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Review #26, by writergirl8Kiss Me: So Kiss Me.

11th August 2010:
This was a good story :) I liked how the map had AW and MP on it- that was really cute and a great twist. I also really liked how Hermione kept trying to interrupt Ron when he kept on rambling. Two notes: In the beginning of the story, you changed tenses a few times. I'm probably just being knit picky, it's not a big deal :) Second... well, at the end, when Ron kisses Hermione, it says that he leans over and lays a tedious kiss on her lips. Tedious means tiresome because of length or dullness: boring. Pretty sure that's not what you meant :) A kiss isn't tedious unless it's with... Severus Snape, for example :D Anyway, I think you might have meant either tenuous or tentative, both of which would have worked in this situation. So, if you ever feel like it, you might want to go back and edit that. It kind of made me stop in the middle of this really, really romantic and beautiful scene and go "Um. Ron finds kissing Hermione tedious? I thought he was in love with her! That can't be good!" Sorry if I was too harsh, I honestly did not mean to offend, I really liked this. ~writergirl8

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Review #27, by writergirl8Call Your Name: You Never Said

11th August 2010:
That. Was. AWESOME! Seriously, you almost made my cry, and I literally said "Aaaaw!" at the end. I loooved Hermione's reaction to the 'Yule Brawl' (which, by the way, was flipping brilliant). I loved how she took the book and hid her face, and Ron didn't know that she was crying behind there until three years later. I do believe that sometimes Hermione uses books to hide from pain, and to hide herself when she's weak. Metaphorically, as well literally. This proves that I'm not the only one :) The scarf: perfect. I always thought that Hermione might have done something in sixth year if Lavender hadn't come along, maybe dropped some subtle hints, upped the anty a little bit. Once again: scarf=proof. The ending was great, I TOTALLY should have seen that coming ("I, who have gone further then anyone on the path to knowing everything there is on Ron and Hermione's love for each other!" Hehe I stole a line from Voldy :P DISCLAIMER!) but I really did not. How perfect! *Virtual HUG!* I really, really, really, really, really, really, really (Do you want more? Because I can do more...) really, really, really, really hope you write more Romione. It doesn't even have to be a sequel, just more Romione. And may I also say how much your writing has improved since you started Time Traveler? A LOT! ~writergirl8

Author's Response: EEEP! Thank you so much! You have no idea how much this review means to me. I literally have this huge goofy grin on my face and my friend (who isn't aware of my HP obession is beginning to ask questions). Now, to get to your review:

I always figured Hermione would be more angry than upset after the Yule Brawl, and when she hits her head against the headboard--that's what triggers her tears, more than Ron. She's so defeated and tired and... defeated.

Books. Hermione and books. Yeah. I'm just going to agree with you on the whole Hermione-uses-books-to-hide-her-hurt theroy, because I wholy agree with that.

The Scarf: so there were 2 reasons behind that. The first was, as you said, I always figured that Hermione would make something for Ron. I mean, why wouldn't she? The second is, (Oh Merlin, get ready for a long explanation) that Ron bases his relationships off his parents'. When he grows up, he sees his mum and dad bicker playfully and exchange witty banter. Naturally, he's going to be attracted to the first girl he bickers with. He sees his father love/have a hobby of something his wife doesn't quite approve of. For Arthur, it's Muggle stuff (in which Molly doesn't approve). For Ron, it's Quidditch (in which Hermione doesn't quite approve). SEE?? Ok, to finish this point and relate it to your comment, growing up, Ron sees his mother knit things her her loved ones... and who knits? Hermione. So, hopefully I didn't confuse you and enlightened you on your path to understanding (I'm always testing out therories and re-reading the earlier books to figure out what are clues and foreshaddowing and such) Ron and Hermione's relationship.

*Virtual HUGS BACK!* I absolutely love writing Ronmione, so I don't plan to stop. Right now, I'm experimenting with everything from Second Gen. to Percy/Audrey (my 2nd fav. paring) and even attempted a Neville/Hannah (and failed miserably). I have about 12 half-finished Ronmiones on my computer (I'm so bad) so... yeah.

Thank you. I can really see how I've improved too. At certain points, I cringe when I read Time Traveler, but I'm slowly chugging through it. I can see a change in my writing with each chapter I put up, you know?

but, anyway, to wrap up this ridiculiously long Author's response, I'm going to say thank you as many times as you said really, so, thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you SO much for your review, it easily made my week. :) *smiles goofily*

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Review #28, by writergirl8Still Delicate: Arrogance

9th August 2010:
Whoa- third review :) Pretty cool! Anyway...

UPDATE! Yay, yay, yay UPDATE! This was a great chapter, I loved it. There wasn't much romance, but you don't always need romance, and the chapter was still very good. I'm very interested in why James is in such an odd mood... besides being back on the pitch, what's changed for him? As for Daisy- what's the Weed done now? I'm very happy she's crying, though :) So, my only hope for the next chapter is that A: Aiden doesn't die & B: You'll pull a 'Friends' and have two people get locked in a closed in the hospital. Hopefully these people will be Rose and Scorpius. And hopefully more then just love proclamations will happen... once again you've displayed perfect writing and an unfailingly good sense of humor. Thank you so much for this lovely update, and I do hope you'll give us chapter 25 very, very soon. ~writergirl8

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Review #29, by writergirl8Any port: Any port

31st July 2010:
Hey, there! That was a great story :) The writing was really good, and I enjoyed it very much. I did not see that coming, I'd thought he'd left her. Favorite Line: You're not port, you're home. ~writergirl8

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Review #30, by writergirl8Hello : Hello

29th July 2010:
Hey, Liza Potter. This was a wonderful songfic. I like how they both thought the other didn't want them, and they both had very valid reasons for it. It wasn't just like Uhrggg you're being unreasonably stupid! Also, your ending was very unpredictable. I was sure that they were going to get together in the end. It was a little surprising that they didn't, but surprising in a good way, because that means that it wasn't cliche like song fics and one shots usually end up being. However, you have that final chorus, so if you ever go back and see fit to edit it, then maybe you could do something with that. Have them come together and add on a really romantic scene that really brings the whole story together. Great job! ~writergirl8

Author's Response: Thank you! The ending was like that because the way I saw it, Hermione is in her dorm at Hogwarts, and Ron is in his apartment and they're just thinking about each other. That's all. But thanks for the suggestion, I might do that.


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Review #31, by writergirl8So Small: So Small

23rd June 2010:
Okay... this songfic kind of confused me. Did Ron leave on his own free will, or was he captured? What was the second flashback? It was really good writing, but I think it left too many things unsaid. ~writergirl8

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Review #32, by writergirl8The Time Traveler: Screwing with Voldemort

20th June 2010:
Yay! GLLLE! I am such a Gleek... somehow knowing that the people on HPFF reading/writing Ron/Hermione stories makes the world a bit of a better place. RACHEL AND FINN FOREVER AND EVER AND EVER!

Ehem. Anyhoo. Thanks for wriitng this chapter! It was great... we got so much information. I lo-o-o-o-o-o-o-v-v-v-e-e-e-e-e-d-d-d the scene between Rose and Voldemort. That was awesome. Simply awesome. ~writergirl8

Author's Response: I'm such a Gleek. My friends think I'm the nerdiest person EVER because i'm obsessed with a.) gLee. b.) Harry Potter.
That's when I scoff at them and get online to read my new reviews.
Thanks for the review, and writing the Rose/Vodemort definatley was my favorite part to write.
Thanks again for the review(s)

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Review #33, by writergirl8The Time Traveler: And Then They Were Gone

20th June 2010:
Too funny! I loved the part with James and Mrs. Weasley, that made my day! Favorite Quote:
One thing led to another, along with many other things not acceptable do describe on this 15+ rating.

I love it when authors break the fourth wall. So... great job! ~writergirl8

PS: Quote= Glee.

Author's Response: YES! You were the first person to quote that. I thought it was funny and got me out of writing *ahem* "sexual situations" in what I call "narrator mode".

Thanks for the review(s) and informing me what the fourth wall is. I had no idea what that was until now!

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Review #34, by writergirl8The Time Traveler: Screwing Up the Future

20th June 2010:
So, right now, there is a little piece of Voldemort just sitting and lounging on your soul, having a good time. epic line! That was so funny. Thanks for this chapter! ~writergirl8

Author's Response: Thanks, that's my favorite line in the chapter too. and... you're welcome to the chapter, but consider us even for leaving the review.

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Review #35, by writergirl8The Time Traveler: Meeting the Parents

20th June 2010:
Yay! I loved this chapter. Ron's diary- er, journal- entry was grrreeaaattt. This story is really fun to read. I loved the way you compared Hermione's eyes to chocolate. Ron loves them both ~writergirl8

Author's Response: Food and Hermione--his two favorite things. But seriously, that's probably what Ron thinks about all the time. Anyway, thanks for the review(s), I noticed you left a multitude (woah, I think I spelled that wrong) of them.

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Review #36, by writergirl8The Time Traveler: We're Late

20th June 2010:
Great story! I really liked Rose's entry... I also liked the way you described her. She seems really spazzy and fun. Can't wait to get to know her better! ~writergirl8

Author's Response: Yeah, she may seem spazzy and fun, but... Anyway, thanks for the review... and I'm super glad you liked it! :)

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Review #37, by writergirl8Helpless: Helpless

12th June 2010:
These few words made me break down. I loved the sensitive way you portrayed Ron! You're right, a lot of stories make him a brat. When I wrote my R/Hr novel, in the beginning he was but by the end he was the sweetest thing. I truly believe that everyone completely misinterprets Ronald Weasley. I can't stand stories where Hermione leaves Ron for Malfoy! Or stories that make him cold and cruel. I feel like people are mixing up the characters.

Anyway, onto your story. I liked how he said 'I'm falling for you' instead of 'I'm in love with you'. That sounds like something a seventeen (eighteen, now?) year old boy would say to a girl who's been his absolute best friend for years and years. I also love the way he was crying freely, and how he needed to be with her and hold on to her. Favorite Quote:

"She was hit by so many curses. So many."

I LOVED that. I don't know why, but it really hit the spot. Thank you so much for writing this head on story! I'm definitely going to read more of your stuff, regardless of the pairing. ~writergirl8

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Review #38, by writergirl8Happily never after: Meet Jacob

6th June 2010:
Yes! I knew Jacob was their son... but I think you need to change the rating on this. You said the F word twice, and that's not okay for a 15+ story, if I remember correctly. I'm surprised they validated this! ~writergirl8

Author's Response: thank you for the heads up will change it now.

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Review #39, by writergirl8The Wrong Wedding: A Message, A Disaster, A Question And An Answer

6th June 2010:
Hi! Great story! I was absolutely SHOCKED when I found out that was she marrying Draco. Seriously. My jaw dropped... I really need to start reading the little panels under the story :D Anyway, can't wait for the next chapter. But I was so excited I decided to make you a banner! Anyway, I don't think we're allowed to do links on here, so if you want the banner find me at TDA. My username is colorful_words. ~writergirl8

Author's Response: hahahahahaha xx :D xx wow i would love a banner
that would make lots more people read thanks
ill send u a messege and send me a link or summit,
i feel so honnered thanks
thanks for reaplying to xx :D xx

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Review #40, by writergirl8Still Delicate: Cry And Cry Again

26th April 2010:
This chapter was so great! Once again you astound me with your flawless writing and sense of humor even in the saddest of times for our favorite Rose :) I loved the profound bit you added that was both meaningful and hilarious, the one about getting through sad times with friends and laughing. I'm glad Jenny and Rose are friends again, and I'm thrilled with Aiden's reaction to moving in with Scorpius. Take that, you stupid pie crust! (Sorry. Seeing as we can't swear in class, my friends and I make up exclamations of the day so that we can be frustrated. Pie Crust was our brilliant invention of the day). Till next time! ~writergirl8

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Review #41, by writergirl8Trilogy: Scorpius - Chapter 4

19th April 2010:
That's so awesome! I love how Scorpius is very observant and picked up so much from his father... the tickling spell is awesome. It was really cool that he was trying to impress Rose. I also learned a new word in this chapter! So, thank you for teaching me! ~writergirl8

Author's Response: Oh, I'm so pleased you approve of that part. I was worried it wouldn't work, that it wasn't plausible. Hooplah! So happy you learnt a word! Thanks as always for reviewing!

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Review #42, by writergirl8Trilogy: Scorpius - Chapter 3

19th April 2010:
That was so cute! I love the way you're writing Rose, I think you really hit the nail on the head with her. I also love the transfiguration teacher! He's really cool. It's neat that you're bringing in a whole new generation of Hogwarts teachers. I'd have thought that Scorpius would be the picture of popularity at Hogwarts, so it's nice to see it from a different idea. ~writergirl8

Author's Response: Hooray! I love Rose too. She's so sweet. I'm glad you like my different spin. I do what I can! Thanks for the review!

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Review #43, by writergirl8Trilogy: Scorpius - Chapter 2

19th April 2010:
Are you on pottersworld? It seems like you're using a bunch of names from the site, lol. Maybe it's just a coincidink. However the heck you spell that. Anyway... GREAT CHAPTER! I loved Al and Rose's reactions of Scorpius being put into Slytherin. Rose seemed genuinely upset... I wonder how this will effect their relationship. Off to the next chapter! This was a great one :) ~writergirl8

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Review #44, by writergirl8Trilogy: Scorpius - Chapter 1

19th April 2010:
Here I am! I love this so far, it's great that Scorpius made friends with Al and Rose on the train ride. And it's awesome that we got to see Hagrid in the very first chapter... on some levels, I'm kind of hoping Scorp will get into Gryffindor... but on the other hand, I think all Malfoys belong in Slytherin. Ah, well. Maybe it'll be a close draw :D I loved the way you described Scorpius's relationship with his parents, and how he looked at the Weasleys and Potters. It was PERFECT! ~writergirl8

Author's Response: So glad you liked it! Thanks so much for following me and my writing! I appreciate it!

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Review #45, by writergirl8All Was Well: The Beginning

19th April 2010:
Yay! This chapter was so awesome! I loved the Teddy flashback... and the thing about Lily becoming the minister of magic. I think your writing was already great when you started this story, but it got even BETTER as the story went on. And- wait-there's a sequel?? *rushes off in a mad dash to find out what happens next* I have one last thing to say: CANON CANON CANON. Thank you :) ~writergirl8

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Review #46, by writergirl8Still Delicate: Dirt

21st March 2010:
I'm so sorry about your computer- that must have been really frustrating! However, thank you very much for overcoming your writer's block and updating for us! This chapter was amazing- I'm so proud of Hermione, and I'm thrilled that we have dirt on Daisy! Let me tell you- the only way I could avoid having 'Still Delicate' withdrawal was because I went out and got the first five seasons of 'Friends', and I think Rose and Chandler have really similar senses of humor. Great job, and I hope you are able to update soon! ~writergirl8

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Review #47, by writergirl8Forbidden Regrets: Awkward

11th March 2010:
Oh my gosh, I loved this chapter! I can't believe Ron just blurted it out... oh, this is driving me absolutely up the wall! Please, please PLEASE update soon! ~writergirl8

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Review #48, by writergirl8I'm Not That Girl: I'm Not That Girl

6th March 2010:
Nicely done! I really hate the thought of Harry and Cho, so to get me to read a story from Cho's point of view is nearly impossible, but I love Wicked to death, so I read it anyway ;) I was also interested, because I wrote a similar story to this, except from Lavender's POV. I love Ron and Hermione (huge cannon freak, can you tell?) and so it was difficult to write a neutral story. It was nice to find another story like it. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that Cho kept on calling Ginny a slut. I don't think Ginny was notorious for being a slut at Hogwarts, and even in her anger I'm not sure Cho is the kind of girl that would talk about another girl that way, unless she actually was a slut. But it's your story, and your ideas, and I think you did a wonderful job with them :) ~writergirl8

Author's Response: Ha, awesome! Hmm, I may check that out. I love sympathetic Lav-Lav...

Hmm. I see what you mean, but I kind of have this idea that Cho would have made her out to be a slut, kind of? Either way, I'm glad you liked it. And thank you so, so much for reviewing! (:

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Review #49, by writergirl8After The Final Battle: After The Final Battle

7th February 2010:
That was the single most perfect story I have ever read about what happened after the battle. I can't even tell you how many times I jumped out of my chair and screamed with joy. I mean, honestly, I've never read a story like this. It was perfect. Perfect, perfect, perfect. Thank you so, so much for giving us HPFFers the pleasure of reading it :) ~writergirl8

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Review #50, by writergirl8Shattered: Home

7th February 2010:
This was absolutely beautiful writing. Really, I started to cry. Ron's words were what got me, they actually gave me shivers. Just one question, though... did she die? Or, no? I can't tell, even though I know I should be able to! ~hits self over head~ Thank you for sharing this gorgeous piece of writing with us! ~writergirl8

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