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Review #1, by luna_neville_rolfAll That Follows: Chapter 25

26th July 2009:
omg I luv this story so much I have to review this chapter I haven't been on this site in a long long time but writergirl8 told me about this and I had to read it! It's so good thanks for writing it :) ~luna_neville_rolf

Author's Response: Aww thank you :-) I'm so glad you liked it. Wow, say thank you to writergirl8 on my behalf too - she's been so supportive. I hope you enjoy what I've got left in store too xx

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Review #2, by luna_neville_rolfMemories: Chapter One: Survivors

20th November 2008:
Love the story. Love the pen name. Poor Ron. Poor Hermione. Poor Draco.

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Review #3, by luna_neville_rolfIn Heaven: It all comes together

11th November 2008:
um. what? y are there 2 of the same chapters? It was good the first time, but I didn't even bother reading it this time.

Author's Response: Oh that might have been a amistake XD

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Review #4, by luna_neville_rolfIn Heaven: What?

11th November 2008:
GREAT! loving this! Though it made me a little sad, I'm guessing that, since it's true love, D+H will find each other again. :)

Author's Response: thankx lol :D

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Review #5, by luna_neville_rolf7 Minutes in Heaven: The last chance for romance

11th November 2008:
LOVED THAT! Really good, but there's a lot of editing you could b doing!

Author's Response: Its true :D I have an editor actually :P But she didnt edit this story!

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