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Review #1, by XandonEclipse of Time: You Have Been Warned!

20th January 2009:
I really enjoyed this new chapter and look forward to whichever Founder was in the room for the duel to talk to Harry about it, as well as Ginnys reaction to the Founders.
I'm going to take a shot in the dark and guess that McGonagall has enlisted Ron and Hermione to keep her informed on Harrys actions judging by the way those 2 refused to meet Harrys eye when they first got to Hogwarts..either that or I'm slightly paranoid and am reading too much into it :)
A masterful idea on Tonks' first lesson, brilliant, original, informative and it earns her respect in the Students eyes as shes still relatively young.
As always, waiting for the next chapter coz its definitely worth it

Author's Response: thank you very much!

your stab in the dark i can neither confirm nor deny (sorry)

i am glad you thought the lesson was so good, as i really enjoyed writing it lol.

please keep reading

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Review #2, by XandonEclipse of Time: I'll Have To Cheat!

11th January 2009:
Very amusing and really truly interesting, looking forward to the next chapter with baited breath

Author's Response: thank you very much!!

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Review #3, by XandonThe Essence of Revenge: The Thirty Soldiers.

29th December 2008:
A fine new chapter. I enjoyed reading it
Hope you had a great Christmas, have a great '09

Author's Response: Thanks Bones (Xandon) Glad you liked it.
Yes we had a great christmas, no HP related pressies though ah well not long til my birthday perhaps then.
Hope you have a great 09 too.
take care.
Tom (tgfoy).

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Review #4, by XandonHarry Potter and The Future's End: A Gift From Fawkes

22nd December 2008:
Oh WOW! I havent enjoyed a fanfic EVER like I enjoy this one, its absolutely amazing and keeps me guessing in such a great way.
Apart from the minor mixup in chaptors(I'm guessing it was a simple error) its been brilliant.
A true pleasure reading this, hanging on with baited breath for the next chapter,

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Review #5, by XandonThe Essence of Revenge: Revelations and Deception.

22nd December 2008:
Great new update, the 'hologram charm' was a stroke of brilliance. Still got me hanging out for the next chapter trying to work out how it was all coordinated from within Azkaban :)


Author's Response: Hi Xandon, Thanks for your comments. The power she had over the twins is hinted at in chapter 2, once her plan was instilled forcibly in them and thier father all they needed to do was ensure situations were taken advantage of.
Glad you liked the hologram charm it is a useful little effect isn't it.

Take care

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Review #6, by XandonTo Be The Last Standing...: Pops and Kid

17th December 2008:
Great read so far, I'm hanging out for the next chapter trying to guess whats going to happen!
Truly enjoyed it

Author's Response: Why Thank You for that ;]

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