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Review #1, by MaaikeChaos: Three Little Words can fix everything. Or they can screw it up.

26th January 2009:
“They do when they really really screwed up,” said Malfoy “I hurt you and I'm sorry.”
this is my favourite, because he shows that he is sorry. and yes, Malfoys never apologize.. ;)
I think the only way that he can fix it is to say to Archane that he loves her..?
and maybe a romantic evening? :-P
Great chapter btw!

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Review #2, by MaaikeWhat If.: Raindrops

12th January 2009:
you're probably the best writer I've seen here.
you write like it's a passion. You make things come to life with your work.

Author's Response: Thanks so much for the review... It truly means a lot to me, and like i said its a great inspiration for me to write. I'm loving the compliments your throwing out here, but i can vouch for myself by saying that i am far from being the most talented writer on the site. I'm glad, though, that you find things coming to life with my work. I strive for a realism when i write and i'm glad that it came through for you. And i'm also ecstatic that you can feel the passion i have to write because that is completely the reason i post here: its so i can find people who truly appreciate my writing. So, thank you once again for the review. I'm hoping you will continue to read and review. The next post may take a little while longer but will hopefully be up before february!!

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Review #3, by MaaikeChaos: a Very Merry Christmas indeed

1st January 2009:
and a happy new year for you too!
I liked this chapter again, I really wanted to continue reading!
Keep up the good work.

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Review #4, by MaaikeChaos: Bite Me

16th December 2008:
wow! really love this chapter!
and her brothers, hilarious!
update soon and you'll spread my christmas cheer :-P!

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Review #5, by MaaikeChaos: Enlightenment

15th December 2008:
nice job, again!
and who can resist Malfoy? ;-)

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Review #6, by MaaikeChaos: From Two to None

11th December 2008:
AAARGH I'm going mad here.
there is so much sexual things going on between them!
When are they going to get back together?!
please update soon, can't wait!

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Review #7, by MaaikeChaos: Truth, Lies and Forgivness

9th December 2008:
yay! love it,
but I still prefer Chaos with Draco of course.
continue writing this good!

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Review #8, by MaaikeDraco Malfoy and the Pursuit of Glory: Before Departing

8th December 2008:
good story!
continue soon!

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Review #9, by MaaikeNew Life: Chapter 3

7th December 2008:
I love it! Please update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you
I will
Halfway through chapter 4 as i type


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Review #10, by MaaikeChaos: Who doesn't love the Astronomy Tower?

7th December 2008:
love it, again.
good structured, nice conversations, nice talks from Draco;)

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Review #11, by MaaikeChaos: Sexual Innuendos and Rugby Tackles.

3rd December 2008:
Really, love it again!
Keep continuing the good work!
I look every day if you've updated something;)

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