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Review #1, by truthincminorSongs of Calico: A Real Cool Cat

3rd February 2009:
Aw, Calico's such a sweetie. He reminds me of one of the guys in my speech class. And I wish that I was named Calico Jack. Even though I'm a girl. It's an awesome name! Um, I really have nothing else to say besides I love the fact that Albus is dating Cho's uh...daughter? Niece? I'm not really sure what kind of relation she is to Cho, but it's still a great touch. The Kingsley DADA class duel was perfectly written as well and I can't wait to see what you do with Lily and Kingsley's lesson thingy.

I think that you need to be careful with the whole Lily I/Lily II comparison, but you're still only on the second chapter, so you're still developing the characters.



Author's Response: Aw, thank you =] Haha it's funny, he seems to remind everyone of their best friend, or someone they know. I'm so with you on that, I'm seriously considering changing my name to that.
Yep Cho's daughter. A Potter finally working it out with a Chang. She'll be a fairly prominent character so I won't say too much about her here, but you can always go to my MTA if you want =]
The DADA bit was worrying me, first action scene I've ever really written, so yeah.

I know what you mean exactly. She's very much her own person don't worry. This Lily is very self-confident and an incredibly dominant personality. The first real example of this is the bit at the end of the duel where she was taking on that Gryffindor girl, Stephanie.

Thanks so much for reviewing! I'll try and update soon. And remember, any questions feel free to ask =]

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Review #2, by truthincminorIntroductions: ...

27th January 2009:
'A few drinks like those last week when you ended up confessing your deep, undying love for Molly Weasley?'

'Hey!' Sirius hissed as loud as he dared. 'That woman makes one hell of a crème brulee!'

Wow, I think that I just about wet myself when I read that. It's brilliant. Even though this was short, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Tonks was absolutely adorable and Sirius was...well, he was just Sirius. x]


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Review #3, by truthincminorPopulars: Beneath the Surface

2nd January 2009:
Team Johnny or Team Adam: Johnny all the way! x]
Team Teddy or Team Oliver: Teddy!
Team Marauders or Team Studs: Marauders, if it wasn't obvious enough. ^_^
Favorite V? Victoire
Favorite Marauder? Teddy (Yes, I love canon and your spin on it)
Favorite Stud (if you have any)?'ll get back to you on this. xD
Favorite couple? Teddy/Victoire (obviously)

Author's Response: Dear truthincminor,
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #4, by truthincminorAmnesiac.: An Error of Communication part II

22nd December 2008:
"It's not just them," Fred answered. "I've heard a kid born in 2006 was named Albus Severus. How dorky is that?"

I officially love Fred and this story now. I love how you've written all the characters and I just realized that I've been using the word 'love' a lot these days.

Oh well. 10/10

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Review #5, by truthincminorWe Gryffies: Pineapple Wig

21st December 2008:
And here I was, thinking that Pineapple Wig referred to those things that the women on Dole labels wear.

Silly me. 10/10

Author's Response: Teehee, the chapter title was meant to throw you off a little. xD Thanks for reviewing!

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