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Review #1, by cathyyyNew Years Eve.: New Years Eve.

17th December 2010:
Such a sweet ending, I really enjoyed it! :)
Good job on this one, I really like it and I liked Secret Santa as well.

You already knew that I liked it, ofc, but I thought I'd leave you a review too. 'Cause I'm awesome like that.

- Cathy

Author's Response: AaAH!!! you reviewed!!! *points finger at you!* *_*. When are you going to get back into writing Dramione or Scorose?

Thanks hon, took a leaf out of your book ;). You are Awesome :D.


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Review #2, by cathyyyThe Teenage Years: Embarrassments

2nd October 2010:
I loved the Maddie/James interaction, great job on that! :) And I still think that Maddie is awesome, and this story is just as awesome. I loved the whole chainsaw thingg xD

Sorry for such short reviews, btw. Just want to keep on reading, you know?

Keep it up,
- Cathy

Author's Response: Now, if I'd actually remember what I wrote back there... XD Ahh, I loved writing that too, actually (what I can remember, that is :P) :D

's okaaay XD Thanks for the superaesomeful revieww ^_^

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Review #3, by cathyyyThe Teenage Years: Bad Days

2nd October 2010:
Hey, there! :)

Maddie is such an awesome character, perfectly sarcastic and lovely. And we all know about those days, horrible days. And that Gemma girl sounds absolutely awful.

I've always had a soft spot for a smirking James, so I can't wait to read on.

I can't wait to see how this unfolds :)

- Cathy

Author's Response: Hahah, thankss XD
They are :S She's really not, she's just a little bit misunderstood... and awful :P

Heh XD Thanks for reviewing, Cathy //glomps.

- marit

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Review #4, by cathyyyI'm Sorry: Already Shunned

29th September 2010:
Hey! Finally getting to reading this story ;p I loved the fact that you had Astoria have Swedish blood in her, made me smile really wide.

I thought that the Blaise/Hermione action was good :) It wasn't really too fast, and I'm really interested to see where this is going :)

Keep it up :)
- Cathyyy

Author's Response: I couldn't resist the Swedish blood thing...a lot of my recent stories are inspired by yours so I thought I'd throw that in there :D And I am so glad about the Blaise/Hermione thing...I was worried about things going too fast. But I'm planning on this being a Short Story, so I guess I'm on the right track!
Thanks for the read!
Cathy B x

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Review #5, by cathyyyI'm Sorry: Moving Quickly

29th September 2010:
This is coming along great :) I'd fix the massive space issues in this chapter, though. It's somewhat difficult to read. Other than that, it's great!

Keep it up :)
- Cathyyy

Author's Response: Aww glad you like it! And thanks for reviewing. And yeah...Microsoft Word 2007 and the chapter submitter do not agree with each other first time round so I have to submit it with massive gaps at first and THEN edit it. My last one got rejected so chappy 5 has a bit of a delay :(
And I definitely will!
Cathy B :)

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Review #6, by cathyyy6th June last year: The New Prophecy

27th September 2010:
I loved this chapter! It was filled with emotions and I was so worried about the baby when it wasn't kicking. Thank god it hadn't died!

I was slightly pissed at Edwin for avoiding her, but glad that he came around after all. I can understand that it must've been quite a shock for him. Snape was written wonderfully, and the ending.. aw.

I can't wait for the next chapter, and I'm sorry for leaving such a short review, but dinner is ready and I've got to go XD

Keep writing! :)
- Cathy

Author's Response: Thanks for the wonderful review and it's nice to hear from you again. :)
Edwin...well yes, it must have been quite a shock for him finding out that he'll be a dad soon.
Really? You thought Snape was written nicely? Thank you! He's not an easy character to write but I'm trying to do my best with him...:P

I have to say that the next chapter will be the last one. It's rather sad that the story will end...because I've grown used to writing it for so long, but it has to end.

Thanks for reading and reviewing--it means a lot to me.

Merope :)

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Review #7, by cathyyyJust Decide: It All Begins

27th September 2010:
Hey there! :)

Just thought I should leave a review since this is probably one of the best Draco/Hermione stories I've read in a while. It stays away from the cliches and it's veryvery original. I also can't wait to see what happens next with everything.

Keep writing, you're great at it :) Update as soon as you can ^_^
- Cathy

Author's Response: Hey Cathy!

Thanks for the awesome review! I'm glad you like this:) I absolutely love writing it! I re-wrote chapter 2, and am done with chp. 15, so ill post that hopefully tomorrow. Chp. 15 should be up by the end of this week!

Thank you so much again!


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Review #8, by cathyyy6th June last year: Dark Saviour

20th August 2010:
Oh, wow. Intense chapter! I loved every word of it. Well, you know I love Lucius, so it was a bit hard to imagine him like that, but you did a great job with him in this chapter. You made me dislike him for a little while! (I'm back to loving him now, though xD)

This chapter had some great stuff in it! Everything from emotion to great dialouge. I loved how long it was, too! and I definitely agree with you - it's great because then it's more to read while waiting for an update ^_^ and, well, I'd like an update! xD

I'm sorry I haven't reviewed sooner! D: but I haven't been reading fanfiction in a while, but I've begun to read again, so yay :) Can't wait for the next chapter. You're a great author.

- Cathy

Author's Response: Great to hear from you again, Cathy and thank you so much for reviewing. I just managed to get a very slow and bad internet connection from where I am currently and couldn't resist checking this website.

I love Lucius too (he's my favourite hp character) and I feel really bad for writing him like this...but I really needed and antagonis and he's more interesting to write than just a random Death Eater.

I love long chapters (to read and to write) and I hope I'll manage a few more.

I'm sorry but this won't be a very long reply. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review and it's great to hear from you again!!

This story is about to end as well...I'd say a few more chapters. Hope you'll like the ending.


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Review #9, by cathyyyStill Delicate: Arrogance

10th August 2010:
OMG. That's probably the most evil cliffhanger ever! The chapter was amazing, as always, but oh my actual God - what a cliffhanger!!

I hope you'll update soon!
- Cathy

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Review #10, by cathyyyStill Delicate: Trials and Tribulations

25th April 2010:
Yet another perfect chapter. I feel so bad for Rose, and I can't wait to see how all of this turns out. I can't wait for the next chapter. Keep it up!

- Cathy

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Review #11, by cathyyy6th June last year: A late birthday present

4th March 2010:
Eh. I love this chapter! I love the twist in the story, I'm sure it'll be a looot more drama now, too. Can't wait!

Yeah, this was a great chapter, and I can't wait for the next one. Will it be up soon? =) Only critique I have is to watch out of using too much '...' in the story, it's slightly off-putting. Butyeah, you know I love it anyway!

Sorry I didn't review sooner, life's been rather busy the last couple of days. And I'm sorry for the rather short review, but I just thought I'd let you know that I loved the chapter! :D

Great job!
- Cathy

Author's Response: Thank you Cathy, I really appreciate it! I always love your reviews and they are not short...they're perfect. Don't worry about not reviewing sooner, because I know all bout busy. Life has been hell for me as well--I have literally no free time because of revision, homework and exams. :( I barely have any time to write anything that's not a homework essay.

I'm really glad you like the chapter and yes, you're correct, there will be more drama from now on.

I really don't know when I will post the next chapter...I have started writing it, but I don't really have time to continue it. I will try and finish it by the end of the week and hopefully the validation time will stay as short as it is at the moment.

Thanks for the tip ("...") loool.I know it's off putting. It's a really bad habit of mine, I do it all the time and I'm trying to stop. Hell, I even do it in essays. lol. But thank you :)

You've posted a new chapter for ATC...and I am dying to read it. I will try to read it tomorrow or tonight...hopefully geography will be out of the way by then.

Thanks again for reviewing and for sticking with my story. I hope you'll enjoy the next few chapters as well.

Flavia :)

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Review #12, by cathyyyHunting The Hunters: Uncovering the Undercovered

25th February 2010:
Hey, I just caught up with this story (read like 5 chapters just now). I absolutely loved this chapter, this story is SO good - really. It is.

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! Keep it up :D
- Cathy

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Review #13, by cathyyy6th June last year: The Dark Mark

9th January 2010:
Oh, SUCH a great chapter! I loved every single word! I loved how Snape fell down on his knees upon seeing Lily, it was beautiful. This chapter was very well written :)

I cannot wait to see what happens next, I love this story! :)

Great job,
- Cathy

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Cathy!! I am trying to spice things up a little...and the next few chapters (i hope) will be as interesting.

thanks again for the lovely review,

Merope :)

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Review #14, by cathyyy6th June last year: Waking Up

2nd December 2009:
Aw, I'm mentioned in the A/N *blushes* This is an amazing story, so I'll stick with it until the end, for sure.
And I'm not even a fan of Harry/OC's OC/OC stories! This is the first OC pov's story that I've cared to follow. It's that good.

This chapter(I know I said this about the previous one as well) was the best one yet. The ending! Ah-Mah-Gawd. Draco! *enters small fangirl squee here* what's he up to? Okay, Merope - may I ask what your name is, btw? - you need to get the next chapter up as soon as possible! I'm dying to know what's going to happen!

I'm glad Hermione is okay, and the swim wasn't all that random. It's Edwin, so it's bound to be random. He's a pretty random dude. I like him, though. I found one typo '50 pints' should be '50 points' :)

So... Is the next chapter being written?! :D Will it be up before the queue closure? Will it be up sooon? I can't wait for the next chapter.

Great job on this chapter. 10/10!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you sooo much for such a lovely review (as always). I'm really gld you like the story, because I really do try to make it interesting. And I also appreciate the fact that you don't usually read Harry/oc's and oc/oc stories.

I'm glad you liked the chapter...I tried to make it interesting and I hope it worked. Yes...Draco indeed. He will appear more in the future chapters and in fact the opening "scene" of the next chapter starts with Draco. I hope you will like that.

Hermione is okay, and she will get better in the following chapters. As for Ron...well I'm not so sure about him. I'm also glad that you liked the Edwin swimming scene, and that you didn't find it too strange. lol. He is very important in the story and will bring many pivotal events.

Thanks for pointing up that typo mistake...I would not have seen, so thank you, :)

The next chapter is currently in validation so it should pop up one of these days, hopefully.
My real name is Flavia.

Thank you again so much for reviewing and I hope you will find the next chapters as interesting.

Flavia :)

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Review #15, by cathyyy6th June last year: Worries, Answers and Shocks

21st November 2009:
Okay, this was probably the best chapter yet! And I can't believe how long it's been since I was on here! But ohwell, I'll read the next chapter tomorrow, and I'll try to leave a longer review then, it's so late and I'm amazingly tired.

But this was an awesome chapter, gaah! Snape is his father and!!! Ah! Hermione. I should sleep now, but I wanna read the next chapter so badly. But I'll wait until tomorrow, so that I'll have something to look forward to! :)

Great job!
- Cathy

Author's Response: oh, Cathy, thank you soo much!! I've been really looking forward to your review and I am soo glad you liked it. I tried to "spice it up" a little, since the previous chapters have been a litlle.static. Then next chapters will be a little better as well.
Yeah...Snape is his dad...but there's more "secrets" to be revealed as well...many more. But I will not say too much about those at the moment ;P
Once again, I am really glad you liked it and thanks for reviewing.

Merope :)

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Review #16, by cathyyyThe Day She Left: Dramione

2nd November 2009:
Aw, this was really good. So heartbreakingly - And I'm not usally the person who feels for Ron. You captured him really well! You also managed to capture that heartbreak and put it in to words, which is sometimes hard to do. Aw, I wish it was a longer one-shot! I really just wanted to continue reading it.

Really well done, good job on it! :)
- Cathy

Author's Response: Wow, thanks. That is the biggest compliment you could have every given me.

THanks for reviewing!

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Review #17, by cathyyyUnthinkable Thoughts : Mind Games

31st October 2009:
As always, I loved the chapter. Draco is being a jerk, yes, but we expect him to be, don't we? Ah.. Brilliant chapter, I enjoyed reading it a lot. Great job, keep it up!

- Cathy

Author's Response: Hi cathy :o)
Thank you so much, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it. Cheers for reviewing dear!


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Review #18, by cathyyy6th June last year: Mortal Peril

26th October 2009:
Wow, I loved this chapter. I really like to read about Anna in her wolf shape - mostly because you write it so well. It's powerfully written, really.

The ending was superb, I think. Great job. The only thing I can find to give some cc on is to advice you not to use '. . .' too many times. In the beginning of this chapter, I found that a bit distracting, but whatever. It was still a great chapter.

I can't leave a longer review, I'm afraid. I'm just about to finish the latest chapter of ATC! So, I'm a bit busy, but I took a break to read this!

Can't wait to go back to Hogwarts and learn more about Edwin. And Lily...Hmm.. yes.

Thanks for a great chapter!
- Cathy

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!!! I enjoy writing Anna in her wolf form because it is different; you can describe so much around you.

Really? You liked the ending? Thank you...I thought I'd involve other characters a little more as well :)

We will go back to Hogwarts in the next chapter and Edwin will be more "involved" in the story :) I hope you will like that.

I can't wait to red your next ATC chapter...but I think that will be in the weekend, because I am out of the country and my internet access is quite limited :(...I'll think about it till the weekend. :P

Thank you for a lovely review :)


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Review #19, by cathyyy6th June last year: St. Mungos

11th October 2009:
Emotional? Yes.

Did I cry? Yes.

Did I love it? Yes.

I absolutely loved this chapter. Great job. You totally made me cry, damn it. It's always sad with Dementors, and I've never read a story like this, when it's someone close to the main character that has been kissed. Well, I have read one, but it was nowhere as good as this one, so it doesn't count :)

Jack seems to have been such a great brother, it's sad to see that his soul is gone. I really feel for Anna. And, aw, her Dad was so cute there at the ending of the chapter, when she broke down. It was nice to see him being less of a jerk.

Can't wait to go back to Hogwarts and find out more about the painting, and Harry ofc.

I adore this story and I hope you'll update soon! :)
Oh, and you spelled Lily "Lilly" somewhere, just so you know ;D

- Cathy

Author's Response: Oh Merlin!!! Such a long review (virtual hug) ! Thank you so much didn't just make my day, you made my week!!! Thank you soo much! I'm sorry I made you cry...but I'm glad I managed to show Anna's emotions clearly...
Jack was a brillinat brother and you'll see more of him in flashbacks and stuff, quite soon, I hope. I thought I'd make her Dad nicer...I mean he's very important to Anna even if she doesn't always admit it and he's all she has left now.
The next few chapters will be less emotional and hopefully more cheerful than this one and maybe we'll find out more about the painting before we go to Hogwarts...hmmm.
Thank you for pointing that "Lilly" thing always have mistakes like this one because I type fast...I'll fix it soon.
Thank you soo much again for the amazing review and I will try and update soon. I've got the next few chapters planned out in my head, so I dodn't think it will take very long to write them.
Thanks again,

Merope :)

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Review #20, by cathyyyThe Silvery Moon Prince: The Silvery Moon Prince

9th October 2009:
Aw, this was such a good story. I love reading about Lucius. I love how you portrayed him. He was so sweet and innocent back then, and then his father completely destroyed that innocent. So sad.

I really think you captured the feelings well and I found Emily so cute. Gah, I wish it was longer! :)

This was great.
- Cathy

Author's Response: *Blushing maddly and gasping*

This review really cheered me up! Thanks for saying those words and I'm really happy you enjoyed my vision of little Lucius. I know the adult version is cruel and mean... but when I got this challenge I simply tried to bring a more soft and nice side of Lucius (and attepmt to explain why he had become such arrogant person).

Thanks, as well for the rating, It's my first 10/10 ever!... *grins* tonight I shall celebrate ;)

huggies and cheers,



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Review #21, by cathyyyCrimson Falls: Chapter One

8th October 2009:
Oh.. Ooh.. This has definitely made me eager for the next chapter. It's so different from anything I've read - different in a good way. In a very, very good way.

I really hope that you'll have the next chapter up soon! Really soon:) This is going straight in to my favorite list :D

- Cathy

Author's Response: Wow thank you so much! I'm doing my best to try and shoot a second chapter out :D

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Review #22, by cathyyy6th June last year: Home sweet home

8th October 2009:
Oh, Poor Anna! That's horrible, to have one's brother being kissed by a Dementor - to live with that knowledge, how awful. I feel so bad for her!

Her dad seems like a jerk but I can also understand that he misses his son, but he has his daughter and he should care about her more. Gah, jerk! Again, I feel bad for Anna!

I can't wait for the next chapter, this was awesome :)

- Cathy

Author's Response: Yaaayy...thank you, Cathy for the lovely review!! I was a bit worried about the change of setting to be honest, but I'm glad you thought it worked well. I tried :P
Yeah, he is a bit of a fact he always was a bit of a jerk...and you'll see why a bit later. I decided that his character will play quite an important role later. I feel bad for Jack too. :(
Thank you soo much again, and I will update soon. :)

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Review #23, by cathyyyRemember Me?: Overjoyed

7th October 2009:
Ah! I love this sequal and I can't wait to see what is going to happen next. Excellent writing and - well, I love it! :) It's going to be interesting to see what happens when Draco comes back.

I also love the banner :D Great job, :)
- Cathy

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)
Draco won't be back for a while yet but he will be back!
The next chapter will be up in a couple of days!

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Review #24, by cathyyyIn The Dark : In The Dark

3rd October 2009:
Ah! I loved this story! :) I've had it as a favorite story but I haven't had the time to read it until now - it was so well written and amazing.

You did a great job on this one. I really liked your Scorpius :)

Definitely 10/10 :)
- Cathy

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Review #25, by cathyyyFor Keeps: Monster

30th September 2009:
This is a wonderful story and it's really well written. I can't wait for the next chapter. It's very interesting and beautiful.

Wonderful done!
- Cathy

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)
That means a lot!

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