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Review #1, by loony_luna9874The Quest for Anarzya's Youth: CHAPTER II: A POWER AND YOUTH STOLEN

5th August 2005:
i like it, its very well done. u might want to put up some spoiler signs just in case. happy writing~

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Review #2, by loony_luna9874Drawn to the Dark: The Noblest Black

5th August 2005:
o yeah, u should be happy wit all the reviews u have got. u have 15 on just one ch.! i've only gotten that once. keep writing!

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Review #3, by loony_luna9874Drawn to the Dark: The Noblest Black

5th August 2005:
this sounds like a fun, entertaining story. i like the quirky humor. happy writing~

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Review #4, by loony_luna9874La Figlia Dei Morti: Regalo Del James - James's Gift

5th August 2005:
very good! this is a great story, i really like how its written. can't wait for chapter 2! happy writing~

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Review #5, by loony_luna9874Hermione's Diary - Mistake Or Blessing?: Hermione's Diary - Mistake Or Blessing?

13th June 2005:
that's sooo sweet!!! is this a one-shot though? cause i think it would totally work that way. i loved it! happy writing~

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Review #6, by loony_luna9874Adara Means Virgin: Wrong way, Virgin

8th June 2005:
great ch!! i love adara, she's so cool, lol. i like how her and harry are trying to make a relationship, but they both feel so stupid and embarrassed, it's so true, lol! life is funny. happy writing~

Author's Response: Thanks! Yeah they're both the shy type when it comes to that stuff so you can bet it'll take a while! hehe! Thanks next part should be up soon!

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Review #7, by loony_luna9874That New Girl: Thank you, Danielle.

24th May 2005:
love it love it love!!! i agree, this has to be the best ch. yet! i love how hermione finally just shoves everything in their face! i'm like HELL YEAH!!! WHOOOH! i'm kinda sad to see this story end though, :(. happy writing~

Author's Response: Yeah, Hermione kicks ass! Haha, but I've actually been doing some thinking, and I think I found a way to fit maybe 3 more chapters in, if I'm lucky. So don't worry, it's not over until the blond bitch gets totally dissed! Hehe! =D

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Review #8, by loony_luna9874Fallen blood: Hopsital Wing Horror

22nd May 2005:
very good! i would have liked it to be a bit longer, but i can't always have wat i want. i can't wait for the next ch. hope it explains how ron will come back, if he ever does(please let him come back!!) happy writing~

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Review #9, by loony_luna9874Fallen blood: Blood Drive

6th May 2005:
make me hold my breath the whole dang time!! gosh, u idiot!! lol, hurry wit the update!! happy writing~

Author's Response: sry it took so long!!! i was super busy with school work, writing nect chapter right now

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Review #10, by loony_luna9874Harry's Wedding: Back In The Game

5th May 2005:
have to say that pic is great! hermione's pissed off look at 'victoria' is priceless! this ch. was pretty good and i can't wait for the next one. happy writing~

Author's Response: Good to know. :) Patronus is a great graphics designer, huh? Haha. Thank you for reading and reviewing!

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Review #11, by loony_luna9874What Could Have Happened: Interuptions

24th April 2005:
this story is really cool. but i have to keep going back and listing which parents had which kids and who that kid is going out wit, lol! it gets really confusing sometimes, but it's still really good. i can't wait to see where u take this. happy writing~

Author's Response: Thank you! yeah about the checking all the time... to be honest I have a chart and a family tree about all this my self and keep having to look at it wrtting this story. Thank you loony_luna9874 I promise that after a few chapter everything is going to be simpler.

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Review #12, by loony_luna9874Fallen blood: Aieren Teacher

9th April 2005:
its the vampire who bit her, isn't it!! that would be really weird, but kinda cool, lol! happy writing~

Author's Response: nice guess but no you'll see soon!!!

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Review #13, by loony_luna9874What Witches Want: Maybe it isnt so bad after all

19th March 2005:
i finally found out why u named ur story that, of all things! lol, great ch. i think this story is really good and can 't wait for the next ch.! happy writing~

Author's Response: thanks a lot!

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Review #14, by loony_luna9874Kill Me Kiss Me: Bloody Wounds

18th March 2005:
finally an update!! yay!! good ch. can't wait for the next one!! happy writing~

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Review #15, by loony_luna9874Beautiful Bruises: Sunrise

18th March 2005:
that's so sweet!! i love the ending part, two lovers by the lake at dawn!! ok, so this was pretty good, but could have been longer. still a great story!!!

Author's Response: short eh? i do believe its longer than yours... hmm thought provoking... lol but thanks for the review i thought you'd like the ending R2R MH10/6

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Review #16, by loony_luna9874Remember Me in Your Dreams: Moving On

10th March 2005:
that was a great ch!! now tell me who the heck died!! and ron and daphne have TRIPLETS!!! good thing they have pain potions, lol, that sounds funny! i'm glad u decided to go wit the sequel, i know it will be wicked. wat is up wit u using that word all a sudden neway? lol, happy writing~

Author's Response: Bringing in the "british" accents. LOL. Pain potions, yeah...i needed to come up with somthing so i wouldn't have to describe the birth...LOL. Thanks for the review!

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Review #17, by loony_luna9874Beautiful Bruises: Remember Me

8th March 2005:
good ch. finally some romance, was beginning to wonder why it was in that catigory. neway, i don't know if just one more ch will be enough. o well, ur story. happy writing~

Author's Response: yeah it will be

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Review #18, by loony_luna9874Beautiful Bruises: On the Lake

8th March 2005:
ok, here is the review, this ch is the worst i've EVER read in my whole life!! that includes those gay, two-words-a-page books u have to read to little kids! jk, it was really good, but i still think u stoll my scene. o well, u story and its a great one! happy writing~ F2tF

Author's Response: Your paranoid about the scene but thanks for the review

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Review #19, by loony_luna9874Remember Me in Your Dreams: Don't make me cry

3rd March 2005:
if u don't rap it all up in the next ch. a sequel is a must! U EVIL LITTLE THING!!! i thought for sure she died!!! and i almost cried, u......u.......there is no word for wat u r!! great ch!!!! happy writing~

Author's Response: Well actually the sequel is going to be about Faye....I knew i would get to a few people. I hope you liked it, this is my fav. chapter! Thanks for the review, cya, tomorrow.

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Review #20, by loony_luna9874Beautiful Bruises: Haunted

2nd March 2005:
lots of emotion. really good, i like him turning into his maker and all, that's kinda cool. neway, u still got more to go. happy writing~

Author's Response: thanks

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Review #21, by loony_luna9874Two to Tango: Funny, I never pictured you as a purple person...

28th February 2005:
i agree wit Anon. it does seem kinda strange. but it was a really good ch. and i can't wait to read more! the race for the shower part was hilarious!! happy writing~

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Review #22, by loony_luna9874Two to Tango: Don't hold back

27th February 2005:
first, u r a great writer and discriper. i felt like i was in their bodies when u were telling how they danced!! i wish i could dance :(, o well. if i can't do it, i'll read about it, lol! happy writing~ and update soon!!

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Review #23, by loony_luna9874Remember Me in Your Dreams: Darkness Fell Silently

24th February 2005:
u killed me!!! i mean, daphen. and jw, did u write this when u were in that totally pissed off mood the other day? cause this is almost a perfect discription of it!! lol, newho, i'll cya later!

Author's Response: No, i didn't do this chapter when i was pissed. Today was the only day that i was really pissed off. How do you know that i killed her? jk. cya Monday!

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Review #24, by loony_luna9874Remember Me in Your Dreams: The Vacation

22nd February 2005:
sry i took me forever to finally review, but like u said, i've been busy,(tell u about it later) but good ch. waiting for the end. and ur new story's name sound interesting, like, could be really great! cya later

Author's Response: Hey! Thanks, did you know that you are the only one that has mentioned it?! Yeah, i know, amazing. Thanks for the review, I will call you later!

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Review #25, by loony_luna9874Since You've Been Gone: Not Friends Anymore

17th February 2005:
this ch. is so sexy! not really, i just think its is when guys fight over a girl, i know, weird. the picx of eva is cool, i kinda imagined emily looking like that, but this works for eva too. ~happy writing

Author's Response: lol, i think guyz fighting over a girl is great as well, so i no where you're coming from. ~CeeCee~

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