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Review #1, by Sara93Dirty Little Secret: Don't pretend...

6th June 2009:
OMFG! I SO LOVE IT! DON'T STOP. NEVER STOP WRITING THIS. it is so freaking amazing 10/10

Author's Response: Don't worry I won't stop! Thanks for the review! x

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Review #2, by Sara93Annelise Turnington: NOBODY MESSES WITH ME!

30th May 2009:
I like it :) though it left me wanting more because it didn't feel like a one shot. So I would love if you made it into a novella.

Author's Response: It is going to be make into a novella now thanks to the insane positive response I've been getting. I'm so glad you like the story!

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Review #3, by Sara93Henley Morrison Does Not Date: Chapter 1

28th May 2009:
stupid little sister, great chapter! xD
update soon < 3

Author's Response: Thank you so much Sara! ILYSFM! -squishes-

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Review #4, by Sara93Kiss Me Again: One : The One Night Stand That Never Seems to End

19th May 2009:
Hi there, the forbidding relationship of theirs is addicted.
and I just love it :)

Author's Response: Aww. It is addictive to write too. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #5, by Sara93Kiss Me Again: Six : You're a Hideous Thing Inside

19th May 2009:
I adore it, it is so amazing and wonderful, I just love it. hope you're not sick of me saying that now? xD
Can't wait for the update!
now on to some things :P
James, I think you have written him amazing and you make him so special, this plot in general is freaking amazing I adore all of your characters, Though James mind is the one that just stun me. seriously.
I love that everything is so dark in this story, and the fact that Rose is trying to ignore that is quite special. Even though that is only mentioned once, but still it leaves an impression (oh well this whole story does) I would like more of Lily because she is so freaking amazing too (wow wonder how many times i've said amazing now) I love that she is quite bitchy and doesn't like Scorp but still feels bad for him and all?
Anastasie just shocks me. I love the way she is described.
The way James want to think of Aurore, I think he is cute. God maybe I should stop typing now but I still got a few things to say lol.
About Vic and Teddy, I would so love if there would be more of them, because I LOVED when it was written in vic's pov.
And Lily's if that matter :P
"No bitch is worth that. No bitch is worth that at all."
That really shocked me in a good way ^^
As I've said a hundred times and I will say it again, I LOVE THIS STORY! (in a none obsessive way of course)
Oh well keep updating, Hope you didn't mind this long review...

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Review #6, by Sara93Kiss Me Again: Four : With Lips That Taste Like Sin

19th May 2009:
This is so my favourite story now! I adore it and I love that you change pov and the fact that you don't say it is changing kind of works with me, because I like it in a way!
10/10 as always

Author's Response: E. Thanks! It killed me to cut it off there but, you know, suspense and all that. Wow. That is some amazing praise, dear. Ooh. Thanks. I am putting notes know because some people are confused but my OCD is really big on just jumping. Silly OCD. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Sara93Kiss Me Again: Three : The Dark and What it Brings

19th May 2009:
I LOVE THIS! I love when it is in vic's pov. it is so great! on to the next chapter < 3 10/10
This is one great story

Author's Response: Ooh. Good! She will not pop up as often as Lily or James but I am gonna throw her in later on. When, I do not know. xD
Thank you so much for reviewing!

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Review #8, by Sara93The Cookie Monster : “I am Ruby Moore, queen of witty banter, sharp comebacks and amazing insults."

9th April 2009:
I loved it! Great really
I liked the fight with Sirius and the way you write
Keep it up < 3

Author's Response: Thanks!

Jess Xx

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Review #9, by Sara93To Be With You: To Be With You

6th April 2009:
Wow Laura that was so beautiful, this is going to sound so lame, but it made me cry of personal reasons, It was so great And Lovely. My personal reason: I hate when your friends changes and leave you for being to geeky or whatever. This was so... wonderful and pure. I love how you describe things < 3 If you write more of this kind of story please tell me I would be happy to read and review! by the way I really liked that it was short ;)

Author's Response: Hey Sara! Thanks so much for leaving this lovely review :) I'm so happy you liked it! Not sure if I should be happy or not that it made you cry. Haha. Thanks dearie :D xx Laura

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Review #10, by Sara93Exotic Bloom: Expectation is the root of all heartache.

24th March 2009:
That was a great chapter really! because I mean Oh my god you write well! I'll check the other story out of course < 3

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Review #11, by Sara93The Price Of Freedom: Murder

20th March 2009:
Wow that is a long chapter Lierrm! I totally loved it! Do you know how amazing you write? I mean do you?
That was so well written and I am out of words! I so envy you for your writing!

Your way of describe thing is like OH MY GOD! You really make the reader care about what you're writing. Did that made sense? Well what I mean is that you get so into the story that when something scary happens it really affects you, which I think is amazing because I am hard like that. Only a few books can do that to me ^^
Great job!

< 3 Sara

Author's Response: Sara ... such high praises. Thank you so much! I mean, you really have no idea how much this review actually means to me.

I'm glad you like it so much!
Thank you ♥

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Review #12, by Sara93Secrets and Lies: One Big Mistake

17th March 2009:
OMG! I'm so in love with Scorpius now! gah, that was so bloody good! seriously Lierrrm! I love the way you write and the way Scorpius looks at Joe. And that Joe smokes because then he isn't perfect you know? Great chapter < 3

Author's Response: Sara! Thank you so much, this review means so much to me. Thank you :D

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Review #13, by Sara93Mrs. Padfoot: A....Date?

16th March 2009:
GREAT! OMG! it is awesome update soon please? :D

Author's Response: I am updating currently. Thank you for reviewing!

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Review #14, by Sara93Make Believe: The Secret Revealed

11th March 2009:
NO A CLIFFHANGER! really good chapter!
Please update soon < 3

Author's Response: Will do! :D Thanks for your review!

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Review #15, by Sara93Secrets and Lies: Hogsmeade

10th March 2009:
Yay! Liam I looove it!
< 3

Author's Response: Thanks so much Sara!

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Review #16, by Sara93The Cookie Monster : “My Honeydukes’ double chocolate chunky cookies with fudge squares and little mini marshmallows!”

7th March 2009:
This was so funny update soon :) please

Author's Response: Thanks :)

I'll update as soon as my other chapter has validated :)

Jess Xx

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Review #17, by Sara93The M.L.E. Squad: Your safety is in jeopardy!

7th March 2009:
Great! And i have to ask who the woman in your banner is?

Author's Response: Thanks so the review! And I have to say I don't actually know who the woman in the banner is, you can ask the artist... Ande at TDA who it is.

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Review #18, by Sara93Of Scarred Hearts: Valentines Day Of Doom

3rd March 2009:
Hey, I was just wondering why the chapter image i did for you isn't there? Because you said that you would host and credit, did you lose the picture or didn't you like it? :(

Author's Response: I did host and credit. I dont know why you cant see it because when I click on the story I can. Please check again and tell me if you still dont see it :). You can shoot me a pm at TDA.


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Review #19, by Sara93Exotic Bloom: Look like the innocent flower, but be the serpent under it.

2nd March 2009:
God I love this, you write so good and old fashion. I so envy you please update soon :)

You rock < 3

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Review #20, by Sara93Cheating and Choosing: Thanks for the Dances

2nd March 2009:
Great Chapter :) It is so great that you update so soon all the time.

Cliff hangar! :P Please update soon < 3

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Review #21, by Sara93Cheating and Choosing: Holding Me

28th February 2009:
AH! I Wished it was more when they got to the party. But really, really great chapter I have to say. update soon hun.

Author's Response: it continues into the next chapter, which I'm almost done writing, so don't worry.

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Review #22, by Sara93My Possibly Crazy Neighbours: Caught

27th February 2009:
I love the way you write and how Mellie's personality totally rocks! I envy you because i can't write happy it is really hard for me and my stories always end up sad or depressing.
Whose father is going to die? :O
Please update soon, because this story rocks! Great chapter

Author's Response: Aw, thanks a bunch! Maybe you should try writing when you're in a better mood?
Um, no one's father is going to die. The beetle was the only one who died, and he has a son, who's going to seek revenge. Maybe.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #23, by Sara93Bragging Rights: Chapter Sixteen. Elsie.

22nd February 2009:
Great chapter!
Gah, I don't want them to dump the guys! but I guess that is going to happen... I am sad now :(
Please let this story have a happy ending!
Update soon!

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Review #24, by Sara93Bewitched: Different

21st February 2009:
This story seems good so far and I would love to read more of it :D
Update soon Please :)

Author's Response: Aw, thank! =D
I'll update soon!!! =D
Thanks again!

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Review #25, by Sara93Cheating and Choosing: I Think We Should Talk

19th February 2009:
Haha, Great chapter!
I hate writing depressingly xD even though i tend to do it a lot!
Update soon < 3

Author's Response: same! my parents read one of my stories once, and they got worried because it was so sad. hahaaa. but thanks! and I will! promise.

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