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Review #26, by HarrietHopkirkAftermath: Blue Star

7th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014

Blue! Blue blue blue! Blue metaphors! I love it! Lovely blue!

I'm always a little scared to use colour metaphors for fear of sounding flowery, but you have pulled it off spectacularly! I love the contrast between Victoire and Cara, the star and the sea, bright and beautiful. It's really well done.

You've described them differently, but also the same. They are both blue - a colour I automatically associate with Bill and Fleur, Tinworth, Shell Cottage etc - but different types of blue and how you portrayed them is beautiful. I can't help but compare to my own TedVic story, although everything in that is more violent and vicious (playing on werewolf and Veela blood and monsters etc.), I compared black and white. Nowhere near as good as this, though! I bow down to you!


Well done, well done, WELL DONE!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thank you for this wonderful review. Unfortunately due to the nature of this fic, I am unable to properly respond to the amount of reviews I have without reliving some emotional moments. However please know that I have read this and it means so much to me that you left this wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #27, by HarrietHopkirkAftermath: One Year

7th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014

I love how you repeat the same minute details, details that remind Teddy of Victoire: pancakes, the piano etc. and when you're grieving, you would dwell on the little things, which makes your depiction all the more realistic. They will stay with me too, after I finish reading. That's testament to your writing.

It's cute that the Wotters are binding together to cope with Victoire and everything that happened. It's also nice that Teddy is coming to the realization that his suffering will not change anything, that his discomfort is just an extra kind of pain, something that Victoire would not have wanted.

Itís been one year and I can still see you in this house. Itís been twelve months and I can still hear the memory of your voice. Itís been three hundred and sixty five days and I can still feel the ghost of your hand in mine. But now it is my time to start living again. You have such a way with words!

I can't help but cheer for Teddy - while obviously I'm sad for Victoire dying, Teddy moving on is very important and I say well done him. And well done to you too, for writing such a great story.

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thank you for this wonderful review. Unfortunately due to the nature of this fic, I am unable to properly respond to the amount of reviews I have without reliving some emotional moments. However please know that I have read this and it means so much to me that you left this wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #28, by HarrietHopkirkAftermath: Selfish Man

7th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014

You are ridiculous! This is so good! Even though there is very little action in this chapter, you still manage to convey lots of thought and emotion in your writing, without it being too flowery or pretentious or overlong. Sad as the story content is, I really enjoy reading it.

Your use of flashbacks is subtle, and reminds us of how in love the two of them were and how happy. The theme park was so cute! The foreshadowing (?) was good as well - I suppose now that you were telling me something that I couldnít piece together until now.

Clearly, Teddy is thinking of the happier times, as Dominique instructed, but keeps finding faults in them, little hints that he focuses so he no longer deems them 'happy'. This is reflected in your superb writing - the tone becomes more bitter, and for the first time, Teddy's thoughts become darker and the imagery more vicious and violent. It works. Well done.

Next chapter!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thank you for this wonderful review. Unfortunately due to the nature of this fic, I am unable to properly respond to the amount of reviews I have without reliving some emotional moments. However please know that I have read this and it means so much to me that you left this wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #29, by HarrietHopkirkAftermath: Mournful Song

7th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014

I long to hear the sounds the piano made when your little fingers danced across the keys, the black and the white becoming less instrumental pieces and more extensions of your soul, singing to me once more. This writing is just beautiful, and it fits perfectly with the tone of the piece. Piano music has always been associated with the melancholy for me - I don't really know why, maybe it's the black and white aspect, the grandness of it. It's also an outlet for Teddy - that his grief and sadness can be turned into this music, something that still connect him to Victoire.

And his playing makes Dominique think that Victoire is back and u make me cry everytime.

I love how Teddy searches for pieces, aspects of Victoire everywhere. In Dominique, especially - obviously they will look similar being sisters, and your closing remarks address that. It is so clever that you think of these little things that succinctly sum up how difficult grief is for Teddy - how he can't have Dominique in the house because she reminds him for Victoire.

And poor Fleur! I can just imagine her baking, throwing herself into meaningless tasks so she can distract herself. This little details make the chapter.

And on I go! Well done, again.

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thank you for this wonderful review. Unfortunately due to the nature of this fic, I am unable to properly respond to the amount of reviews I have without reliving some emotional moments. However please know that I have read this and it means so much to me that you left this wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #30, by HarrietHopkirkAftermath: Empty House

7th July 2014:
House Cup Review 2014

Good lord! This is so sad - again that's a credit your writing. You write so simply, but it works so well. Teddy's actions and reactions are beautifully described, and they seem so tender and sad. They also describe Victoire and her life, to an extent, and again that's attributed to your writing that you can successfully describe someone who is no longer there with such delicacy.

Obviously the photographs attribute to this - they're personal memories of Victoire and Teddy - but your writing makes Teddy's reaction to them all the more heartbreaking. If I had lost a loved them, I would either spend hours trawling through their photos, or would avoid them completely. His reaction is completely believable and I commend you for that.

I don't know if I want to carry on! This story seems so sad! I cry. I weep. The little baby room and Teddy alone it in - you create these images which will no doubt stay with me.

Also - just a little typo 'scared' where I think it should be 'scarred'.

Your writing is worth it - see you at the next chapter!

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thank you for this wonderful review. Unfortunately due to the nature of this fic, I am unable to properly respond to the amount of reviews I have without reliving some emotional moments. However please know that I have read this and it means so much to me that you left this wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #31, by HarrietHopkirkAftermath: All The Things

7th July 2014:
House Cup 2014 Review

Hello there! I'm a sucker for Teddy and Victoire stories, having written one of my own, and it turns out I'm a sucker for this particular TedVic already, after only one chapter. Seriously, this almost reads like poetry - the repetition, the words, everything.

The rhythm and the tone work together, and I like how you've set up the relationship between the two of them. They love each other, definitely, but they are also best friends (that's my interpretation, but then again I might also be wrong, as it's only one chapter in!). That's credit to the concise nature of your writing, how you can get emotions and feelings across naturally, without making grand, sweeping statements that may seem out of place.

And then the ending! Wasn't expecting that particularly, but was definitely expecting a twist! You didn't even give us any warning, as the tone and the anecdotal snippets remained relatively positive and loving even towards the end. BUT THEN IT CHANGED AND HE (TEDDY?) SOUNDED BITTER!

I'm excited to read on.

Author's Response: Hiya!

Thank you for this wonderful review. Unfortunately due to the nature of this fic, I am unable to properly respond to the amount of reviews I have without reliving some emotional moments. However please know that I have read this and it means so much to me that you left this wonderful review!

Lo :)

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Review #32, by HarrietHopkirkKnight Takes Queen: Rook

5th July 2014:
I really like this! And it's in support of Ravenclaw, who are awesome, obviously and ABOUT Ravenclaw, who is awesome, obviously... so there's no way I wouldn't stop to read this.

Your writing style is marvelous! I really enjoyed reading this one-shot. You manage to blend description, imagery, emotive stuff and action seamlessly - that description of wind, pure class! I loved how the story started, with the rosary beads - I always want to write more about how wizards react to religion and such.

And the moment between Rowena and the merman - so touching! So moving! And your writing complimented the tone of the piece really well: sad at the beginning, where Rowena is a bit lost, then more hopeful, as she relishes in the presence of the merman, of meeting new things, new knowledge etc. I don't know though, that's my own interpretation.

Overall - super good. Favoriting!

I was wondering whether chapters will follow this?! You've labelled it 'I: Rook'...

Author's Response: Hey there - thanks so much for stopping by! I was totally not expecting this at all and it was so lovely to get, so thank you! :)

And yes Ravenclaw are awesome, and Ravenclaw is awesome... you guys were amazing during the HC! :wub:

Gah, thank you so much! I originally meant for it to be a 500 word thing, but it kinda grew too big for that and there was no way I could edit it down - so I'm glad you liked it! Religion and wizards - gosh, yes, that's something I've always wanted to explore a little more, or at least include a bit more than I have done in other stuff. So yes, with the time period and all I just had to include a bit in here :P

Haha, no it's good - I kinda wanted it to be more hopeful and kind of a meeting-of-minds thing with the merman, where she sort of realises that she's not totally alone and starts a new friendship and a new chapter of her life. I always thought of it more as the potential of new knowledge, but that's just being really picky :P

Thank you so so much for the review and the favourite - it's so so amazing to get and gah, just really made my day! :) Thank you!

Aph xx

p.s. ooh, sorry, yeah, there will be two more chapters, to go with the HC themes ;)

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Review #33, by HarrietHopkirkBeautifully Destroyed: Beautifully Destroyed

5th July 2014:
I really enjoyed this! I think your writing style is much better suited to this kind of writing - where I enjoyed your Event 3 entry, I generally prefer third person stories (personal preference obv).

And Regulus! I should really read more fanfic about him because there is literally no canon stuff about him BUT HE PLAYS SUCH AN IMPORTANT ROLE! So I'm glad I get to read and review this, and I love how you've explored his backstory.

I like the lack of dialogue - I think it works with the tone of the story and how it plays on flashback and memory. Sometimes dialogue (if it's overdone) can become redundant.

Aaah you write such sad stories! I both love it and hate it ;) but Regulus' slow decline and the girl's reaction was pretty heartbreaking to read. And really well written.

I really enjoyed it!

Author's Response: Thankyou! I do believe that I am suited to horror/dark so I tend to write a lot of that. I know, my stories are sad, after I complete Lumos I'm planning on a much more upbeat and humorous next-gen novella.

I'm glad you liked the lack of dialogue- I've had reviews where people wanted some.

Thanks again for reviewing!

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Review #34, by HarrietHopkirkUnicorn: Unicorn

4th July 2014:
Hello! I'm here for the Ravenclaw review tag! And I really liked this - I'm trying (very slowly) to get through a few more Event 3 stories. This is very different - unicorns and their magic aren't really explored in the books aside from in the Philosopher's Stone, so I like this!

Just watch out re syntax: a little more varied sentence structure would make the flow of this story much better, give it a bit more rhythm. Also, you tend to make grand sweeping statements about emotions and stuff, which are very descriptive and written well, but would probably better suit a third person POV. I find actions speak louder than words in first person POV, but that's just me :)

It's pretty sad: not only that the narrator has to resort to such desperate measures, but that there are people out there, in your storyverse, that relish this kind of cruelty and don't appreciate the unicorns' magic or beauty. The contrast between the characters is really well executed.

I would also watch your formatting - for me, it can really affect the flow of a story, but obviously it's your preference. Overall, I enjoyed this :)

Author's Response: Thanks for reviewing! There was a problem with the formatting, HPFF for some reason told me that I had to have two returns between each paragraph.

It probably would have been better in third person, but I needed some variety in my writing.

I wanted to explore more unicorns, you're right, they aren't really that big in the HP series and I haven't read anything that has unicorns in it.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #35, by HarrietHopkirkThe Passing: glory days, lifetimes, friendships past

28th June 2014:
Reblog if you cry every time. Good Lord, Celeste, what have you done? This is so good and so sad and I weep.

Author's Response: Aww thank you for reading, Hattie :)

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Review #36, by HarrietHopkirkDevilish Delights, Wicked Ends: X. Trust

27th June 2014:


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Review #37, by HarrietHopkirkEvent Three: Irreparable: Irreparable

27th June 2014:
Aaaw, I love this! It's very well written and concise, very well done!

Author's Response: Hey!

Thank you so much for reading and leaving such a lovely review! Really brought a smile to my face :)

- Charlotte

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Review #38, by HarrietHopkirkEvent 3 ~~ Sunlight, Moonlight: Sunlight, Moonlight

27th June 2014:
Aaww, I really like this! I wrote about Ollivander too, for my House Cup entry, but for a different prompt - and I really enjoyed this! Your descriptions are spot on :)

Author's Response: Thank you :)

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Review #39, by HarrietHopkirkViolet Hill: an iridescent colour.

27th June 2014:

Oh good Lord, that's good.

Overall, I enjoyed this rather morbid SSC immensely. Well done!

Author's Response: Thank you and thank you, I was worried no would and just worry about my mental state given all the death references so it means a lot to me that you did :D

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Review #40, by HarrietHopkirkViolet Hill: the land of delusions.

27th June 2014:
Eee I just love the tone you've got going down! Again your imagery is just fab - the beginning especially with the black swirls and the wind's tongue (sounds a bit weird out of context, ha).

Draco is so wise, man. Moving on!

Author's Response: Haha, I know who imagined Draco to be the next Dumbledore after everything? Eee, just thank you so much for this fab review :D

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Review #41, by HarrietHopkirkViolet Hill: a glimpse of infinity.

27th June 2014:
Man, you've got some cracking imagery going on here, as well as some very emotive language. I like the way it's pretty minimalistic, very concise, and your description of the thestral is spot on.

Just watch out for some apostrophes here and there - also the word 'blip' felt a bit awkward, a bit too colloquial for the tone you've got going on here, which is cold and fab and really well done!

Author's Response: I think the minimalist style mainly came from it being much easier for me to edit, but I'm so glad you liked it as I've always loved your description! I've sorted that out and changed blip too, but thanks for pointing it out as I hadn't noticed :D Thanks for the review too!

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Review #42, by HarrietHopkirkSolace: Comfort

27th June 2014:
Hello! Thought I'd show some house solidarity and pop over to review! Go Ravenclaw!

Reblog if you cry every time, am I right? THIS IS SAD! You hit us hard from the beginning:But he'd fallen suddenly, broken his back, had died on the field surrounded by concerned strangers instead of his wife. No! The thought of . alone is sad enough, let alone him dying without Katie :( ALSO THE BABY CLOTHES

Just be careful: some lines (e.g. concealing the open, slow bleeding of her heart.) are more sweeping statements don't have the emotional punch that her actions do (in fact, they distract from her grief even as they describe it) - the descriptions of her and her conversation with her mother and the make up and everything add more, I think - they seem more real.

AAAH THE NIFFLER THAT IS SO CUTE THEY ARE SO CUTE I LOVE IT. Sorry for caps. But then, again, you punch us in the face with the grief and the sadness - THE BIGGEST TREASURE IN HER LIFE OMG - stop.

I love it!

Author's Response: Hey, thanks for the lovely review!

Yeah, I really like to hammer home the emotion with sad details, like the bit about the baby clothes. Those are the things you notice in difficult times like these.

I see what you mean about lines like that. I try to strike a balance between emotional and behavioral descriptions, but maybe it didn't work as well in some places here. It's good food for thought.

Thanks again!


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Review #43, by HarrietHopkirkDevilish Delights, Wicked Ends: VIII. Control

4th April 2014:
Oh daaammmnnn - this is exciting stuff! I can now imagining Rose and Thackeray teaming up together as a badass power couple to take down Albus so that he has to turn to Sybil to help him out and get revenge.

I really like Ophelia - she's pretty cool. I also felt pretty bad for Caspar, bless him. I liked him at the beginning but I'm not sure about him now - he seems a bit meek.

Anywayz, well done Gubs. Can't wait for the next one!!

Author's Response: That's the idea, at least! And hehehe, the Rose/Thackeray dynamic is one of the most important ones. I don't know that I'd define them the way you do, Hattie, but they do carry a lot of weight together. And together they may threaten Albus, though perhaps not in the way that you're imagining. (You're on the right track, for what it's worth). I adooore Ophelia, she's the coolest cucumber of the bunch; I'm glad that Caspar is looking slightly less shiny now. Again, I don't know that I'd call him 'meek' exactly but I'm glad that the ~layers~ of the onion that is Caspar Moran are becoming a little more intriguing. (Oh my god I can't believe I just said that I'm going to press submit before I rethink this).

Thanks as always! -squish-

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Review #44, by HarrietHopkirkDevilish Delights, Wicked Ends: VII. Honour

15th March 2014:
OK, so first off I had always questioned how dark this fic was going to get, with regard to the scale of the respective organizations and the lengths they would go to keep, or gain, power. But after Ophelia's attack and now Finlay and Damian's fight and Albus' lurkiness, there's no doubt how eeevil everybody is (as well as who else has the capacity for eeevil).

Is gr9.

Author's Response: I figured that would be a concern, so I'm glad you brought it up in the way you did. I'm not sure the /scale/ of the organizations will bring to mind the depths of ~dark~ness you may now expect -- the Hogwarts underworld is at its core a pretty claustrophobic space so the scale, in sheer numbers, is a little smaller -- but the lengths to which people will go to keep, or gain, (or maintain!) power is a concept that's a lot more immediately relevant to this story. Although lbr, Hattie, I've been describing this as "glossy evil" for ages. Had to live up to it sometime. (And love the 'capacity for eeevil' addendum you have, as that's one of my favorite things to explore!).


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Review #45, by HarrietHopkirkDevilish Delights, Wicked Ends: V. Resurrection

10th March 2014:
Is Damian going to be the Fredo Corleone of this mafia?

Author's Response: I don't know how I made it through writing a novel about mafia warfare without having seen any of the Godfather movies but it's the truth :'( However, having just skimmed the wikipedia page on him, I can promise you that the dynamic between Sybil and Damian is very different than the one between Michael and Fredo. But I see kind of what you're getting at and wish I'd thought of it sooner. (You're the best).

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Review #46, by HarrietHopkirketc. etc. (and life goes on): V-Day D-Day

2nd March 2014:
HEN-NO. Please. And Pickett/happiness. Clemence is too eeevil for him. He's too cool. Other than that, deffo worth the wait. Well done Gina.

Author's Response: Pickett/Happiness is a given ship, ok.

If Clemence puts on sunglasses, will she be cool enough? I can convince you, I swearrr.

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Review #47, by HarrietHopkirkDevilish Delights, Wicked Ends: IV. Terror

11th January 2014:
I am very deeply infatuated with all the Vaiseys, including Sybil (especially Sybil).

I loved all the back story you introduced, you're so clever and everything's so cool and evil and cool. All the characters are so beautifully created and your writing is so, so, so good that I know I'll have to keep coming back to find out what happens!

(Also I am somehow guessing that Sybil gets embroiled passionately with Albus at some point but I don't want that to happen because I also infatuated with Caspar, so... yeah)

Author's Response: I am too, what a coincidence~ And hehe you know how desperately uncool I personally am so I take it as an even bigger compliment! I wish I were half as cucumber-cool and collected irl as Sybil and the rest are here. Seriously, though, thank you so much! I get iffy when I reread the early chapters because they're /so/ much more verbose than I remember them being (almost two years ago eeek) and I worry that the verbosity will wear on the reader, but I'm ecstatic that you enjoy it :) I will, however, not comment on that last thing because spoilers, obviously, but I am veeery intrigued by all the Caspar love. (Not that it's misplaced, it's just interesting to me!).

For the umpteenth time, thank you, Hattie! You're so cool and fabulous and I'm so happy you're reading and I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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Review #48, by HarrietHopkirkDevilish Delights, Wicked Ends: III. Arrest

2nd January 2014:
Eee! Gubby! I love this, and sorry for only reading this now - it's been in my list for ages and I'm so proud of you for finishing the ENTIRE thing before you started posting. That really is so good!! Aaah, well done, Gubs.

I love what you've set up here. I've always wanted to try out a mafia/film noir ish fic like this one but seeing as you are already doing such a good job I might just settle for reading this instead!

Anyway, I'll be here for the next chapter, obvi.


Author's Response: Ahh Hattie, don't be sorry, I'm just thrilled that you're reading :D Thank you so so so so much, I'm still kind of speechless months after finishing, so thank you for all the support and etc :) Also -- don't give up on film noir-ish fic! You're amazing at dark stories and I would kill to see you try a real film noir-ish fic, not this one, which is not ~cool~ and ~collected~ enough to qualify as such.

(Funny story actually: I remember a year or two ago you put up a film noir challenge up on the forums and I wanted to try it out, so I did. It went nowhere, since it was extremely difficult to pull off that specific kind of atmosphere, so... yeah. But it was a lot of fun trying!).

Ahem -- thank you, darling, for stopping by and keeping up. It means so much to me :)

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Review #49, by HarrietHopkirketc. etc. (and life goes on): Love Overrated, Overruled

1st November 2013:
'Hugo, weaving?' Hurrr.

Author's Response: I'M TERRIBLE.

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Review #50, by HarrietHopkirkThe Marauder Years: An Expected Letter

17th August 2013:
Aaww - Lily and Petunia as friends! I love that! A lot of fics already have them being 'enemies' from an early age, simply because of what happened in the Prince's Tale and stuff like that. I love how you have the characters react so realistically to things - especially the arrival of Lily's letter and Petunia's reaction to that. It's great stuff.

Also your dialogue and characterisation and everything is very believable and relatable - especially as this is really the closest we get to relating to the magical characters. This is a Muggle family with Muggle problems - just like we are (aside from obviously Lily and her magical powers and going to Hogwarts and everything!)

Anyway, I really enjoyed this! Well done! Some really great writing.

Author's Response: Hi, thank you very much for the lovely review :)

I have always thought that Lily and Petunia would have been friends as children and that magic was what came between them. I am glad you liked that I had them as friends at the start of this. There's going to be a few ups and downs with their relationship throughout this fic. I am so pleased you think Petunia's reaction to the letter was realistic :)

I have had a few comments about the dialogue being a bit too formal, so it's good to hear that you found the dialogue and characterisation to be believable and relatable :)

Thanks again for the review, I am glad you enjoyed it.

Haronione ♥

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