makes my day!

Haha! I agree. I've read (and written) my fair share of bad voices for broken hearted guys and I am so happy I succeeded in this! I was quite worried that no one would like him actually. I am glad to be wrong!

Again, thank you so much for the read and review! You're awesome!

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Review #4, by inkscribbleA Chance Meeting: A chance meeting

5th April 2010:
I really, really liked this! Such an original pairing, to start off. I'd never thought of it myself, and I really enjoyed reading about it.

The way Fleur was just expecting everyone to come up and drool over her was perfect. I think you managed to make her likable without taking all her flaws away.

Oliver was just perfect. The way he choose Quidditch over girls and how he was always talking about it, not even flirting, with Fleur. My favorite part was probably when he beat her to leaving, because even though she's gorgeous he was far too bored.

Ah it was such a wonderful piece! :)

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm very glad you liked it! I never thought of it either, until a plot bunny attacked ><

I'm glad you liked Fleur and Oliver and thought they were believable! I had great fun writing them! And I figured that not every male would react to Fleur the way Ron did :P
Haha, yes, I think they were both quite bored! But they'll get over it ;)

Thanks again for your review and all the compliments!! :D

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Review #5, by inkscribbleblood.: An Open Window

4th April 2010:
This story is, without a doubt, one of the best I have ever read.

There's so many questions and for every question being answered another one shows up. The thing with the sins? Amazing. I love how it opened up this whole new plot about Dominique killing Molly. Speaking of, I actually liked Dom! Gah, now all I want to do is choke her. She turned her best friend's dead body into a rock for god's sake! To be honest, I actually dislike a lot of the characters. But, as weird as it may sound, that's a good thing. It means that they're well developed with personalities that have flaws etc. So yeah, good job on making me want to choke some of them!

I think my favorite part of the story so far was when Louis was killed. I don't know why, but to me it seems like he KNEW the person who killed him. I've been thinking about it since that chapter and I'm dying from curiosity! Oh and when Lucy died (if that's what happened?). That was just such a brilliant moment - you wrote it so well. I feel like I should go look up the sentence I liked the most and paste it in here but I'm far too lazy to do that, haha. But where you described how the water pulled her under? Yeah, that was just great. In a very sad way, of course.

Oh and Dexter! I adore him, even though he's a prick. He's just such a well-written character. His greedy personality, the way he's the only one seeing Dominique clearly for what a rhymes on witch (ahem) she is! And how he was looking for a story when he went to Lily's room.

Which brings me to my final point (you're probably getting very bored with this review by now, haha). You are fantastic and throwing the readers - at least me -off. For a while there, it seemed like Dexter had something more to do with the people going missing and everything. And I definitely didn't suspect the whole Dominique being a crazy murderer thing either.

This is such an amazing story! I can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #6, by inkscribbleHe Nearly Killed the Cat: He Nearly Killed the Cat

4th April 2010:
Haha! That was absolutely hilarious! Your characterization of James felt very spot-on and I can just imagine something like this happening. It was just amazingly adorable!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! Glad you liked the characterization and situation and all that. :-)

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Review #7, by inkscribbleObscure: Obscure

4th April 2010:
It really doesn't matter for how long I try, this review will never make your story justice.

Wow. This was such an amazing piece of writing. The air of mystery, the way it was divided into little pieces and how you never mentioned the characters was fantastic. My favorite part about all of it was the 'Not dead, but not alive' and 'I didnít love you. I needed you Ė but I could live without you'. It added such depth to the character without even having to describe him/her.

I really enjoyed it - I'm still trying to decide who I think the characters are. Very, very well done!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm actually really glad that you point out your favorite lines (: I love when readers do that because it makes me feel as if what I'm writing actually does have some of the effect that I want it to. I'm glad that you enjoyed it, love (: Thanks again!

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Review #8, by inkscribbleDeath by Starlight: Crumbling From the Inside

30th March 2010:
This was absolutely extremely, stunningly, super amazing!

Ahem, that sounds stupid. But it's the best way to describe how much I loved this. Lily Potter has always been one of my favorite next-gen characters, I don't even know why. I feel like she's usually just portrayed as a mini-Ginny who's just there so that James and/or Albus can show off how protective and strong they are so I really enjoyed reading about her in this way. Not many people - or at least, not that I know of - write about the bad things that come out of being famous. Not the way you did it, at least. It was beautiful. Your writing is amazing, I couldn't stop reading and I was sad to see it be over. It was very realistic too, which is always a plus, and even though it was just a one-shot you managed to make Lily a totally believable and well-developed character. Good job!

Author's Response: Oh, wow! Thank you so much! I... wow! I wasn't really expecting a review, especially with only a handful of reads on this, but... wow. I cannot express how much I appreciate the lovely words and comments you've included in your review.

Celebrities have always kind of been... odd... to me. I came up with the title before the fiction, and because I just HAD to do something with it, I decided "star" would be a star as in "celebrity." I'm really glad you liked how it turned out.

Again, thank you! This has made my day.

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Review #9, by inkscribbleThe Double Shot Mocha (And How It Changed Their Minds): Make Coffee, Not War

29th March 2010:
I love you for writing a Dramione story without Dramione in it? Haha.

This was great! First of all, I adore your writing. It's bloody brilliant. It has such a nice flow to it and I'm usually a very impatient person, so I'm always waiting for the story to end - your writing kept me interested the whole time though, and I really enjoyed it. It's such a good idea too, Hermione and Draco as friends. I've never really thought of this happening but the way you wrote it it seemed totally plausible. It was realistic and the whole double shot mocha that kicked it off was just genius. I loved it!

Author's Response: I love that you love it :D

Thank you so much! Your high opinion means a lot, thanks :D I was trying for a whimsy tone, something which I have not had much success with in the past so to read such lovely praise means so much! And yeah, I tried to keep this as plausible as possible.

I am so so glad you liked this. Thank you so much for reading, I truly appreciate it!

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Review #10, by inkscribbleThe Elusive T: The Business of Bruises

28th March 2010:


Ahem I don't even know where to start. This story is AMAZING. I tend to not like to read chapters that are over 3000 words but with this I couldn't stop reading. Everything about it is brilliant. The plot, the writing and oh the characters! I love Lucy, she's so different from what I've seen before. Even though we haven't actually met Rose yet, I like her already. Like her in a 'she'll probably be a very well written character that's going to piss me off for trying to steal T from Lucy' haha. So far, I think Louis is my favorite character. I really like the way it started out with Lucy thinking she slept with Teddy too. Honestly, this is such a good story. I can't wait for the next chapter and I'm really looking forward to see what happens!

Author's Response: Whoa, thank you for such a tremendous compliment. I tend to not like reading long chapters as well yet that's all I seem to write. At any rate I'm glad you stuck with it and I'm even happier that you liked it so much!

Thank you for your review!

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Review #11, by inkscribbleThe Morning Waffle: Questionable Lifestyle Choices

26th March 2010:
So, this is absolutely brilliant.

Honestly, I haven't read such a good story in ages. It's hilarious, the characters are great and your writing is spectacular.

This is by far the best characterization I have ever seen of Fred. I love that he's not good at Quidditch, how he thinks he's so dashing and still gets the least donations and well, he's just great. James is too - the whole thing about his former Quidditch career is such a nice add-on. I don't even know if that's a word, ha. I probably shouldn't ramble on about every character (because I love all of them) so I'll just say that I swear I think I fancy Hugo.

The idea of the story is so unique too! I haven't read anything like it before. Your writing is spectacular and I honestly can't stop reading. This is by far one of my favorite stories on the site.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I'm glad you found this, and that you're enjoying it so far.

By far the best characterization?! -blushes, dies, etc.- I wanted to give Fred some important attributes from the twins, but I also knew I had to make him his own person, and not just a carbon copy of his dad or uncle (hence the fact that he's very good at academics, not good at Quidditch, etc.)

The idea for James' dead Quidditch career started with another fic of mine, and I decided it would tie in nicely with this novel.

WHO WOULDN'T FANCY HUGO?? ;-) He is dishy, like his dad, but as you can see, considerably more successful with women.

Thanks again for the fantastic review! It has really made my day. I hope you enjoy future chapters!


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Review #12, by inkscribbleSara: Sara

25th March 2010:

Wow. I don't even know what to say. This was amazing. No, kidding, it was more than amazing. I really want to write a very long, detailed review explaining how much I loved it but I don't think that's possible. So I guess I'll just settle four sounding cliche, haha.

I absolutely adored Sara's voice. Or the way you wrote her. You get my drift. It was so real, so powerful and made the story special. It's confusing, but in a good way. While I'd love to know exactly what's going on (because I'm guessing SOMETHING is going on that's wrong?) I actually think I prefer it this way. Leaving it in the open, like that.

The part with Teddy was great too. Honestly EVERYTHING was. The flow, the writing, the plot... all of it! One of my favourite things about it was how you managed to get in all these details without having to get too into it, if that makes sense. Like how it mentions her relationship with her mum in just a sentence or two, it's almost like it's just thrown in there, not really a part of the story. Except it is, and I love it.

I feel like this review was a bit all over the place, haha. I'm hungry and tired though, so it's the best I can do.

Author's Response: Oh my, thank you!

Well, yes, there IS something wrong. I feel that leaving it open suits the story, and, ngl, it's saved me the trouble of coming up with an illness or a reason because I honestly wouldn't know where to start. But even if I did know, I think that it would take something away from the whole air of the story to reveal it. the style and structure is better suited to something a bit mysterious and open-ended, I think.

Thank you so much! :D

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Review #13, by inkscribbleOnly Us: Only Us

23rd March 2010:
I definitely think you pulled it off!

I loved the characterization of Albus and Scorpius. You said you wanted them to be different, and I think they were. The ending was great. I loved how everyone started hexing each other and the fact that there wasn't a typical happily-ever-after ending made the story special, I think.

It was great!

Author's Response: Thank you! I love your name, by the way.

Yeah, I definitely wanted them to be a bit different. Oh, I loved ending it that way. Thank you so much for reviewing! I really appreciate it. :)

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Review #14, by inkscribbleQuidditch Is Not Ludicrous: Bollocks

21st March 2010:
I have to say, this is the best Oliver Wood story I have ever read. And it's only a chapter long.

You captured his character so well, it's ridiculous. This is the way I've always thought of him and you did a fantastic job of writing him. I loved he little Quidditch facts here and there, it really added to his character.

Your writing was really great too. I enjoyed reading it so much I didn't even realize it was over until I was staring at the end. Usually I tend to scroll down to see how much is left of a chapter VERY often (I'm really too impatient for my own good) but with this I was actually sad to see that it was over.

I absolutely loved it! There's not much more to say.

Author's Response: I'm really glad to hear that, and I hope this story stays to rank as the best Oliver Wood story you ever read n_n Thanks for the review! I'm happy you enjoyed it :)

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Review #15, by inkscribbleWinner Takes All: Why Should I Complain?

17th June 2009:
Wow, this is by far the most original Rose/Scorpius story I have read yet. First of all, I love that it's set outside Hogwarts and that you actually have Rose working, thinking about her future etc. I also like how much she changed in this chapter (well, that you showed the change).

The writing is fantastic. The flow is great, the description and the way you make me not be able to take my eyes off the computer screen. The plot very nice! I only have a slight problem with the characterization - it feels like you've made Lily this horrible brat no one is going to like. It sort of feels like the easy way to go, making the new girlfriend horrible. I just hope she's got SOME good qualities too. (;

I'm really looking forward to reading the next chapter!

Author's Response: Is it? o_O Wow, thank you! That's really amazing to hear! Writing stories within Hogwarts can get boring after a while, and since I already have a couple of those on the go, I wanted to try something different. It suited my plot to have the next-gen characters all out of school, even Lily and Hugo, so that they would be mostly free to participate. :D

Lily is something I want to work on in future chapters (if not the next, then the one directly following it). Rose sees her as a brat, and she definitely comes across that way in her letter, but there is another side of her that can only show through in person. I was surprised myself how bratty her letter sounded (it was way more that way than I'd intended).

Thank you very much for reading and reviewing! I'm really glad that you're enjoying the story so far, and hopefully will continue to do so. :D

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Review #16, by inkscribbleScorpius Malfoy Must Die: Scorp Scores Again

16th June 2009:
Wow, this was great! Your writing is fantastic and you have a really nice flow to it. The conversation between the guys in the locker room was really realistic too, not forced 'I'm-just-making-them-say-what-I-want-them-to' talk that some people write. I really enjoyed it, and I'll be looking for the next chapter. (:

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review!!! Your compliments mean a lot because I haven't written fiction in almost two years! Glad to know I haven't lost my touch too much. ;)


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Review #17, by inkscribbleLooking Over My Shoulder: Secrets

15th June 2009:
Wow. That was fantastic. I loved how you built up the suspense and made it impossible to look away - I just had to finish reading to find out who was doing it. I also like that you left a lot up in the air. Amazing!

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! I'm glad that you liked it so much! :) Thanks for leaving a review!

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Review #18, by inkscribbleTo Be A Weasley: Victoire Weasley

5th June 2009:
That was amazing. Heart-breaking and I almost started crying, but amazing. The way you kept repeating Those pretty little baby shoes in the end was great - repeating can be a wonderful thing when used in the right way. It was really powerful, I can't even begin to tell you everything I liked about it. Teddy was really well written, I liked that he was able to close the box but Victoire wasn't. The whole thing was brilliant.

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Review #19, by inkscribbleNew Year's Kiss: New Year's Kiss

29th May 2009:
Bloody brilliant.

I loved the dialouge between James and Albus, it was very brotherly and it didn't seem forced at all. I loved how James was bullying Albus over somethign he had never even done himself. Basically, you got the brotherly relationship down.

The way you potrayed Albus was just perfect; adorable. The Fred/Tess/Larkin thing was a nice side-thing too. I don't really have that much to say, except for the fact that I loved it. It was really cute, and your writing is fantastic.

Author's Response: Haha, great! I'm fairly experienced in that sort of thing, since I'm an oldest sibling. (Not that I give my sisters advice on that kind of thing. Heh.)

I love doing my little side things. I don't know if you read my Marauder trilogy, but I have so many little side stories in that big story that it's ridiculous. I think it just adds an important dimension, y'know?

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Review #20, by inkscribbleFilth: Filth

28th May 2009:
That nearly made me cry, it was so sad. Filch was always made out to be this horrible man, and I love how you went into more depth with him. It was wonderful, really.

Author's Response: Thank you! I love writing about the obscure ones. I mean, usually I have to get a challenge to get me going, but they really are fun to explore.

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Review #21, by inkscribbleFlickering: Flickering

28th May 2009:
Good god I'm becoming obsessed with your stories now. You'll be getting tired of my reviews soon, but here's another one. This was great. Your writing is fantastic and I love the way they speak. Something I can't stand is when I read a Founders Era story where they talk like they just came out of a chat room. The conversation between Rowena and Salazar was my favorite part, without any doubt. I think what made this story so special, in my opinion, was how you really got Rowena. I feel like wanting to know the things Salazar does would be just what she'd want. And her stealing Salazar from Helga was perfect too. I don't really have much to say other than the fact that I loved this.

Author's Response: Thank you so, so much. I really worry about my dialogue when it comes to the Founders, because they are so specific, y'know? I really enjoy writing them, though. I'm definitely going to have to do more of them in the future.

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Review #22, by inkscribbleBella's Lullaby: Bella's Lullaby

28th May 2009:
I don't know what to say other than that you're a brilliant author. Everything about this was spectacular. You amaze me.

Author's Response: Ah! Thank you! This was the darkest I had done in awhile, so I'm glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #23, by inkscribbleWhite Rose Wilting: White Rose Wilting

28th May 2009:
Wow. I'm speechless. This was purely amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time, waiting to see what would happen next. Your writing is beautiful. Everything just fit so well together, and you have me bealiving that this is exactly what happened. Although I can't remember whether the other Founders actually knew that Slytherin had built a Chamber, but still. this was absolutley amazing.

Author's Response: ...oops...I totally posted this to a reviewer before, because I didn't read the name closely enough. I'm a dumb dumb. This is what I meant to say:

I just read all of your reviews before I started responding, and I could never get sick of them! Seriously, I've been losing my motivation to write lately, but getting all of these makes me want to get my rear in gear! I'm really glad that you're enjoying my stories :)

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Review #24, by inkscribbleQuadrivium: The Dragon Hunt

5th May 2009:
I don't know why, but I kept thinking it was Rowena who was Helena, but then I thought about the teaser one-shots you had put up and realized it was Helga. Well, at least that's what I think. I suppose I'll just have to wait and see, haha.

I really like Helena, and that she wants more than just sitting in a castle. I think your writing is great too, it really works well with the time period this was set in and you do a great job with the characters fitting into what many of them were like back then. I'm really excited to see where you'll go with this, because I can't wait to read more. Fantastic story so far!

Author's Response: Haha good guess! You are right, this is Helga and not Rowena ;) Even though I always get Ravenclaw when I take sorting hat quizzes, I'm sure that I am equal parts 'Puff and I love Helga as a character. She's interesting because she seems to be above the conflict that the other Founders like to brew - she seems to be the one who holds them all together even when things are falling apart.

So, so glad you like the writing and you feel that it works with the time period. I'm not going for authenticity, just for plot and entertainment, so that means a lot that it doesn't detract from the story! Thank you very much for all your reviews so far, you're a sweetheart. Hope you'll enjoy the rest when I post it this weekend! *hugs*

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Review #25, by inkscribbleSomething To Believe: Something To Believe

5th May 2009:
I have a feeling this story of yours is going to be amazing, and that I'll follow it blindly. This was just as amazingly well-written as the last one. I love your charactization of Gordric, and Helga too. She was more of what I always thought of her like, but Godric was extremely different. But I have to say, I like your Godric better than mine. I just love the dragon part - that he told Helga to give her the things that would later become so famous. And that Godric was a part of the court, I really liked that too. Honestly, it's all fantastic. Your ideas and the way you put them down on paper, amazing. I couldn't stop reading the whole time. I can't wait until the next part is out!

Author's Response: You are so, so nice :D I hope you do follow my story and I hope you'll like it! I'm working on posting Chapter 2 this week and I've been having so much fun with it.

Thrilled that you liked my characterization of Helga, that is very promising since she is my main protagonist.

I haven't read your Founders story! I'll check it out as soon as I can :) I want to think of all four Founders as people - sure, they were the strongest and most powerful wizards of their time, but the fact that they had rivalries and different opinions and rifts show that they're just as human as everyone else. Godric is usually thought of as the strongest because he is the leader, but really I think he has a lot of insecurities to have dealt with Salazar that way.

So glad you liked this! I have Rowena's one-shot about halfway done; I'm focusing on Chapter 2 of Quadrivium right now but that will be out soon.

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