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Review #1, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Red Wine

7th May 2015:

I almost forgot what happened last chapter. Oh buddy.

I don’t think he remembered.” Sucks to suck Matteo.

Glad Gee is rid of him. He was awful.
I like happy Gee.


Sophia elbowed me. “Why are you two so smiley? It’s disgusting.” : - )

Albus winked and I was surprised to feel my face heat up. hehehehe.

Snog talk only leads to snogging.

“I am absolutely not licking brownie batter off your finger, Potter.” Gee you’re not fun.

The brownie-cakes tasted worse than rocks Oliver is going to be so sad.


“You should get that before someone easily distracted gets it for you.” ay that was smooth Albus.

I just want them to kiss. I’m whining. This is my whining that I want Gee and Albus to kiss already.

All the usual, I love the story the characters are perf 12234231/10 ;)

Xoxo Ali

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Review #2, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Comforts of Home

7th April 2015:

“You didn’t snog, did you?” Well. Not yet.

He liked him, but there was very little spice there Darn.

I'm anxious how Jane and Oliver will react to this.

OKAY I DIDN'T ANTICIPATE MATTEO AND AURELIA COMING BACK FROM HOGSMEADE. You can still pull one over on me you sly woman.

DODGER. I miss Dodger.

Mum gasped and put a hand over her mouth. Dad whooped and threw his fist in the air Typical.

Jane and Oliver still make me laugh and I'm glad they're such good parents I just love the whole gang.

My parents exchanged knowing looks. I didn’t know that reference, but I felt I ought to Jane and Oliver are team #Algee #Galbus

Albus Potter to the rescue defending Gee's honor and probably thinking about how he wants to snog her.

Do you know how excited I am for baking? I'm so excited. #excited #baking #brownies #redwine

Xoxo Ali

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Review #3, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Downward Spiral

7th April 2015:
“Downward Spiral” with a tornado as the chapter image. I hate to see Gee unhappy, but I know it'll lead to her and Albus snogging eventually. So, LET THE STORM RAGE ON.;)

Quidditch player. Boring. Uninspired. Only James Potter can pull that off.

“You have no idea,” I grumbled. I'm giddy to see Albus' reaction.

I didn’t want to end up in a cast this time What the heck did Matteo do. I'm also really concerned that Gee and Matteo didn't talk at all about this the last time it happened. Like. Communication in that kind of stuff is really important. And. There is none.

Oof. Matteo is already gone? I can't imagine things going well in Hogsmeade later.

Red wine. Classic.

“Hey, we have to talk. I need advice –yeah, I need to talk right now.” I don't like this oh no.

Called it. Kind of. Close enough.

I hope Oliver rips Aurelia a new one to be quite frank.

I'm half hoping Wyatt shows up with Leo to heal Gee's cuts before going off to snog and have Albus heal Gee's emotional scars. Gag I can't believe I typed that sentence. ON TO THE AFTERMATH.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #4, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Everything but Fly

7th April 2015:
All morning when I was at work all I could think about was how I wanted to get home and finish reading this. So here I am about to tackle the last 3 chapters you have posted before moving onto Hormones and DTTT.

Come on Gee get it together don't be spending all that time outside with wet hair. Or snogging with wet hair.

“He’s like hot chocolate,” murmured Leo Leo, please.

“Cancel my ‘average marks in everything but Potions’ posters? How dare you?” I just love Albus okay.

If Albus would have just kissed or forehead or like, brushed the hair off her face. But no. Repressed feelings not realizing they have feelings that pesky Matteo thing.



Ah good. The ever traditional “Mistress writes a Halloween party” is coming up. Always the best chapters.

Truly like mother like daughter. Jane would be so proud. Oliver would be appalled.

You always write great party scenes so naturally I'm pumped to read the next chapter.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #5, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Making Friends

6th April 2015:
Gee has had more fun with Albus at this one dance lesson and more chemistry with him than she has ever mentioned having with Matteo. Wake up girl!

“Sorry,” Matteo said. At least he realizes he's being a twit. Can you hear me rolling my eyes half a country away.

That kiss wasn’t so terrible either Yeah but what if it was Albus. Think about that Gee.

“Except our mutual distaste for some of your choices.” I'm going to take a wild shot in the dark here and say either A) putting off telling the team about her injury or B) Matteo or C) all the above.

I shielded my face from the rain before realizing where we were going. Matteo pulled open the heavy doors to the pitch. Surprise Matteo is having team building in a tent in the middle of the pitch.

I know this review was short but I just keep thinking about how I'm all -grabby hands- for more Albus/Gee time. Algee? Galbus?

Xoxo Ali

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Review #6, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Dance Class

6th April 2015:
I'm bored of Matteo. Gee should dump the pancakes in his lap.

 “You can consult all you want, but I see how bad it hurts that you aren’t up there with us. I’m not adding to that. I won’t do it. I love and respect you too much for that.” I love Sophia.


Love Alicia. Always there to knock some sense into everyone around her.

“Don’t be like that, Gee – it’s not like that!” Except he loves basking in the attention now.

Mum said I got them from her, but I normally wore pants so people didn’t talk about them Gee you gotta show those babies off!

I can't believe Matteo has shriekers. How long until Libby shows up.

I swear Gee is going to come back to her room one day and Sophia and Leo will be macking on each other or dead.

I'm excited for this dance class. Very excited.


Xoxo Ali

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Review #7, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Fragile

6th April 2015:
Well well. Well well well. I'm still here. Aren't you proud?

I'm so worried that this tournament is going to hit the fan.

I see you Gee, noticing how Albus does (or rather doesn't) do his hair. I see you.

“Were the golden child.” What a little poop head

The flirting between Gee and Albus. I like it. I almost called her Jane because she reminded me so much of Jane while doing so. Oops.

Did the snogging really inspire Matteo that much? I'm skeptical.

“I know you want to be up there,” he said. Just snog already.

I noticed this again as he wove in and out of the hoops chanting his own name with the crowd. Yeah. Really skeptical.

The question was, why did my stomach twist into painful knots watching it happen? Cause he's going to turn into a sod now that he's in the limelight

Everyone loves Oliver's brownies. It's a #fact.

I wonder how long before Leo figures out what's going to happen.

Not that I wanted to get to know the real Captain under the exterior, but it was a fascinating subject. Pfft yeah okay Gee.


Xoxo Ali

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Review #8, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: The Plan

5th April 2015:
What does Leo have to tell Gee? Did he let Sophie seduce him? I'm curious.

Okay things definitely aren't good if she's passing out when her temper flares up. That's really Not Good.

I hope Pippa is not so awful as to poison Gee. What would she get out of poisoning the team consultant. It doesn't make sense to me.

Albus really is a good captain. Are you sure he hasn't been owling Oliver and taking notes from him.

Sweet Leo's backstory :(

Projecting Humph >:(

 It was that smile Aurelia always gushed about Yeah and you're paying attention to what she's gushing about, Gee.

That was a routine now, but I didn’t tell Mum and Dad how many I took. Hm.

I don't like this tournament thing. I just feel like everything is going to go wrong. In retrospect, this was probably one of our worst ideas. Gee agrees with me.


Xoxo Ali

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Review #9, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Nerves

5th April 2015:
Alright Gee, you can do this. You've already told Leo and Albus. Tell Matteo.

Matteo fainted in his chair He must be a pretty shotty Keeper.

I hope she tells the rest of the team before Matteo does to be honest.

Oliver still making perfect sense, and still getting straight to the point. I didn't expect anything to change.

I had to be better than who I was I sense an overarching theme for the story here.

I think Sophia is a little scarier than Alicia. I'd be frightened of her.

”Don’t whine. It isn’t flattering.” TELL HIM ALBUS. I'm thinking Matteo's personality and attitude is going to go downhill really fast.

If Matteo did actually spend all summer in Italy training he really shouldn't be acting this way. He should be excited to get to play finally. I wonder if he was just dating Gee to be dating the star Keeper with the famous last name. I'm sure we'll find out. eventually.

That's not good if there's no desire to repeat.

“That bloke drives me bonkers.” Everything is just reeks of disaster.

 “The truly talented is going back to bed.” I want to be Leo's BFF make that happen.

I don't have many other thoughts about this chapter mostly because I just want to keep reading. You win again Janice.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #10, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Lunch Date

5th April 2015:
Now that I've gotten sucked in I'm on a roll. Not that you're upset about that. MORE REVIEWS.

Albus probably understands that crap happens and that freaking out on Gee won't help Gee and certainly won't change anything as far as her injury goes. Albus has a good head on his shoulders. I like him.

JUST TELL THE TEAM GEE. Well she certainly got stubbornness from both of her parents.

Is Aurelia real? Does she snog her besties? I don't quite understand her. But then again, she is a younger sibling.

Any chance Foster Jackson is related to Emerson. They're both real charmers.

Still. If he’d paid attention… I don't see this going well.

At least someone noticed. lololol

I dunno I really like that Albus calls her by her full name.

I know Aurelia is a tosspot because, you know, she's a younger sister and always drools over Gee's friends, but I have this nagging that Matteo is going to try and kiss Aurelia at some point and I really hope that's not true. I know you're not going to tell me either way. But that nagging feeling is there. Or that he's going to dump Gee after finding out she can't play. Those are my two official predictions. Watch them both be wrong.

 He had a much more admirable midsection than October Ay papi.


Oh Gee.

I laughed. “Matteo, we need to talk.” Finally.

If Gee doesn't snog Albus soon I will he's so sweet but also a twit but mostly pretty sweet so far.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #11, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: Honesty

5th April 2015:

I'm interested in learning more about this Albus. So far, I like him.

I'm sitting here chanting at my computer “just tell him just tell him” even though I have this feeling Gee is just going to wait until the very last minute.

He dated plenty of girls and guys throughout the last few years at school REPRESENTATION GOOD.

Pippa seems like a raging B. Will I love to hate her or just flat out hate her. Hmm.

For each example, Leo dropped a finger. He looked bored. I'm in love

God I just love Jane she's just wonderful.

He was compassionate where I was not and curious where I was angry. I already want them to kiss but this is one of your stories so I'm going to have to wait forever aren't I.

Thank Godric she finally told Albus I was worried she was somehow going to be able to hide it until the first game and then Gryffindor would be so screwed.

“Beats waiting until October.” Which I totally could have done if I hadn’t gotten those death thoughts in my head. I'm already learning.

“I don’t want you not to be involved,” he said. “You mean too much to the team and you’re too smart to disappear. I’ll figure something out, but promise you won’t just hide in your room and try and forget Quidditch?” Im in love with this Albus already bye.

I'm already getting attached to Gee and Albus I'm doomed.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #12, by radicallyaliUnder the Radar: The Pitch

5th April 2015:
I can't believe you're starting a new story while I'm starting to play catch up. How rude ;)

As a fellow Hufflepuff who is proud of being one, I am SO EXCITED that you're writing a story from the perspective of a Hufflepuff. Our house doesn't get enough love g dang it.

They let us live our lives and didn’t bother us. Which was exactly what we wanted. Preach.

What. You, Janice, writing a story where Quidditch isn't one of the main parts of the story? I'm shocked. It's like I don't even know you.

Can Teddy be my BFF he seems so chill I like him already.

I'm glad Teddy doesn't have to look after James either. I'm sure 11 year old James is just as much of a handful as 17 year old James.

I love this already. I've always been intrigued by Teddy/Victoire as a couple but rarely found anything to keep my interest and we both know I'm one of your biggest fangirls so. And I love being a Hufflepuff. My best friend sent me a Hufflepuff mug from WWoHP because I love my house so much.

I'm excited to read this (and hopefully keep up with it oops).

Xoxo Ali

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Review #13, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: It's going to be fine, you know

4th April 2015:
Three reviews in one day look at me go!

Come on Gee, the longer you wait to tell people the harder its going to be. I just hope she doesn't wait until the first practice to tell Albus. I imagine he wouldn't take it very well. Not that he'll take it well either way.

Matteo seems sweet. I want to know more about him thought. Sweet and teasing towards Aurelia isn't enough for me. Can I have him after he and Gee break up or?

I see Gee has a bit of her mother's short temper. Good.

Again I don't have a lot because we're still meeting characters and the plot has just begun. I like Leo. He seems fun. And Sophia reminds me of Alicia a bit.

Who names their triplets after months. Who names a kid October. Their parents are mental.

I can't wait until the story really gets into the plot. I know you have to establish the characters and all but once everyone is introduced is when things start getting good.

You're wonderful etc etc etc the normal compliments :P

xoxo ali

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Review #14, by radicallyaliThe Keeper's Daughter: It Happened in August

4th April 2015:
Okay I could have sworn I'd at least left a review for the first chapter of this. I've let Oliver down.

Thanks to those who haven't stopped pestering me to continue the Wood story I don't remember pestering you, but you do know I have a soft spot for Oliver.

I'm going to try to read a whole chapter before writing the review as opposed to doing it at the same time so my reviews might be a little shorter (I'm thinking about the monster reviews I used to leave on KA and H&S oops). I hope you still love me.

I had to write this before I lost it while reading the chapter but I'm imagining Oliver and Jane's reactions to finding out that Jane is pregnant. Let that sink in.

Alright. So I don't have a whole lot since this is the first chapter and we're still getting to know Gee and Aurelia. We haven't met Matteo yet but I can't imagine him and Gee stay together for too long into the story. She hadn't talked to him in awhile. Did she even tell him that she fell off a house because she thought he snuck out to Mr. Perry's cottage for a snog?

Seems fitting that I'm starting this story 5 years and one day after my Quidditch career ended ;)

I'm excited to read more because I love getting to know your characters. I love them all, even if I hate some of them, I still love to hate them.

Xoxo Ali

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Review #15, by radicallyaliFinally: Finally

4th April 2015:
OH HEY THERE. WHATS THIS. I thought I'd start off with something small since I'm a little rusty. What's better than starting off with a one-shot? Finally, a review on a one-shot titled Finally. Really it's perfect.

I honestly never saw Ron as staying with being an Auror. And his family is so important to him. I'm glad he ended up working with George at the shop.

I can just imagine Molly getting all flustered and excited about finding out she was going to get another daughter-in-law. The image makes me giddy.

”Don't shout at a Veela” I just cackled in this Starbucks I hope you're happy.

Cormac McLaggen. Remind me not to read your stories in public ever.

Did you base this dinner off Chandler trying to propose to Monica and Richard showing up at the same restaurant. I wouldn't be surprised. This is you we're talking about.

I imagine Hermione would have been very smirky for most of Hogwarts had they not had to worry about that whole Voldemort thing.

I'm seriously sitting in Starbucks with my hand over my face trying not to laugh out loud at Ron practicing proposing to Harry in his kitchen.

This was so cute I loved it and it was perfect and I'm just always constantly amazed at how well you have a grip on the Trio because I think it's very easy to do them wrong, or really only focus on one part of their character. You have such a nuanced understanding of all facets of their personalities. It's also so easy for me to fall back into your writing after taking a small -cough cough- hiatus.

Loved its wonderful you're wonderful

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Review #16, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Fight

22nd September 2013:

I hope they’re playing exciting board games and not like, Monopoly. That game ruins friendships.

Ron would play/own a board game based on his exploits.

I’m so so so so glad that Ron and Hermione like Scorpius. It is never a good sign when you bring someone over that your parents do not like.

So grounded her boyfriend can come play games with us all day

The way you write Roses’ reactions makes me feel her reactions with her. I love it.

This is making me miss fishing with my dad and grandpa 

Scorpius reeled his line in several more times. He looked content, standing with his legs shoulder-width apart in the water. I watched his posture. Straight-backed. Grandeur. Like he was the one who would tell the fish if they would live or die today.
I think I just swooned at work.


Everything was a blur of mint and rain, soaking my hair and eyelashes.
Well then.

I wanted to paint bravery. But if I had to paint bravery, it would be in the image of the canvas Scorpius already had on his dresser.

Absolutely positively LOVED this chapter. Perf.



Author's Response: Rose wouldn't play Monopoly. Hermione would destroy all of them.

Ron has an entire cabinet full of board games at home. He's not even sorry.

I miss fishing a lot. Big reason why I wrote so much fishing in this story.

Swoon-worthy fishing right there.


Thank you!

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Review #17, by radicallyaliHormones: Who I was Born to Be

10th September 2013:
Here we go! Another chapter!! Woo!! Also the title of this chapter reminds me of the song “What I Was Born to Do” from Bring It On the Musical. Please listen to it and pretend its James singing. You won’t be disappointed. I promise. (even though it’s a different story idc listen to it).

I almost forgot that Freddie was beating the pulp out of Zonko. Almost.

Oh no. Freddie is going to get sacked isn’t he.

I just want to hide Freddie in my closet and tell him everything is going to be alright.

Molly leaned down. “Fred, I’m afraid I have to suspend you.”

As much as Freddie and Molly seem indifferent towards each other, family is so important to the Weasley’s and I love how you showcase that.

Because somewhere out there Ryan Davies was alone.

and the hormones are making her into a bloody nightmare
The thing. (Not that it’s entirely difficult with this story).


I know making up with Rox is low on Freddie’s list, but I can’t help but feel like it will help him immensely if he does.

He shook his head, an invisible wall sliding into place between us.
Kcgdhjgfjdghjfsgbsfgfda I’m so frustrated with this whole joke shop situation. FRUSTRATED YOU HEAR ME.

There is so much lying and so many walls in this story and I’m dfkjhgsfdhgiusfguhsfghfsgsh. That’s the only way to describe how I’m feeling.

If Freddie doesn’t tell George about this now, I bet you two dollars that George will find out at the next hearing.

“No idea what you’re talking about,” I said and hurried from the room.
You hear that dull thud? That’s me banging my head on my desk.

Rox cleared her throat and pressed her finger against the newspaper below her book. She slid it across the table, within my range of sight.
Oh no. Oh nonononononono.

Freddie’s speech to the reporters? I might be crying at work a little. A little sniffle.

It was time I stood up to be who I was born to be.
You should have told me to grab a tissue before I started reading, woman.

This was a really good chapter. Very sad and stressful and FRUSTRATING (have I mentioned that yet?) but really good. Really good. And I’m excited for things to start picking up even more.


Author's Response: I listened to it back then and then I listened to it now and I STILL laughed stupidly hard.

lol just let the image of Freddo beating the pulp out of a 12-year-old sink in. Go on.

I love that about the Weasleys too. They really care for each other, even though sometimes they hate each other.


You're right about Rox. It's just the dark cloud hanging over him.



I heard the thud. It was well done.

Yeah, you should be crying, woman! That was a darn good speech. LOOK AT THAT CHARACTER GROWTH. LOOK AT IT.

Sorry. My mistake. Though I think you should know by now that any chapter of ANY story MIGHT AT ANY TIME require tissues. I think I've proven that.

Thank you so much!

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Review #18, by radicallyaliDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with a Plan for Bink

7th September 2013:
Would you look at this? A review!!! I’m keeping up with chapters you should be proud (the perks of working guest services at a slow mall).

Hello Bink. You and I both know how I feel about Bink. So I won’t go into details ;)

Someone is going to give the press hard evidence on their relationship. I can feel it. My money would be on Gregory Zonko but alas he is not in this story. What a punk.

I’m very very fond of Ali ;) I might be biased.

“Does it involve machetes?” Ali said, following when I started into my bedroom. “I think it should, if it doesn’t, by the way.”

James talking to Victoria like her purring and chirping means anything what a loon.

Man I miss Wesley actually I just really miss James hexing Wesley for no reason.

To combat this, I took some permanent ink and scribbled my name inside

“I’m a Gryffindor here,” I said and was surprised that I got a little choked up about it.

James’ transition between teams and not feeling like he can joke around with these people he knows just really strikes a chord with me. I’m starting to transition between collegiate and professional and I feel like I’m in this weird limbo sometimes. Not quite fitting in with my younger friends, not quite fitting in with the other professionals I know.

Awww Bink.

“What’re you going to do? Dress in drag and follow me around…?”
James has far too much practice with this.

Instead, what I found was Bink Legace standing next to Gaia serving the locals

“Let’s get drunk and make stupid life decisions.”
Oh no.

Drunk James is my favorite James by far.

Freddie appeared at his shoulder. “I CANNOT BELIEVE you got bloody MARRIED and I wasn’t even invited.” He was waving a picture in his right hand. A Polaroid of Avery and me.

I knew that James and Avery would eventually get married. Just not Vegas style. How the heckarooni is James going to fix this? Oh man if the press finds out about this, James and Avery are going to be ALL over the tabloids. Also I can’t imagine Henrik is going to be thrilled about this. Oh man and Harry and Ginny and Avery’s mom? Oh man. The next chapter is going to be a wild ride, isn’t it?

Perf chapter 396676798745487045/10


(ps this was over a page long in Word BOOYA)

Author's Response: Ah, the days of your reviews. I remember them fondly.

Bink is a hottiemchotterson.

Zonko would saunter into this story just to be a putz, you know?

I love her so much too. She turned out to be a great minor character. I wish I had the storyline to give her the arch she deserves - but alas, too many characters, too little time! Or, alas, earwax!

No, James talks to Victoria like Kristoff talks to Sven. THEY TOOK THAT IDEA FROM ME.

Trust me, that limbo is something I felt (and feel) too. It's real and I feel like people don't talk about it enough. It's different than high school to college - it's a bigger jump and people don't realize it. I'm really happy I was able to sort of write out my angst through James.

I didn't even mean for the dressing up as women thing to be a thing, but it is A THING.


Drunk James is the action James.

Freddie's reaction is my favorite one out of everyone's - he doesn't care that it happened BUT HOW DARE DRUNK THEM NOT INVITE HIM?!


Thank you much!

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Review #19, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Grounded

27th August 2013:
Started from the bottom, now we here. Reviewing as chapters are being posted! What a time to be alive!

So last time Rose fell off the side of the Malfoy’s house, correct? I guess it’s time for the aftermath of THAT stupid decision.

How the frickle frackle is Rose still hanging on? My arms would have given out like 2 paragraphs ago.

I still don’t see this ending well for Rose.

I feel like Rose should have probably waited awhile before knocking on Scorpius’ window. Oh Rose.

Oh no she’s going to get caught in his room isn’t she?

“You found me,” Scorpius said after a while, kissing the top of my head.
I’m going to vom they’re so cute.

Now Rose is hiding under beds, my how the tables have turned.

Mrs. Malfoy uncrossed her legs. “Thank you for changing his bandages, Rose.”

Well this is awkward.

Scorpius Malfoy being polite. It’s… strange. I guess I’m just so used to him being a butt-face.

These letters are killing me! Uhg!!

Tell your family and friends to sod off what they think about Scorpius! You’re good for each other!

P.S. Are you blushing yet?
Romantic IDIOTS.

WHAT THE WHAT. Ron is such a sneak! Love it! Don’t give yourself a concussion, Rose. That’s not romantic!

Awesome chapter! Things are starting to wrap up, only 5 more days of vacation!! And of course something’s got to happen with this bear. You’re not just gonna let that not come back, because it’s you ;)



Author's Response: What a time to be alive, indeed. hehehe

Apparently Rose does pull-ups? I never could. Lucky girl.

It's disgusting, how adorable they are. Should be illegal, actually.

I think he's such a sweetheart because too many people wanted me to write Rose with the butt-face Scorpius in the other stories. NO NO NO. Especially Scorp in BTQC are you serious?

I love letters.

I love Ron too.

Thank you for the review!

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Review #20, by radicallyaliHide and Seek: Luxe Bevington and Shrimp

25th August 2013:
Apparently there wasn’t a review for this chapter! Has Victoria been eating reviews again? James should keep a better watch on her; reviews can’t be good for her digestive system.

I’m glad that Jane and Oliver have finally worked things out and have realized that they don’t have to do super romantic things all the time, just some of the time.

Napkins really are a dumb way to break up.

Darn it, Alicia! Ruining Jane’s whole plan for the morning.

“Suit yourself. I already had a name for my character. Luxe Bevington. How does that sound?”
I’m surprised Alicia didn’t actually use this character while she was at the benefit game. Could you imagine?

I feel like people dress ridiculously nice for Quidditch games. My dad has donor passes for the college basketball team he supports and like half the people in the lounge are wearing tshirts. I guess its more of the society thing though. I feel like I would get tired of dressing fancy for sporting games.

I just love how their entire group flirts and makes fun of each other because they all know that they have their significant others to go home to at the end of the day and their confident enough in their relationships to do that (except for Jane and Dodger. I think Oliver will be 40 and still be upset when Jane and Dodger run into each other on the streets).

Oh GeoKat, whatever are we going to do with you.

If Alicia is calling someone out on their dramatics, you know its legit.

Swedish Meatball. What a tool box.


“You know what else won? This bleeding shrimp. So good. Like, succulent and stuff”
I actually literally laugh out loud everytime I read this part. Oh Fred.

GeoKat. Bleeding ridiculous pair that are PERFECT FOR EACH OTHER.

Perfect chapter, perfect story yadda yadda xo


Author's Response: I doubt it's Victoria.

My favorite part of relationships is the non-mushy-romantic garbage. Also known as, the majority of a long-lasting relationship. It's nice that Jane figured it out.

Alicia should have a spin-off fic.

I feel like the normal fans in the actual stands dress in robes and jerseys and stuff and all the people in the boxes are a "see and be seen" sort of ordeal.

You are 100% right about Jane and Dodger. Oliver will always want to hex him into next Tuesday, even when Dodger is happily married.

GeoKat. I forgot about GeoKat.

OMG Swedish Meatball. Forgot about that too.

Fred is the best. I'm not biased.

Thank you so much! Remember when you used to review? (I kid, I kid)

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Review #21, by radicallyaliHormones: He Taught Me Everything I Know

21st August 2013:
Here’s your review, no more complaints, woman. (I’ll probably save reading the chapters until I’m at work. So I have something to read at work).

She was their advisor now, but I knew she wanted to be on that broom
That’s just gotta be the worst. Not being able to do something you truly love anymore because of your situation.

A different language entirely.
It really is. I can just see Freddie turning on like, Project runway and being so confused.

I really love that Ryan doesn’t deny that she enjoys ‘having fun’ and looking good doing it.

Fred is trying so hard to be a good person to Ryan and she’s trying to put on this front that she’s not having any of it, but she’s slowly being worn down. Ryan in chapter 1 of this story would have hexed Freddie right in the middle of the store.

“I like it when you lie,” I whispered, leaning a little closer. “It almost makes me believe you.” Then I nudged her hip and we made our way back to the castle.

Ryan now is a bad time to ignore your health you have another human growing inside you!!

“I just found out why Davies quit my team,”
Oh no. Oh nonono.

Who was the dumbbutt who told Ryan everyone was gossiping about her being pregnant? She deserved to get punched in the face.

A little feminism thrown in there. ;) I like it.

“Learn that from your dead uncle?”
And Gregory Zonko officially went Too Far.

Wow. That was an... angry ending. Like, wow. I don’t think you’ve ever ended a chapter quite that way before. I liked it though.

Amazing chapter is amazing and all that great stuff.


Author's Response: I can't imagine how hard that would be for Ryan. Her entire future flaunted every day from other people. Hard.

"Why are they wearing feather wigs? Are they birds?" - Freddo, watching PR

I love that you notice that. Freddie is slowly wearing her down and I love that. He's so sly about it too.


You know who the dumbutt was.

Freddie is a hardcore feminist.


No, I don't think I have. You're probably right. I liked that scene. It was the trigger and the snap and the consequences of going too far. I appreciate that Fred had a point at which he couldn't swallow his pride.

Thank you, m'dear!

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Review #22, by radicallyaliDecoding the Tutshill Tornados: The One with the Romance

15th August 2013:
Hello look it’s me!!!

Eagledog is basset hound. I like it. My dad had a basset hound growing up but he ran away all the time cause he was a player. Anyways. Here we go!

James is so picky. Wyoming. Such a random place. And a perfect place to get away from everyone cause what’s in Wyoming? I don’t even know. Mormons probably.

I can see James trying to reason with a horse. I can also see it not going very well. Especially a feisty stallion.

“I believe I said I left muffins in the oven…”
Still one of the funniest things that James has ever said.

“Try not to leave him near open flames?”
Probably the most you can do with Freddie to be honest.

James is so stupid I want to smack him upside the head. I mean I do understand professional Quidditch has been his dream forever and it’s hard to have anything get in the way. But he really can’t lose Avery either.

Oh James. Oh baby come here let me hug you. (I don’t care that hugging isn’t manly, James.)

“Definitely standing.”
James goes from having a really good moment with Avery to being dumb. How very James.

I hope James has a heart to heart with Eagle Dog. I can see him just sitting and talking to Eagle Dog and then Eagle Dog just drooling all over him.

Ali wouldn’t tell the press. I don’t believe it.

I’m laughing so hard first Fred and Annie now Bink and Rose.

I can’t see this conversation ending well at all.

I honestly cannot see Ali going and calling up the press. It somehow slipped or someone overheard James tell Ali or an owl was intercepted I do not think it was Ali. I refuse (I may be a bit biased towards Ali though). It wouldn’t surprise me if Mason was somehow behind this, though.

Fabulous chapter, though I do wish the romantic weekend could have lasted longer than one night. Oh well. I’m sure we’ll get the romance eventually.


4/4 (hopefully not)

AliCat ;)

Author's Response: Ah, I finally got to one of yours. As you knew I would (a year later).

Eagle Dog is totally a playa.

James would totally pick Wyoming. Have you been? It's a beautiful state. Mountains and eastern plains. So, so beautiful. I firmly believe James saw a picture of it in a magazine and decided that's where they would go and made it happen.

That line is also one of my favorites. Came up with it on my 21st birthday. I'm sure you can imagine.

Agreed. He just has to realize he can't lose Avery forever. He'll get there.

You are totally biased. But you're also right.

Thank you SO much, as always!

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Review #23, by radicallyaliKeep Away: Brazilian Bon-Bon

11th August 2013:
Apparently no review on this chapter??? I guess I'll just leave a quick one. I've been re-reading this my past couple of work shifts and I love it just as much as I did when I first started reading it four years ago.

Also reading this after reading DTTT, Hormones, and 30 Days all at the same time, your writing has improved SO much. (Obviously you've always been good) but I feel like you now have a much better understanding of how your characters work, because the very beginning of KA seems just a little bit forced. But I'm re-falling in love with these characters all over again and I still laugh at the same parts and my emotions about all the characters are still the same.

You are truly an amazing writer that four years later I still feel exactly the same about this story.

You are awesome. The end.

Ali 1043754667/10

Author's Response: Wow, how rude.

I really need to re-read this. Especially since I'm working on The Keeper's Daughter now.

Absolutely I agree with you completely. It was actually a specific writing workshop I took right as I got the first couple chapters of BTQC out and was starting Hide and Seek that you can see the clear change. When I look back, I see it. This was also my first novel-length I'd written since... well, ages. I did a few dabbles like freshman year of high school, but I'm sure you know how those went.

Keep Away is pretty rough, but it's a good stepping stone.

Thank you so much!

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Review #24, by radicallyali30 Days of You and Me: Silence

7th August 2013:
WHAT IS THIS A REVIEW THE DAY A CHAPTER CAME OUT OF THE QUEUE. IT’S A CHRISTMAS IN AUGUST MIRACLE. Also this is the perfect thing to distract me from womanly things. Well this and a pint of red velvet ice cream.

I almost forgot how the last chapter ended well you sure didn’t let me forget that for long!

I’m glad Ron has a level head right now Rose run out and trip over something and hurt herself and then she’d be no hope to anyone.

I can’t decide if I think Hugo is just a normal annoying brother or a little shitake mushroom head.

Oh Scorpius. Oh Scorpius :(

Omg no.

After all the ‘rescuing’ that Scorpius has done for Rose, and now she’s rescuing him and she never even hesitated. That’s my girl.

“I’m just proud of you, okay?” Hugo blurted and stormed out of the room, slamming the door behind him in a mess of emotion.
Okay just a regular annoying little brother.

I hope we actually get to meet Dom before the fic is over. To see if she’s really like how Rose keeps describing her.

Rose. Why did you leave. Dumb.

Rose what the what you are so ridiculous.

While I was clinging to the sill.
I just outwardly groaned at Rose. This girl is so ridiculous and cares so FREAKING much for Scorpius and JUST. KISS. AND. DATE. ALREADY.

With that said, I loved this chapter and it was awesome and you’re awesome. Like always.

AliCat ;)

Author's Response: I'm not getting used to it. Then again, I'm responding to this in February so it's my own fault. Psh. I use my review-responding time to write. SO SUE ME.

I love that Ron has a level head. What a fantastic thing.

Rose is so much braver than she knows.

I think Rose is realizing Hugo is more than just annoying. He has a heart and brain, as concealed as he keeps it.

Yeah, Rose, however has a lot of Ron qualities. One being acting before thinking.

Lol just kiss and date already.

But wouldn't that make the story DULL??

Thank you!

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Review #25, by radicallyaliHormones: The Hospital

5th August 2013:
I don’t like this chapter image one bit. Not at all. (The fact that I can tell what the mood of one of your chapters is going to be when the chapter image isn’t one of your characters).

Oh James. He just really doesn’t understand, does he?

Oh Freddie, he’s such a sweetheart.

Wow, I don’t even know what to say. What a special moment for Fred and Ryan to share together.

This Zonko kid is even more of a sleaze than Twitwards and that is saying something.

Maybe you’re being a little harsh on Ollie, Freddie.

I hope that Andrew doesn’t turn Ollie against James that would just be bad news.

Some stuff is about to hit the fan isn’t it? Don’t answer that.


No. no. NO. NOooOOO.

The fact that Freddie knows these things about Ryan but didn’t know them about Annie.

And you’re here. You’re always here
Here come the feels.

So it’s finally been said to someone outloud who isn’t in Freddie’s immediate ring of people. I’m really excited for things to start picking up. WHEN ARE WE GOING TO LEARN ABOUT RYAN DAVIES PERSONAL LIFE I AM CHOMPING AT THE BITS HERE.




Author's Response: Hehe. You definitely know.

Think of how many chapter images I have of beds (hospital and non) in all my stories. Must be the most common thing tying them all together.

Freddie is such a sweetheart and he just doesn't get a lot of things. Can't blame him. He has a lot on his plate.

Yes. Zonko is worse than Twitwards. Very, very worse.

It's worth the wait. I promise.

Thank you!

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