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Review #1, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Fight

22nd September 2013:

I hope theyíre playing exciting board games and not like, Monopoly. That game ruins friendships.

Ron would play/own a board game based on his exploits.

Iím so so so so glad that Ron and Hermione like Scorpius. It is never a good sign when you bring someone over that your parents do not like.

So grounded her boyfriend can come play games with us all day

The way you write Rosesí reactions makes me feel her reactions with her. I love it.

This is making me miss fishing with my dad and grandpa 

Scorpius reeled his line in several more times. He looked content, standing with his legs shoulder-width apart in the water. I watched his posture. Straight-backed. Grandeur. Like he was the one who would tell the fish if they would live or die today.
I think I just swooned at work.


Everything was a blur of mint and rain, soaking my hair and eyelashes.
Well then.

I wanted to paint bravery. But if I had to paint bravery, it would be in the image of the canvas Scorpius already had on his dresser.

Absolutely positively LOVED this chapter. Perf.



Author's Response: Rose wouldn't play Monopoly. Hermione would destroy all of them.

Ron has an entire cabinet full of board games at home. He's not even sorry.

I miss fishing a lot. Big reason why I wrote so much fishing in this story.

Swoon-worthy fishing right there.


Thank you!

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Review #2, by radicallyaliHormones: Who I was Born to Be

10th September 2013:
Here we go! Another chapter!! Woo!! Also the title of this chapter reminds me of the song ďWhat I Was Born to DoĒ from Bring It On the Musical. Please listen to it and pretend its James singing. You wonít be disappointed. I promise. (even though itís a different story idc listen to it).

I almost forgot that Freddie was beating the pulp out of Zonko. Almost.

Oh no. Freddie is going to get sacked isnít he.

I just want to hide Freddie in my closet and tell him everything is going to be alright.

Molly leaned down. ďFred, Iím afraid I have to suspend you.Ē

As much as Freddie and Molly seem indifferent towards each other, family is so important to the Weasleyís and I love how you showcase that.

Because somewhere out there Ryan Davies was alone.

and the hormones are making her into a bloody nightmare
The thing. (Not that itís entirely difficult with this story).


I know making up with Rox is low on Freddieís list, but I canít help but feel like it will help him immensely if he does.

He shook his head, an invisible wall sliding into place between us.
Kcgdhjgfjdghjfsgbsfgfda Iím so frustrated with this whole joke shop situation. FRUSTRATED YOU HEAR ME.

There is so much lying and so many walls in this story and Iím dfkjhgsfdhgiusfguhsfghfsgsh. Thatís the only way to describe how Iím feeling.

If Freddie doesnít tell George about this now, I bet you two dollars that George will find out at the next hearing.

ďNo idea what youíre talking about,Ē I said and hurried from the room.
You hear that dull thud? Thatís me banging my head on my desk.

Rox cleared her throat and pressed her finger against the newspaper below her book. She slid it across the table, within my range of sight.
Oh no. Oh nonononononono.

Freddieís speech to the reporters? I might be crying at work a little. A little sniffle.

It was time I stood up to be who I was born to be.
You should have told me to grab a tissue before I started reading, woman.

This was a really good chapter. Very sad and stressful and FRUSTRATING (have I mentioned that yet?) but really good. Really good. And Iím excited for things to start picking up even more.


Author's Response: I listened to it back then and then I listened to it now and I STILL laughed stupidly hard.

lol just let the image of Freddo beating the pulp out of a 12-year-old sink in. Go on.

I love that about the Weasleys too. They really care for each other, even though sometimes they hate each other.


You're right about Rox. It's just the dark cloud hanging over him.



I heard the thud. It was well done.

Yeah, you should be crying, woman! That was a darn good speech. LOOK AT THAT CHARACTER GROWTH. LOOK AT IT.

Sorry. My mistake. Though I think you should know by now that any chapter of ANY story MIGHT AT ANY TIME require tissues. I think I've proven that.

Thank you so much!

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Review #3, by radicallyaliDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with a Plan for Bink

7th September 2013:
Would you look at this? A review!!! Iím keeping up with chapters you should be proud (the perks of working guest services at a slow mall).

Hello Bink. You and I both know how I feel about Bink. So I wonít go into details ;)

Someone is going to give the press hard evidence on their relationship. I can feel it. My money would be on Gregory Zonko but alas he is not in this story. What a punk.

Iím very very fond of Ali ;) I might be biased.

ďDoes it involve machetes?Ē Ali said, following when I started into my bedroom. ďI think it should, if it doesnít, by the way.Ē

James talking to Victoria like her purring and chirping means anything what a loon.

Man I miss Wesley actually I just really miss James hexing Wesley for no reason.

To combat this, I took some permanent ink and scribbled my name inside

ďIím a Gryffindor here,Ē I said and was surprised that I got a little choked up about it.

Jamesí transition between teams and not feeling like he can joke around with these people he knows just really strikes a chord with me. Iím starting to transition between collegiate and professional and I feel like Iím in this weird limbo sometimes. Not quite fitting in with my younger friends, not quite fitting in with the other professionals I know.

Awww Bink.

ďWhatíre you going to do? Dress in drag and follow me aroundÖ?Ē
James has far too much practice with this.

Instead, what I found was Bink Legace standing next to Gaia serving the locals

ďLetís get drunk and make stupid life decisions.Ē
Oh no.

Drunk James is my favorite James by far.

Freddie appeared at his shoulder. ďI CANNOT BELIEVE you got bloody MARRIED and I wasnít even invited.Ē He was waving a picture in his right hand. A Polaroid of Avery and me.

I knew that James and Avery would eventually get married. Just not Vegas style. How the heckarooni is James going to fix this? Oh man if the press finds out about this, James and Avery are going to be ALL over the tabloids. Also I canít imagine Henrik is going to be thrilled about this. Oh man and Harry and Ginny and Averyís mom? Oh man. The next chapter is going to be a wild ride, isnít it?

Perf chapter 396676798745487045/10


(ps this was over a page long in Word BOOYA)

Author's Response: Ah, the days of your reviews. I remember them fondly.

Bink is a hottiemchotterson.

Zonko would saunter into this story just to be a putz, you know?

I love her so much too. She turned out to be a great minor character. I wish I had the storyline to give her the arch she deserves - but alas, too many characters, too little time! Or, alas, earwax!

No, James talks to Victoria like Kristoff talks to Sven. THEY TOOK THAT IDEA FROM ME.

Trust me, that limbo is something I felt (and feel) too. It's real and I feel like people don't talk about it enough. It's different than high school to college - it's a bigger jump and people don't realize it. I'm really happy I was able to sort of write out my angst through James.

I didn't even mean for the dressing up as women thing to be a thing, but it is A THING.


Drunk James is the action James.

Freddie's reaction is my favorite one out of everyone's - he doesn't care that it happened BUT HOW DARE DRUNK THEM NOT INVITE HIM?!


Thank you much!

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Review #4, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Grounded

27th August 2013:
Started from the bottom, now we here. Reviewing as chapters are being posted! What a time to be alive!

So last time Rose fell off the side of the Malfoyís house, correct? I guess itís time for the aftermath of THAT stupid decision.

How the frickle frackle is Rose still hanging on? My arms would have given out like 2 paragraphs ago.

I still donít see this ending well for Rose.

I feel like Rose should have probably waited awhile before knocking on Scorpiusí window. Oh Rose.

Oh no sheís going to get caught in his room isnít she?

ďYou found me,Ē Scorpius said after a while, kissing the top of my head.
Iím going to vom theyíre so cute.

Now Rose is hiding under beds, my how the tables have turned.

Mrs. Malfoy uncrossed her legs. ďThank you for changing his bandages, Rose.Ē

Well this is awkward.

Scorpius Malfoy being polite. ItísÖ strange. I guess Iím just so used to him being a butt-face.

These letters are killing me! Uhg!!

Tell your family and friends to sod off what they think about Scorpius! Youíre good for each other!

P.S. Are you blushing yet?
Romantic IDIOTS.

WHAT THE WHAT. Ron is such a sneak! Love it! Donít give yourself a concussion, Rose. Thatís not romantic!

Awesome chapter! Things are starting to wrap up, only 5 more days of vacation!! And of course somethingís got to happen with this bear. Youíre not just gonna let that not come back, because itís you ;)



Author's Response: What a time to be alive, indeed. hehehe

Apparently Rose does pull-ups? I never could. Lucky girl.

It's disgusting, how adorable they are. Should be illegal, actually.

I think he's such a sweetheart because too many people wanted me to write Rose with the butt-face Scorpius in the other stories. NO NO NO. Especially Scorp in BTQC are you serious?

I love letters.

I love Ron too.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #5, by radicallyaliHide and Seek: Luxe Bevington and Shrimp

25th August 2013:
Apparently there wasnít a review for this chapter! Has Victoria been eating reviews again? James should keep a better watch on her; reviews canít be good for her digestive system.

Iím glad that Jane and Oliver have finally worked things out and have realized that they donít have to do super romantic things all the time, just some of the time.

Napkins really are a dumb way to break up.

Darn it, Alicia! Ruining Janeís whole plan for the morning.

ďSuit yourself. I already had a name for my character. Luxe Bevington. How does that sound?Ē
Iím surprised Alicia didnít actually use this character while she was at the benefit game. Could you imagine?

I feel like people dress ridiculously nice for Quidditch games. My dad has donor passes for the college basketball team he supports and like half the people in the lounge are wearing tshirts. I guess its more of the society thing though. I feel like I would get tired of dressing fancy for sporting games.

I just love how their entire group flirts and makes fun of each other because they all know that they have their significant others to go home to at the end of the day and their confident enough in their relationships to do that (except for Jane and Dodger. I think Oliver will be 40 and still be upset when Jane and Dodger run into each other on the streets).

Oh GeoKat, whatever are we going to do with you.

If Alicia is calling someone out on their dramatics, you know its legit.

Swedish Meatball. What a tool box.


ďYou know what else won? This bleeding shrimp. So good. Like, succulent and stuffĒ
I actually literally laugh out loud everytime I read this part. Oh Fred.

GeoKat. Bleeding ridiculous pair that are PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.

Perfect chapter, perfect story yadda yadda xo


Author's Response: I doubt it's Victoria.

My favorite part of relationships is the non-mushy-romantic garbage. Also known as, the majority of a long-lasting relationship. It's nice that Jane figured it out.

Alicia should have a spin-off fic.

I feel like the normal fans in the actual stands dress in robes and jerseys and stuff and all the people in the boxes are a "see and be seen" sort of ordeal.

You are 100% right about Jane and Dodger. Oliver will always want to hex him into next Tuesday, even when Dodger is happily married.

GeoKat. I forgot about GeoKat.

OMG Swedish Meatball. Forgot about that too.

Fred is the best. I'm not biased.

Thank you so much! Remember when you used to review? (I kid, I kid)

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Review #6, by radicallyaliHormones: He Taught Me Everything I Know

21st August 2013:
Hereís your review, no more complaints, woman. (Iíll probably save reading the chapters until Iím at work. So I have something to read at work).

She was their advisor now, but I knew she wanted to be on that broom
Thatís just gotta be the worst. Not being able to do something you truly love anymore because of your situation.

A different language entirely.
It really is. I can just see Freddie turning on like, Project runway and being so confused.

I really love that Ryan doesnít deny that she enjoys Ďhaving funí and looking good doing it.

Fred is trying so hard to be a good person to Ryan and sheís trying to put on this front that sheís not having any of it, but sheís slowly being worn down. Ryan in chapter 1 of this story would have hexed Freddie right in the middle of the store.

ďI like it when you lie,Ē I whispered, leaning a little closer. ďIt almost makes me believe you.Ē Then I nudged her hip and we made our way back to the castle.

Ryan now is a bad time to ignore your health you have another human growing inside you!!

ďI just found out why Davies quit my team,Ē
Oh no. Oh nonono.

Who was the dumbbutt who told Ryan everyone was gossiping about her being pregnant? She deserved to get punched in the face.

A little feminism thrown in there. ;) I like it.

ďLearn that from your dead uncle?Ē
And Gregory Zonko officially went Too Far.

Wow. That was an... angry ending. Like, wow. I donít think youíve ever ended a chapter quite that way before. I liked it though.

Amazing chapter is amazing and all that great stuff.


Author's Response: I can't imagine how hard that would be for Ryan. Her entire future flaunted every day from other people. Hard.

"Why are they wearing feather wigs? Are they birds?" - Freddo, watching PR

I love that you notice that. Freddie is slowly wearing her down and I love that. He's so sly about it too.


You know who the dumbutt was.

Freddie is a hardcore feminist.


No, I don't think I have. You're probably right. I liked that scene. It was the trigger and the snap and the consequences of going too far. I appreciate that Fred had a point at which he couldn't swallow his pride.

Thank you, m'dear!

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Review #7, by radicallyaliDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Romance

15th August 2013:
Hello look itís me!!!

Eagledog is basset hound. I like it. My dad had a basset hound growing up but he ran away all the time cause he was a player. Anyways. Here we go!

James is so picky. Wyoming. Such a random place. And a perfect place to get away from everyone cause whatís in Wyoming? I donít even know. Mormons probably.

I can see James trying to reason with a horse. I can also see it not going very well. Especially a feisty stallion.

ďI believe I said I left muffins in the ovenÖĒ
Still one of the funniest things that James has ever said.

ďTry not to leave him near open flames?Ē
Probably the most you can do with Freddie to be honest.

James is so stupid I want to smack him upside the head. I mean I do understand professional Quidditch has been his dream forever and itís hard to have anything get in the way. But he really canít lose Avery either.

Oh James. Oh baby come here let me hug you. (I donít care that hugging isnít manly, James.)

ďDefinitely standing.Ē
James goes from having a really good moment with Avery to being dumb. How very James.

I hope James has a heart to heart with Eagle Dog. I can see him just sitting and talking to Eagle Dog and then Eagle Dog just drooling all over him.

Ali wouldnít tell the press. I donít believe it.

Iím laughing so hard first Fred and Annie now Bink and Rose.

I canít see this conversation ending well at all.

I honestly cannot see Ali going and calling up the press. It somehow slipped or someone overheard James tell Ali or an owl was intercepted I do not think it was Ali. I refuse (I may be a bit biased towards Ali though). It wouldnít surprise me if Mason was somehow behind this, though.

Fabulous chapter, though I do wish the romantic weekend could have lasted longer than one night. Oh well. Iím sure weíll get the romance eventually.


4/4 (hopefully not)

AliCat ;)

Author's Response: Ah, I finally got to one of yours. As you knew I would (a year later).

Eagle Dog is totally a playa.

James would totally pick Wyoming. Have you been? It's a beautiful state. Mountains and eastern plains. So, so beautiful. I firmly believe James saw a picture of it in a magazine and decided that's where they would go and made it happen.

That line is also one of my favorites. Came up with it on my 21st birthday. I'm sure you can imagine.

Agreed. He just has to realize he can't lose Avery forever. He'll get there.

You are totally biased. But you're also right.

Thank you SO much, as always!

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Review #8, by radicallyaliKeep Away: Brazilian Bon-Bon

11th August 2013:
Apparently no review on this chapter??? I guess I'll just leave a quick one. I've been re-reading this my past couple of work shifts and I love it just as much as I did when I first started reading it four years ago.

Also reading this after reading DTTT, Hormones, and 30 Days all at the same time, your writing has improved SO much. (Obviously you've always been good) but I feel like you now have a much better understanding of how your characters work, because the very beginning of KA seems just a little bit forced. But I'm re-falling in love with these characters all over again and I still laugh at the same parts and my emotions about all the characters are still the same.

You are truly an amazing writer that four years later I still feel exactly the same about this story.

You are awesome. The end.

Ali 1043754667/10

Author's Response: Wow, how rude.

I really need to re-read this. Especially since I'm working on The Keeper's Daughter now.

Absolutely I agree with you completely. It was actually a specific writing workshop I took right as I got the first couple chapters of BTQC out and was starting Hide and Seek that you can see the clear change. When I look back, I see it. This was also my first novel-length I'd written since... well, ages. I did a few dabbles like freshman year of high school, but I'm sure you know how those went.

Keep Away is pretty rough, but it's a good stepping stone.

Thank you so much!

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Review #9, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Silence

7th August 2013:
WHAT IS THIS A REVIEW THE DAY A CHAPTER CAME OUT OF THE QUEUE. ITíS A CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST MIRACLE. Also this is the perfect thing to distract me from womanly things. Well this and a pint of red velvet ice cream.

I almost forgot how the last chapter ended well you sure didnít let me forget that for long!

Iím glad Ron has a level head right now Rose run out and trip over something and hurt herself and then sheíd be no hope to anyone.

I canít decide if I think Hugo is just a normal annoying brother or a little shitake mushroom head.

Oh Scorpius. Oh Scorpius :(

Omg no.

After all the Ďrescuingí that Scorpius has done for Rose, and now sheís rescuing him and she never even hesitated. Thatís my girl.

ďIím just proud of you, okay?Ē Hugo blurted and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him in a mess of emotion.
Okay just a regular annoying little brother.

I hope we actually get to meet Dom before the fic is over. To see if sheís really like how Rose keeps describing her.

Rose. Why did you leave. Dumb.

Rose what the what you are so ridiculous.

While I was clinging to the sill.
I just outwardly groaned at Rose. This girl is so ridiculous and cares so FREAKING much for Scorpius and JUST. KISS. AND. DATE. ALREADY.

With that said, I loved this chapter and it was awesome and youíre awesome. Like always.

AliCat ;)

Author's Response: I'm not getting used to it. Then again, I'm responding to this in February so it's my own fault. Psh. I use my review-responding time to write. SO SUE ME.

I love that Ron has a level head. What a fantastic thing.

Rose is so much braver than she knows.

I think Rose is realizing Hugo is more than just annoying. He has a heart and brain, as concealed as he keeps it.

Yeah, Rose, however has a lot of Ron qualities. One being acting before thinking.

Lol just kiss and date already.

But wouldn't that make the story DULL??

Thank you!

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Review #10, by radicallyaliHormones: The Hospital

5th August 2013:
I donít like this chapter image one bit. Not at all. (The fact that I can tell what the mood of one of your chapters is going to be when the chapter image isnít one of your characters).

Oh James. He just really doesnít understand, does he?

Oh Freddie, heís such a sweetheart.

Wow, I donít even know what to say. What a special moment for Fred and Ryan to share together.

This Zonko kid is even more of a sleaze than Twitwards and that is saying something.

Maybe youíre being a little harsh on Ollie, Freddie.

I hope that Andrew doesnít turn Ollie against James that would just be bad news.

Some stuff is about to hit the fan isnít it? Donít answer that.


No. no. NO. NOooOOO.

The fact that Freddie knows these things about Ryan but didnít know them about Annie.

And youíre here. Youíre always here
Here come the feels.

So itís finally been said to someone outloud who isnít in Freddieís immediate ring of people. Iím really excited for things to start picking up. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LEARN ABOUT RYAN DAVIES PERSONAL LIFE I AM CHOMPING AT THE BITS HERE.




Author's Response: Hehe. You definitely know.

Think of how many chapter images I have of beds (hospital and non) in all my stories. Must be the most common thing tying them all together.

Freddie is such a sweetheart and he just doesn't get a lot of things. Can't blame him. He has a lot on his plate.

Yes. Zonko is worse than Twitwards. Very, very worse.

It's worth the wait. I promise.

Thank you!

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Review #11, by radicallyaliHormones: One of the Good Guys

5th August 2013:
Chopper looks like a bad boy. Like he fixes bikes in his spare time and is part of a motorcycle gang.

What if I just accidentally punched Andrew Parise in the face? Would anyone really mind? Probably not.

I just canít even believe that Annie was cheating on Freddie like I would have NEVER guessed that Annie of all people.

Iím glad that Freddie realizes that itís not all his fault. There is a lot that he could have done differently, but part of it is also Annieís fault.

Oh no. I have a bad feeling that Gregory somehow knows about Freddie and Ryan.

At what point in our relationship did she ever talk about herself? At what point in our relationship did I ever ask her about herself?
Ah heís finally figured it out.

I do wonder why Ryan is working. Iíll keep my ideas to me right now. Cause we donít know enough about her and I donít want to jump to any conclusions. Ryan is just this big ball of mystery.

Ryan obviously doesnít hate Freddie as much as she used to. In fact I think sheís warming up to him even though she doesnít feel like she needs him. I suspect that weíre going to eventually find out that she really does need someone like him in her life.

What was wrong with who I was?

She turned off the lights and told me there was nothing wrong with me.
No stop I canít do this no.

Fred is just falling apart at the seams and I just want to bandage him up.

Iím glad someone told Fred that, I think he really needed to hear it because he never thought it was a possibility.

I think my favorite thing about this story is that the ďteen pregnancyĒ storyline is not the only focus. While, yes, it is a huge part of the story, Fredís entire struggle with whatís happening in his life, romantically, and with his father and WWW, everything is pulling Fred into these different directions. And I think Fred is going to get a lot worse before things get better.

A beautiful chapter, as always


Author's Response: That is exactly what Chopper does. He also sharpens knives.

No one would mind. You might not get there first, though.

Annie made the poor choice to go see other people when she was still with Fred, but it was just a mutual cluster to begin with in that they didn't belong together and never would. Annie will learn that soon enough. Fred just has to deal with it now.

You'll definitely find out why Ryan is working. And why she has the cold demeanor she does.

He does need bandaids. With superheroes.

I'm glad you like that about the story. It's one of my favorite parts. It makes the story a lot longer, of course, but I like that. Fred deals with a lot in his life and Ryan deals with a lot in hers. The pregnancy is what ties their lives togehter. They knit the rest themselves.

Thank you!

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Review #12, by radicallyaliHormones: Unexpected

31st July 2013:
Who is Moxís face claim? I know who it is but I donít know his name. Uhg.

Onto the chapter even though this match is about to be a blood bath.

Oh good you didnít make us witness this.

Andrew Parise can stick it where the sun donít shine. I have a lot of strong words against him. None of which I can use here.

FINALLY Ryan is warming up to Freddie.

Like a bad romcom.

Whoever made grapefruit chocolate should probably be slapped.

W O W. I didnít think it would be Annie who cut it off. And cheated on Freddie?

Annie was seeing Andrew Parise.
You MUST be joking. Y M B J.

What a sod. I hate that bugger. Can we push him off a cliff or the Brooklyn Bridge. Letís take a poll.

Look at me Iím almost all caught up!!


Author's Response: Usually, I save the picture of the face claim before I make it into a chapter image, but I didn't with Mox. Got the image from Bellazon under models though. Good luck. haha!

Believe it or not, you'll have more strong words for Parise as the story wears on.

And Parise.

That guy is so frustrating. His motivation isn't even as good as Zonko's. Puh-leeze.

Thank you!

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Review #13, by radicallyaliHormones: We Should get a Puppy

31st July 2013:
You always have the perfect face casts for your characters. Always.

People are going to start noticing soon. You canít hide a pregnant belly forever.

Weíd been swinging bats at each other since we could stand.
I can just see James and Fred beating the crap out of each other with beater bats at the Burrow and their parents just laughing at them until finally Ginny and Angelina step in and lightly scold them,

I still donít understand Ryanís motives. Well I guess thatís because Freddie doesnít understand her motives and heís the narrator. I want to know more about Ryan so badly.

The Roxanne subplot hurts my heart so badly.

I feel like Freddie is just going to fray more and more and more.

I feel like ignoring that was a bad idea.

Is Freddie REALLY surprised that George painted his chest?

James and Freddie with a puppy would be a disaster.

Oh no. Iím not excited to read this game. If I just skip the chapter then it never existed, right? Right? Bueller?

Frick I had something I wanted to say at the beginning of the review but thought ohhh no Iíll wait till the end but I forgot. Frick. Merp.

Perfect chapter, wonderful, yadda yadda all those things


Author's Response: Thank you! I am outrageously picky about them in the same way I'm picky about names. I'd rather not do one than make it the wrong person.

I like to think George always let the beating with bats go on because he was adjusting their positions and hold on the actual bats. Cracks me up to imagine.

Bingo. Freddie is just as unreliable a narrator as James in BTQC.

James and Freddie getting a puppy really would be a disaster. they would just spread pee pads all over the dormitory since they'd be too lazy to take the dog out.

Thank you!

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Review #14, by radicallyaliHormones: The Proposal

31st July 2013:
The Proposal?? Whoís proposing?!!? Ah!!
Who is Gregory? Have we met him? I donít remember.

Parise couldnít come up with something a little more entertaining than a chess match? What a prick.

Is Molly up to something? I canít tell.

Ryan and Freddie are getting along. Progress!

Okay obviously NOT the kind of proposal I was thinking unless this stranger shrouded in magic is going to propose to Freddie. Which I doubt.

So this thing with Zonkoís is getting really serious and I donít trust this blue magic fellow one bit.

Who even says ďgleeful manner?Ē

Oh no Oh no Annie is going to see.

The fight lasted forever.

Iím so worried about Freddie. With Zonkos and his dad and Annie and Ryan and heís got so much more on his shoulders than any 17 year old should and I just want to give him a hug. Please arrange that for me.



Author's Response: Nope. But you will meet him... obviously.

Parise is an idiot.
That's the central theme of Hormones. Nothing to do with pregnancy. Just... Parise is an idiot.

Yeah, I wouldn't trust Zonko. He has no shame and no tact either.

Freddie has a lot on his shoulders. You're right in that it's way, way too much. Unfortunately he has to learn to grow up much faster than the Gryffindors around him to deal with it. Poor thing.

I'll arrange that hug.


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Review #15, by radicallyaliHormones: The Hazy Future

31st July 2013:
Hello hello here I am continuing my catchup. Iím making a lot of progress!!

I donít think Annie and Freddie are going to last for a whole lot longer. They just arenít making any progress in their relationship. Itís just all surface. I think Freddie is going to see it as more of a burden as Ryan goes through her pregnancy. Iím just hoping the break up before it leaks that Ryan is pregnant.

ďWhat relationship?Ē

And why on earth she wanted to play Quidditch with a brain like hers.
Probably so she doesnít have to think. I canít imagine that her head is a good place to be, even before her pregnancy.

Uhg uhg uhg uhg uhg SO MUCH TENSION.


Halfway through reading this chapter I remembered that James and Fred are DC and Joey and just started laughing and I donít even know why.

Of course Molly would put Freddie on prefect duty on Halloween. I think sheís got it out for all of her cousins.

Lovely, as always


Author's Response: Yeah, they definitely don't have what it takes to last. They're both sweet, but they just don't belong together.

You're right about her head not being a good place to be. You'll learn more about that.

HAHA. Super glad you liked that. Had been waiting so long to use Joey and DC for characters since BTQC came out too early for me to use DC. Even though that's essentially how I see BTQC James, just with straight hair and not curly.

Molly has it out for everyone. Except herself.


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Review #16, by radicallyaliHormones: Wrong about Ryan

31st July 2013:
I like this picture of Roxanne. She looks fiesty.

PS The Backstreet Boys have a new album out. JSYK. Kevinís back holla.

I have to admit that I donít know anything about Roethke, but I had heard of him so I just now went to wikipedia to get a basic summary. And from what is on there, I think itís really believable that Ryan is reading his work.

How the hell is Freddie going to get into the Ravenclaw Tower? Iíd actually really like to see him standing outside trying to figure out a riddle.

Ryan is just so casually showing off her underoos to Freddie and Iím feeling so much second hand embarrassment for Freddie at this moment.

Fred donít do it! Donít open the drawer!

Well then. Ryanís got quite the assortment

Ryan is slowly being pushed out of her circles and I canít help but think that this is going to happen to Freddie as well now. Being a parent changes your entire lifestyle.

A+ movie selection.

And then she snuggled in against my body, facing the movie

I feel like cuddling with someone who isnít your girlfriend is probably not the best idea.

A good chapter. I feel like something is going to hit the fan soon. This chapter was so calm.

Onto the next!

Author's Response: She is absolutely feisty. You've got that right.

I studied Roethke for a while and while putting Ryan's character together I listed a few authors I thought she'd read for pleasure. Hemingway was also on there. He has such a dark picture of the world I thought it fit her well.

Poor Freddie. He's so in over his head with Ryan.

Yeah the non-girlfriend-cuddling isn't the best idea Fred has ever had, but who is he to tell Ryan Davies no? He has so much guilt with her. Move it along, Freddo.

Things always hit the fan. Just know if a chapter seems too calm, it is.

Haha, thank you!! Sorry it took me, you know, six months to answer this.

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Review #17, by radicallyaliHormones: A Little Competition

30th July 2013:
This was posted in November oh man oh man Iím a bad person. I give you permission to slap my wrists whenever I finally come visit.

I think Molly is who Hermione would have been if she hadnít become friends with Ron and Harry. She reminds me a lot of first year Hermione. Except Head Girl.

I wonder where you got the idea for group activities ;)

J-Man omg.

So I figured out who Fred and Annie remind me of. My ex and I. We were friends enough and we snogged. A lot. But we didnít see a whole lot of each other and were just never super comfortable with each other. . It was never meant to last.

Oh no. Oh George. Oh no.

Ē Iím not stupid! I know things!Ē
Yes, very nice James.

These are very high stakes for a trivia game. This trivia better be super hard.

Andrew Parise can sod off.


Iíve actually never seen Friends all the way through Iíve only seen the episodes on TV and they tend to play a lot of the same ones.

Also someone with a blonde afro Mohawk just walked by I thought you would like to know.

Not too terribly much happened in this chapter (aside from Freddie telling James), but I sense a lot of set up happening for later.



Author's Response: Your wrists? That's getting off far too easy.

Yes, completely agree about Molly. She is running the show. Except not at all.

You're right in that it's nice but just not meant to last. Realistically, it's a distraction and that's all it's meant to be. A nice little fling.

Oh James. Sort of like a different version of BTQC's Freddie, except with different goals and relationship thoughts.

Blond. AFRO? Mohawk. Yes, you are quite right.

Yeah this was very much a filler chapter, but got some good dialog out of it.

Thanks :)

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Review #18, by radicallyaliHormones: At the Shop

30th July 2013:
Iíve only reviewed six chapters of Hormones? I thought I had more than that! Oh man Iíve been a terrible #1 fan. I deserve to be on friendship timeout. But at least Iím reviewing now! I also donít know this actors name but I know heís in a Knightís Tale and Dodgeball and is definitely a good match for older George. Ali approved!

This review might be shorter than the others cause I have to get back into the character mindsets in this story and refresh my memory on everyoneís relationship to each other and what has happened so far.

I think studying is the last thing on Fredís mind.

It makes me sad that Fred and Roxanne have such a terrible relationship. I hope they can mend it or form one rather at some point in the story.

There is just always that one person in your main characterís house that they just really clash donít they. Thereís always one. The Screechers, Twitwards, Andrew Parise. What sods.

How the hell did Freddie pull this one off?

Freddie canít remember the small details about Annie. That is extremely telling.

Cue internal groaning.

he stored actual ships for some of his mates in the shop so their significant others didnít know they had them.
Of course he would. Why do I feel like Lee Jordan was one of these mates.

I think George would have laughed at de-pantsing gnomes.

WHAT THE WHAT SHE HAD ANOTHER BOY IN FREDíS ROOM THATíS TERRIBLE. Also I canít help but think that this is going to be relevant in the future because youíre taking the time to tell us about it.

I think hiding this from Ang is just gonna cause some tension later for George.

Perf like usual



Author's Response: Seriously you were lacking in that whole #1 fan department and it was disappointing. Just know I'm watching you.

Studying is the last thing on the minds of most of my characters. Rose is pretty much the only protag that really cares about studying, and she even doesn't that much. Clearly I've worn off.

Fred and Rox's relationship in this story reminds me a touch of James and Harry's in BTQC. It's rough and it hurts but it will mend.

There is ALWAYS. ONE. Of course. They can't live comfortably. Ever.

Extremely, extremely telling.

Because Lee Jordan actually was.

I like that you know my writing style. It's important to know things like that. And even if it doesn't come back up, it's important that you know about Fred's insecurities simply because of that incident.

Yeah hiding anything from Ang is just bad news.

xoxo Thank you!

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Review #19, by radicallyaliHeroes: What Fred Would Say

29th July 2013:
Last chapter! Woo! Look at me being almost caught up ;)

I knew that the guilt would make its way into one or both of them eventually.

Wine is probably a bad distracter. Probably.


I think Georgeís letter to Angelina speaks volumes about how much she really helped him by just being there out in the woods.

Okay. My reviews werenít very long because I could tell this was the kind of story where I needed to read the whole thing before talking too much about it. (Also my normal way of reviewing with quotes and reactions didnít seem quite appropriate for this story).

I love the way that this ended. Things are definitely not perfect, and they both obviously have a lot of healing left to do, if they will ever be fully healed, but they are better. And starting to mend. And now they have each to help mend themselves.

I also think that you were right in that this story needed to be told. Many stories Iíve read or attempted to read sort of ignore how Angelina went from Fred to George after the war, or just kind of make George so similar to Fred that they are interchangeable. Which they are definitely not.

I enjoyed this story tremendously. It was definitely very different than any of the other stories you have posted here, but still so distinctly your writing style. The descriptions of their grief and the way it was dealt with were both heart breaking and beautiful. I donít know if Iíve ever told you in so many words that wasnít fangirling before we became friends, but your command over language and the way you are able to mold words into these stories is so impressive. I have great command over language when writing academic work, but the way you let your characters dictate what you write instead of you dictating what the characters do is something that I will always envy.



Author's Response: I can't believe how fast you're catching up! Soon I won't have anything to scold you about and that is just nonsense.

Wine. Yes. Terrible.

Completely agree about his letter. He also had a limited amount of time to actually think that letter through, which shows that he made the snap decision. The correct snap decision.

Totally don't blame you for the shorter reviews. this is definitely not the same kind of story as the others!

I'm glad you like the ending. I know some people like things tied up into a bow... which I think hide & Seek will be my only story to actually ever do that. I like that they are mending.

Thank you for that. Fred and George are very, very different. I make a point of that I think in the Jane/Oliver stories because I think they really are so different and have such big personalities... but George strikes me as more reserved and quieter. He thinks before making rash decisions. So I really wanted to explore how he ended up with Angelina. Especially after what Freddo said in Hormones.

Yeah ummm.
That last paragraph made me cry. So thank you for that. I'm in the office and I'm sort of crying and there are witnesses.

Thank you so much for all of your reviews

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Review #20, by radicallyaliHeroes: Impossible

29th July 2013:
Chapter 4. Second to last chapter. Iím excited to see how youíre going to wrap this short story up. I guess Iíll have to read to find our wonít I ;)

George probably read the entire trashy novel, letís be serious.

George was such a good brother I might be tearing up. Maybe. We just donít know.

Burnt marshmallows are the best. I purposely catch mine on fire after roasting them for a minute.

ďPlease donít be gone in the morning.Ē

Oh no. Oh George.

About time.

I think George probably feels a little guilty for harboring feelings for Angelina when Fred loved her and Fred is now dead and will never be with Angelina and he probably still sees Angelina as somewhat off limits. But theyíre good for each other. And eventually George wonít feel bad about it anymore.

Lovely lovely lovely. As always.


Author's Response: Isn't it crazy the story is only 5 chapters? Seriously. The last time I wrote something that short (other than one-shots) is before Keep Away.

George would read the trashy novel. Just realized his son (Freddie in Hormones) reads one out loud to Ryan in a future chapter of Hormones... apples and trees.

Is the tearing up rumors again?

You're one of THOSE marshmallow people. ew.

That is exactly what George sees. that big "OFF LIMITS" sign he's used to. He feels guilty about everything in relation to Fred's death and it's so hard for him.

Thank you :)

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Review #21, by radicallyaliHeroes: The Same

29th July 2013:
Hello hello third day of catch up and GO.

ďIím glad I found you,Ē I said.
I sense a double meaning here oh ho ho.

I know that Angelina wants to help George, but heís also going to want to help himself first, and until that happens, I sense a lot of door slamming in the future.

Hanging out
I definitely snickered.

George pretended to play spin the bottle but quit after two turns when he had to snog a lamp and a dry log.
Omg the visual Iím getting right now.

Oh George. I just want to cuddle him and pet his head.

That twat would fall asleep in the middle of a meaningful conversation.

So my eyes may have filled up with tears at the end. But I canít say for sure, legally. There were no witnesses. Hopefully George starts pulling himself together a little better after the conversation him and Ang just had. Obviously things arenít going to be super peachy. But hopefully better.

Faboo, per usual


Author's Response: Look at you, double meaning detective!

George is the door-slamming master. He wants help and then he doesn't and he wants her there and then he doesn't.

Is that visual not precious?!

At least he's sleeping, which is a good thing.

Well, for a legal standpoint you are not guilty. Since there are no witnesses.

On a fanfiction basis... you cried.

Thank you :)

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Review #22, by radicallyaliHeroes: Not Leaving

28th July 2013:
Hello, Chapter Two.

ďTrust me,Ē she said. She placed her hand on my shoulder, squeezing it.

George has liked Angelina since that kiss. Iím calling it at this very moment.

I think if George used his real name he wants to be found even if a tiny bit. Itís easier to be found and made to face your feelings than to confront them yourself.

George found my hand and laced his fingers with mine. ďI wish you would leave.Ē
Well well well.

Flirty flirty flirt.

I love the dynamic between George and Angelina. They obviously have a friendship, but theyíre going to become a lot closer because they are healing from Fredís death together. Itís impossible to go through something like that together and to be there while the other person heals and not become close.

Excited to read more!!



Author's Response: I like when you call things.

George absolutely wanted to be found. He just didn't expect who would find him.

I really love that about them too. Their relationship is built on knowing each other for so long, and now this is bringing them closer together because both are hurting in different ways, yet the same way.


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Review #23, by radicallyaliHeroes: Gone

28th July 2013:
So here we are at Heros. Iím really excited to read this because I donít think there are enough George/Angelina fics especially dealing with Fredís death.

Nothing can prepare you for death. Ever. And thatís probably the hardest thing about it.

ďAng, Fred was still in love with you.Ē He didnít turn, but met my eyes in the glass. ďHe wanted to marry you. He was waiting for you.Ē
Way to make go and start tearing up at work. Rude.

I canít help but feel that Fred would rather George be laughing instead of crying, but I understand how hard this is for George.

Oh no George! :(

Iím really excited to read this story. Partly because itís a little different from what you normally write (which I obviously love) but I love reading different things from the same writer. Iím also excited to see your version fully of how George and Angelina came to be, because I know itís not going to be a clichť. I definitely think this is a very strong start, and itíll only get better.



Author's Response: There really aren't many George/Ang fics. Heck, you read Keep Away. You know how I feel about Fred. He's not even dead it's just a rumor.

So true that nothing can prepare you for it, even if you know it's coming.

Yes this story will do that with the tears. My bad.

Fred would definitely rather him be laughing, but George would be the same way... and Fred wouldn't be laughing.

It's vey, very different from what I normally write, which is yet another reason I'm thrilled people have given it even a bit of a chance.

Thank you so much for the review!

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Review #24, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Date

28th July 2013:
Date. This is going to be very interesting I can already tell.

I wonder what Ron will say if he discovers that sweatshirt.

Not quite the reaction I was expecting from Ron, lol.

Hugo is such a little buttmunch.

Scorpius looked positively petrified.
I may have just snorted.

The fact that Scorpius knows what Rose is thinking just by her facial expressions really speaks to how close theyíve become during these three weeks,

Probably because he knew I was bonkers for being so passionate about one thing.
This is how my roommates react when I talk about Broadway oops.

Scorpius is such a romantic I donít know whether to puke or melt.

CLIFFIE. You are far too fond of them you arenít allowed to write anymore cliffhangers ever. Alright. Now that weíve settled that.

I think we can rule wild animals out unless theyíve taken Scorpius in and this turns into the Jungle Book. I think Scorpius fell and broke something that is keeping him from getting home and heís still too far away to call for help for anyone to hear him. Thatís my theory. Weíll see, wonít we because we both know youíre not going to give me any hints ;)

A #gorg chapter


Author's Response: DATE. You know how things go.

I love freaking out Scorpius. It's good for him, being so confident all the time.

Also glad you noticed the expression-reading.

That's how I react when you talk.

Please don't puke AND melt, though. That's weird.

Have I reached my cliffie quota? Whoops.

I just really pictured Scorpius being raised by wolves and stuff. I like it. SEQUEL.


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Review #25, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Blunt

28th July 2013:

Hello Scorpius, you are quite a dish.

I just absolutely love that Rose paints. Itís such a unique characteristic but it fits her so well.

What?? The Malfoys are leaving? Well that puts a damper on things, doesnít it.

Why did it feel like Iíd just been hit by a truck?,/i>
Cause you still like him you dolt.

Maybe it is not my entire heart that belongs to my mother.
Well poop.

Rose, itís not very smart to just stand there during a thunderstorm.


These two are so frustrating, uhg.

Beautiful chapter AS ALWAYS.


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