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Review #1, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Bare-Knuckled Heartbreaking

11th December 2013:
AaAaAah~ so angsty~

Of course, I adore Scorpius' act of bravado, only to crumple at Clemence's feet. He's such a loveable character (forgot to mention in last chapter review: best coming out scene I have EVER seen hands down).

But the morning after awkwardness was baked and iced to perfection, capturing exactly the heartfelt confusion, regret and fear, especially for a character like Clemence who has never had to really deal with anything like this before. It defies her invincibility... Ah, when she thinks she deseves it! My heart keeps bleeding for her, mwrff.

But excellent way to end the scene!!! Haha, I don't even... Team Clemence? I know it had to start one way or another, but this was inconceivable! Disturbing and ingenious, I say.

As always, your writing takes me by the ankles, upturns and shakes down my world !!

Much love ♥♡

Ps. Your playlists for etc. were amazing! The art, the music, the concept !! Mwwwrrrff, I bow down in reverence.

Author's Response: I've been waiting to do the Scorpius-reveal since forever--a wee Chekhov's gun from the beginning, meaning Albus did have a decent reason for being so angry at Clemence over her article.

I've yet to see a good morning-after scene in fanfic! In real life, if they're not boring, they're just plain awkward. It's not just 'omg we did it'; there's the fear of what other people will think, of practical things like protection, of feeling equal parts regret and wanting more.

Heee, I'm glad you had a chance to look through my blog of stuff! A lot of my favorite music goes into my etc playlists, I love music with a cynical twinge.

♥! Until I see you again!

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Review #2, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Intermission, Enter Firewhiskey

10th December 2013:
AH! You had a night drink / swimming scene! Super amped, my adolescence is complete now!

Wow... I won't even make a fool of myself saying how great this chapter was. Sure, there was that titfortat (whole new meaning in this context) between Albus and Clemence, and obviously those great extracts from Appy's absolutely horrible novel... but there were real, genuine moments from the characters, and that's what I loved most.

I can only imagine how terrifying and intimidating writing the scene appropriately for Albus and Clemence could have been, but you pulled it off just right--the same fumbling, romanticism, adolescent mistakes, passion and fervour. And it went further than a physical description of rigid events... everything led to that point, and there was such meaning in it.

I love it!

Much love (still thinking about those Appy excerpts. They'll keep me warm with laughter for the rest of my days) ♥♡

Author's Response: I'm pretty sure I ushered some readers into adolescence with this scene xD It was weirdly fun writing it, so totally worth it all around. The reactions, omg the reactions are the most priceless thing of all. And I'm glad that the scene means something too, and says a lot more about Clemence and Albus than just their feelings for each other.

This chapter is written slightly differently from the rest--quite like an intermission. I like thinking up of AUs of my own stories and this is sort of a branch of that. I know Clemence is willing to share a more honest side of herself, but the opportunity was never there. She needs a certain atmosphere--and here it is. Pickett is a huge factor, actually, because without him, she'd just play her usual mind games with Albus. But with Pickett, she knows he'd call her out and she wouldn't feel comfortable with a close friend witnessing her "act"--I think she's oddly ashamed of it, if someone who knows her better sees her.

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Review #3, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): The Casualties of War

10th December 2013:
Oh... my.

Did that just happen? We all kmow Quirkies are CRAZY but this mobbiness is getting out of hand! Absolutely great chapter. Although I will admit it was difficult to see Clemence roughed up like this, I felt violated myself! *shudder to think* And Appy's book?! I don't think I even want to know its contents, blechy meh. It'll make good fodder for amusement, though!

Anyway, it's 01:30am, barely awake (barely ALIVE) and I'm having a hard time paying attention to a thing I'm writing (lol, backspacing to take out typos and WTH words like "pig" or "Tupac".

The point I wanted to make I I absolutely adore this chapter, though. Gyah, you could cut the sexual tension with a gelatine spoon, for the love of Merlin. Love Clemence and Pickett, adore Albus, even if he breaks my heart, and am absolutely terrified of Appy.

Thrilled to see what dangerous new waters you will take us into!

Much love ♥♡

Author's Response: Trying to finish my responses soon! Found a bit of time on vacation c:

But the contents of Appy's book are the best part! Along with the number of trees it took to make it. Not counting the amount that'll take to mass produce it.

Roughing up Clemence was oddly the most natural thing to write; I didn't even think about it until I finished writing that section. I needed to see her a bit cracked; she is, in truth, not as powerful as she likes to brag. Not by far.


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Review #4, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Lesser of Two Evils

9th December 2013:
Oh. My. Gawwrrr.

Ah!!! I see the evil plan! Gyah, I see disaster sweetly mingled with vengeful success in the horizon (question is, who comes out the victor?!) I NEED MOAAAWRRR!

Always love your invisibility cloak moments--where so much is happening around them, and you never fail to deliver the visual oompf of random students flitting by Albus and Clemence. You have mastered the art!!!

Gyah, can I just end this teeny review with absolute, brainwashed devotion and love to this fic? I love every slice of it!

Much love ♥♡

Author's Response: Mmm sweetly mingling disaster. Sounds like a good drink.

The cloak became a much more interesting prop than I thought! Explains how Albus gets around without notice, and now it lets the both of them do it. It's almost like viewing the school in third person and it's how imagine Clemence used to lurk through school, except she didn't need a cloak until she attracted Albus' attention...

Mmm slices of etc. made in the shape of Albus' head. I'll have a nose, you can have his ear.

♥ ♥

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Review #5, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): A Lesson in Persuasion

3rd December 2013:
I am always in love with you! So steamy! So WOW~ So scare~ So cutthroat!

Ah, from "tea time with Trelawney" to "Bessie" the table to Albus and his goddamn smirk to the pink glitter lipstick (shudder), there's no stopping your phenomenal expressions!!!

Gyah! From the little things to the BIG things; the small-scale phrase that blows my mind, to the grand-scheme looming-tower-of-awesome that makes me faint by every line; I'm absolutely taken, as ever, by this chapter! :D

Much love, and *guilt blush* over short review; I'm just dying to find out Albus' plan!


Author's Response: SO DOGE~ ~ ~ if images could go in reviews, it would be a terrifying wonderful world.

Hurrhurrhurr, this was an interesting chapter to write. Not much happened but still ;) ya know? Those phrases sound so silly to me the first time I write it (and many times after) but after awhile I read it enough that I get used to them xD I never really thought too much about how they're received by readers, and I'm glad it's sort of... charming? 8D

♥! !

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Review #6, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Denial, What's Denial?

3rd December 2013:
Back in the day, when I was eleven, I waited quite patiently for my Hogwarts acceptance letter to pull through the post; of course, it must have gotten lost somewhere down the line, and to this day I haven't quite gotten it... Point of the matter is, I've always wanted to go to Hogwarts as a kind of refuge, but after the fangirl fandango and Appy as Queen Quirky? My golly, I don't think I'd ever want to step foot. (of course, considering the magic and great hall and banquets, who am I kidding, I'd go even if it would be death by fangirl)

I'm absolutely adoring your "two hearts" opening speech; truly heartfelt and absolutely gorgeous; I think I almost cried, and lord knows why because I don't think Clemence would appreciate a reader blubbering up over her.

Gyah, Appy is truly horrid! My golly, she's the epitomy of disturbing; I swear, by my edible pen, I will run far away, without a look back, the day I meet someone by the name of Appy or Apostrophe Hyphen Colon!

I'm interested to see how Clemence's character will develop... Will she discover what she really wants? Why she wants anything? Will she rediscover her heart? Will she even want to? AAAH~

Much love,


Author's Response: Julia told me she wanted to go to Hogwarts and I mentioned that she'd have a hard time, seeing as it's invisible to muggles and she'd probably catch fire on the invisible candles. More things to keep in mind!

Bawww, I'm so glad it touched you! I love writing the little asides where Clemence just gets to dump her observations out. They're sort of an extreme version of things I see--Clemence is much more absolute and cynical about them. While I wouldn't choose the path that Clemence has currently chosen (sort of hedonistic, drop-everything-and-run-when-it gets-bad), I can also understand its appeal and practicality. It has its cons (like not knowing exactly what one wants and the general feeling of purposelessness), but it's not *wrong*. I want to present it as something that doesn't necessarily need to be fixed.

♥ again!

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Review #7, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): He Tempts Me, He Tempts Me Not

3rd December 2013:

I think I should just give up trying to find words to describe how you make me feel. So a punctuation mark and an 'O' will have to suffice.

AH~~ So much heartfelt what-what going on right here! I don't know whether to shout or cry or ease my trembling heart! I'm absolutely loving the love/hate between Albus and Clemence; it's so complicated, I can't make head or tails of it...

I don't even... I don't even understand... Ah, it's such a tense chapter, I'm just going to crawl into a hole and rest for a while.

Much love,

Author's Response: ö

It's a little odd looking back, because I'm much surer of where their feelings lie now compared to back when I wrote this chapter. And I think a huge part of it is that Albus and Clemence themselves don't know, and at least Clemence is unwilling to recognize them. Look at their long-winded conversations, look at how hard they try to rationalize /everything/. And thus, the next chapter is called 'Denial, What's Denial' :D

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Review #8, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Everyone Wants Me (Dead)

3rd December 2013:
I love Clemence; she has such remarkable insight into the sticky folly that is humanity! "Mobs are like weather--part chemistry and part chance..." is one of the most enlightening metaphors I've encountered in literature in the past ten years (then again, your whole story is riddled header to footer in them!!!)

But, my golly, that escalated ridiculously fast! AAH~ Your metaphor for being ditched, "Bonded for ten years, made our pacts in the watering hole, but you'll still let me get mauled by a cheetah"---never mind the remarkable figure of speech which I am gawping in appreciation at this moment; "mauled by a cheetah" describes perfectly what that must feel like... It's absolutely terrifying. Probably one of my biggest fears and horrors, being placed smack in the middle of a fangirl mob... *shudder*

Another hot, steamy, raunchy Albus-(with Clemence between)packed scene, GYAH~ It's getting harder to hate him (I don't hate him, of course, but he becomes so much more enigmatic the further this story progresses! YOUR CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IS MIND-BLOWING!)

etc. etc. should be bound in hardcover, in leather, in whatever and posted to every household.. It's THAT brilliant, gyah!

Much love,

Author's Response: I never would've paid attention to that metaphor had you not pointed it out! And now I like it too :D Cookies for past me and you.

I've yet to encounter a real life mob. The day that I do, I feel like I will be unusually prepared. That, or trampled, but I do like to be optimistic.


oh nooo, don't kill cows for my poor fic. bind it in velvet. Scorpius would like that.

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Review #9, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Who Wears the Horns?

3rd December 2013:
AAahh~ What just happened? I feel an odd sense of gravity pulling my stomach up and down into my throat, then into my knees... (It doesn't help that I've been munching away throughout the entire chapter on a good egg sandwich!). This is Albus on a whole new level; I can't take it! He's more dastardly crazy than Clemence on a frisky day! Aah~

Firstly, props to the fangirl party... Ah, it made me slick inside in ways I hope I'll never feel in REALITY (Really, I don't know what I would do if I were planted right in the middle of that fiasco... probably crawl into a shuddering ball, muttering, "It's ok... It's all gonna be ok..." before they ship me off to St. Mungo's). May not be "Death by fangirl" per se, but it cuts pretty close.

AH! I love your expressions! Miss Polly's Children's Hour (and its perversion thereafter), and "Leave it to Q.G.A. to provide girls the opportunity to eat a torso off of the star Keeper's face and wipe their mouth with six different fitty blokes. How can that even feel hygienic?"

Oh, and the devilish Albus; I'm not sure what to feel about that charming one. I can't help feel that he's absolutely bonkers! Albus, the thrill seeking crazy man, and Clemence the mystery-seeker... They're alike, but in very different ways... And I can't help but feel Clemence is winning the Battle of Sanities here.

I'm going to carry onto the next chapter, confused, thrilled, crazed and absolutely discombobulated!

Much love,

Author's Response: I still cannot believe that I did not originally plan for Albus to be evil. It's GubraithianFire's fault by the way. She had an evil!Albus in her abandoned Albus/OC but then she abandoned it and I accidentally stole the idea, and then she stole the idea back from me for her new evil Albus/OC. This is a common occurrence.

For some reason, it is very easy for me to plan creepy. It might say something about me. I also just do well with describing food and constantly have to stop myself from making more metaphors about food (in the chapter I'm currently writing, I have already compared Clemence's face to a pretzel).

It's interesting to compare their motivations too! Albus is suddenly revealed to be a bit of a thrill seeker but Clemence doesn't really *seek* mysteries (or thrill). She's more of an opportunist, feeding off easy pickings for stories and doesn't like working at anything that wastes her time. Which might also include Albus.

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Review #10, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): And All the Girls and Boys Merely Players

3rd December 2013:
Your chess metaphors have killed me. Checkmate. That's it. I'm dead.

Despite this obvious dilemma, I will sit down *slightly* patiently to write this review.

Ahem, you should know my thoughts on Clemence's "elaborate, metaphorical daydreams"--I mean, even her FANTASIES have literary integrity! Only Clemence... I do love her very much. I think I admire her view on herself. I think it was in a previous chapter (my memory is fantastically terrible), where she said that not Albus, nobody, would be her downfall but herself? I like that idea of taking responsibility over her own life, where even the bad things that happen to her are HER FAULT, things she must realise is her own doing. As troublesome as that philosophy may be, I think it's very fitting and maybe even noble, in a narcissistic way, for a journalist like Clemence.

A war...? GINA, A WAR?! As the first first-person account of Rose Weasley, through Clemence, she really makes her presence known. By golly, she's as fearful as Dom, although perhaps not as socially butterfly-like. It was perfectly timed and insightful to have Dom's perspective on the feud between herself and Rose; and all the more crazy to have Rose spring out of the blue like that!

By and by, I am absolutely stunned, chapter after chapter... You are a GODDESS!

Much love,

P.S. I love your literary allusions, etc. that you use for titles. They make your fic all the more interesting :D

Author's Response: LOL omg my terrible chess metaphors have charmed *someone.* In my mind I make a lot of apologies for them because I think they're overused but chess pieces are just so pretty, like playing cards. Even in word form, they're pretty.

Clemence is even elitist in her dreams. Less metaphorical dreams aren't up to par, see. And YES, her judgement over herself is both her strength and flaw and a major driving quality in everything she does, from refusing help to the absoluteness of her beliefs, etc. It's one of the main traits I share with her--runs in my family, really--so I totally understand how ingrained it is in her. The responsibility bit is spot on; in some ways, I like doing things on my own so that my mistakes only affect me, and I tend not to take risks unless I feel like I can succeed, because everything I do is a show of myself. Slightly narcissistic that, too. You can see where a lot of Clemence comes from, eh? 8D

♥! Bahah, I wish I could remember more sparkly literary metaphorical things; I've been away from literature and history for a shameful amount of time after four years in a science major.

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Review #11, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Kiss Me Twice, Shame On Me

3rd December 2013:
Ah, I love it when you write subtle scenes. Every other time, you're freaking amazing with your wit, action scenes, hot *cough cough* shower/changing-room moments; but it's moments like this, like a wet oil-painting, as colours merge softly into another; a chance dance of chiaroscuro, that I absolutely feel my breath leave me as I read. The "pair of stretched shadows, melded together like lovers" as Dom and Scorpius in their heartfelt exchange, is just gorgeous. I'm in love with that image.

ANYWAY, back to the steaming walking mound of flesh that is Albus, my GOLLY; "I've been in more trouble than you have"? "This is no innocent flirtation; this is seduction"?! Albus gets more and more interesting by the chapter; WHAT EXACTLY IS HE PLANNING? I can't help this odd sense of foreboding, that he has something propped and prepared; taking off Clemence's sneakers one by one so she can walk barefooted into a live bear trap! AH! The tension (via story/arc AND steaminess) is insurmountable!!! (Until the next few chapters completely topple my world upside down, no doubt).

Much love,

Author's Response: daw, having writing described as chiaroscuro is a first! And I love that word so I love the compliment even more, especially now that it's got me thinking of oil paintings. I used to oil paint, and I love the kinds of textures that the paint leaves on the canvas. All around nice image in my mind, hehe c: Your description is chock full of chiaroscuro too!

Oh dear, steaming mound of flesh, now I'm thinking of Albus as a massive blob. Sort of like that Muk pokemon, oozing about. Mmm seductive. Albus was actually never supposed to be so... 'evil'. The jury is still out on how dastardly he really is--I totally leave that part to reader interpretation--but he is certainly more than what Clemence assumed. And assumptions are lethal~

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Review #12, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Marginally Better Than a Broom Closet

3rd December 2013:
By golly, Gina, only you would know how to start a chapter with a hundred Quirky Girls stampeding after Albus: "for Circe's sake, don't take off your clothes if it gets hot. It only makes them run faster"? MY UNSHAVEN FEET, that's catchier than pneumonia on a rainy day! And to include the scary fangirl craziness of THIS generation to an HPFF? I was blown out of my socks; Br, that's scarier than anything I've read thus far on the interweb.

Seriously, half the time when I'm reading your fics, I'm staring at the screen completely paralyzed (save finger: le scroll) open-mouthed, catching flies... and moths... and these tiny beetles with sticky legs; they come swarming at night (Lord help me if those windows don't hold)... I DIGRESS!

Gyah! Clemence feels so tangible! I can feel the clammy air of the prefects' shower room, the cold wet tile against my feet. You create such vividity, transporting the reader all the way there into the world (pulling out at the end of the chapter is the most confusing thing in the world: like I've just been sucked back out and plopped onto my bed... I have to slap myself awake a few times before I get it).

. Ah... Now that comment above sounds a lot more fangirly and crazy-headedly obsessive now that I've read the rest of the chapter; my golly... You were always phenomenally great at writing shower-scenes! Granted, it's not an outright shower scene like from Game, but by GOLLY, GINA~ That was a hot, raunchy, crazy-my-head-still-hurts-from-hitting-the-brick-wall (oh wait, no, that was Clemence)... AH, the tension is high strung, on high!

Blub-blub... I couldn't have seen that coming (well, I guess I might have, but I'd expected it a lot further down)! ALWAYS THE ELEMENT OF SURPRISE~ Aaaah, and the smirk at the end?! GYAH, I'm a blubbering mess and I'm going to shut up now.

Much love and nonsensical acronyms,

P.S. I love how your chapter titles are like cocky little smirkers, that make you go, "Ooh" by the end of the chapter.

Author's Response: I think anyone on tumblr would attest to the fearsome force of fangirlism 8D Ahh, back when I wrote this chapter, tumblr wasn't even very big--it was still all Twilight.

Ewww, ack ack, tiny beetles D: My whole house howls at the sight of a spider. I'm imagining you under the glow of a laptop under many many mosquito nets.

I should hope Clemence is tangible or else she would be a ghost 8D That'd be quite the plot twist and I wouldn't put it past me to write that. I did have a lot of fun trying to transport people to the, um, scene. And snogging. Mostly the latter. This is sort of a shower scene isn't it? I refer to it as the changing room scene, because they do end up in an actual shower at some point.

I decided on the kiss *as I wrote the chapter* hilariously enough, and setting precedent for impromptu snogging was the best decision I made.

♥ all the smirking

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Review #13, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Certifiably Quirky

3rd December 2013:
AH, I could feel the slick in my guts as soon as I heard Fifi LaFolle! Blech, you wrote QGA to absolute perfection! And Apostrophe Hyphen Colon?! Gyah! You're absolutely ingenious!

Before I start sounding like a member of QGA, let me carefully put my head back onto my neck...

You've got me on edge; completely seizing in excitement; The Rose/Scorpius/Dom(?) arc is building on hype... I can't imagine how it's going to turn out; my golly, you've got a world of cutthroats in this story, from Clemence to Dom to even Albus...

Ah! Onto the next chapter!

Much love,

P.S. I'm in love with Pickett (again!) The swivel chair? Brilliant!

Author's Response: When it comes to cutthroat, Clemence is actually on the lower end of the scale, in comparison to some of the other characters. She doesn't pick fights--more territorial and prideful than anything--but everyone else? Oh boy.

There's a little QGA made of my readers, you're not alone :D You might say that was my plan all along...

♥ swivel chairs/Pickett OTP

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Review #14, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): A Vivid Imagination

3rd December 2013:
*Bash head frantically against imaginary chess-board* Grrrfw, your tense, action sequences (albeit a chess game) are so thrilling; full of threat and banter! I feel like I'm watching a bullfight (TOREADOR! TOREADOR! -- although it's becoming more and more confusing who the bull and toreador are...? WHO WILL WIN?!)

GYAH! I'm loving the character developments on Pickett and Dom, and of course the ever elusive Albus... What is his intention?! SPEAK TO ME, ALBUS?! *Accidentally shakes character up and down by the collar*... Ahem... Sorry about that (solemn promises not to abuse your characters ever again).

But in all seriousness, wow, you've got a mighty pumping story going on here, I'm absolutely thrilled!

Much love!

Author's Response: Ach nooo, banging heads is never good for anyone, especially the owner of said head. If you must, take this pillow instead and bang against that. And definitely do not hit your head against any bulls.

But I'm glad the excitement is brimming! This is only just the beginning for much much more :D As you know from my fics, it only ever gets crazier.

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Review #15, by spreaddapoo93etc. etc. (and life goes on): Manic Panic Mondays

3rd December 2013:
Hey hey!

I have just returned to this fic after finishing Capers, and discovered that I had not reviewed on your first chapter!

etc. etc... By golly, was it always as awesome as it is now?! I'm just utterly blown away, every time I go back and recover your works I am at the edge of my seat/bed/bench, watermelon dangling forgotten from my lips as my eyes flicker over the page, finger on hyperactive scrolling mode.

Ah! How I have missed Clemence! I love her free flow of words, so snappy and spunky...

Anyway, *strangely enough* I haven't much to say else, other than thumbs up and freakin' great work! AH! I'm dying to move onto the next chapter.

Much love,

Author's Response: Phew! Finally going to start responding to your etc. reviews c:

I actually did go back and edit a bit, as I do after every hiatus--and there have been a few since your last time here! Don't forget about your watermelon though, nooo. Not your watermelon D:

Beginning!Clemence is Clemence in her comfort zone. All snappy and pride. Just wait until you see the double-digit chapters hehehe.

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Review #16, by spreaddapoo93And Capers Ensue: Epilogue

1st December 2013:
Gina. My golly... I can't believe it's been two years, but I hope you feel as proud as I have felt to have been part of Capers while it was still in the process of being written! To have to wait eagerly for the next chapter, enticed cliffhanger after cliffhanger, mind fuzzled and heart blubbered by every thrilling second.

You've made characters and a story that are beyond memorable, that are now ingrained in my mind (and doubtless, many MANY more!). And it's not just the rib-splinting humour, or the flammable heart-warming moments, or the crazy-awesome descriptions that just sum up exactly how the character feels in just the right way... I feel like there's just always so much more in your novels; that throws amusement, lends strength, burns human emotion and development all in one go.

You're such a fantastic writer, with such a keen eye and heart for what it means to be human, what it means to interact. And your mind! BY GOLLY, woman, your mind!!! You're able to concoct the most ridiculous, outlandish, amazing scenarios, build a story around that, and use those elements as recurring devices and motifs that tell so much more than just a story.

And the art! Capers was a sensationally enriching experience, visually, literature-ally(?), emotionally, etc. etc. etc.! It (and everything else you have touched, my darling, reverent Midas) will stay in my heart forever.

Much love, and forever indebted and in gratitude to Your Amazingness! (and I can't believe I'm writing that for the last time on Capers)

P.S. I absolutely adored this epilogue. It did Capers justice and I can't imagine any other way it could have ended.

Author's Response: Writing Capers is one of the best experiences in my life. It's my longest project, full of grueling late nights, hair-pulling, Fred-blaming, all that. My readers have been the best and I never would have expected the reception that I've received. It began quite messy. The writing was all over the place, as it was my first time writing so many different PoVs of characters I didn't really know yet. And then edits and biscuits and more edits and falling in love with everyone, //especially Fred//. I see how I've improved every time I go back and edit bit more so the writing matches more of my current style.

I tried a lot of weird things and cool things. That's the magic of fic--you can go nuts. There's a time for subtlety and a time for Harry's son to lead a flock of Bludgers with a cry from Braveheart. I want to show that great emotional scenes can come from that! It's become my challenge to genre mash because that's the inevitable route of my writing. I like being funny. I like making statements and hitting emotional buttons. And all of that can happen in the same moment.

♥ thank you so so much one last time here! :')

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Review #17, by spreaddapoo93And Capers Ensue: Open at the Close

1st December 2013:
I am rolling around, tongue lolling uselessly, fingers clutching my ribs, half crying and half laughing at the thought of the Quidditch team parading Albus while chanting "Potterpuff"!

But *ahem* I love the direction you went with Albus, the amicable, slightly useless gangly teen who just wants to be part of the gang... Mwg, he's so lovable!!! It was thrilling and heartwarming to see his development throughout the story (I bet I'll go nostalgically back to the very beginning, fascinated by how he had started and marvel by the end once again, at how he has progressed... while actually still staying the same old Albus). He deserves all the happiness in the world. As do the rest of the characters, but hey, I'm sure they'll have their bit of fun.

Bea... Oh, darling Bea... Once again your scientific mind comes whirring in to save the day and flush our astonishment straight out of us, onto the comment page... My golly, you have a way with thinking and words and all that stuff that, you know, constitutes a writer. You've created a world with a physics and magic that make sense, that essentially create a fundamental basis for every scientific interaction. It works!

I love the way you've ended this particular chapter (technically, almost the story), with Bea, as ever, the same Bea, but different, a little bit more grown, at her table, getting back to work... And you know that this will be her forever and always; the Bea that doesn't feel defeated, that will continuously be improving her gadgetries and always inventing new and outlandish things. Experiencing a character like Bea was one of the best, downright, experiences I have ever encountered on HPFF, especially because she's so unusual. She's the daughter of a side character, she's Asian, she's slightly insane, adorable, almost a child, but an adult nonetheless.

I can't thank you enough for that, Gina~! Ah! Now, I'll be onto the epilogue, and that'll be that... I can hardly believe it...

I'll see you on the other side!

Much love!

P.S. The chapter title... I am in

love, and inconsolably blubbering.

Author's Response: I forever love the fact that Albus is the most popular character in Capers, even taking account of what a popular next gen character he is in general. Everyone embraced Puff!Albus so wholeheartedly, and I think it says a lot about the innocence he embodies. etc!Albus is the complete opposite, not only in attitude but in how he is willing to be someone he isn't to get what he wants. I think our Capers Albus is living the dream. Someone who has fully accepted who he is and is totally happy about it.

Bahaha I actually sometimes wish I could've expanded more on the science. I was really excited about that in the beginning, and one of my favorite bits is when Bea describes how she sees magic and science in chapter 19, because it's how I've come to see it. In part, I let the science part go because it became less important in the story, which isn't really about an invention at all, as much as the unusual friendships that have formed around it.

While I did know some form of the epilogue since the beginning, I never actually pinned down the last non-epilogue scene until I wrote this chapter, and I'm so happy that I found something fitting. Bea at her workstation making something new--after writing that, I can't think of any other way to end it.

A majority of the main cast is a person of color. I never set out to make them diverse; it just happened when I made the roles. And I think that's proof enough that anyone can do it!

♥ ♥ ♥ I begin my emotional manipulation at the chapter titles

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Review #18, by spreaddapoo93And Capers Ensue: Bittersweet

1st December 2013:
Haha, getting back to Fred in a rush of excitement, I see! Ah, every time I think of reporters now, all I will think about is etc.'s Clemence! (I must say, my view on them has turned from irritation to a strange amalgamation of annoyance and admiration: you have to give it to them for their determination!)

Oh, Gina... What I wouldn't give to enter that brain of yours for a split second (of course, this would probably mean an overwhelming sea of genius and craziness that I would end up clutching my head in the greatest Brain-Freeze Reboot since the last slushie I ever dared in seventh grade... So maybe it's a good thing I can't). "bankrupt Britain with a sneeze"?! By golly, your talent/skill never ceases to amaze!

I mean... even Teddy and that sweet-briar envelope (and just everything Teddy does in general, you know). You have this ridiculously phenomenal ability to make zesty-kill-me-now-before-I-die-of-heart-attack-suspense-what?-that's-awesome-why-didn't-I-think-of-that? in the place of what could have been just a normal occurrence.

Hahahahaha, sorry for the sudden burst of laughter. I just read the biscuit scene... BEA! Hahaha, "half of two..." Once again, stressed doubletime, you are spectacular with humour. Something that's absolutely tricky and difficult, almost impossible to manage unless you have a godgiven talent, and by golly, you have it all the way through.

Which is fantastic, because you have that other, opposite end of the spectrum covered; that gravity and seriousness that you can handle with one line, one phrase, one word in just the right place. I'm reading and re-reading "The breath beside her sieved from his mouth with a lightness, as if a thread unwinding for seventeen years had finally been freed from its spool; with a sigh, the Trace had been dissolved." Absolutely beautiful; such a gorgeous, delicate image that I, for reasons above and below me, forget...

Anyway, this was a FANTASTIC chapter... I'm half in excitement, half in trepidation and anxiety because this is it! It's almost the end... I've grown so attached to all of the characters, and I can't bear the thought of saying farewell! Sending them away on their little handcrafted boats, towards the horizon of their futures!!! WILL I EVER SEE THEM AGAIN? It was great knowing them, though, and I have you to thank...

But what am I doing, talking as if I've already read the finale and the epilogue, when I still have two ruddy chapters more to look forward to?! I'll catch you at the end, my darling Gina~~~!

Always with love

(p.s. When I read your after note about Fred, and George's name, I felt a part of my heart blub up... GYAH, WHY, GINA~?)

Author's Response: I couldn't help but think of Clemence while writing the reporter too xD Oh dear, I don't think I can ever look at one the same way again. I've been too influenced by the spunky, snarky 40s girl reporter trope.

My brain is full of protein and sugar! You can find the same things in a regular energy bar. It is probably more accessible. A slushie is also probably quite similar too--probably most similar in texture. Ideas get sloshy up in the noggin, something a hard shake springs a few leaks, ya know.

I ACTUALLY FIRST SAID THE "HALF OF TWO" LINE IN REAL LIFE WHEN I... DID EXACTLY WHAT BEA DID 8D then I was like, wait this is perf for Capers *makes note.* Oh if only you all knew my eating habits c:

The last part about the Trace lifting is one of my favorite bits I've written. It was something I could see and feel very clearly and I was so excited to write it down. I pretty much sat and thought, well, what would it feel like to suddenly have a wee security camera suddenly vanish after sitting over your shoulder for 17 years? Thankfully it came out a bit more poetic than that.

I took a long hiatus before this chapter and when I came back, my writing style took a huge leap. I'm really happy with how this chapter turned out, especially the pacing. Despite being largely set in the hospital wing, a lot of characters showed up/were mentioned (which I was worried I wouldn't be able to do!).


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Review #19, by spreaddapoo93And Capers Ensue: The Great Escape

1st December 2013:
After... er... I'm not quite sure how long, but the point is, I'M BACK to HPFF, and boy is it a beauty to be welcomed back to Capers with its COMPLETION! (My golly, I can hardly believe it).

Needless to say, I've missed Bea (with her "my eyes were malfunctioning" tsk tsk!), Scorpius (give that gorgeous man a hug, a cookie, a loving father, whatever he wants! Oh, he wants Bea... okay, then, let him have her!), Fred, Anjali and DARLING ALBUS! But *cough cough* moving onto the review of the actual chapter...

Boy, have I missed your way of describing! Like everything's a phenomenon, but something that's never before been recorded before (does that make sense?)... I think that's my twisted way of saying, kudos! Your figures of speech are original and standy-outy~! Like how you describe Bea's ickle feelings for Scorp (prop! makes me want to squeeze her, so adorable!), or when she falls on her face and "simply ended up befriending the floor"... Mrrrwww, all I want to do is give her a well-deserved hug before I sit her down and tell her I'm ready to take her as seriously as she wants me to.

On another note, it has finally happened! Bea has been turned into an unwilling Asian factory worker with a million dextrous hands and a mind too capable for her own good. (Actually, your chapter later proves this last bit false, as her stunning brilliance shines through TIME AND TIME AGAIN and I'm biting my nails, fawning over Your Excellency... Your use of the invention that landed them into trouble, to get them out of trouble, is ingenious.)

AH! Your action/chase sequences are always so adrenaline pumping. I feel like I've been running, murderers at my heels. Ge, GINA! GYAH! This is too much for my teensy heart to take (but don't we all love you all the more for it). Boy, when they say coming back with a bang, by golly did you quite (almost) literally really come back with one.

And your bleeding cliffhangers (except, Scorpy and Bea aren't hanging off it, now are they?! MORE UNCERTAIN FATES?! GYAH!)

Hopefully, instead of being completely incomprehensible, this half-nonsensical review should be cue enough to tell you how excited I am to finally be back, and to see how everything unfolds! You really have an Author's touch! The Mastery! The Excellence! The Wowow!

Much love and (always) admiration!

Author's Response: Welp, time to start responding! I'M GLAD YOU'RE BACK :3 especially for the ending, the ending that I've wanted to write for two years.

I remember thinking for this chapter that I had to combine "adorable" and "doom and death", so this is the result. Bea throwing herself at Scorpius and befriending the floor, Draco dying and Scorpius angsting it up with honey all over his bruises.

OMG UNWILLING SWEATSHOP WORKER BAHAHAHA, yes that is exactly what she's become, with a few less million hands.

It's actually a pretty short action sequence too! There are so many chase/fleeing sequences in Capers already, but they all have a bit of significance to them. Like the first time Scorpius saves her, then when they escape the lockers together, Fred's entire action hero sequence in Knockturn... this one is Bea's big hurrah. She started as someone with a lot of determination and not so much substance behind it, but the proof is here after 20-something chapters--never underestimate her, ever.


♥ teeeheee your adjectives! I love them all. I am imagining them all around the doge

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Review #20, by spreaddapoo93Clash: Freeze

1st December 2013:
Hello! Wow, quite a journey I've been on, and I'm still clutching my seatbelt with widened eyes, ready for the rest that's coming...
Even though this was a lot more relaxed on Rose's side, I felt strongly about her part. Gah! I can hardly believe the route the story is taking; surprise after surprise, you defy my prediction abilities!
But in all honesty, I'm loving it... From Albus, to Rose, to (Oh my strapping horse!) the parents' arc! For the love of all things shiny and metallic, you are beautiful! I love you!
Much love, and keep writing, you've got a whole fanbase waiting eagerly and (trying very hard) patiently.

Author's Response: I was really worried about this chapter so I'm glad you found it enjoyable. And don't worry, plenty more surprises coming up!

I will try to have the next chapter up before the 20th. Hopefully. It's mostly done...just needs some edits. Let me know what you think! Again, thanks so much for your lovely trail of reviews! Makes writing all the more worthwhile!

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Review #21, by spreaddapoo93Clash: Sink

1st December 2013:
Just dropping by to comment on this breathtaking chapter. You say it wasn't your favourite to write and not absolutely crucial to plot, but it was gorgeous. I loved it all.
As always, Albus breaks my heart time and time again. I can't imagine the kind of terror and mayhem he will cause in due time. Scorpius, loyal Scorpius, who makes my throat close at the thought of betraying such a boy. They're all beautiful characters; even the daft Daphne.
You have such a cinematic way of unveilling the story; no doubt literary as well, but you really do have a flair in the writing (those bass-drums fading in the climax that I talked about earlier? Happened again here ;))
Anyway, great story so far, you have me trapped, bound; forever grateful for a mind that can conceive such, and write them down so beautifully.
Much love ;)

Author's Response:
Oh I remember, this was my super dramatic Albus chappie haha...

Albus does have a way of breaking hearts. He can't really help it. You want to trust him, believe him, secretly hope he rises to the challenge and comes to redeem himself...However, I will say that this is not NEARLY as bad as some of the things he gets up to in due time. It's a start. I really did feel bad for writing Scorp in this chapter. And poor Daphne. Glad you liked her short-lived appearance.


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Review #22, by spreaddapoo93Clash: Rattle

1st December 2013:
Ah! Merlin's beard, you have a remarkable ability for dramatic flair; I can just imagine the low bass drumming into an epic climax in that last line; GAH! You're bloody fantastic!
Once again, your character and story arcs are brilliant. Fresh, invigorating, revelatory. I'm so interested in where Albus' power-hungry, thirst for greatness, for superiority, will take him...
By golly, it's a masterpiece!
I don't like the story, I LOVE IT. It has been a phenomenal return to fan fiction, with this to welcome me with open arms. Absolutely astounding!
Much love ;)

Author's Response: OH YA

Glad you're liking the Hogwarts arc :) Was worried it would be too long drawn out. and Yes, Albus is definitely all those things. (again, so many compliments! I'm blushing haha).

Glad I could make your return to fanfiction memorable!

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Review #23, by spreaddapoo93Clash: Jolt

30th November 2013:
Hey, hey!
Wow... Fantastic chapter! That really is great. I'm really intrigued by where the story is going, you're blowing my mind one line at a time! :)
Golly, the scene with Diagon Alley was absolutely amazing: taking something as prized and beloved to the reader and the characters and perverting it to show the extent of madness that has trampled the world... You are ingenious!
Keep writing more, you have a phenomenal read on your hands. Your literary devices to describe or further explain things are getting more beautiful, more complex by the chapter ;)
Much love!

Author's Response: My favorite scene EVER to write and surprisingly a lot easier than most of the other scenes in this story. Glad it comes across as cataclysmic as it was in my head haha. And yes, OF COURSE THERE WOULD BE SOCIAL RAMIFICATIONS TO BRINGING BACK THE DEAD. People rarely forget these's practically the start of a new era, depending on how Rose goes about it. If she isn't careful, she could sever the line between the living and dead.

GLad you're hanging in there and thanks for the super awesome questions you left me on my author's page (I responded to them!).

Happy days!

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Review #24, by spreaddapoo93Clash: Rupture

26th November 2013:
I love the expressions you use, how each character manipulates the other to achieve their own ends. The complexity of the characters and their back story is completely confounding; it's gorgeous, I'm absolutely in love with the whole wretched lot (and wretched they are).
It's amazing, the links you make to future convict Rose, I keep wondering back to her and all those breadcrumbs you've left behind, how the stories link up!
You have a masterpiece brewing here; I'm absolutely thrilled.
Much love and keep at it!

Author's Response: Indeed they're a wretched lot but that really can't be helped. It was the only way I could justify all the bad things that happens (or will happen) to them. Difficulty, of course, was making them all likeable to a degree that readers feel emphatic and/or want to keep reading about them. Definitely leaving clues here and there, some obvious some...not so much. Glad you're enjoying!

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Review #25, by spreaddapoo93Clash: Him

26th November 2013:
Once again, another great chapter. The pace never flounders, the characters never fail to surprise, and always, the unravel of the plot is tantalising. This is a phenomenal work thus far, and I'll bet my hat I'll only have wonderful things to say about it all the way through!
Much thanks and freshly-baked cookies!

Author's Response: Just noticed you left me a nice trail of reviews :)


So much praise. Never know what to do with it haha. Thanks for reading (and the cookies)!

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