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Review #1, by twilight_potter fanWhat You Don't Know: Beating Hearts Baby

6th March 2009:
Hello. In case you forgot I'm Clair Clementine. You're biggest fan of this fabulous story!! haha! Well, I love this chapter (like all chapters) and about my story it should be up now. I don't know why it's taking a bit longer than usual but it is! :( it should be up soon though so no worries!!!

Awesome job!

twilight_potter fan :D

Author's Response: ha, yeah i pretty much hate when that happens. well i'll keep a look out for it! i'm really excited to read it.

thanks for keeping me posted.

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Review #2, by twilight_potter fanWhat You Don't Know: The Girl the History Books Forgot About

24th February 2009:
Me again! Haha!

I just wanted to say, I know how you feel when you killed Alice and Jasper and the Cullens. I saw that another reviewer said that. I killed off a character of my own in my story. Not saying who! But it was sad for me. Why do I do that to myself?! Ha ha. I can't even imagine what it was like for J.K Rowling to kill off so many people in the final Harry Potter book. Torturing ourselves!!!

K, bye!

nerd : ] sorry just ca't get over the nerd thing. my friends cal me a nerd becuase all I do is basically read, write and school. But oh well!

Author's Response: whoa you killed someone off?! oh my, torture! it does make me sad to kill them off it just needed to be done, ya know? and yeah i couldn't handle killing off all those people like J.K. did. crazy insane sadness right there!

p.s. about the nerd thing: its all good. im the exact same way. =]

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Review #3, by twilight_potter fanWhat You Don't Know: Discovery

24th February 2009:

Oh my goodness, I got a banner! Someone made me the most gorgeous thing EVER for my story. Oh my goodness. I was ecstatic! Thanks for your help. And it wasn't the artist being mean. The girl wasn't even being mean, but she just said "next time try to get it right the first time. But it's good your learning abotu computers!" Ok, maybe that does come off a little harsh, but she deals with so many people on that site everyday, I gotta give her a break. But my artist that did my banner was VERY nice. And fantastic!!!

Thanks for your help!

twilight_potter fan

nerd : ]

Author's Response: yay! banner! i'll check it out! =]

and your welcome!

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Review #4, by twilight_potter fanWhat You Don't Know: Break Me, Shake Me

24th February 2009:

I have a question. When you got your banner where did you host it? I got into TDA to get a banner and I should be getting it soon. I think the person there is a bit fed up with me because I had NO idea was I was doing in order to get my request it (I messed up a lot : ] ), but I'm ready for a banner and I'm clueless as to where I could host it. I'd rather not ask for help to the person at TDA (like I said, I think she's fed up with me ^^) so, yeah I was just wondering where you hosted your banner.

Thanks so much!

twilight_potter fan

nerd : ]

Author's Response: mine was from TDA. but if your person is being rude then just ask for a new artist to do it (post the request for the banner again). im new there too and it took forever to get used to, but you'll get it! i hope that kinda helped you out a bit.

if you have any other questions i could try (yes try im kinda computer challenged, i screw up my laptop pretty much everyday) to help so just let me know if you need me!

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Review #5, by twilight_potter fanWhat You Don't Know: G(ryffindor) Unit

24th February 2009:
Yo, yo.

You're like so fun to talk to, well type to. Haha! Yes, yes we do rock with our awesome twilight HP crossover. Hehe. I'm sorry that your next chapter is taking a while. I'd be ripping my hair out if a chapter was like that for me. Yeah, I know a little obssiesive. hehe. By the way, I maybe just blind and have not noticed it but did you get a new banner? or even A bannder for that matter? whhichever it totally rocks! I just got into TDA so I'm hopin to get a banner for Cullens-1, Voldemort-0.

I wonder what people that read your reviews think us weirdos and our reviews towards each other. haha!! Go us nerds.

twilight_potter fan (nerdier than you) lol

Author's Response: thanks! so are you!

im pretty close to ripping my hair out,yeah. im going nuts cuz this next chapter is so good (well i like it) and i want you to read it!

and yeah i got a banner, i didn't always have it but i got one about a week ago. and thanks! i like it too. the person who made it did an awesome job. get a banner! their fun! lol

nerd =]

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Review #6, by twilight_potter fanWhat You Don't Know: Of Movies and Somewhat Muggleborns

23rd February 2009:
Hey, it's me, Clair Clementine, again. Thanks for reading my next chapter. Fantastic review!

So I was just wondering when in the name of Merlin's beard are ya gonna update this beautiful story! I am CRAVING for more!

Yeah, go us being obsessed with this site! I just LOVE writing. And you're write, we are nerds. But awesome ones!! Haha! But yeah, I really need you to update this story before I go mad. I'm continually checking to see if you've updated this yet so do it now!!! Haha.

twilight_potter fan : ]

Author's Response: ha. well thank you so much! and the story should have been up two days ago but its taking a heck of a lot longer than it was supposed to to get validated.

i dont know what's going on but for the sanity of both us i hope it's up soon. hehe and yes you cant really get more awesome nerds then us! we pretty much rock with our harrypotter-twilight crossovers! =]

im hoping the chapter is up tomorrow but i have no clue. but thanks for being this in to my story! i hope your next chapter gets up fast too, like ASAP fast. hehe


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Review #7, by twilight_potter fanWhat You Don't Know: Funny Little Feeling

8th February 2009:
Hey, it's me, Clair Clementine. yeah I wanted to talk to you agian and I didn't wanna wait till your next chapter so I used another account. hehe! did you read my next chapter? I saw another read but not another review. did you not leave one? if not i would really like it if you did. by the way you report back fast when i leave a review. kinda like me. i literally LIVE on this website and am checking for reads and reviews like 24/7! yes, i am a nerd when it comes to writing. but come on, not many people like writing. some people really hate it, and i just dont understand. Those who do like writing though are usually pretty good. like you! lol. serisouly though your really talented. I think writers were just born to be good if they liked literature and stuff liek that. yay! i can't wait for the werewolf bit. woah your actually taking my advice and pairing malfoy with Allie? well, with malfoy TRYING to get with her al least. awesome! lol. so good job! see ya!

twilight_potter fan (Clair Clementine)

Author's Response: hehe yes i read it and yes i reviewed so go check quickly! hehe and i am kinda obsessed with this website,too. the whole malfoy with allie thing was already in my plans for later in the story (im saying probably around half blood prince time?) but just to let you know it will be more than likely a one sided thing. thats all im saying. hehe and im new at this but im pretty much in love with writing too. GO NERDS!

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