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Review #1, by PrincessPadfootTea Leaves : Innocent Library Adventures

8th August 2011:

I’ve come to give you some review love!!!

I picked this story because it had a pretty banner and the summary made me giggle. Hehe I’m a sucker for a good banner and summary :P


Two sentences in and already I’m laughing, poor Rose can’t find a decent place to snog. Haha I don’t know why that’s so funny to me but it is!!! Lol Though that may just be me and my crazy….

Moving on XD

Her worst subject is transfiguration? And she’s upset…because she needs it to be an animagus or an auror. I like how you put animagus first :P Shows she’s got her priorities in order hehehe

“Who happens to have the surname Malfoy, which automatically makes him the equivalent of a flesh eating moth in the eyes of my father.
He has grudge issues.”


I love Rose’s voice, her way with words is amusing and endearing and makes me want to pinch her cheeks in an overly affectionate aunt way. (sorry if I’m not making sense, I’ve been taking cold medicine for the past week trying to get rid of this cold….and cold medicine makes me loopy XD).

I love all her little musings, from her speculations on the breakfast toast, to her wanting to be married at fifteen. Haha she’s adorable. And Scorpius is adorable. They should make babies together XD Those would be some freaking ADORABLE babies.

Anyways….I like that Rose get’s all flustered and turns the wrong corner to the library hehe and Scorpius just waits for her like it’s nothing. *dreamy sigh* Adorable babies…

Study session!! Oh wait!!!

WHAT?!??! Scorpius!! You don’t tell a girl you know she likes you!!! That makes you look like an idiot!! Well…it puts Rose in a difficult position anyway. No fifteen year old girl is gonna be all like OF COURSE I LOVE YOU AND WANNA HAVE ADORABLE BABIES WITH YOU! I mean seriously…but how else was he supposed to find out the truth?

*sigh* Sometimes you just can’t win.

This was an adorable (I’ve used that word so many times in this review, I apologize) chapter!! Loved it!!! Super funny, and your characters are very interesting (and adorable). Lol I couldn’t help myself :P

Love PrincessPadfoot (Ravenclaw)!!

Author's Response: This review was so amazing- it put a huge smile on my face!! Thank you so much, because this just puts the muse back into my life. An uplifting review like this is what every author needs and I just can't thank you enough. I'm also really glad you liked the story, obviously :) Thanks so much PrincessPadfoot!!

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Review #2, by PrincessPadfootBig Brother: Big Brother

1st June 2011:

Okay so I really quite enjoyed this story. The silbling dynamic between Eric and Sara was spot on, it even made me wonder if you were drawing on RL experience…oh well!

Sara’s interest in the marauders makes me interested in them. Her incessant staring makes me wonder what she’s staring at, and it keeps me curious.

Eak! He invited them over!! SUCH a big brother thing to do! Poor Sara…but yay Remus sat next to her!!

Remus is so nice! Talking to her about her coursework! Oh I get little butterflies whenever you mention that Sara is nervous! Hehe she’s so adorable, and I think she would be a good match for Remus.

Eric is nice….for a brother. If that makes sense. He can see that Sara like Remus and he even offered to put a good word in for her, that’s more than most brothers would do.

Brilliant one-shot!


Author's Response: You write some of the nicest reviews! I envy your review skills and am humbled in their presence.

Thank you for reading so much! I love the interaction between an older brother and younger sister there is something very timeless about it and warm and fuzzy!

thank you so much!

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Review #3, by PrincessPadfootBreaking the Quidditch Code: Woman Problems

31st May 2011:
“I’m your brother. If you were going to do it you would have done it last year when I put red coloring into the lake to look like the Giant Squid died.”

Best. Line. Ever!!

Author's Response: HAHA! Thank you so much! I love the image there of a sinister-looking James on the edge of the lake glancing around to see if anyone was watching him. What a wonderful boy. Full of prankies. Thank you so much for the lovely review!

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Review #4, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: A Weasley XMas

12th May 2011:
Springy! Sorry I’ve been so remiss in reviewing :( I’ve got a lot (well not really) of catching up to do, and I plan to finish it all tonight…hopefully. I’m sorry I didn’t read and review this earlier, I’ve been busing writing my first next gen! It’s no where near as good as yours though.

Okay enough blabbering and onto the chapter!!

XD George with an eye patch talking like a pirate hahahahahahahaha LOVE IT!

I’m a horrible slacker when it comes to shopping too!! I always put it off till the last minute AND I never know what to get people :/

Shopping scene!! With Hugo!! Tehe Hugo trying on hats made me giggle….a lot more than is normally appropriate haha

I should probably tell you it’s half past midnight, so this review will probably either not make sense or be full of me laughing XD

SNOWBALL FIGHT!!! I miss snow… I love that everyone got in on the snowball fight, it’s such a homey scene, if that makes sense. It shows how close the family is and it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside :)

WHAT THE SPRINKLE?!?!? Okay so ignore my exclamation but seriously OMFDP (oh my frozen dairy products), James PAID Jasper to go out with Ade?!?!?! He’s such a SPRINKLE!!! Gah what I wouldn’t give to smack him in the face!!

Is Rose really going to keep this secret? I mean, I don’t know what I would do in her situation. It’s not cool keeping secrets like this from your friends, but actually telling Ade would break her heart :( Rose is stuck between a rock and a hard place and I don’t envy her.

XD Rose has a maroon hand! Excellent way to break the tension from the last scene!! And a sure fire way to make me giggle lol

Rose being nervous is making ME nervous :S How will Rose react? Will Ange tell her anything?

*reads on* Oooh it’s like a summary of Regretfully Yours! I found one little mistake though:” he left and rain straight into the arms of that Greengrass girl.” It should be ran not rain ^.^

It’s going to take more than time for Rose to get her mind wrapped around the idea of her mum and “Mr. Malfoy” hehe is it weird that I giggle every time she calls Draco that?

:O HOLY BUCKETS!!! Hugo KNEW!! He knew since first year?!?!?!? OMG if he was my little brother I would have wacked him too!!

Wonderful chapter!! I hope this long review makes up for my long absence!


P.S. I wonder what Scorpius will think of Rose’s maroon hand XD

Author's Response: Thank you. I am glad your back and your review brought a smile to my face, which was needed as I am at work.
I can't wait to hear what you think of the rest as it gets interesting in the next couple of chapters... or I think so anyway.

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Review #5, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: Truth or Spork

29th April 2011:
:D x 10,000,000! I'm mentioned! ek!

Okay now onto the actual review, note, I had to go make dinner right after I read this so I can't remember everything I was going to comment on. Stupid family and their need to eat!

*fangirl squee* MORE KISSING! I love the kissing XD

Is it bad that I don't feel bad for Ivy? XD I seriously think she got what was coming to her, but then I feel a little tinsey itsiy bit bad that she has no friends and cries all the time. BUT IT'S JUST A LITTLE TINY FEELING XD lol

Daniel.reminds me of.ME!!! Lol did you model him after me? If I was a stalker in Hogwarts I'd totally make a shine that no one could take down XD It'd be perfect!! lol But in all seriousness, he's a bit creepy and I'm worried he's going to do something to Al, or polyjuice himself into Al and then have sex with Laney or something like that :s He worries me.

The last line.OMFDP I laughed so hard I nearly peed my pants XD Did you get the spork idea from Dr. Horribles Sing Along Blog? Anyhow, it was FABULOUS and was super duper funny.

Alright dear!! Fabulous chapter, can't wait to see what's coming up next!! LOVE YOU BUT UPDATE FASTER XD jk jk just keep the chapters coming :)


Author's Response: OMG HAY! I'm so glad you liked this chapter, Robbi! Yay! I was hoping you would like that dedication. And ohmuhgash I love Dr. Horrible but no, this idea actually DIDN'T come from that, hahahah! But I should totally watch those again.

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Review #6, by PrincessPadfootThe Final Battle: Self Preservation

25th April 2011:
OMFDP (oh my frozen dairy products, an exclamation reserved for only the best) this was an AMAZING chapter!!! Seriously, well done!

I think Pansy's character is totally misunderstood in the books, and so I did a little happy dance when you characterized her in a non-traditional Slytherin way while still keeping some Slytherin aspects.

I too would rather shop than duel XD That remark made me giggle hehe

I'm glad she walked away, though it would have been interesting to see her perspective of how things went down. But it does fit with her character to have her walk/run away and watch the battle from a distance.

I see a lot of myself in Pansy actually, wanting to climb the tree in order to see what's happening, but still not wanting to fight. If it had been me, I don't know what I would have done, but Pansy's option seems like an actual choice you know? Like some of the students (had this been a RL situation) would have done nothing, but would still have cared about the outcome.

I adore her for returning. That takes guts man. She was the one who offered up Potter, and she returns to help clean up. McG isn't the only one that's surprised. But it seems right that she would return, I think Pansy cares a great deal about the school, and she wanted to prove that she was more than her family name.

Again, this was a fabulous chapter!!

Love and hugs!!


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Review #7, by PrincessPadfootTruth is in the Dreams: Prologue

2nd April 2011:
SHERLOCK!!! Woo!!! hehe I didn't think I'd ever read/anyone would post a Sherlock story, but after doing the podcast I reall wanted to read one!!

Draco!! I LOVE your characterization of Draco. The whole "I'm miserable and have an awful past but I look drop dead gorgeous" It's totally believable.

I loved this line: "the sorrows of hundreds of prisoners pressing down on him in a scent, if despair could have a scent that was." Very deep, very powerful. Nicely done :)

The length was just about right for a prolouge, but it could have been longer if needed. Meaning I want to read more XD sorry sometimes my head and my hands don't cooperate well together.

Overall, a very good beginning to a story!! Don't let one bad review get you down!!

Ta ta!!


Author's Response: Thank you hun! I really appreciate it :D Tehe..the next chapter is up..although not as good as that one :) But thank you! I wont let it get me down and its been deleted now anyway :D

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Review #8, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: Snap Decision

28th March 2011:


Quidditch match!!! Woo hoo for almost running into Riley!! I don’t really like him…not sure why though..

Hahahahahahahaha “James still has his frilly little lady undies in a bunch” So. Much. Laughter.


:O Charlotte told James!! Put him in his place!! But it makes me sad :( James told her he loved her and she didn’t say it back. Sadfaces all around that scene :(

Rose is going to a par-tay!!! With Riley…he’s not my cup of tea haha. But hey! Laney get’s a sort of date with Sterling!! That might be something…maybe…but I don’t really want them to get together!! I want Laney and Al to get together!!!

NO! NO KISSING! NO NO NO NO NO!!! Good Laney stopped it ^.^ But she also told him she was taken!! :O What if he tells the whole school that she is taken?!? Then they’ll all KNOW she’s with Al but really she isn’t :O *dies*

Laney pulling Al into a broom closet? Me likey. Aww no kissing :( But still talking is good, right? Oh wait!! Kissing!!! YAY! Lol

Hahahaha Laney’s notes look like mine :p hehe I can’t pay attention worth crap in school lol. No no! Don’t you go making me feel sorry for Ivy!! No!! Okay I feel bad she was crying…but that’s it I swear!!



Ta ta!!


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Review #9, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: Up to My Old Tricks

21st March 2011:
OMG I WAITED SO LONG AND IT”S FINALLY HERE! I can’t tell you how exicted I am to read this chapter (I’m typing this before I read ^.^) !!!

WHAT?!?! Why no couple coupling?  VERY sadface panda.

*reads on*

Aw “So I like you, okay?” So cute Al. I would have snogged his face off if he had said that to me.

This moment right here is full of awww. They are confessing that they like each other and it’s so darn cute!!! Like a fluffy bunny with huge eyes and a little sniffy nose. Okay I don’t know where the bunny mental image came from but it’s cute!! Lol

Hahahaha I adore Laney’s internal argument with herself!! And then her verbal command to herself to shut up!!! Lol Nice change of topic Laney. Hehe But thinking back on it, COULD a secret relationship work? I really really really really want Al and Laney together!!!

:O Cutting class together?!??! *is excited* What’s gonna happen next?!?!?

*reads on*

KISSING! But then nothing  Come on Laney!!! You know you want to go to the dark side of secret relationships!! The whole school is talking about your supposed relationship anyways! Grrr Laney makes me frustrated some times (but I do adore her).

That witch with a b Liam is going to be in a world of pain as soon as Laney is done with him. Awww Laney’s gone soft  I wanted to see some blood at least ^.^ hehe

Wonderful chapter!!! I hope to have another soonish if at all possible ^.^

Love ya!


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Review #10, by PrincessPadfootDone with Bonaparte: I: We Prayed These Wars Would End All Wars

13th February 2011:

Okay so this was fabulous!!!

The monologues were similar in tone, yet they stayed true to each character which was brilliant!! I loved the change in POV from Luna to Draco and back again. All over great job.


Love ya!!

Author's Response: PP,

Thanks so much for the review! Im glad you like the non crazy Luna and were able to keep up with the PoV change :p The two characters go surprisingly well together. And if you haven't heard the song you have to go back and listen to it whilst reading. You will laugh so much at how different they are :p

Love, Kero

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Review #11, by PrincessPadfootThe Battle of the Pitch: The Reckoning

8th February 2011:

*internal monologue*

Harry’s dying. What? NO!!! No Harry can’t die!!!

Well no really he can’t he’s in the sequel.

But things aren’t looking pretty, he’s spitting up blood and there are voices in his head.

Well there are voices in your head and you aren’t dying.

Too true!! Okay let’s keep reading.

Hehehe Ron and his pie :P He’s always hungry!! The link!!! It’s back haha I had almost forgotten about Ginny and Harry’s happy special alone time in their heads. I wonder how that will come into play in this story. Hmmm…

Harry and the boys are going to gamble!!! Woot!!! Well Harry might not…but eh maybe he’ll change his mind. Where’s the fun in NOT taking chances?!?!

Hermione!!! Oh I’m so happy for her!! I’m glad you wrote this scene because when I was reading Crusade I had been wondering how Hermione got her position.



Lovely chapter as always!! I’m excited to find out what happenes next!!!

Ta ta!!

P.S. I wrote this review as I was reading so my freakouts should be in order :P

Author's Response: And thank you for ordering your freakouts. LOL!

Really thrilled to have you reviewing Pitch, and this was a great one.

I wrote this to fill in the back story from Crusade a bit. I wanted to justify how and why Hermione, Ron and Harry were so highly placed in the Ministry at such a young age. This gets addressed more throughout, but Hermione's back story here I thought was key. I'm glad you think it works.

Odd though. The Battle of the Pitch was originally just a plot device in Crusade, a way to justify why the girls were as well trained as Aurors. Now it's its own story. I had great fun writing it and I'm really pleased your enjoying it.

Harry dying? But he's in the sequel...or is it a sequel? Keep in mind, those portions that address Harry stumbling down the road take place two years AFTER Crusade. The parts in between take place two years before Crusade. So, anything's possible.



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Review #12, by PrincessPadfootSeven Deadlies : Wrath.

8th February 2011:

Here I am to review!

I seriously LOVE this idea, partly because no one really seems to write about Dementors, but mostly because it's such a GREAT idea!!!

This is prob one of my favortie lines ever!!

Purple and blue.
His face, purple.
His lips, blue.

I like that you show the gradual change from innocent blonde to dark soul sucking dementor!!!

The frying of the ants.O.O seriously I know a lot of kids do it, but the way you describe it shows just how evil her soul is. Really spooky but super cool!!!

10/10 fabulous!!

Ta ta!!

Author's Response: Heyyy,

Thanks so much, the idea just came to me and I couldn't resist it!

Ohh, I'm glad you like :D

I tried hard to show that change so I'm happy it is apparent and effective!

Thankss so much for this review and thank you for being my beta on this chapter!

Lily :D x

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Review #13, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: My Mum Did What?

3rd February 2011:
Oh Hugo, why must you give me reasons to maim you? - Best. Line. Ever.

Do you have siblings? Because I think those of us who do have said that line (at least mentally) numerous times in our lives. Hugo was just curious, but seriously man COME ON!!!

Scorpius *dreamy sigh* I wanted more of him in this chapter, but the little back muscle thing was still incredibly hot. And I did learn a few avoision tactics from Rose this chapter :D

I wonder if Rose will ever know the entire story surrounding her mum and Scorps dad. Makes me want to hand her a copy of Regretfully Yours :P But I think that Scorp mentioned something about that a few chapters back. Maybe he knows more? And maybe this is information he's willing to share with Rose?

I def think Scorp likes Rose. He was waiting outside her compartment for crying out loud!!! I think Rose should just go for it and give up this no boys thing she's got going on.

Lovely chapter!!! Update soon please!!!

ta ta!!


P.S. How is sproggy doing?

Author's Response: Sproggy is great!
Yes, I know more Scorpius is always nice. I admit that he wont be in the next chapter at all, but there will be some interesting information in the next one.
scorpius doesn't know anything about his dad and her mom... not yet anyway ;)
His back muscles are definitely worthy of a bow. Make my husbands look like he's a scrawny mess. :) Thanks as always PP

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Review #14, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: Right Place, Right Time

30th January 2011:



Love, PP

P.S. The above 'ah' was my scream of joy at the end of this chapter. A very loud scream of joy,,,at 1am,,,my family was not pleased. Lol but I don't care!!! Oh I'm so happy!

Author's Response: Hey PP! LOVE the review, LOL. Thank you so much for reading! :D

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Review #15, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: A Very Ginger Holiday

30th January 2011:
THE CHAMBER POTS BECKON! hahahahaha Most. Epic. Line. Ever.

Seriously dear this is SUCH a hilarious fic and SUCH an enjoyable read. It makes me happy :D

Love Ya!!

P.S. Wonder what her parents have to say...

Author's Response: Haha! I love that line to! I had to say it in a Harry Potter musical I was in a few years ago... I was Dumbledore in it, haha. Thanks!

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Review #16, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Puff

26th January 2011:

pygmy puffs


This was SUCH a good chapter!!! You got in some Al/Rose action AND the plot to destory Ivy!

Awesome :)

Would it be too much to ask to kill off Ivy? :P

Love you!!!


Author's Response: Love ya Robbi! Thanks!

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Review #17, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: A Lovely Feeling

25th January 2011:
It's seriously official (well it was a long time ago but still) Ivy is a witch with a b! That was downright low!! She just gr times a thousand!!!

Moving on...

Detention hehe Rose was freaking out and Laney fell asleep, poor Mr. Something has to do all the work himself :P

Quidittch practice O.O scary. I now imagine James as an evil dictator, a mix between Stalin and Hitler (just kidding). He worked them to the bone!! Poor lazy Laney :(

Really good chapter!!!

Onto the next!!

Love ya!!



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Review #18, by PrincessPadfootJust Ordinary: Mending of a Mess

25th January 2011:

Your most avid follower is back!!! I'm trying to catch up on stories today :P

Okay so!

Laney! Her dreamland sounds like mine O.O Have you been invading my dreams?!?!?!

But anyways...

She made up with Dara!!! I'm soo happy I didn't like sad Laney she was no bueno. I like it when she's happy and has friends :D

Al and Ivy are no more!! Yay down with the witch!!! So now Laney and Al can get it on!! hehehe

Onto the next chapter!!

Love ya!!


Author's Response: Awww, PP, thanks for such an amazing x39207092740972407294 review! And yes, they are all buena again! WOOHOO!



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Review #19, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: The Break-Up Flu

25th January 2011:
:O I wanna be a beta!!! Though by now you probably already have one...

Onto the review!!

Rose is now a free woman!! And with that comes options...maybe the Malfoy option? *is hopeful* I liked that he opened up to her during there essay writing time. He's sooo mysterious so this show of feeling and family was excellent.

The break up O.O She just kinda said "Eh" and walked away!! Rose you can do better than that!! But then again she is not a gryffindor so her courage may be lacking.

Seven and Gloria split!!! Wonder what there conversation meant though. Did they get together for secret reasons? Is there relationship a cover for something else? Was Seven using Gloria? Questions Questions Questions

Did Seven go out with Rose just because Scorpius wanted her?!?!?!?! If so he deserves a swift kick!!! Stupid stupid stupid Seven!!!

Were they going to kiss?!?!?! Is that what was going to happen?!?!? *has a heart attack* I want them to kiss so bad!! I know it's coming soon but I want it to happen already!!

I'm officially all caught up!!! Yay!!! But so sadface because I want to read more. :( Promise to update soon? How's Sproggy? Cute as a button?

Love Ya!

Author's Response: Well of course he is cute.. he is the spawn of me ;)
They weren't going to kiss... or maybe they would have if Rose hadn't been such a dork about it all... who knows. The tension was there for it though.
Nope, Rose is definitely not courageous, which is why she is not in Gryffendor. She likes to avoid her problems rather than facing them. Silly Rose.
Malfoy maybe an option... who knows now that seven is free as well. Update is coming, fingers crossed that I will be able to knock it out soon.

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Review #20, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: When Chasers Go Rogue

25th January 2011:
THEY HUGGED! Still it's nothing to squee about but I am very excited for this! It's progress and I like progress *nods*

Poor Roxy :( I didn't like it when she got hurt!! Mostly because Rose was being dumb and looking over at Seven. I don't really think that she wants Seven back. I think she just wants that relationship back. I mean she has Miles but she doesn't really like him like that.

Poor Miles is going to get kicked to the curb, and I have a feeling it's going to be soon. I like him and all but I can't wait for more Scorp/Rose action!!!

Hehe I liked that the Weasley/Potters took over the Infirmary. Healer Wharton.I don't like him so much.he's not as good as Madame Pomfry. But whatever!

It sucks that Slytherin lost!!! But it's there own fault I guess for curing there opponents. Very syltherin of them in fact. Which is something I've been meaning to bring up. While the books are from the Gryffindors perspective, we've come to expect certain behaviors from them. The slytherins in this story (Rose's group of friends) didn't seem like typical bad guy syltherins. But I think that's because things changed after the war. Maybe? Am I close?

I like that Rose is on the team now. More Scorp/Rose/Miles drama is gonna happen and I can't wait!!

On to the next chapter!!! (I'm almost caught up!!)

Love ya!!

Author's Response: yes partly it is because a lot of changes have been made. But also we only get to see the SLytherins from the Gryffendor perspective, and while they might keep to themselves (all but Rose and Six), that doesn't mean that they don't enjoy one anothers company. They are teenagers after all and this is a time of peace. Hollace is a right nasty piece though. :)

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Review #21, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: Happy Trails

25th January 2011:
I don't like that Rose was being all mean to Scorpius.I like Scorp he's cool (and totally hot). She's just being weird and I think that's because she's confused (and she secretly loves Scorp and wants to snog his brains out).

I really like Gates :) He made the whole group less drama-y (aided in part by Scorpius). He seems cool even if he doesn't talk much. Maybe he should get with Bertram.They'd compliment each other nicely.


*raises eyebrows suggestively*

Rose got an eyeful of Scorpius and she LIKED it like A LOT. hehehehehehehe I liked it too. I think he was stretching so much so he could give her more nice views ;) hehehehehe

LOVED this chapter!!! On to the next!!!

Love ya!!


Author's Response: She loved it... and so do I (at least in my head). Gates is quiet, but not shy... he just doesn't feel the need to polute the air with needless noise y'know. Love that Gates.

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Review #22, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: Hogsmeade Trip Shake-Up

25th January 2011:
Scorpius is yummy looking! Rose so likes him she just won't admit it to herself. She's also probably confused because she's dating Miles after having had probably one of the worst breakups ever. And he friends aren't helping either, being incubators of drama and such.

Poor Bertram, he really is getting the rotten end of the stick. Two georgeous girls using him for there own gain. Poor poor Bertram. He needs someone nice and quiet. Maybe a hufflepuff?

Scorpius ;) He's hot!! And now I bet he thinks that Rose likes him because she was staring and then hiding her red face. hehe But Scorpius is still a mystery man which I find very attractive haha

But what about Miles!!! Rose just brushed him off and that made me sad. I like Miles even though he's not Scorpius.*reads last sentence* Okay so I feel sorry that such a nice hot guy is dating someone who isn't really into them. But I can't really blame Rose, she's just messed up.

Wonderful chapter!!! On to the next!!!

Love ya!!


Author's Response: Yeah, it does suck for Miles... but he will eventually move on... after a while. It's always the guys that you don't like who end up being so into you, right?

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Review #23, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: A Kiss, an Intervention and a Surprise

25th January 2011:

OMFDP!! I neraly had a heart attack when Miles and Rose were in the locker room. Scorpius totally ruined the moment but that was probably his plan. He was probably stalking them and waiting until the right moment to pounce!! He totally loves Rose.

I really liked the Good Auror/Bad Auror thing Rose and Six did. Very clever *nods*

Hehehe you used one of my favorite words!!! Persnickety for the win!


On to the next chapter!!!

Love ya!!

Author's Response: I too love that word. It is in my top five. Six is a little devil, now we can see a little more about how she got into Slytherin. She really goes for the jugular.
Thanks as always.

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Review #24, by PrincessPadfootOh, the Tragedy of it All!: Wake Up and Smell the Roses

25th January 2011:

*massive hugs*

So...erm.*cough*.I'm back? Okay that's really lame. I'm REALLY sorry for not reading this sooner, and I'm kicking myself for doing it because this was a really great chapter. Can you forgive me? the review then I suppose.*is nervous you hate me*

So! Rose is back!!! Yay!! I didn't like depressed Rose at all, she was too moody for me. But now that Rose is back maybe she can get it on with Miles? Much to the dis-satisfaction (is that a word?) of one Scorpius Malfoy. Scorpius so loves Rose!! Him and his juice *giggles*

Hehehe trying to insert yourself into the story? Spring Thyme :P I think it's cute that Gordie's got a girl and that he's gone through puberty while Rose has been a zombie :P

Tabby and Bertram :( I like them!! They can't be over! I'm majorly sadfacing right now :( Maybe they'll get back together? *is hopeful*

Great chapter :) I can't wait to see what happens next!!!

Love ya!!


Author's Response: Yeah, it was part of a Nano Dare to insert my sn into my story... it was fun to do as well. That Spring Thyme is quite a looker... ;)
Glad you are back. Promise I don't hate you.
I don't like depressed Rose either, she is no fun to write. And a jealous Scorpius is always thirsty for juice :)

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Review #25, by PrincessPadfootThe Unsinkable Molly Prewett: You Can't Hurry Love

22nd October 2010:
Oh no!!! Love potion gone awry!!!

I feel sorry for Arthur :( He seems like a sweet boy and quite the gentleman for stepping aside.

I wonder what will happen when Thaddeus takes the antidote. Will he remember the situation? Will he still go out with Molly?

I really like the characterization of Molly. She seems like a very good student and very much a teenage witch with a crush Totally believable :P I also like Hattie's reluctance at wanting to watch the boys take the love potion. She seems like a good supporting character and she has lots of potential.

Well I'm off to bed!! I hope I can continue reading this tomorrow!!

Love ya!

Author's Response: Arthur's a good guy. And Molly, well she's young and silly. Very teenage, yeah. Hattie is one of my favorites, I really like her (although really, I think all the OCs are my favorite. lol).

Thank you for the review! I'm glad you liked it. Sleep tight ;)

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