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Review #1, by lolliepopThe Potions Master's Daughter : Chapter Nine

5th January 2011:
omg i love this story
update soon please :)

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Review #2, by lolliepopHold Your Head High Heavy Heart: Love At First Glance

13th October 2010:
i love this story
my favourite
please update soon

i really hope that Voldemort kills

cant wait to find out what
happens next


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Review #3, by lolliepopThe Death Eater's Child.: Conception. Denial. Revelation.

17th February 2010:
Omg i love this story
one of my favs
i loved the end where hermione and draco
are fighting and where she scares him a bit at
the end and she tells him that shes pregnant
great story

update soon please

Author's Response: Have a few chapter done so I shall update regularly glad you like it :)

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Review #4, by lolliepop7th Year with The Zambinis: What the Heck??

1st July 2009:
can u update please
i love this story so far
so good
good good good
please update so long since you hav

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Review #5, by lolliepopRiddle me this, riddle me that...: Breaking free

28th February 2009:
update soon
great story
keep it up

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Review #6, by lolliepopIn the Raine : Prologue-Denial or Acceptance?

12th February 2009:
i really like the begining
cant wait for the rest keep
it up

great story


Author's Response: hopefully i can start posting quicker i'll only get to chapter 3 until i leave for my summer vacation and i'll try to post but they won't be as quick.

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Review #7, by lolliepopNobody Wants To Be Lonely: Nobody Wants To Be Lonely

25th January 2009:
i really really love this
story i read it all the time

great job

Author's Response: Thank you so much!!

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Review #8, by lolliepopInside and out: Hermione's freak out

25th January 2009:
can u plz update
loved it

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Review #9, by lolliepopsame place diffrent girl: it was all lies

23rd January 2009:
i really love this story keep it up

Author's Response: oh i will and chapter five is not gonna for the kids lolz

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Review #10, by lolliepopLife's a Riddle and So was She: Father Say Wha...?

23rd January 2009:
could u plz update
this is really good
and im very interested in
readim more so plz can u

Author's Response: I'm so sorry for the lack of update. I've just been in a slump. I'm taking a creative writing class, so hopefully I can come out of my writer's block and get more up

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Review #11, by lolliepopA Simple Misunderstanding: The Short-Story Trilogy: Forever or Never? (It Was All a Simple Misunderstanding)

10th December 2008:
hey i loved this story
i vote u rite a sequel

good luck

Author's Response: Thank you! I actually am going to write a sequel! Well, in all truth, I've already got the first chapter done on my computer and ready to post... *wink* Don't tell!

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Review #12, by lolliepopBehind Enemy Lines: After Math

29th November 2008:
great story
loved it
cant wait to read
wat happens next

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Review #13, by lolliepopPure Imperfection: Arrival

28th November 2008:
hey love it so far
cant wait to read wat happens next
update please

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Review #14, by lolliepopNot at all a Tupperwear Party: She Loved The Rain

27th November 2008:
i enjoyed readin the start cant wait
2 read the rest

undate please

Author's Response: lol thanks yep uploading now it should come up anyday now..


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Review #15, by lolliepopWelcome To The Dark Side: Mission, Meeting, and Branded

24th November 2008:
can u please finish the story
please it was really good

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Review #16, by lolliepopBECAUSE HE BROKE HER: someone new

15th November 2008:
hey r u writing more to this story?
cause its a really good start
cant wait

loved it

Author's Response: yea i am just having trouble with the writing i will finish soon sorry.

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