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Review #1, by munchkin123In Walked Trouble: Of Disturbing Dreams, Pancake Delinquents and Vengeful Plots

13th March 2009:
OMG, it's been ages.
Well a few pointers for your story missy.
lest start with number one ok.
I can't talk but hey lets put the blame on you.
Any way you've moved me once again with your brilliant writingas you know already and i love Gules she is the best and Sirius, well, Sirius is just... WOW.
Love to hear from you this millenium
Munchkin:) xooxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox.

Author's Response: of COURSE Sirius is WOW, he's SIRIUS!

lol, and yes i'll ring you WOMAN, just you wait! and then we can talk.

oh and *bows to you* thanks for all the compliments!!!

luv u lots,


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Review #2, by munchkin123Finster, Ella: Black Sheep

23rd February 2009:
That actually made me really angry. How dare her own father treat her that way, it kind of reminds me of my dad. He only ever worries about my brother and has me doing all the work. I can understand Ella and i know what she's going through, although truthfully my family is nowhere near as bad as hers. My family-thanfully-love me but i know what she's feeling to some degree.
You wrote this so well, no excellent is better.
Well done, turly it was marvellous.


Author's Response: Abervard is a very cruel father really and I'm glad you can now understand why Ella is the way she is. I'm sorry if you're family is anything like this and I can empathise quite well, showing it has a huge affect on the child. Ella's family will be integral to a later part of the plot and they have far too many secrets.
I'm glad you enjoyed it so much.
Thanks for a lovely review and compliments!

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Review #3, by munchkin123In Walked Trouble: The Lost Marauder

26th January 2009:
Well Done
Snaps for you my most beloved writer.
What can i say?
You've heard it all before and that's only because i'm one of the lucky ones that gets to read before the world does.


Author's Response: ha ha, snaps to you too my darling, for putting up with me. lol.

Yes i have heard it all before and i thank you : )

luv you heaps,

thanks for the review,

Tanti baci, (i don't know if you actually understood that... you'll just have to guess *evil laugh*)


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Review #4, by munchkin123Finster, Ella: No Rest From The Wicked

28th December 2008:
Now i thought that was excellent, although how could you keep us hanging. I have told you before that kills me but i love this story, so i have no choice.
excellent work, keep it up.


Author's Response: I do love my cliffhangers :) Makes me happy to leave you in suspense and want to keep reading on! I promise more things will be revealed in the next chapter that will satisfy you.
Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #5, by munchkin123In Walked Trouble: The Spawn Of Satan is No More...

23rd December 2008:
Excuse me but i thought that was quite interesting.
You already know what i think but i'll say it anyway.
You're right about it being serious but a good story needs that, it can't be all fun and games otherwise it seems to be to fake.

love u lots in return

Author's Response: Well i certainly don't want my story to be fake, that's for sure : )

and thanks for all the compliments and the awesome review, without you, this story probably wouldn't half as good (considering the amount of times i call you a week for ONE chapter) lol.

love you lots too, and since you don't want a cookie, have a car... *throws car keys at your face* here's a Porsche... tee hee

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Review #6, by munchkin123In Walked Trouble: Marauder Number Two Walks In

19th December 2008:
Ok, so you know i loved the story. You know that i laughed really hard when we read it and we both know that we would do the same thing as Gules.

I am a klutz and you are a klutz and we always seem to manage to say the wrong thing at the wrong time or in my case it comes out backwards.
Don't say anything, don't even think it.
So after writing the pointless stuff above i would like to get my point across.

You are beyond words and i congragulate your amazing skills to make us, the readers, laugh, shout and soon to come no doubt, cry.
Above all though, I LOVE SIRIUS.
your going to kill me for that later.

Oh by the way, if you as so happen to even mention the word cookie in your reply, the next i see i will personally hit you across the head with a cooking utensil. you know the one i mean. LoL

execllent work

Author's Response: hit me with a cooking utensil?!!!???

why I never!

i was just trying to be NICE! lol.
okay... I'll stop with cookies. cakes perhaps???
no, no, i have a better one:

Everybody loves chocolate!!!

oh and i didn't say anything... but i DID think it... he he...

oh and.

SIRIUS IS MINE! BACK OFF WOMAN!! lol, kidding, kidding, we can share... ha ha... no.

just you wait till i see you tomorrow...

thankyou so much for the compliments : ) and the klutz thing is so true... so true.

love you lots and lots,

thanks again for the review

here *hands over plate* have some pasta :D

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Review #7, by munchkin123In Walked Trouble: A Late Night Escapade

27th November 2008:
lurved it. please, no please isn't good enough. WRITE MORE, which i know you will. you are an excellent writer with lots of talent for making me laugh when i need it most, or not. but hey it's all good.

Author's Response: Oh you luurrrvvved it did you? I'm glad i can make you laugh, i guess i can do that at times...

and I so writing more! just you wait! it's coming!

Thanks for all the compliments! I'm blushing!

Oh and thanks so much for reviewing! : )

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