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Review #1, by GryffinDollTattletale!: Hateful Howlers

5th September 2009:
Loving the first chapter :)
I can't wait to read more, the potter-weasley's are just hilarious!!
Keep writing,

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm so happy you found it funny!

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Review #2, by GryffinDollStill Delicate: Welcome To My World

9th January 2009:
I am thoroughly enjoying this story and its is only two chapters in, CRAZY!
I absolutely love Rose's character, she never fails to make me laugh.
I still can't beleive that scorpius got married in Vegas, Shamefull!
I love the way you named Teddys children after his parents, Remus and I am concluding that Dorie is a take on 'Nymphadora'. :) thats really sweet.
Please update soon, hope you had a wonderful new year.
Keep writing

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Review #3, by GryffinDollStill Delicate: A Beginning Of Sorts

29th December 2008:
Ooh I enjoyed this alot, Scorpius got a Vegas wife, how shameful of him! Poor Rosie.
I can't wait for the next chapter, well done :)

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Review #4, by GryffinDollDelicate: Call Me Mum

29th December 2008:
I promised that I would leave a review at the end of the story, so here I go.

Firstly, congratulations on an absolutely BRILLIANT story, I loved every minute *or should i say ever word?* of it.
You write fantastically, I am looking forward to reading the sequel now :) Rose was a brilliant character, she was so funny! I am writing my own Next Generation story now, I will publish some of it soon. Thanks for posting such a gorgeous story and thanks for giving us the oppurtunity to read it :)
Keep writing,
Love GryffinDoll *Cass

Author's Response: Thanks so so much, I'm really glad you liked it! Good luck with your story! The sequel is up now (as you probably already know!) Thanks again for your support!

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Review #5, by GryffinDollDelicate: A Day To Remember

29th December 2008:
I have been meaning to leave a review every time I read a chapter, But I have just been too excited and had to keep reading!!
This story is HILAROUS, absolutely magnificent you are a brilliant writer, keep up the good work!
I will write some enourmous review when i finish reading, but for now i have to keep on ;) it's too good to stop

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Review #6, by GryffinDollPlatinum: The Last Chapter

19th December 2008:
This story was absolutely gorgeous! I loved it to bits.
The only problem was that it just wasn't long enough, I wanted to keep reading :) Well done.

Author's Response: Awww thank you!! I'm so glad that you liked it! :) Sorry for it being so short! Thanks a lot for reading and reviewing it :P

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