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Review #1, by angel_firePretty Girl: I might not make much sense...

5th August 2009:
before i start on how much i enjoyed this chapter etc (because i did) can i just say 1 thing: that little rant about the British was actually pretty offensive. i don't know if that's just the character's opinion or yours, but we don't say bloody all the time and 'actual' football is only that in america.
so in case you hadn't guessed, i wasn't too impressed with that bit, but apart from that this was a really good chapter. i thought the thing with sirius was really funny and i think Piper is a really good character with her stir-y ways!
so sorry i had a bit of a go at you but i hope you aren't really offended or anything because it wasn't a dig at your writing, just letting you know what i thought.

Author's Response: Yeah. I really felt bad when I wrote that, but Celia... Well, look at it from her point of view. She's been uprooted from Virgina, USA to Hogwarts, UK. No one EVER says "bloody" here unless they're imitating a Brit, and, to be honest, it took me three years of reading British novels (which I actually really like) to figure out that when they said "football", they weren't talking men in Spandex and shoulder pads. :sheepish grin:

I've actually been considering rewriting that sequence, just because it seems a little out of character for who Celia is, but nothing's coming. So it's staying as is till Celia can tell me how to rewrite that bit.

Thanks for the input!

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Review #2, by angel_fireThese Little Games: Prologue

14th July 2009:
whathappenswhathappenswhathappens!?!?! lol, you officially have one addicted reader. congratulations =]
if i had to pick one bad thing, i didn't really get the end bit when she found the body, i didn't even realise she'd been killed but i was scanning it quickly so i probably missed something important!
update asap, xx

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! No worries, I just started writing the next chapter, so I'll be sending it out in a few days. The only thing that will probably be a hold-up is the fact that it needs to wait in the queue. I'm so glad you're addicting; that makes me smile. =D

And about the end bit... this is from Keira's point of view, so we don't actually see Rose being murdered. We just see whatever Keira sees. I'm really glad you like the story so far!


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Review #3, by angel_fireAs Clichéd as It Sounds...: Athena's Tribulations

10th July 2009:
hi =]
i was just browsing through the recent updates and came across this story (nice banner btw) and i really like it. it's kinda confusing, but that isn't a critisism because it's a really nice change from all the boy-meets-girl stories out there!
i feel so sorry for athena, and i wish the boys woul make up all their minds! god . . .
update soon xx

Author's Response: Hello! :D
Yay, another person found my story! And likes the banner? Cool! My head is inflating again. (cough)
How is it confusing? I\\\'d really like to know, just for the opportunity to fix and edit it to make it better... I wouldn\\\'t mind it even if it was criticism. I need some of that... (exhibit A - oversized cranium)
I\\\'m glad you find it different from most other stories! I really love comments like that, because that\\\'s what my goal was. I have been trying all along to write a story using old, worn out cliches and twisted them to make them into something semi unique and likeable. I mean, cliches have to be good plot lines because people use and love them (deep down) so much! I think without them it would be rather difficult to have a plot at all, whereas I am rolling in plot ideas. I can\\\'t seem to fit them all in!
I feel so bad for her, too. *sigh* And the boys! Threy are just insane, arn\\\'t they? lol.
I will be updating as soon as I get a chance! Thanks for taking the time to read and review! :)

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Review #4, by angel_fireLove Story: Love Story - Taylor Swift

6th April 2009:
awww this sweet! is there going to be another chapter or is it finished? xx

Author's Response: Tis finished m'dear
I shall change the status, it is a one shot
:D thanks for the comment!

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