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Review #1, by HansWorthTransparent: Glass

21st March 2015:
My god woman, your toying with my emotions! in the best way!
Seriously, this story is really good and I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter

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Review #2, by HansWorthBeing A Fan: One Of Those Girls

11th July 2011:
I like it alot so far; as you said there aren't many fic's from a fan-girl's point of view. Interested as to where your going to take this ;)

Author's Response: Hey,

I'm glad you like it! I know, I haven't read a single piece in a fangirl's point of view, and that's what spurred me to write this.

Thanks :)

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Review #3, by HansWorthAccording to Plan: Fun with Flobberworms

20th February 2010:
Love it!
lol, can't wait for more...oh! and i'm loving the Fred/Adele business. They would make an interesting pair *wink wink nudge nudge*

...yeah, anyways, good story! :)


Author's Response: haha, an interesting pair? hmm..

thank you, i'm glad you're liking it! :)

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Review #4, by HansWorthBlown Away : Married

13th December 2009:
Oh My Word!! you must make this into a full blown story or have another spin-off from Camelot.
I'm lovin it! ;)


Author's Response: probably not a full blown story but who knows? but i think i will be doing more spin offs :)

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Review #5, by HansWorthWhat Hurts The Most: Darkness and Discoveries

19th October 2009:
I KNEW those two would get it on!!
haha.anyways, poor Hermione!
I feel so sorry for her.

Eagerly awaiting next chapter,

Author's Response: You did? Oh no! Tehe. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Thank you very much for coming back to review after all this time. =)

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Review #6, by HansWorthThe Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: You Can't Spell Teammates Without The Words 'Team' and 'Mates'

19th September 2009:
OMG!! Fallen in love with this story all over
I can forgive the wait because this chapter was SOO GOOD!
haha, Sorry for sounding a tad obsessed but thats what this story has done to me i'm afraid. :)

Eagerly awaiting the next chapter,

Author's Response: Dear HansWorth,
Hahaa, be as obsessive as you want--I'm not one to judge. I'm really glad you're enjoying the story, and I can only hope to keep supplying you with many more chapters to keep you happy :) Thank you!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #7, by HansWorthThings Unforeseen: The Seer

7th August 2009:
This story has started off soo good, that it has prompted me to drop any knives I was about to throw and give you the biggest hug ever!!
hahaha, keep up the good work ;)


Author's Response: Yay! No knife throwing, even though I totally deserve it! I'm a fan of hugs though! And I WILL try to update my stories soon!

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Review #8, by HansWorthDouble edged sword. : Should have been a hermit.

23rd July 2009:
Yay! You updated!! Awesome chapter, can't wait for more ;)

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Review #9, by HansWorthConfessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of top secrets, confusion and broom closets

20th June 2009:
I Love the Georgia Nicolson books!! And this is soo funny! ;)
Please update soon, i'll be eagerly waiting

Author's Response: me too! :) i'm glad you like this.
i can only update when the queue opens, but the next chapter is nearly done. thankyous for reading and reviewing!:)

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Review #10, by HansWorthPretty Boy: Human?

20th June 2009:
I love this plotline! Its really different ;)

Author's Response: Thank you very much!

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Review #11, by HansWorthThe Catch: Abrupt Awakening

18th June 2009:
interesting plot! And i love the last sentence ;)

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Review #12, by HansWorthNobody Worse: Morning Wood

4th June 2009:
LOVE IT! So glad you updated ;) I've always liked your writing style! xoxo

Author's Response: Well thank you! I'm happy you enjoyed this chapter and my writing. I enjoyed writing it.

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Review #13, by HansWorthNobody Worse: Over It

2nd March 2009:
LOVE IT! as always, keep up the good work.
And i don't think that Kathleen got over it too quickly, some people can get over things quicker than others.

Please update as soon as you can!!

Author's Response: I'm still a little iffy about the whole "getting over" thing. Anywho, thank you for the review! :D

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Review #14, by HansWorthDouble edged sword. : Who ever said life was easy really needs a slap.

23rd January 2009:
WOW!! really love this so far, keep going please!!

xoxo ;)

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