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Review #1, by siriusonlygirlIf Wishes Were Fishes: The Nicest Thing

11th July 2012:
Well this is really a review of the whole story. I coulnt stop reading to leave a review after each chapter! This is such an amazing story, one of my favorites :) There arent many stories on this site that get me so involved with the plot and the characters, but I literally stayed up for a full day and a half reading this! I can't wait to see how it ends.
Really, amazing :)

Author's Response: Aw thank you so much! I love depriving my readers of sleep :P But seriously, thanks! Glad you like it so far :)

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Review #2, by siriusonlygirlCaprice: Life at 11

22nd May 2010:
wow great start! cant wait to keep reading!

Author's Response: Thanks a lot! do let me know what you think of the rest of the story :) :)

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Review #3, by siriusonlygirlAnneliese: Dancing, Dessert, and Disaster

31st January 2010:
Aww thats so cute between sirius and annelise! but i think i would barf too if i had to marry lucius malfoy... ugh that would just suck. I loved it! keep it going!

P.S- go check out my stories :D theyre in the marauder era mostly dealing with sirius/OC

P.S.S- I think i know u! if ur name corresponds with your email or myspace name (cant remeber which)

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Review #4, by siriusonlygirlThose Four Words: The four words

9th January 2010:
this was really great! scorpius is exactly how i imagined him. i usually dont read this era but this one grabbed my attention! way to go!

Author's Response: I'm very happy to hear that you like it :) thank you!

- Cathy

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Review #5, by siriusonlygirlThe One: The One stuck with James

6th December 2009:
really great reiew! i love the relationship between james and hayley, the whole defensive big brother thing.

Author's Response: haha i love it too :)

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Review #6, by siriusonlygirlNobody Worse: Talks

29th November 2009:
this story is amazing!!! very intriguing :P good luck with school, everyone knows it takes up our whole life. but this chapter had a great ending. is Reggie gonna fight sirius or something? that would be a good chapter. anyway, keep writing!

Author's Response: Yay! Thank you! But hopefully I'll get a chapter up at Christmas time because I've been feeling uninspired but with reviews comes inspiration.

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Review #7, by siriusonlygirlFearless: poison tree

27th November 2009:
WOW! i love this story! i wish it didnt end! why did dri grow a tree out of her body?? Will she and sirius hook up? whats gonna happen with voldemort??? UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE!!!

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Review #8, by siriusonlygirlMy Brain and Black: Itís the End of the World as We Know It

16th January 2009:
I love this story :) attention span of a goldfish on crack- priceless. I have to know, do Jessie and sirius eventually hook up? Keep writing!!

Author's Response: :) glad you like it! yea, that has got to be one of my favorite lines from this story! as for your question pertaining to the jess/ sirius ship... all i have to say is maybe... eventually... if jess ever gets out of her pit of denial... haha, i know that was horribly vague... sorry... i guess you will just have to read to find out! thanks for reviewing!

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