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Review #1, by MissGriffindorThings Haven’t Changed : Drag Queen Halloween

18th November 2010:
That was brilliant, you two!” Teddy chortled. His hair was black this time, and he had two pointy fangs in his mouth.

“It was not,” Neville said pointedly. “Students don’t fight to the death during a school dance!”

“We do,” Malfoy muttered, dislodging my foot and standing up next to me."


Author's Response: Lol, thanks mate!

Hugs! XXX

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Review #2, by MissGriffindorA Purple Gem: Jem and Teddykins

10th November 2010:
Heeheeheeheeeheeeheeheeheeheeheeheeheeheehehhehehee!! I FREAKING LOVE IT! YOU WERE RIGHT! IT IS AWESOME! YOU ROCK!

Author's Response: Lol, thanks! Didn't I say you'd love it??? ;-)

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Review #3, by MissGriffindorThings Haven’t Changed : The Voices Speak To Me Over Waffles

10th November 2010:
Malfoy and Jag remind me of someone... "usually tended to show a perverted, sarcastic nature to most people, I’ve always noticed that inside really sweet boy"... "“LIKE MALFOY!” I yelled loudly, sitting upright. Stupid Zelda, don’t give away other people’s secrets."..."I bit my tongue. Blueberry, I wanted blueberry. But Malfoy ordered blueberry!"... okay. I'll stop before you murder me.

Seriously, though... awesome chapter! Al's so cute when he gets overprotective!

Then I realized what I said."


Okay, sorry.! M, what the @!&# are you saying! The line, usually tended to show a perverted, sarcastic nature to most people, I’ve always noticed that inside really sweet boy"... DOESN'T MEAN ANYTHING!

If you can't tell, I'm sighing at your hopelessness...Yet, you DO have a point...:)

Thanks! XXX

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Review #4, by MissGriffindorPieces: Reunion

25th September 2010:

Author's Response: Haha. Calm down, I'm working on it.

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Review #5, by MissGriffindorTwisted Logic: After We Have Left Our Homes

1st September 2010:
Wow! Awesome story- I really, really can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you very much for the review! expect more soon!


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Review #6, by MissGriffindorBlack Days: Never again will I love you.

30th August 2010:
MORE! MORE! MORE! Seriously... it's awesome!

Author's Response: Again, I think I'm going to make a companion one-shot. Thanks for loving it though.

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Review #7, by MissGriffindorJourney: Departure

29th August 2010:
This is an awesome story! I can't wait to see where it goes!

Author's Response: aw...thanks so much! Right now I have about 3 more chapters written and I am really excited about them! hahaha. Thanks so much for reviewing! and I'll try to update soon! :D

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Review #8, by MissGriffindorHogwarts Playlist of Loves and Letdowns: Chapter 6

28th August 2010:
This story is awesome! I can;t wait for more!

Author's Response: thanks! I'm waiting for chapter 7 to be validated and then I'll put chap 8 up right away!

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Review #9, by MissGriffindorCarrington: The Maruders Get Lucky

28th August 2010:
YAY! I clicked on new stories and I didn't see anything I wanted to read, and then this popped up, and I WAS SO HAPPY! AWESOME CHAPTER!

Author's Response: Thankyou :) I'm glad you liked it!

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Review #10, by MissGriffindorThings Haven’t Changed : Blame the Blond

27th August 2010:
Eep! Awesome! (Though there are better excerpts in the book... meh.) I love the last line! And the movie! IT WAS HILARIOUS!!

Author's Response: You perfectly know that I haven't read the book [AND I DON'T INTEND TO] so if there ARE better excerpts, you must recommend them to me!!! Thanks for reading my chappie!! :):):)

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Review #11, by MissGriffindor Bloody Rose: Captain Red

1st August 2010:
YEEP! Better than you promised! I would tell you my favorite parts.. but I'd have to type the whole chapter, and I'm tired. Plus, my hands hurt. Anyway, good job!

Author's Response: Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it :) Now, all ya gotta do is help me w/ the banner. Banner's going to be crazy to make. @.@

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Review #12, by MissGriffindorCarrington: On the Owlery Stairs

22nd July 2010:
Awesome, awesome chapter! i loved seeing more of Carringtons' past! There was one part I read, and re-read over and over, just because it sounds so much like something my friend would say to me...

“This involves me how?” Remus asks slowly and I beam at him.

“You, my furry little friend, as the caring and sensitive marauder, are going to help me woo her” Remus doesn’t respond for a while, he just blinks at me.

“Sirius” He finally says, “Did you just say ‘woo’”

“Apparently I did”


Author's Response: Haha. thanks! I'm glad you enjoyed it! I appreciate your review!

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Review #13, by MissGriffindorLingerie: Chapter Seven

20th July 2010:
MOREMOREMOREMORE! I love this story! Update now, PLEASE?

Author's Response: Aww, thank you, the next chapter is waiting for validation. Glad you enjoyed it
Ava xx

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Review #14, by MissGriffindorShaping Up With A Marauder: A Sea Change

19th July 2010:
Wow! Awesome so far... I really, really, can't wait for more!

Author's Response: Thank you! ^_^
And yes, the second one's 'on queue' now so... I hope you keep reading! And reviewing too!

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Review #15, by MissGriffindorJames Potter, Could You Be More Stupid?: But It's PAMELA GREGORY!

14th July 2010:
Wow! Awesome, awesome story! I really can't wait for more!

Author's Response: *jumping around excitedly* thanks sooo much! i'm glad you like it!

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Review #16, by MissGriffindorThings Haven’t Changed : The Welcome Feast Gets [REALLY] Messed Up

9th July 2010:
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHaHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAA! I was literally cracking up the whole time! Awesome prank! I loved:

"“So, what do you say, Minnie?” Al winked. “I booked room for us in the Three Broomsticks.”

I collapsed to the floor of the Great Hall, ribs almost cracking with the inhuman strain of trying not to goddamn burst out in hysterical giggles, Zelda was right: Al was a HORRIBLE actor, but his unnatural facial expressions made the whole thing even funnier. And that was JUST Al…when was the REAL hero going to come out on the stage…?

“WHO DARE TAKES MY WOMAN?” a new voice roared. A silver armor-clad figure (complete with a Zorro-like mask and turquoise –plumed headdress, and purple cape) clanked onto the Gryffindor table. The person drew a sword from a sheath at his side, and then pointed it at Al’s neck.

“Who are you?” Al said furiously. “Declare yourself!” I had to smile. Tough words coming from a guy who was about to get skewered.

In one fluid movement, the knight ripped off his headdress and mask, revealing his face. Most of the girls in the Great Hall gasped and swooned. The knight had pale skin, shaggy, dark brown hair, and sparkling eyes that brimmed full with anger. Man, did Jag look dashing or what!

“I am Sir Jagneaux!” he said defiantly. “I am a knight in the Queen of Gryffindor’s court, and may I ask why you, a lowly peasant, are proposing marriage to my betrothed?”

“I love her more than you do, Jagneaux,” Al yelled, brandishing his rose in a not-very-intimidating manner.

“We’ll see about that!” Out of nowhere, Jag pulled out a second sword and tossed it to Al. “We will duel for Miss Minerva’s favor!”


Author's Response: Yay! You reviewed! And this time I didn't have to tell you about it :P Anyway, you liked THAT part the best?...Hmm. Curious. I liked the part where Al pulls out the gun. EPIC! LOL. Thnx and review again!

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Review #17, by MissGriffindorMy Life as James Potter's Step Sister: Shame

30th June 2010:
Awesome chapter- I was just wondering- where you write "'She's totally opposed with him,' Houston rolled her eyes." do you mean "She's totally obsessed with him"? That part confused me a little...

Author's Response: Yeah I did ahah my bad. I fixed soo no worries

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Review #18, by MissGriffindorGinger Snaps: A Gargle of a Day

30th June 2010:
AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME!!! I was cracking up the whole time I was reading this! I can't wait for more...

Author's Response: Aww, yay! I'm so glad! More is coming soon, love, don't worry :D

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Review #19, by MissGriffindorFailure By Design: Dinner, Evans Style

29th June 2010:
YES! YES! YES! WOO-HOO! UPDATE!! Plus the content of the chapter rocks too...

Author's Response: Ahaha thank you for reviewing and for making me laughhh!

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Review #20, by MissGriffindorThe Damned Beatles: Not Exactly Nonverbal

29th June 2010:
I FREAKIN LOVE THE BEATLES! This story is pretty awesome, too... Update soon, please?

Author's Response: Thanks! Will do ;).

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Review #21, by MissGriffindorSimply Irresistible: Flying Bludgers

27th June 2010:
Heehee! Mwahahaha! I was giggling so loudly while I was reading this my dad came over and asked if I was okay! AWESOME CHAPTER!!!

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Review #22, by MissGriffindorA Bittersweet Song: Hell Hath No Fury Like Jessabelle Scorned

27th June 2010:

Author's Response: :) glad your smiles!

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Review #23, by MissGriffindorA Bittersweet Song: Flying Spoons and Revelations

16th June 2010:
I hate you. Update now.

Author's Response: i love you and i know after the last chapter you hate me more... so just know 14 is coming soon!!!

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Review #24, by MissGriffindorA Bittersweet Song: Wait For It...

5th June 2010:

Author's Response: hah, yes yay! next chapter should be up soon!

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Review #25, by MissGriffindorCarrington: Operation Marauders

5th June 2010:

Author's Response: you're quite welcome :)

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