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Review #1, by I dare you Life, Love, & Berries: Serious Anger Issue Involvement with Potter boys and Quidditch

26th May 2011:
Oh my. I decided to come read this since I filled the chapter image request for you on TDA (I'm Idareyou, if you haven't guessed) >.< And I must say I enjoy your story! It's funny!! :)

Author's Response: of course i remember you!! :D i loved those chapter images you made me!! im so glad you decided to read my story, i always love reviews! The next chapter should be validating soonish :) thanks xxx

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Review #2, by I dare you The Right Catch: Not that Bad.

21st June 2009:
That was a good chapter to a great story.

Not bad at all, huh? I would think it wouldn't be bad for me, ever. :)

But seriously, I love how she's like grinning and bearing it because he's the only one to talk to, or she'd go insane from the silence.

Author's Response: Yeah. I think I might have been the same way. Thank you for the Amazing review. These make my day.

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Review #3, by I dare you All Hail The Heartbreaker: Congratulations, I heart you

3rd March 2009:
Awesome chapter! It was definitely worth the wait, as all of your chapters are. I can't wait to see what happens next!

PS: I LOVED the ending.

Author's Response: :D Awww thank you

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