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Review #1, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackLiving Life: Chapter Seventy Eight

16th September 2011:
Perfect, god. Thank you for this.

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Review #2, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackCharmed : In which there is a disturbance

20th July 2011:

Update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you! :D And hopefully I will. It took me a while to get inspired but the next chapter's going through the beta-ing process as we speak ;)

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Review #3, by Lil_Miss_James_Black'Til Death Do Us Part: The 3rd Installment: Moving On

20th July 2011:
Oh god.

I've spent the last two days re-reading this entire story. I've fallen back in love.

I need you to update soon, Siriusly.


Author's Response: Thanks for re-reading!!! That takes some serious commitment. I'm about half way done with the next chapter, so I'd expect it in August but maybe sooner if I allocate enough time.

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Review #4, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackNotion.: I Need Air

17th July 2011:
Oh god, it's Sirius! please let it be him!

Update soon!

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Review #5, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackThe Marionettes of Fate: Unlocking Doors

12th June 2011:
my god woman, finally!


oh my gosh, this update, this chapter, this story- ah it has me all of a dither.

Im so shocked I'm not even leaving a good review, sigh.

Apologies apologies, please please please update soon.


Author's Response: Heh. Sorry about that wait. *shuffles feet* I'm glad that you liked it. And the next chapter is halfish way done.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackAs she is: Unanswered Questions

2nd March 2011:
so, so, so uncool of you to leave this hanging.

I mean reaally!

The only reason I haven't reviewed before now was because I was so caught up in the story, kudos to you :)


Author's Response: but if i update soon its not that uncool, is it? :) thanks for the review, it was really sweet!

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Review #7, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackNature's Bounty: Clever boys

31st August 2010:
HAHA Jason has a one track mind.


Author's Response: Lol! Yes, yes he does! This review definitely made my day and made me laugh! Hopefully I can return the favor! :P

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Review #8, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackNature's Bounty: Insulting Purebloods is always fun...though not always recommended

31st August 2010:
Good Good as always, but make sure that Dumbledore always has a capital D.


Author's Response: Gahh I'll get right on that! Thanks for letting me know. It put a smile on my face to know you got passed my mistake and still liked it! Thanks!

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Review #9, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackNature's Bounty: Marauders, House elves and New Years

31st August 2010:
I don't think you should be 'super annoyed with this chapter', it was good, especially the development of Ryu's friends.

Keep writing... and possibly reveal what magical creature Ryu is while you're at it. :)


Author's Response: I still am annoyed with that chapter :/.throws me off every time I go back and read it, but its very encouraging that someone was able to enjoy it! Still can't reveal what she is just yet Sry! you'll have to keep reading and reviewing to find out! :D

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Review #10, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackNature's Bounty: Breakfast Beatdown

31st August 2010:

Gosh, I'm in love with Ryu already! I love the chapter name 'Breakfast Beatdown' and the way the Ryu isn't portrayed as a weak damsel-in-distress like all the others.(even though she probably has to learn self control and all that... blah blah blah has to 'master her powers')


Now that, is the question.


Author's Response: I was really pleased with the name of the chapter too lol! But Idk...What is she? :P

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Review #11, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackJust Forget It Ever Happened: Life Is Unfair

27th August 2010:

"You’d better let go of her,” one of his friends sniggered. “Wouldn’t want her boyfriends to come after you now would you?”
“No, you wouldn’t want us to do that now would you?”

whew. God I love James. And Sirius. And Remus. But not Peter that little pathetic excuse for a human being can go rot in hell for all I care.

Psh, I can feel the judgement rolling in. You can't judge me.

Your the author, you probably squealed the loudest out of anyone.

Anywhoo I'm leaving, but seriously, keeep writing.


Author's Response: Haha teenage Sirius is my favorite (next to Fred Weasely). I'll update ASAP

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Review #12, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackJust Forget It Ever Happened: Muggle CPR and Instinctive Actions

27th August 2010:
It's really good so far!

This is just a quick review considering I really want to get back to it, but hey, a review is a review, right?

Oh, and kudos to you for your grammar. I'm somewhat of a grammer nazi when it comes to reading and far too many fan fics are lacking these days. :)


Author's Response: Haha yeah grammar has always been my worst quality when it came to writing, but I guess my years of experience has really helped me develop those skills.

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Review #13, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackStay With Me...Don't Let Me Go: Life Changes...So do I

27th August 2010:
Hola, just a quick review.

This is really good so far, except the dreaming stage was hard to understand, maybe instead of putting the first line in bold do the whole dream? or else just work around it in italics or simply just at title. Good job though,


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Review #14, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackBeing Black: Being Born

26th August 2010:
This is excellent! I'd love to know more...


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Review #15, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackDownfall: The Man With the Motorbike

26th August 2010:
This is really good! Update soon!

Author's Response: Hey! It's you again! Hello :) Thanks for the review.

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Review #16, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackDefying Nature: Nature At Its Most Brutal

9th July 2010:
Wow, amazing story so far...

I'm going to go and keep reading now :)


Author's Response: Awwwh, thanks for being so sweet! It always makes me happy to log in and see reviews like this one waiting for me to reply, so thank you so much!

I'm glad you like it, and thanks for reading and reviewing! ^^

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Review #17, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackPotter: Aboard the Hogwarts Express

5th January 2009:
I'm in a rush but I just wanted to say..

awww this story is soo sad!!

you awful awful person!!

BAD BAD BAD GIRL! - hmm not really but it was VERY VERY SAD!!

aww he sat in James's seat



Author's Response: he he he, you are sooo amazing!
Thanks very muchly! I is glad you like it!!!
XD thanks!

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Review #18, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackHard, Bright and Cold: Chapter 2- Typical With A Twist

29th December 2008:
VERYY NICE (understanment of the year but I'm in a rush)

HAHAHAHAHAAA i love pete (at school that is, traitrous little brat he is out of it)

cant wait for the next chapter 15/10 xD


Author's Response: OH! I was like... wait...
and then I realised what you were reviewing. Thanks! I was working on the third chapter of this today too!

xx thanking you very muchly!!!

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Review #19, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackThe Burn-Out Heart: Chapter 16- A Festive Time of Year I

29th December 2008:
oh thank god your not angry, i was so worried :(

I told my sister about and she said pretty much that I was totally wrong..

She first read twilight, (and is so obsesses im actually scared lol) and told me there were practically no similarities..

okay okay so I apologise,because i read it again and it is now TOLTALLY just the burn-out heart and as an extra bonus ill NEVER talk about twilight again... EVER!!

a book by Stephenie Meyer , mhmm no i havent heard of it :) SEE???

Just thought I should set the record straight :) 15/10 as always, and I never give higher than 11,


Author's Response: HA HA. You are so RANDOM. What is your problem?! lol, hilarious girl!

HA HA! thank you so much! -hug- I love you now. And thanks to your sister. Ha ha er... if I've read everything right?

Oh well, THANKS!

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Review #20, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackThe Burn-Out Heart: Chapter 4- In the Dungeons

29th December 2008:
just so you know I only saw the flames thing and guessed frim their..


Author's Response: ha ha. relax.

I don't hate you :)

Thanks again!

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Review #21, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackThe Burn-Out Heart: Chapter 3- An Inexplicable Danger

29th December 2008:
well NO i didnt read on EXACTLY..

but I did take a peek..


okay so not really but i'm having a bit of trouble sitting still at the moment...hyper again, it happens alot :)


and i PINKY SWEAR i wont read ahead again *winks*

the ever so awesome :D


Author's Response: Ha ha, so THAT'S how you knew! You cheeky little ... raggamufifn. LOL.

OH my god, I love your reviews. They're so hilarious. I was working on the 15th (is that what i'm up to?) chapter today. Ha ha, I have like... 100 words. terrible stuff! Ha ha.

Thanks again hun :)

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Review #22, by Lil_Miss_James_BlackSome Kind of Wizard: The Ressurection.

28th December 2008:

arghhh all of my hard work and dedication POUIRING into those reviews i did for EVERY chapter and :(

its okay hunni, i know its not your fault...

well just thought you should know how awesome you are, (in a extremely shortened version, because i thought your probably sick of my long reviews by know lol )

OH. MY. GOD!! I love this story its AMAZING!!

i thought even though you've had about a thousand of these
(mostly from me I admit) it was worth saying again :)

like always 10/10

your most loyal, dedictaed and frankly just the best :) reviewer in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD,

the one the only,

Lil_Miss_James_Black :)

Author's Response: You're back! Hoorah! :)

I KNOW! I couldn't believe it when all your lovely reviews disappeared. Anyway, thankyou for reviewing again, that made my day. You're awesomeee.

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