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Review #1, by listen_to_the_silenceMonday, Monday: True Colors

15th November 2009:
Yay! I'm so happy you decided to do the spin-off. I've just read all of the chapters so far. I love the plot so far, and the characters are amazing. I think there were few gramma mistakes, but I can't find them right now, so yeah, great chapter and good luck with NaNo.

Author's Response: XD Oh good, I'm glad it's managed to live up to expectations!
Haha this is pretty much the only story I've got going with anything that comes close to resembling a plot, figured I'd give it a whirl. Eww grammar mistakes, I'll have to be a bit more careful then I guess. Have flounced from NaNo so hopefully I'll be able to get an update up soon. Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by listen_to_the_silenceSunflowers: Chapter Four

19th October 2009:
I love this Bella. I don't want her to change... Which I'm guessing she will...

Anyways, another great chapter, it may just be my favourite. It was awesome.

Author's Response: Thank you! I'm glad you enjoy her. Yes, she will change as one of the main points about this story is to show how she became the mad Bella she is :)

Thanks so much for reading and reviewing. It's so great to hear that you enjoyed it!

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Review #3, by listen_to_the_silenceIn Retrospect: Of Truths and Half-Truths

11th September 2009:
Another amazing chapter, even if it was a filler, please keap it up!

Author's Response: thank you, and will do!

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Review #4, by listen_to_the_silenceLost & Found: Chapter 12: Finally

24th August 2009:
Yayayayay! Finally!! This has got to be the best chapter yet:)

Anyways, I'm listentothesilence, on the forums, and I've finally left a review, 10/10!

Author's Response: aw thankyouthankyouthankuou!
im off to check out your stories right now!
haha i love chap 12, if i may be so bias. it's cliche and obvious but it was needed, i think. :)

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Review #5, by listen_to_the_silenceDid You Hear About Ginny Weasley?: Hospital Wing

14th August 2009:
It's good but it seems a bit OOC. Plus there a few typos, like:
"Miss Weasley, Your pregnant." It's meant to be you're.

"What is it, ma

dame?" asked Ginny, staring at the swirling pink mist hovering a few inches from her face.

Plus there are a few commas mising. But still, I enjoyed it! Well done!

Author's Response: Oh sorry about that! I try to edit but I always miss something. Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for the review!

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Review #6, by listen_to_the_silenceSeer.: Hidden.

11th August 2009:
'She had almost called him James. So, he leaned in and kissed her.'

Awsome ending. But it was a little unbelievable that James and Lilly fought Voldermort and got away.

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Review #7, by listen_to_the_silenceA Year-Long Love Letter: July

29th July 2009:
I love this chapter along with every other one, but the story seems to have more fluff and angst, just wondering if that was going to change.

Author's Response: A lot less angst then before because they're getting past the pain of losing pea. I'm trying to focus now on them strengthening their relationship and focusing on the joy of the wedding.

Thanks so much for sticking with the story - my favorite parts are coming up - the wedding and the honeymoon!!

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Review #8, by listen_to_the_silenceHarry Potter and the Overdone Plotline: Of Cliffhangers and Random Rivals

28th July 2009:
“Nothing James, it was a rhetorical que-”
“He didn’t snog her James, get off the ceiling fan!”
“Look! Popsicle!”

It's three am. I'm laughing my head off. I'm gonig to get yelled at. But this chapter was worth it!


Author's Response: I'm imagining I can hear you and it makes me all fuzzy inside.

Thanks so much!

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Review #9, by listen_to_the_silenceFaites Vos Jeux: Victoire Weasley: L'étoile

23rd July 2009:
Who am I placing my bets on? Well, I would like Dom to win because I love D/T ships but I in a way I also want Victoire to win. Conflicting emmotions...

Amazing chapter!


Author's Response: Thanks for the input! Victoire is a sweetheart, I do have a soft spot for her :) Thank you so much for reading!

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Review #10, by listen_to_the_silenceIn Retrospect: Of Sexiness

23rd July 2009:
I love this chapter, especially the end bit with Ron. Also, I like the way you've taken a break from the case.


Author's Response: oh thank you, i'm so happy to hear that, means a lot to me, especially since this oen was such a struggle to get down..

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Review #11, by listen_to_the_silenceIn Retrospect: Of Pasts, Futures, and Maybes

23rd July 2009:
I love Anderson. No idea why, probably because he's helped Harry.

Great chapter, off to read the next two!


Author's Response: lol, i'm glad though because he plays such a pivotal role in this story.

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Review #12, by listen_to_the_silenceFour Times Lucius and Narcissa Got It Wrong...: ...And One Time They Got It Right

21st July 2009:
This made me smile. I like how you've kept the characters in canon.

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #13, by listen_to_the_silenceThe Morning Waffle: Panache

20th July 2009:
I love this. And the Snapper reminds me of the Joker from Batman. Coincedence?

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I wasn't thinking about the Joker when I wrote the Snapper, but now looking back on it, you're right -- there is a lot of similarity! As I told another reviewer, it might have been something in my subconscious. :-)

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Review #14, by listen_to_the_silenceAny Given Sunday: I.

19th July 2009:
Oh, please write a spin-off to it!


Author's Response: You know what? I think I just might :P
Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #15, by listen_to_the_silenceIdentical: Breakfast, Sirius, and Wands

19th July 2009:
Tehehe, I'm on a awsom list... Anyways, great chapter. I deffinatly prefer Kesliegh to Lesiegh (sorry if that's not how you spell their names.) Yes things are deffinatly happening. I wonder what houses they'll be in... Laughed if one of them was in Slytherin, Oh well bye!


Author's Response: Haha. In all honesty, Kesleigh and Lesleigh are based off of me and my best friend (people constantly mistake us for sisters, sometimes even fraternal twins). I would be Kesleigh, the more reserved, self-conscious, well read one, and Emily would be Lesleigh, the out going, outspoken, extrovert that everyone is automatically attracted to. And yet somehow they're so much alike.

Haha, anyway, we've got the summer of learning to get through before they can be sorted, my dear ^.^

Thanks for your review!

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Review #16, by listen_to_the_silenceVersicolor: Back In Black

18th July 2009:
Hmmm, is Will going to be in Slytherin? Ooh, like Regulus and Sirius, except oposite. Does that make sence

Author's Response: It makes sense . . . I can't say about Will yet. You'll just have to see. :)

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Review #17, by listen_to_the_silenceIdentical: Visitors

18th July 2009:
This is really good, keep it up.

Author's Response: Thank you so much :)

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Review #18, by listen_to_the_silenceDandelions: Me and You (Part 2)

16th July 2009:
Oh my goodness. I like the idea of James not like Lilly. I love the idea of eloping! 10/10

Jazz :)

Author's Response: Eloping is such a juicy idea, isn't it? We all want a James to sweep us off our feet! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #19, by listen_to_the_silenceAll That Glitters Is Not Gold: All That Glitters Is Not Gold

15th July 2009:
That's so incredibly sweet. And I'm not sure if that sentence made sense, but it a really good ine and yes I did like it.

Jazz :)

Author's Response: Thank you so much for reading! I'm super glad you liked it :D

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Review #20, by listen_to_the_silenceRunning In Heels: Prologue

13th July 2009:
It sounds good so far, keep it up!

Author's Response: ^.^ Thank you

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Review #21, by listen_to_the_silenceA Tale of Felix Felicis: Of Sirius Idiots, Traitors and Lily Evans

13th July 2009:
AH! Well, I didn't actually think Lilly could be so...mean. It was a good chapter though, can't wait for the next installment.

Jazz :)

Author's Response: Haha, Lily is...well, I guess she's just getting her own. But considering my love for James in this story, I'm on his side ;) Thank you for reading and reviewing, I'm so glad you liked the chapter!

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Review #22, by listen_to_the_silenceSpin: III: In which Ludlow would get his...

8th July 2009:
This is one of the funniest stories I've read! Your writing technique is so refreshing, I can't wait to read more!

Author's Response: Why thank you! I'm glad you like the story! Thank you so much for the review and hope to see you in the next chapter!

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Review #23, by listen_to_the_silenceVersicolor: I'll Give a Little Bit of My Life For You (Ye - Wait! What?!)

6th July 2009:
YAY!!! I love this chapter, even though Will seems soo different from the rest of the family. What's up with that? Meh, never mind.

Anyways... I can't believeAnna seems so grown up!... In a very imature way. Lupin makes me laugh. Actually all your characters make me laugh. Update soon! But then again enjoy your holiday!


Author's Response: Will is just a little off. And time will only make it worse. (That you\\\'ll get to see in a couple chapters.)

Isn\\\'t Anna great? She somehow pulls off being the most immature mature person ever. :D

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Review #24, by listen_to_the_silenceTitch: Sinister Plots courtesy of Group Bonding

14th June 2009:
This story makes me laugh so much. Keep it up

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Review #25, by listen_to_the_silenceWhite Houses: Chapter Two. The First Night.

14th June 2009:
I love this stroy! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I'll try!

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