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Review #1, by IntiLe Scorp!: This is the first chapter!

21st June 2011:
Have to say I wouldn't have read this, but then I heard this fair amazing narration of it, so was convinced. Brilliant story, well done lovely ^^

Author's Response: I would like for you to fly over me with a megaphone and narrate everything I do in my life.

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Review #2, by IntiThe Elusive T: The Luck of the Lost

29th January 2011:
Who's hilarious? MOLLY IS HILARIOUS! Man, you write this sort of thing so well, it's just brilliant. I don't even know properly what sort of genre it is, I mean, I guess it's rom-com but it's clever! And actually funny! I read it and I feel like writing to you and being like OMG MOLLY WE SHOULD TOTALLY WRITE A SCREENPLAY AND GET RICH TOGETHER!

Think I told you this already, but these lines were by far my favourite:

"You knock with much more zest than I do."

"I knock with zest?"

"Yes! You knock with zest and all the authority of Merlin!"

Just... awesome.

You know I loved the Rose bashing, because, well, it's Rose bashing. And hilarious Rose bashing at that. I really, really want to know who T is now. Originally thought it was Teddy, but he's so cute with Victoire that I don't want it to be him. Lucy to hex Rose in the next chapter please and thank you?


Author's Response: That first paragraph? Made me feel like a baby because that's how I talk to babies. IN ALL CAPS.

But seriously, we should write a screenplay together and make tons of money on our wit and awesome taste in just about everything.

Hahaha, it seems as though you, me, and Rachel are the staunchest supports of Rose bashing. I'm sorry, but I can't like her unless I put an effort into it. It's so much easier and so much more fun to hate her. She's just such an easy target.

There WILL be a girl fight in the next chapter, but it's mainly going to be Lucy insulting Rose and Rose continuously bringing up Scorpius because she's still hung up on him for some unknown reason.

Glad you enjoyed it! :D

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Review #3, by IntiBathing in Roses: The Idiocy of the Time

24th January 2011:
Man, Celeste, I somehow always manage to forget just how good you really are. Really, REALLY good is how good - just on the off chance you were wondering.

While I could go on and on and on about every single little thing I love about this, there is one aspect that properly stands out. It's just so clever. So endlessly self-referential and poking fun, not only at itself but NextGen fanfic in its entirety. That rant almost deserves a review of its own! Love that you put them in Hufflepuff, such a thoroughly useless house :P I think Gina mentioned it already, but you really do use lampshading spectacularly well, it's hilarious!

Just clever, clever, clever. And funny! I don't think I've mentioned that enough, because it really truly is. Ditch the angst and come over to the fun side of life I think. Outstanding comeback lovely XD

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Review #4, by IntiPartners in Crime: The Detectives

10th January 2011:
Susan this is just brilliant. It's so dry and snarky and unforced. The narrative is super strong, you paint a scene better than just about anyone I think of.

The Albus and Scorpius interaction is a lot, a lot of fun. It's just so... again, I want to say snarky :P Get the feeling that Al actually does quite like him, despite giving him all the bad jobs and everything. Also love how Scorpius really doesn't seem to see himself as sidekick material, genuinely bewildered as to why Al is treating him like that.

I won't keep squeeing, I'm sure you're getting bored of it already. I really do love this though, hope you get some more up soon!

Author's Response: Wow, Jack, this is a brilliant compliment, and I really appreciate it! It's great that this story finally captures that kind of humour I've been seeking for ages - it just had to take a first-person male perspective, I guess. :P

Al is an interesting character because he's serious, snarky, and off in his own little world of film noir detectives and spy stories. XD He really wants to be the detective in one of those stories and that means needing a sidekick, even if it has to be Malfoy. Al's got his own issues. :P

Thanks very much for reading and reviewing! I'm so pleased that you're enjoying the story so far! ^_^

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Review #5, by IntiOff-Kilter: unsupportive as

7th January 2011:
Gubby! Clearly you're some sort of genius. Just so that's out of the way and I don't have to keep repeating it.

Thing thing about unhealthy relationships (Oliver/Gemma JUST FOR EXAMPLE) is that they really are the hottest, and have proved to be for thousands of years. With that said, am all about the Oliver/Corinna. GAHH keep spelling Corinna with a double 'r' then have to run back and fix it. Driving me insane.

Anyway, this really is a fabulous story. It's just a bit cracky, but not completely and utterly insane. Just a little, as it were, off-kilter. Lovely first couple of chapters, can't wait to see where you take it next!

Author's Response: Jack, you're obviously some sort of maniac. Just saying.

As I said to Gina in her review for this chapter, I have a weakness for adorable (Gemma) but can't resist cynicism (Corinna). Both relationships are startlingly unhealthy, a little hot (just a little), and I can't decide. So, you know, we'll see. Someday. And I'm sorry about the spelling! (Pronunciation is co-RIN-a, in case anyone was curious.)

You know, this fic wasn't completely cracky until much later! At this point it's just insane. And, indeed, a little bit off-kilter. Thanks for reviewing, as always!

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Review #6, by IntiJust Rose: Let Them Eat Cake

5th January 2011:
Am so very, very glad you listened to me and not Rachel. Clearly more important to get this sort of thing out into the world than sitting on it for no good reason.

Anyway, I love this. It might sound strange, but I think you write the English better than just about anyone. Molly is hilariously smug, Scorpius is completely awful, Victoire is stunning and French, Teddy is Teddy and Rose is the very definition of unfulfilled potential.

Thought it was interesting that there were no Potters around? Always find it interesting how different people write the family dynamics. That's about all I've got really, still very glad you decided to post this! Oh, and can't waitt for it to get all bannered up!

Author's Response: -love- this is all your fault :P Rachel will never speak to me again and -sobs- ... never mind. thank you for this LOVELY review. I tend not to like either Albus or James, but also there are so many family members that to get them all into the first chapter would have been a challenge. They shall crop up later, no doubt.


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Review #7, by IntiThe Lonely Hearts Club: Ask

27th July 2010:
Daphne I love her so! Awful taste in men aside, I mean McLaggen, really? Although 'six inch heels' -dies-
ALSO ALSO ALSO 'the look on her face caused Padma's breath to catch. Daphne's eyes were chips of blue fire and her full lips set in a thin hard line.' -REALLY DIES-
She's definitely my favourite so far. Pretty sure you couldn't have written her more for me if you'd tried.

Still not convinced by Theo, no matter what you and the massed fangirls say. He's not particularly nice and isn't really charming or funny. I'll just call it one of those twisty angst redemption girl things and ignore it :P

Lisa is lovely in a naw you poor thing kind of way! Do love how Padma has taken her under her wing. Going to be all kinds of fun.

Love the little details you throw around, like: "Susan doesn't drink," Padma said flatly. "Not since the Ernest McMillan Incident in sixth year."
Poor Susan! Think that would turn most anyone off drinking.

Okay am being all rambly and stuff, in my defence it's really quite early and I should be skipping off to uni soon. So lastly, what you're doing really, really well is balancing all these characters in terms of story telling. Pulling the other girls in around Padma. Like with Lisa this chapter, where she's the other central figure with Daph and Susan on the sidelines. Does that make sense?

Anyway, I LOVED it and just a little bit squeeing that I got the dedication xD

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Review #8, by IntiAfter Hours: Result!

24th July 2010:
Okay, this is going to be a tiny little review because am utterly exhausted and barely staying awake. Was, in fact, about to go to sleep BUT THEN YOU UPDATED! I actually think this is my favourite of your stories, even if I technically don't approve of Victoire ending up with an accountant :P

Basically, Gorgeous/Lucy is the cutest ship since Melanie's Nick/George and that's like the cutest ship EVER. They're just so completely lovely. I actually don't want you to split them up at all, I love the dynamic. Slightly posh, flighty Lucy and humble, if very pretty, Gorgeous.

You've had me wondering about Lily/Toby and future dealings and Teddy and stuff. That would be properly controversial if you put them together :P I WANT TO KNOW ALREADY!

I actually find your cast lists really interesting, if only because I see your characters quite differently, but then when I think about who you see them as I completely get that as well.

Anyway, about to die here, I'll be talking about this soon, don't you worry. Fabulous chapter, and thanks for updating!

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Review #9, by IntiBric--Brac: ONE

21st July 2010:
Kalinaa! Am super tired and incoherent and so in not much of a place to review this. BUT, just thought I'd quickly pop by and say this is brilliant. Thanks for linking me, most DEFINITELY a triumphant return to form. Hopefully you'll be around a bit more often? Really truly want to see more of this. Amazingness start!

Author's Response: Jackolantern! You know it always makes me so happy when you leave me reviews. :) I'm so glad you liked this! A triumphant return to form -- haha! I'm working on that. Hopefully I won't be too out of shape as I work through updates. Thank you so much for the review; I'm thrilled you liked the story.

XOXO, Kalina.

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Review #10, by IntiFleur de Lys: Cest la vie

21st July 2010:
I haven't read anything of yours for like a BILLION years, so when I saw you'd written a Bill/Fleur, just couldn't resist! And it is completely, completely lovely - just gorgeous.

Fleur is written fantastically well. She's more a Clemence!Fleur than the Veela!Fleur of canon, if that makes any sense? It really grounds her as a character, makes her much more human and approachable.

Bill is... Bill. He's great! Just so easy-going and effortlessly cool. I'm guessing they don't recognise each other for a reason. Maybe he cut his hair, time, all sorts of things. Pretty sure he would remember her anyway :P

Gabrielle is hilaro! She's like this little kid running around playing grown-ups. Imagine being Fleur having to deal with a sister like that!

Really, I just love this. It's so cute and light and fluffy and pretty and I just want to squish it. Realise you've only just updated, but more please and thank you? xD

Author's Response: Aw, well then I'm really glad that you read this and liked it. I'd been toying with the idea of this story for awhile and I finally decided to post it.

I'm really glad that you like her. And, yeah, that makes total sense because I always associate Fleur with Clemence. I thought that in the fourth book she was really haughty and I didn't want to write a character like that, but she does sort of evolve in the seventh book.

I haven't really gotten to him yet, but I'm excited. I'm glad that you like him so far. Yeah, a couple of people have asked me about why they don't recognize each other. Well, Fleur doesn't recognize him, but Bill does recognize her, as he'll mention in future chapters. I haven't forgotten that part of the fourth book where Fleur is eyeing him.

I really loved writing her! It's funny you should say that because I took inspiration for Gabrielle from my younger sister. Gabrielle going through Fleur's closet and nudging her when she sees a good-looking guy is so my sister.

I'm really happy that you love this because I love writing it. I will try to update as soon as possible! Thank you so much for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #11, by IntiAfter Hours: Happily Undefined

20th July 2010:

Okay, first things first. Toby weirds me out slightly? I think it's what Lily says, no one can be that perfect. And just so we don't get confused with it being a guy thing or whatever, I'd be weirded out if it was a girl as well. I don't knowww, maybe it's the flaws in a person's character that let us attach ourselves to them? Too perfect and you just bounce off the perfection? Fear I'm not explaining myself very well, guess I'm just trying to say I completely get why Lily is a bit weirded out by it.

Now Lily. She is an absolute angel! So very, very different from fanon Lily II. No hysterics and rage and violence and flashing eyes, which you know I love :P She's just gorgeous and happy and cute and a teacher and lovely! It's really quite unusual to read, but I wish it wasn't because the perfection of it all is just love!

Possible that the little Lily/Toby world is just too perfect and destined to come crumpling down? Although that would be a terribly superangst story that I'm pretty sure this isn't. So I'll just shut up with all my doom and gloom predictions.

I really, really like how you're balancing the story so far. It can't be easy balancing so many characters, but you're doing wonderfully. Perfect, if very basic example, is how you gave Lily (and with her, Toby) the entire first half of the chapter. Then kept Lily in the second half as a peripheral figure, drawing out and establishing Rose and Molly as characters and also showing the grounds for their friendship perfectly.

It's just really good, really clever, really inventive writing! I can't wait to see more, so please give us an update soon.

Author's Response: Jack approves of my Lily! Yus! I am so glad to have you go signal on her since you're such a Lily-file yourself. And haha, I'm glad to have planted the seed of Toby doubt in you. But we've talked about this and thus won't explain you little rain cloud of doom. Thanks for reviewing Jack! Love you to bits!

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Review #12, by IntiDistinctly Disenchanted: Chapter One

7th July 2010:
FIRST FIRST FIRST! (I better be anyway)

Seeing as I've already been over this with you, not entirely sure what else is left!
This is actually one of the single most brilliant ideas seen on HPFF, like, ever. And that it's Lily/James makes it SO MUCH better. Love Sirius the dog, although not sure if you want us all to know that yet :P
Characterisations are spot on, just perfect. James especially as the obnoxious boy who just can't help himself. You can see what he's trying to do, but just takes it way, way too far. Talking about the whole book thing of course.

Umm that's all I've got for the moment, post the next chapter soon please? I just LOVE IT!


PAH! It's hardly among the single most brilliant ideas on HPFF. And NO! You're not supposed to know that Sirius is a dog, though I think it's pretty obvious :P

Glad you liked the characters and, you know, the story in general. Shall update in about a week or two? I dunno. Maybe sooner, maybe longer. Depends on my mood.


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Review #13, by IntiA Tale of Felix Felicis: Of Epiphanies, Smiles and Master Plans

6th July 2010:
Man, this is WAY better with the italics! It just adds a whole extra degree of extremity and awesomeness to the caps.
You know what I think of this, it's just pure 100% L/J amazingness xD

Loved how you managed to tie it all together actually. The way all the bad was actually leading to the good, and that Sirius is actually like the biggest sneaker EVER. Lily's smiles was definitely for James, but also a bit for getting her violent on. Because it wouldn't be L/J fluff if she didn't enjoy it.

Anyway, congratulations on finishing lovely, thanks so much for writing it - really is one of my favourites!

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Review #14, by IntiIn Which There Is No You or I: Three

1st July 2010:
Wahey it's Charlie right? Charlie, with Bill telling him about the amulets. Well, I rather think that's what it is - although I wouldn't be entirely surprised if you were pulling something majorly sneaker and it was Gideon and Fabian. I think I'll stick with Charlie and Bill though :P

Anyway, fantastic story so far! I've always loved the idea that a lot of those ancient civilisations having magic - the Egyptians, Incans, Chinese whatever whatever. Didn't really have much of a point with that, save to say this is pretty much awesome!

I like Hestia so far, I like her snark. I like how into her work she is, and how good at it she is as well. I like the redhead boy as well, he's just that right mixture of bumbling and well intentioned and not really knowing when to stop. Very Weasley.

Great start, shall be much fun to read on with further chapters ^^

Author's Response: Oo, you're making me want to be very evil and have it be the Prewett brothers. But I shant, because it is very definitely Charlie and he has a hard time knowing when to stop and how to see the negative side to a situation.

I KNOW. Isn't it a cool thought that those civilizations might of had magic as well? I can't imagine it was just confined to Britain and it had to come from somewhere! It is one of my favorite ideas about the magical world.

I find it a little funny that so many people like and sympathize with Hestia when what she did is so taboo. And her job is something I wish I could be doing myself! All that research would be so cool!

Thanks and I'm happy you enjoyed this!


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Review #15, by IntiEpiphany: Of Wondering and Watching

29th June 2010:
Zinny! YOU KILLED HIM OFF! Okay, so that was kind of my first thought, but then somewhere along the line I had the feeling that this was going to be while he was at Azkaban, but then HE'S DEAD!

This was so, so worth the wait. It's even better than the first chapter and I really, really loved the first chapter. See how I'm going all repetition and caps on you?

The description is just impeccable. What I love is how you've built Epiphany into this magical, perfect, utopia - yet there's almost an undercurrent of darkness there? I mean, Ruby's snark is hilarious but she's not a happy person is she?
I'm finding it quite hard to explain myself properly here.

I know this isn't the longest review, and it's certainly not the best - only trouble is I don't know how many more ways I can find to keep saying how much I love it. And so one last time:

Zinny, you genius, I LOVE IT.

Author's Response: Jack!

That I did - it was difficult too, as he is my favorite character and I would like nothing more than to have him frolicking around in a field of daisies with the Marauders and Lily (♥) having the time of his life, but if I wrote that I would probably keel over from the fluff-intake.

I'm just going to say thank you, thank you, thank you ♥ I was absolutely terrified about this chapter, so I'm thrilled you liked it!

I'm practically bouncing up and down with happiness! Yes, you're exactly right! I was really hoping that it would become apparent - there's something dark about Epiphany, if you look past the picturesque landscapes and beautiful people. Ruby's built up this seemingly impenetrable wall around herself because she isn't happy at all - Epiphany is by no means a perfect place, and Sirius is going to have to come to realize that!

GAH. JACK. You're making me give it all away even before the third chapter, you! Sh!

Anywho, thank you so very much for all the support and for leaving this completely lovely review! :)

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Review #16, by IntiFields of Gold: the jealous sun

27th June 2010:
I WAS GOING TO SAY IS THIS STING? And then I saw your A/N which kind of stole my awesome guess work away :P

I honestly don't know how you manage this kind of piece, it's just so gloriously melty and perfect and light and sunny and then you realise it's L/J and they're about to die and then it's just SO SADFACE.

At it's best Lily/James is spectacularly bittersweet, without the awful bitterness sinking in until you sought of recover from the amazing sweetness sort of goes away. Well, to me anyway :P Anyway, the whole point of that was to say I really do think you do this better than anyone.

Really truly one of the great L/J writers - as always, I can't tell you how much I loved it!

Author's Response: OMG!

You totally got the gist of the story - it was their last moments together! GO JACK! ONE HUNDRED POINTS FOR YOU!

Anyway, thank you thank you thank you for your insanely complimentary review. I don't deserve half of it, but still, it's nice to see every once in a while. :P

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Review #17, by IntiConventional Wisdom: Three Months Later

21st June 2010:

You are an absolute superstar Molly. Now, short story covering those three months yes?

Author's Response: OH SNAP! I TOTES MAGOTES FORGOT. I shall edit it in when I stop being lazy.

And no! There shall be no in-between short story. WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TEMPT ME?!

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Review #18, by IntiThe Lonely Hearts Club: Bad Poetry

14th June 2010:
Ooh whimsy is a lovely word. Best you keep going with it I think xD

Am impressed with your cast I must say, two redheads out of five is always a good start! Although did think Gemma Arterton was going to be Lisa - not Susan, but obviously works this way just fine!

Padma is a lovely character. Seems as though she's very much the mother of the group, with an issue or two of her own to keep her interesting.

I'm not sure I like Nott, in fact, I'm pretty sure I don't. Seems narcissistic, pompous and yet strangely bitter. Maybe it's just the whole Pureblood thing, or maybe it's the whole wallowing in self-pity. Oh I don't knoww.

Daphne however is love. Partly because she reminds me of the sort of character I write far too often, and partly because she's just gorgeously twisty. Despite the clearly appalling taste in men, that whole idea of heading down that slippery slope is just fun fun fun.
She's just the right amounts of snarky, whimsical and plain uncaring.

Last thought type things. This: I wish I owned Portree, they're the best team the league has seen for some years now. If I could convince Collette or Gina to jump broom I'd die happy

is impressively sneaker. Made I laugh!

Now, next chapter with some Lisa Turpin soon?

Author's Response: whimsy IS a lovely word I should use more and I SUPPOSE since you asked nicely I won;t just give this up completely :P

Cast was lots of fun to make, and while I adore Rita's banner to pieces, the girls came out a little bit different than expected. Bryce, who was Susan, was more sex kitten than I expected, Romola/Daph more wistful and Gemma more vivacious, so I swapped around characters because it's such early days with this story I could still do it.

Padma is heaps of fun to write - actually, they all are, and they all are basket cases, but normality is just dull.

LOL I actually love that you don't like Nott. He's meant to be a mixed bag, and the universal love from the females he's gathered, though lovely (have to stop using that word!!) isn't quite what I intended. I think we've chatted before about how girls in ff tend to write overly masculine characters, Theo is meant to be the pretentious, in touch with his feelings type who my male friends have theatened to punch if I ever go out with :o

Actually Daphne DOES remind me of your Insane!Gorgeous!Girl a bit, and she is so twisty and I am going to exploit that shamelessly.

Bahaha I was wondering who would pick up on that, could not resist sneaking that in.

Next chapter is being written! Thanks for the review m'dear, muchly appreciated!

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Review #19, by IntiThe Lonely Hearts Club: An Ocean Apart

10th June 2010:
Jo! Cleverest and freshest and most stylish (and did I say freshest?) story I've seen for ages! To be fair I haven't been doing much reading lately but still. I was going to use another exclamation mark then, but decided that three sentences in a row would be excessive.

It's stories like this that remind me just how brilliant fanfiction can be. You've taken some of the most minorly minor character, taken the outside aspects of the world, and completely brought it to life.

Loved Susan as a psych - influenced by Jane and Viktor possibly?

Ummity umm, I could keep going and say lovely things about every single character and every aspect of your style. Won't, however, as should at least pretend to be studying for exam tomorrow.
Was however far too good not to review, so... done. Loved it to pieces.

Author's Response: Shoo! Go and study! :P

Anyhoo, despite the STUVAC inspired delirium that has you babbling, this is muchly appreciated review! This story is silly and girly and just so much fun to write that it's a relief to hear it's coming across as fresh rather than brain cell killing.

You are MUCH too kind, but I know what you mean - I haven't been reading much either, but it does seem like a lot of stories, spesh outside TGS have got stuck into this rut of samey-ness - 7th yr Hogwarts with parties and drugs and teen pregancies etc. I wouldn't have gone that particular route, but I never would have tried humour/fluff without TGS ♥

This is def influenced by VK:SG? but more me poking fun at myself (psych major, remember) and the way relationships turn me, and presumably/hopefully everyone else from normal, well adjusted types to stalking scream crying lunatics!

Thanks for lovely lovely review! Means a lot coming from such a luminous personage as yourself and all :P

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Review #20, by IntiTake A Chance On Me: Take A Chance On Me

24th April 2010:
Susan, Susan, Susan! Just stopping by to say, once again, that you really are a genius. Have to say the kiss was my favourite part. The moment, the build up and the reaction were absolutely hilaro. Thought it was probably the most 'me' part of the story as well, that whole idea of the girl being the one in control, or at least knowing what's going on.

Anyway, I loved it! Gives a whole new layer to Winner Takes All. Hope this doesn't end up ruining your writing completely, gets addictive you know :P

Author's Response: Ooooh Jack! It means so much to hear you say so! Your style is insanely difficult to try and duplicate, so that you think I got it, especially at that moment in the story, is awesome. :D Haha, she does get the better of him throughout, and that made it more fun to write.

I wouldn't mind it "ruining" my style at all. It was refreshing to use short forms and write something funny for once, instead of wallowing in angst or drama. :P I really should write more light/humourous stuff.

Thanks for reading and reviewing, Jack! It was fantastic to be paired up with you for this challenge. ^_^

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Review #21, by IntiFrom Roxy, with love: License to Apparate

14th April 2010:
I loved it until "Lily keeps an eye on the old pureblood families for us, her husband Scorpius none the wiser" at which point I went all rage face, and then decided I loved it anyway XD

Am supposed to be writing an essay now, but just had to quickly pop in to say fantastic start! It's lovely and cute and girl-powery to the max. Update soon yes?

Author's Response: Mwhahah I can't tell you how much I giggled at the image of you 'all rage face' :P We've discussed some of the potential of LilyScor . . haven't quite definitely decided, but there MAY be blood

Anyhoo thankyou MUCHLY for the gorgeous review. Fluff, happiness etc not at all my forte so hearing that it didn't make you cringe or cry is always good! This is pretty much pure chick lit: a fun little romp through spy gadgets and shenanigans with strong/mad female characters.

Procrastination endorsed in every shape and form and will almost definitely be involved in an update sometime in the next few weeks :)

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Review #22, by IntiMemories of Roses: Memories of Roses

5th April 2010:
Hey! I'm so sorry it took me this long to come and review, but at least I'm here now right?

I loved this. Such a clever, clever idea.

Honestly have to fly off right now, so can't really leave a proper review or anything - just wanted to say this was a fantastic one-shot.

Thanks so much for entering the challenge, really do hope you had fun with it!

Author's Response: Hehe, it's okay. Just think about how long it took me to respond!

Thanks so much (for reviewing, reading, issuing the challenge). It actually wasn't my original idea, but this one was easier to write. I might finish the other one though, eventually. Just as an addition.

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Review #23, by IntiThe Touch of Someone New: Sink Like a Stone

5th April 2010:
Susan, am not going to squee about this forever, as am going to attempt to copy this for the Style Exchange Challenge, and am now officially terrified. Seriously, you're just brilliant, and that's all I really have to say on the matter.

-Goes and hides in a corner- :P

Author's Response: Poor Jack! This may be one of the hardest ones to mimic as it's pretty strange in style, not to mention complex with all those layered images, but I wish you luck! It'll be great to see what you come up with for it. It is one of my favourite stories (that I've written), and hearing that you like it means a lot. ^_^

Thank you for the compliment - I send it right back at you. ;)

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Review #24, by IntiThe Colour Blue: Blue Beauty

5th April 2010:
Melissa! Am here to review, seeing as what how this was my challenge and I said I would and all.

Seriously, I loved it. For all you said it was spontaneous and unplanned, it's fantastic. My favourite part is probably a little out there, but I just adored that she was called Maggie.
You built her up as this soft, angelic, etherial, cherubic piece of perfection, then she has a name like Maggie. Not a bad name or anything at all, just in such contrast to how Lysander describes her. It's perfect really.

The start and end are both utterly love. So bittersweet and twisty and sad. Such an interesting way to use the blue, although mildly disappointed not to have a few-thousand words squeeing over the scarves :P

Thanks so much for entering the challenge, I really do hope you had fun with it!

Author's Response: Jack!! Thanks so much!

I am glad that you liked this... I know you and angsty fics, so I was a bit hesitant. But I had no control over how this fic turned out. once it was finished, I decided that it was a story about the cycle of pretty people.

I love your description of Maggie. It is spot on to Lysander's vision of her. Cherubic is probably the best word.

yayyay! The start and end were a product of complete spontenaity so it's wonderful to hear that they worked out. In my defence, I did mention the scarves... :-P I just couldn't very well have Lysander hot and worked up about a silly thing like scarves.

This was a very fun challenge!! Thanks for reviewing, Jack. :)


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Review #25, by IntiThe Elusive T: The Affair of Affairs

24th February 2010:
We're paying 'death sticks' as a Star Wars reference right? Please say yes! Either way, loving this to pieces and all sorts of glad it wasn't Teddy. Victoire with strawberry blonde hair = all sorts of win. I'm feeling concise this morning XD

Author's Response: YES! FINALLY! Someone gets the damned reference. I was very disappointed that no one had caught it up until this point. You make me so proud, Jack.

Yeah, as much as I love Teddy, I'm getting a little sick of writing him so much. Nice break, and I adore the idea of Victoire with strawberry blonde hair as well. It just seems fitting, you know?

I am glad for your conciseness. Au revoir!

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