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Review #26, by Mad HatterReflections: Gryffindor

28th February 2010:
Jo, you're insanely amazing.

What is this?! I mean, I thought this pairing was ridiculously impossible but it WORKED and by George, it worked beautifully! The storyline was wonderful, and though I'm currently a bit spaced out and didn't quite grasp the beginning, it was a glorious thing. The way you showed Nick's devotion to Rowena all through his life until the very end, and then his last thought as a living man... it ties in awfully well with him becoming a ghost, too.

I would leave you a longer review, but I have too much schoolwork. D: Nevertheless, you know how sceptical I was of Nick/Rowena, and now I'm a firm shipper of Nick/Rowena/Vivien. The Arthurian references were love, too, as was all the historicalness. Mmm, of course I'm not sleep-deprived, talking about historicalness.

Though if we really want to get nit-picky, here, JK's told us that Nick was actually sentenced to death because he messed up a lady's teeth, or something.

If you go to the text only version of her site (I can't navigate the other version for chips) and click 'extra stuff' then 'characters' it shall lead you to a ballad Nick sung in a draft of CoS that tells his tale of his death. I personally prefer your version to his Lady Grieve business:
"Alas for the eve when I met Lady Grieve
A-strolling the park in the dusk!
She was of the belief I could straighten her teeth
Next moment she'd sprouted a tusk."

Anywho, loved it muchly, my dear!

- Emma xx

Author's Response: Darling, you are simply insane. But lovely.
It is strange strange strange, so all worries are quite normal. It also needs serious editing, I chucked it in the que at 3 AM.

This is a very long, very beautiful, very appreciated review, and I cannot thankyou enough for it.

Oh! I need to buy you some sort of imaginary trinket, you legendary lovely, you have saved my canon fearing soul. I drafted this MONTHS ago, later came across JK's song and forgot to work it in like I meant to, but I can (it'll be what he was sentenced to treason for witchcraft for). And I shall, when I get some time.
Love you muchly dear, and all the thanks in the world for the most useful review I have gotten so far!

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Review #27, by Mad HatterRipples: A Christmas Carol: Verses II and III

20th February 2010:
...excuse me for a moment:


okay, done.

So back to the actual beginning of this - the Cad Letters were adorable and so very sad. To the best of my knowledge I don't think we really, really know exactly what happened to make her hate him yet (again, have I just totally missed that?), but I am very intrigued.

The Amelia bit was hilarious. XD I love reading drunk characters, and Amelia doesn't disappoint. Her family is delicious and the numerous cousins are delightful. I'm sorry about this review, it's going to be very distracted and quite short as I must go to bed soon. XD Anywho, I liked it very much.

But CAD. oooh my goodness, Cad at last! I lovedlovedloved this, even more than the letters and he just appeared on Minerva's doorstep and ep! Massive fangirl squee, there. The rest of Cad's bit was nice too (how old is Druella?) and the insight was very informative, but honestly, HE APPEARED ON MIN'S DOORSTEP. That is all.

- emma xx

Author's Response: Emma, I love you.

Cadinerva? that is new, I've been using Cadmin so far, but it sounds like a metal.

I think it may be in the next chapter.. I don't quite recall, that their fight is implied through letters, but I know I did do a rather appalling job of showing why Min is so angy at him - I actually am going to write a pre Christmas chapter to clear that up a bit.

Amelia is lots of fun to write, as was her family. and you are SILLY - this is twice as long as many of my reviews! I'm glad you liked it - and yes HE APPEARED and at last they will have an actual conversation!

Thankyou for reviewing lovely!

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Review #28, by Mad HatterRipples: A Christmas Carol: Verse I

20th February 2010:
okay, second reading! I did the first one in three different sittings, so I should probably reread it before I review it. :P

Gah, the only thing more perfect than the Cad Letters (still absolutely amazing and hilarious, especially with Cad getting into that fistfight) was the brief narrator bit between the letters and the Juliet part. I don't know why I love it so much but... I do. And that will have to be reason enough.

Question - why do the Meadows have a cook if they can't afford stuff for Juliet? Does seem a tad off to me but I'm sure it all makes sense. And heck, I'm sure you know more about this time period than I do. I love Mrs. Meadows' 'obsession with the Bard' - fabulous touch, and something to bring a smile to your face is sort of needed in this chapter, I think. Not that it's too dreary or anything - quite the opposite - but... you know. It's got quite dark undertones and all that.

The end was intriguing - who sent the Patronus, and who the other almost-Seer is. Juliet reminiscing about the fact that she no longer belonged in the Meadows household was touching, as well - whenever Muggleborns go home it's always just a minor inconvenience not to be able to use magic, but here it's actually a problem, like it probably was in real life (dude, my use of that term...very strange).

Loved it, hun, and plan on actually going to read the next chapter right now. XD

Author's Response: hahah so THAT is why my read count jumped!

Curious (but lovely) that you like the narrator, it seems to be a love/hate thing, some people can't stand it!

I don't know much about the period, but I think it is a priorities thing - status wise, they MUST have a servant, but an education is superfluous for girls, since they are just going to get married anyway, but a magical education.. Juliet is lucky they let her go at all, I suspect her mother did some maneuvering on that one. To be honest, just chucked in the bard to have fun with Shakespeare, but love that it can be read into.

The more you sink into this make believe world, the more little technicalities like that start jumping out - I imagine being unable to use magic would be worse than losing a limb!

Thankyou so much for reviewing lovely, and in such detail too!

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Review #29, by Mad HatterHeat: Longing

17th February 2010:
Oh my goodness, Becca, this was perfect. The characterisation and the dialogue were the best part, I think - the naturalness, the child-like nature of it, and the story was just perfection! It was simple, and simple is best - clean, clear and touching. I really, really can't review but I loved it to pieces and want more Sev/Lily! Love youuu!

Author's Response: EMMA -glomps-. Thank you so much for reviewing my lovely! -huggles-. I'm so glad you enjoyed it ::D. I've had such trouble writing children and dialogue in the past, so to hear I failed at neither has made me so happy :D. I love writing simple stories too :P.

More Sevily- not in the near future, but shall consider it. Love you to!

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Review #30, by Mad HatterAnd the Shimmering Light: On Tomorrow

14th February 2010:
How on earth did it take me so long to read this? This is one of the most beautiful things I've ever read, and I really mean it. I've never seen a story about the Flamels, and the serenity and the absolute gorgeousness of the whole this is just too amazing for words. It's so...calm. The last line was gorgeous and I suck at reviews and this isn't doing this story justice but I love you and it and goodness, you have come so far, you know that?

emma xx

p.s. happy valentine's day, valentine!

Author's Response: emma! Aw, I can't believe I only saw this now! Thank you so much, you know it means a lot coming from you, right? I wouldn't know how to write one simple sentence if you hadn't taken the time to help me and explain to me where and why I was doing terrible mistakes!

I love you and this story is half yours!

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Review #31, by Mad HatterRipples: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream

12th February 2010:
jo! I have returned to reviewing this, because I'm a little bit fail and have been overrun with schoolwork/just dead tired, and so I really have no excuse. XD But this chapter was just as amazing as the previous two!

My favourite part, again, was Caradoc's letters - they're probably going to be my favourite the whole way through. The way you present the events is so gorgeous and creative, and even though you don't get the replies from the letters you can tell well enough what the gist of them was. Him ending up in the Carribean was hilarious. XD And Uncle Ben! Gosh, I think he's one of my favourite character and I've never ever read anything of him. The Minerva part was chilling stuff - the ending, that is. The first two bits, with Amelia and Juliet, were really nice insights into their minds, and their characterisation was more concrete, I think. I got a little confused when you switched to addressing her as 'Amy', but that's probably just me being slow.

I love Juliet so much! The dreamer aspect, and then to tie that in with the whole almost-Seerness... not making sense, but I love her. It's such a shame that I have absolutely no stamina, otherwise I would read this all in one go!

Loved it to bits, hun, and plan on reviewing the next chapter as soon as I can.

xx emma

Author's Response: Emma love, you are not at all fail, if anyone fails it is I at review responding. SCHOOL COMES FIRST. Which reminds me, now that I have a few days free I must PM you your critique!

Cad's letters are surprisingly popular. I really didn't expect them to be such a hit, but I did want to make audiences piece together snippets and contrast his actions and words. I'm currrently doing a HUGE edit because about ten people have mentioned the nickname thing, so don't bag yourself out about that.

Juliet is a lovely character to write, and I think my chapters are rather tiring - this one is MONSTER. Editing. Soon. Thankyou for reviewing I really do appreciate it!

Take care dear, I shall talk to you soon!
x Jo

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Review #32, by Mad HatterLooking For Tomorrow: Goodbye, Penny

12th February 2010:
ah. this must be one of my favourite oneshots of all time. XD I LOVED Percy in this - he was so cute and so perfectly Percy! All this awkwardness and discussion of the weather and it's just all... -melts-

The style was also gorgeous - any chance we get to see more P/P from you? It was just...amazing. End of.

Author's Response: OMG really?? That's really amazing to hear. Thank you so much! I'm blushing :D And a little bit lost for words. But THANK YOU!

*ahem* Anyway, I've been thinking about writing some more P/P, actually, because I just love both of them so much. Just watch this space... haha x)

Thank you SO much for this lovely review! It's genuinely made my day :)

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Review #33, by Mad HatterRipples: The Dark is Rising

1st February 2010:
Before I write this, I would like to say that I am very, very tired, and as such I don't have anything impressive to say. I loved the style, though - my favourite bits are still the narration in italics, but the letters were simply gorgeous! A fantastic way to show what was happening, though in a way that kept the reader guessing (because we don't really know why Minerva stopped talking to Caradoc, do we? Or is that just my utter lack of intelligence? hmm...), and it was just delicious!

Though that would mean that the Minerva memories are my least favourite bit, something has to come last. :P I liked these too, but I suppose I just liked the mystery and the style of the previous bits. You don't see stories like that, but... blah, not making sense here. So basically, I have a bit of a soft spot for Cad already and that's probably why I didn't enjoy the Minerva bit - because there wasn't enough Caradoc. Shoot me. xD

I'll leave the next chapter to tomorrow, far too exhausted (how am I going to get through the school year if I'm already dead on my feet? Meep. D: ).

- Emma xx

Author's Response: My dear girl, clearly your sleep deprivation is robbing you of your senses! You are far, far too kind but I am glad you liked it! I really love hearing from people on anything I've written.

I feel the narrator gets a bit preachy and vague, especially later, so it is a relief she hasn't bored you yet!
Cad was always meant to be attractive, but it simply blows me away how much people actually adore him.. Kaity, for example, dedicates a section in her reviews to him!
No, you didn't miss anything, you are meant to piece together slowly what happened between them but it isn't stated explicitly.

Take your time reading it, it isn't going anywhere (8 day que anyone) and have a bearable (started with lovely, then realised I was being silly) week at school!

Thankyou again for reviewing, it means the world to me!
x Jo

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Review #34, by Mad HatterRipples: Prologue

1st February 2010:
Oh my goodness Jo! This was a stunning prologue. I've always had a Department of Mysteries plot bunny in the very back of my mind, but never bothered because it sounds too hard to do... so I'll live vicariously though your DoM story, obviously! This set the scene wonderfully for the story to come, though obviously I haven't read it yet so I suppose I could be wrong about that. XD Anywho, not the point.

The voice was gorgeous - mysterious, detached, but at the same time she was pouring her heart out and yes I'm procrastinating homework and not making much sense here.

Moral of the story: you win at life, and I love you. XD

Author's Response: Emma, you darling you speak utter nonsense! I want you to write your own DoM story, it will be amazing, and there are not enough of them!
I was trying to set the scene as much as I could, and you make perfect sense here at least: the narrator is at once detached and very intimate.

You are a dear just for reviewing but even more so for all the lovely, silly things you say. Thankyou, I DO appreciate them, even if the insanity at TGS has finally claimed even you (we can stop sending 'join us' subliminal messages now)
x Jo

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Review #35, by Mad HatterEve: Salve Regina

31st January 2010:
Oh, this was simply gorgeous! The second person was done wonderfully - I do like it when that's achieved, because it's not often. And the story! Oh, gosh. I really have no words because this was just stunning, and I know I say that for just about everything I review but it's so true! Everything that the talented authors on HPFF write is lovely, and I've favourited this story so I know when it updates. A wonderful and intriguing opening... now I just need to know more about the main character and how poor Helga died! She was my second favourite, you know. I've only read one other founders story, and it was a oneshot focusing on Helga.

Author's Response: Emma, thankyou so much for reviewing! I don't normally get many unrequested, so I really do appreciate them!
I was hesitant about 2nd person, but it was practically mandatory for the lyrics, which had lodged themselves in my head stubbornly! it's a relief to hear that it worked!

I am completely stunned by the response this has gotten, I in no way expected this to be particularly popular, I wrote it for the sole purpose of claiming this banner from the tda up for grabs section before my hold expired!

There ARE some just mind blowingly amazing authors out there at hpff, but I am glad you liked it!
x Jo

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Review #36, by Mad HatterOh My Merlin!: Oh My Merlin!

30th January 2010:
I loved the tiny snippet of Merlin's voice we got at the beginning - it was absolutely perfect. How and where do you GET these ideas, Georgia?! You're just the queen of writing a story about everything and anything, and I'm pretty sure someone should elevate to you 'god' status. And yes, I am in the mood for short, humourous stories and leaving ridiculously gushy reviews. One thing, though - I'm too lazy to check if it's been pointed out in other reviews, but there does appear to be a word missing in this sentence: 'When I had opened the broom closet, looking for a , I expected to see the usual…you know, brooms, buckets and the like.'

Otherwise, this was amazing and perfect and you're stunnning.

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Review #37, by Mad HatterHoliday: Holiday

30th January 2010:
Oh gods. I saw the letter in the previews thread, and I made a mental note to check it out when it was up - long story short, my mental notes are never remembered, and I was actually looking for a different story of yours when I came across this. It was, quite possibly, one of the most insane pieces of fanfiction I have ever read, and the beard joke just sealed the deal! Ron was hilarious, but just the scene at the end. I have no words. It's just sheer brilliance all round.

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Review #38, by Mad HatterPurified: Falling Through

27th January 2010:
This was stunning! The concept of the story was amazing, and so was the execution. Regulus was characterised wonderfully - he was just the weaker older brother who was desperate to please his parents until he realised it was wrong. The moments with Sirius really made me love this story - the fact that he wouldn't forgive him, wouldn't even listen to what he had to say seems so stubbornly like him. It flowed perfectly - the transitions between the memories and the present were wonderful, and the desperation he felt as he died was brought across very skillfully.

Yes, yes, this review was just a gush but that's what it deserves! 10/10!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! :)

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Review #39, by Mad HatterLost & Found: Chapter 2: Just Be Here Now

14th September 2009:
Okay, so I fail epically at writing decent reviews, but I'll just say that I'm loving this story--it's got me back into FF reading, something I haven't done in about two years. xD Maisy is epic win, there are no heads' dorms in sight, the banter is witty, James is amusing, Lily is god in red-headed character form...and Kristina is the graphic maker from heaven. I stalk her gallery like nobody's business.

Author's Response: Awwh, firstly - thankyou for the comment! This has definitely made my morning before I dash off to school.

I'm glad you like my main character, everyone else thinks she's whiny but c'mon, she's got a lot going on!

Are you not in love with Sirius yet? I want him, he's my dream lad, I think!

And with the other FF with Head Dorms etc, I didn't think there were Head Dorms and I hated the obvious storiers where the HB and HG hook up in the Head Dorms - and this isn't a hugely Lily/James story :)

I'm glad you like Kristina, she's wonderful isn't she? Unfortunately she isn't doing anymore of my graphics because of time etc, but I'm sure if I persuade her she'll be back with a vengeance.

I hope you like the rest of the story! I've written 40 chapters already :)

ilj xo (",)

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Review #40, by Mad HatterA Cautionary Tale: The Only Chapter

6th January 2009:
I studied R&J this year in English, and hated every second of it. Why couldn't this have been one of our texts, rather than that awful Romeo+Juliet Leo thing? I mean, it was alright, I guess...but still. Anyway. I digress. xD

This was gold. I actually found it through Gubby nominating you for an award on SAYS, and I'm so glad I read it. I was laughing every second of it, and the Shakespeare references were gold, and...yeah. I fail epically at making sense, so I'll stop now. :P An absolutely wonderful 10/10.

Author's Response: Hooray, someone else who hates R&J! =P I'm so glad you enjoyed the story - writing it really helped me work through some of my frustrations, lol.

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