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Review #1, by prongs_lives_on78Confessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of running, flirting and lying

27th December 2009:

I'm finally here, whoopee! A gold star for me.

aaanyway, I rented 'angus, thongs, and perfect snogging' and I watched it today! (it was in Blockbuster, I was so excited when I saw it!) the absolute fabulosity (you can tell that I've watched it, can't you?) of it made me excited to come back and read the awesomeness that is this again, and now I'm here reviewing. WOOT!

anyway, now that you've told me that I'm basically Eleanor (with some Elizabeth thrown in) (::pouts:: never going to forgive you for basing the weird one on me xDD), I was able to recognize me in the beginning - you know, what with asking Adhara how Gemma thought they were full monty-ing it up if they had their clothes on (I distinctly remember asking you that, LOL) and the not-swearing part (although I KNOW that swearing doesn't give you frown lines, DUH.) now I feel slightly Eleanor-ish for not realizing sooner that I made up part of Eleanor. xD

ANYWAY, this entire chapter was AWESOMENESS! I loved Scorpius and Eleanor talking about technology (I laughed at the 'not apples, Apple /Macs/' xDD) and I cannot imagine how you keep getting the inspiration for such horrible things to happen to all of your characters. horribly FUNNY, that is! ::lame joke, but I laugh anyway::

GAH GAH GAH for Albus not getting a chance to talk to Adhara! Stupid Rose being stupidly temperamental and stupidly cursing stupid Scorpius into a stupid frog. I think that was the most 'stupid's I've ever used in one sentence. xD ANYWAY, I want you to let them talk already! But that would be impossible, because the next two chapters are at Adhara's house and YAY, I CAN'T WAIT TO MEET HER FAMILY! :D although, I'm sort of hoping Scorpius will manage to do something un-stupid and invite Al to a party or something at the Greengrass' place... ::hopes and prays::

love you. love adhara. love the chapter. love the FREAKING STORY! (L)

Author's Response: HI, NADIA :)

Haha, thanks for taking the time to read and review.

I love that movie! It's the best, I hope they make a sequel.

Haha, you are Eleanor. But, everyone loves Eleanor and well, I love you sometimes and she's not weird, she's just daft. Yeah, I took that line straight from you! I know that, too. My mom used to tell me that when I was younger so I wouldn't swear and I used to believe her! The fact that it took you 11 chapters to realize that proves that you are in fact Eleanor.

I'm glad you think so! Haha, that came from my little cousin asking me how to work my iPod, so that was the inspiration for that. ::Haha, you're so hilarious... NOT.::

He never does, lol. Yeah, the frog, I have to tell you what's gonna happen with that. They will... soon. Actually, there will be a lot of parties and Albus will be there.. you didn't think I'd ignore him, did you? Yeah, her family. Auburn is inspired by Chris, so you know how weird the family will be already. You don't need to hope and pray, there will be interaction!

I love you, too. Meh, I sometimes like writing Adhara. I thought the chapter was slightly lacking. I love you for loving the story! :)

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Review #2, by prongs_lives_on78The Socially Rejected: Preface: First Apology

13th September 2009:
Wow! I don't think I've ever read another Marauders fix that starts with an explosive feat in and of itself - Lily apologizing to James, ::GASP!::

I love your concept, it's really great and original. I like the twist that Lily isn't just some popular girl with popular friends who all want the Marauders in some way, shape, or form. Although your characters might end up with them, I'm sure it'll be in an unorthodox way.

Just a couple of things - your spacing, with the stars and all, makes it very easy to throw readers off. Maybe next time you can do italics instead of stars when you're doing a flashback? Other than that, there are just a few punctuation errors, like not putting a comma after a character speaks and then you write 'she said' or something. It should read like, "Hi," prongs_lives_on78 said shyly. xDDD

But I'm the grammar Nazi, so don't worry ;)

I loved it! :D

Author's Response: Thanks so much. I did have it in italics first, for the flashback, but for some reason the website changed that. I'm editing it now, so yeah. Thanks for reviewing. I'm not exactly sure yet how the story will turn out. But, i hope it turns out great. Bye

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Review #3, by prongs_lives_on78Confessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of pick-up lines, Scorpius' serenade and arguments

6th September 2009:

Okay, so I've already told you ten million times how much I absolutely love this chapter beyond belief. Hilariousness, in a nutshell. :D

xDD Some of my favourite lines -

1) "Eleanor, you stupid sushi!" Adhara screams at Eleanor.

ahahahaha, 'stupid sushi'? LOL, wow. She's picking up on Eleanor's weird expressions, I see, ahaha. xD

2)"Red rose, Red Rose,
Loving, caressing you.
Red rose -"

I am interrupted because Rose begins to hit me with a book.

"You sicko pervert!" she shouts at me.

well, I have to admit, the 'loving, caressing you' part is really, really creepy. O.O xDD was that a real poem or did you write it? cause it fits perfectly. HAHA. xD

3) Don't worry, replies my brain, I'm not here half the time anyway.

^already told you how completely epic that line is, AHAHA. wow, it's so funny. Implications, implications...

4) "Scorpius, for Merlin's blue bikini..."

^another epic line. I really don't need the visual, but still. xDDD

5) "Well, at least my middle name is unisex, yours is just stupid," she says defensively.

"It's not stupid, it's manly," I say indignantly.

"Well, clearly Aunt Astoria and Uncle Draco judged you a little too fast seeing as their manly son now carries a satchel and reads Witch Weekly," she says meanly.

HAHAHA YAY FOR JAMES AND 'ELVENDORK'! :D not to mention Bathsheba, and Wilburforce. ::nodsnods seriously:: and HAHA over the 'judging too early' thing, and also at the 'hyper scorpion' thing, ahahaha! xD

6) "When the hell are we ever serious?" she asks.

^good point. xDD

HAHA. that's love. I love them together, yay for interbreeding pureblood cousins! OHMYGOD, IDEA! you should make the story have an epic twist and Scorp/Adhara become a couple! xDDD Kidding, of course. That'd be weird. xDD


your writing flows so well, I'm so jealous. and your witty banter is just perfect for every situation. this is the greatest comic relief story EVAAHH. I love it - all your OCs are so believable and yay, you really feel for Adhara. Eleanor less, cause she's just stupid. but you laugh with her, she's like a Jas, poor thing. I love love love it. You've created such a believable and realistic atmosphere, it's so perfect.

thank you for being my friend. can I steal your talent now, please? :3 ::smiles sweetly::

ten gajillion/10. ^_^

Author's Response: NADIA!

Yes, you did :) I really like the second quote, too. And, I found the poem on Google and it fit, I only put the first verse though. Quote 5 is my favourite, though.

Really? You think so? It always seems so choppy to me because it goes really fast and it has no description compared to my other stories. You're jealous? I'm jealous of EVERYTHING you write, loser :) Don't you notice how I get a lot of my inspiration from us? Haha. Adhara is a drama queen and Eleanor is the best. I'm so glad you like it!

Loserface, thankyou for putting up with me. I was planning on pushing you down the stairs Monday... I'll have to think of something else now. And, no, you cannot, I have none.

I love you! Thanks for reviewing, best friend :)

ps. I sent you the next chapter on facebook, read it quick so I can post it :)

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Review #4, by prongs_lives_on78A Proposal...or Three: A Proposal...or Three

5th September 2009:
So! Here I am with a review for you (finally). YAAAYYY! :D

This was completely freaking epic. You had me laughing the entire way through.

I have to say my favourite part was the proposal where he just blurted it out to her when he didn't mean to. That's so James I don't even know where to begin. Your James is so cute and funny and romantic and hilarious.

This was my favourite line -

"...the broom to my quidditch," James always had an interesting way with words, "I would like to request your hand in marriage" James paused and looked off into the distance dramatically. "We are clearly destined for each other. Your passion! My love! Your brains! My delectably sexy good looks!""

::dies of laughter::

Okay, if Lily doesn't want his delectably sexy good looks, I'll take it! ::beams::

Otherwise, this oneshot was so completely well-written. The banter of the characters was so on the mark, it's not even funny. When Lily kissed him instead of giving him an answer - I always knew it'd be Lily to kiss him first, in their real relationship, not counting James trying to be a perv xDDD. I roleplay as Lily, and my James and I had a similar scene, so I pretty much love you for putting that in. Actually, our scene might pop up in Together Forever...Or Not?, if I ever get there. Hahaha xDDD


So, the language that the story used was incredible, your writing flows so excellently. I love the way you describe things - their emotions, the setting, the ring - it's so vivid it's like you're actually there; feeling it, seeing it, touching it. I'm jealous of your superior skills.

Last comment on the characterization - it's so like Lily to think that James is going to dump her instead of marry her - after all, she was all hesitant to go out with him in the first place, so she's sort of wondering whether he really still wants her. You got that so perfectly! GAH, IT WAS BEAUTIFUL AND CUTE AND AWWWHHH.

Loved it from beginning to end. ten million/10 for sure.


Author's Response: oh my god! I LOVE YOU! this is the most amazing review i have every received. and of course thankyou thankyou thankyou!

I think lily has hit the jackpot with James' delectably sexy good looks. haha, i would soo also take them any day! And with the stuttering, i just imagine lily to be the one that takes the amazing james potter, quidditch captain, headboy extraordinaire's ego down a notch. thus the stuttering, which i think would just be adorable if such a usually egotistical guy did.

ooh! you should stick that in Toegther Forever...or Not? and definately update soon :D i'm your annoying fan that will whine until you update!! and if that fails i will offer you cookies so you update. because if all else fails, bribery is the clear answer.

but all rambling aside, you are my complete and utter hero! thankyou sooo much for this review. i think it made not only my day, but my week, month and year.

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Review #5, by prongs_lives_on78Pretty mouth and my gray eyes: Prologue

30th June 2009:
Crap, I wasn't first review. Darn it, darn it, darn it.

I've been absent from the face of the earth for awhile, but I love you still! AND I PASSED INTO SEC. 4, YAY! xDDD And I did so well on my French exam! yay! ::is still ecstatic about her report card xD::

Anyway, I've been reading everything you post late at night on my dad's iTouch, and yesterday HPFF was playing havoc with everything, it was so hard to deal with, what with your D/H not being available for me to read!

Speaking of which...


I seriously hate you for not letting me see this earlier. It's amazingly written and very beautiful. Did I ever tell you that I used to read D/H fics all the time? They were an obsession for me. xD But then I gave them up because they were becoming increasingly worse by the dozen.

Well, your fic here makes me want to go back and read them all over again.

I actually really lilke the D/H pairing the way you wrote them. It sort of makes sense the way you did it, but I just was like 'WHOA DRACO AND HERMIONE IN A BROOM CLOSET WHOA!'

totally wasn't expecting it. It just flew at me like whoaaa!

and I was like whoaaa!amazing. ^_^

I cannot wait for this. And I'm sure your banner will be beautiful. Yay, Padfoot! :D

write more, write more, write more!

ten million/10 ^_^

Author's Response: Oh, ninja fighter, third is still good:)

So, I\\\'ve noticed. Ergo, I started summer school. I love you too:) Everyone passes into sec. 4, you knobhead. Okay, Nadia, I\\\'m going to kill you. Shut up about your report card. Thankyou:)

By the way, where are you? Why don\\\'t you use your computer? I know, my story was validated, then unvalidated and I lost a review. Oh, well.

Yeah, half way through your book (review) you mention the actual story. Haha, I love you.

Really? Amazing with capitals? Coming from you its a huge compliment, so thankyou, Princess Nad-ay-ah.

Me and Elizabeth made a new deal: no reading chapters before we post them. We don\\\'t get excited if we\\\'ve already read it and it gets validated... But, I didn\\\'t let anyone read it:)

Amazingly written and very beautiful? Merci beaucoup:)

No, I thought you only read James/Lily. They are really good! I\\\'ve read some that are like, \\\"Wow.\\\"

Really? Thankyou! And you should some are really very good.

Thankyou, I\\\'m glad you like it:) Yeah, the prologue really doesn\\\'t answer any questions, so I think people are a bit confused. But, I\\\'ll clear it up next chapter. I know! I never write super intense stuff like that, but I needed that because its important later on in the story.

Thankyou, your review is lovely:) Yeah, I requested a banner... I can\\\'t wait for it!

I will... this is actually the story where my ideas are actually flowing. Well, this and Adhara. The rest is like, eurgh. But, I\\\'m writing the other stuff! Go me!

I love you and your review, ninja fighter. Thankyous for reading and reviewing.

ps. Wow, lonnnggg response.

pps. For some reason every time I put an apostrophe, there\\\'s like three slashes that insert themselves. Argh. I hope its not still happening.

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Review #6, by prongs_lives_on78Together Forever...Or Not?: Stupid Mistakes Are My Life, Apparently

25th June 2009:
pouhahahahah!(I forgot to put caps, sorry!) that is all I have to say. Great

Author's Response: wow, Elana, thank you so much. Glad you liked it! :D

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Review #7, by prongs_lives_on78The Morning Waffle: Prologue: Another Show, Another Sickle

24th June 2009:
HAHAHA! This story is love. It's quite amazing, actually.

Before I continue my review, I have one small question to ask you - one I hope you will take as flattery, and not as plagiarism.

I /loved/ Fred's opener. 'Fred Weasley here with The Morning Waffle, where we talk about absolutely nothing and absolutely everything.' It's unbelievably amazing!

There's a category in the International Independant Schools Public Speaking Competition called "Newscast", and I'll be partaking in that - I was wondering if I'd have your permission to steal that opener for my newcast? It's the best line to open a radio show. Ever. I'd be incredibly honoured if you let me use it. ^_^

Aaanyway, back to the review.

Fred is so relatable-to! I know I said this for James as well, but can you imagine having your grandmother call you in the middle of a broadcast and telling you to come over, to call more, to cut your hair? xD I can, and it would definitely be as embarrassing as it was for Fred. But I'm very impressed with the way he handled it - very professional, making up for his (FREAKING AMAZING) string of insults later.

Please, please, please update soon! The queue should be opening tomorrow, oh, please! I cannot wait for this story. It's quite difficult to choose favourites with your stories - they're all so well-written and amazing - but this is definitely at the top of the list.

It's become a sort of OCD, now - I always come on to hpff and check your page to see if you've updated. It's the /only/ OCD thing I do have, other than with my lip balm, which I /need/ to have with me at all times otherwise I go crazy. xD


Author's Response: Oh, I'm so glad you liked it! I actually wasn't fully satisfied with this opening chapter/prologue, so I'll be putting up a slightly revised version within the next few days. But thank you all the same!

Glad you like Fred (and his naughty insults). I hope you'll continue to like him, and his crew as well -- you'll get more acquainted with them in the next chapter!

Hahaha, the end of your review made me crack up! Glad to be part of your OCD! *rolls on floor laughing* And I understand the lip balm thing -- I apply mine about 75 times a day.

And yes, of course you can use Fred's opening line! Least I can do for someone who leaves me amazing reviews that I probably don't deserve!! :-)

Thank you yet again for another review that has put me in a seriously good mood!

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Review #8, by prongs_lives_on78Questions: Questions

24th June 2009:
This was so moving, and extremely heartbreaking. It was childlike and yet grown up at the same time. Beautifully written, as always. I envy your ability to be able to write any style you like, and it always comes out amazingly.

My favourite sort of reference in there was 'Why had Harry forsaken him?' Sort of like Jesus, in the Bible - 'My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?' It really brought across for me how Teddy regarded Harry - as a real father figure, like God to Jesus, and as a sort of God on his own, which makes perfect sense, if you think about it. If Harry was always answering his questions, wouldn't he sort of think of Harry as invincible? Like little kids thinking their parents can do anything.

The no speaking aspect of it was incorporated brilliantly, weaving through the theme of the one-shot and just adding to it. Beautifully written, it nearly brought me to tears.

I loved this so much. It was incredible.


Author's Response: *blushes she she responds to your too-kind reviews*

Thanks for that! I don't write angst very often, so this was a little bit of a new endeavor for me. And I love dialogue, so this was about as challenging as anything could get! I'm glad you liked how it worked out.

The "forsaken" line is interesting, because while I didn't do it with the intention of making an overt Biblical reference, it did make me think of that passage, and the reason I used "forsaken" is that it's such a strong word -- and you're right, it adds a lot to how Teddy (at least, the Teddy I've written here) looks up to Harry. You were also right in saying that it was both childlike and grown up -- Teddy is an adult, but he has this unfettered reverence for Harry, who has always been there to guide him. And this was about Teddy struggling with the realization that, since he's no longer a child, he'll have to start finding certain answers on his own, and sometimes there won't be any answers at all.

Thanks for your amazing review! I loved how you understood the characters and everything I was getting at with this piece!

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Review #9, by prongs_lives_on78Confessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of potions, juice boxes and more revelations

10th June 2009:



::loves you::

Author's Response: lmao, i take it from all your caps that you liked the chapter. thankyou for reading+reviewing! loveyou too:)

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Review #10, by prongs_lives_on78The Stars Were Dim: Hubble's Law

8th June 2009:

Would it be completely random of me just to say that you are probably one of my favourite authors on this site? (The others would have to be my friends. xD)

Well, I've gone ahead and said it now, it's too late.

Your writing is completely beautiful and very realistic. It draws you into the story and makes you want to read more even when there is no more to read. (hinthint; update more, pleeeaase?) No matter what character you write, you make them seem sympathetic or impressively evil - the emotions you want to convey are all there, expressed clearly in your writing.

So, James, though Golden Boy-ish, slightly like his paternal grandfather before him, is made completely relatable-to and makes all the readers want to reach out and cuddle him 'till he feels better.

Once I finish finals, I am honestly going to go through all of your chapters and review them. (Partly as a large thank you for when you did the same to my story. :D)

Speaking of, I wouldn't mind a little of your epic talent. ;) If you wake up one morning and find some of your reserve amazingness has disappeared from your amazingness drawer ::points to the drawer labeled 'amazingness' that has just appeared out of nowhere:: you'll know where it's gone, now, won't you? ;)

Much love,


P.S. I rated this a ten on ten only because that's as far as the scale will go. ::frowns:: I want to break it. Desperately.

So here goes, my own rating; 1000 x infinity/10 :D

Author's Response: Oh, thank you so much! This is one of the best reviews I've ever received. :-) I'm so flattered to be one of your favorites, and I'm really glad you're enjoying this story!

I'm really glad you find James relatable. He does have a little bit of the senior James in him, but I'm trying to avoid making him a carbon copy. I think James would have a lot of self-esteem, though, growing up in a loving home and being a smart kid and all - and, of course, the inherited Quidditch talent from both parents. And as a 24 year-old guy, he's a bit arrogant and feels totally invincible (or, at least, he did until this happened). But he also a very nice guy, and I want to cuddle him, too. Poor Jamesie.

I would definitely love to know your opinions on my other stuff, if you have the time! I've noticed that you have made some updates as well, and I'm been super busy lately but I do intend to catch up with what I've missed with your fics, too!

I really want to update, although I won't be able to for a few weeks because of the queue closure. (Those awesome validators deserve the vacation, though! They've been hard at work!)

Thank you so much for your review!! *hugs*


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Review #11, by prongs_lives_on78Baby, look up when you're down: II.

3rd June 2009:

Okays, so Ted was totally redeemed in this chapter in my eyes, but Vix has somewhat slipped down the scale. ::wrinkles nose:: NO, VIX, WHYY!

It's a little unrealistic for most people not to know when someone is drunk (although I probably wouldn't be able to tell xD lol, I'm a hypocrite!) but I can totally see that happen with Teddy. I mean, with Cameron as a friend, some of that stupid has /got/ to rub off on you at some point. xD

Speaking of, I love Cameron. He's such an adorably stupid jerkface. He's really funny, just naming off people that he thinks Ted could have slept with. YOU'RE NOT HELPING TEDDY'S CAUSE, CAMERON!

Ah, well, amazing chapter anyway. I loved it. You're so good at writing! ::snorts at your previous usage of 'fountain of amazingness':: Um, you're the fountain of excessive amazingness in writing. I WANT ALL OF YOUR TALENT.

::beams sweetly:: Love you. xD

Author's Response: Okay, Nadia, its VIC in my story, not VIX. I will kill you if you write that again. No joke. Love you:)

Lmao, well... he was blinded by her beauty and his love for her. What do you expect? Yes, someone likes Cameron! I love Cameron. He's my favourite character to write in this story, he's full of blunt-ness and wisdom, but he's an idiot.

You are amazing. Don't start. I will not give this up. I love love love you. I take it you got my facebook message:)

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Review #12, by prongs_lives_on78The Heartbreak Kidd : Blasted Males

29th May 2009:

God, I wish my chappie was validated.

In the meantime, this chapter was awesome as usual! :D I liked the two first lines - I hadn't seen them before, the "There was a bird outside - it was enough to make me wish I was dead."



Author's Response: Yeah, it got validated this morning.
Thanks again for the review, it's always appreciated! :D

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Review #13, by prongs_lives_on78The Heartbreak Kidd : Prologue

27th May 2009:

Amanda needs to stops being so full of herself ::coughcough /I'M/ THE ONE THAT CAME UP WITH HER PLOT! coughcough:: ahaha, sorry amanda, love you. (L)

ANYWAY. I'll be brief (or I'll try to be anyway):


This story is my life.

YAY for the queue only being a day long, so that you can update more and I can review it and read it and help you come up with more ideas for the second installment! :D

You have the essence of all the characters in here - Sirius is woefully arrogant for a little tiny eleven-year-old, the cutie. Ella is amazing ::nudgenudgewinkwink:: and so are you, my friend. Lily is just there xD but at least she'll play a part later. :)

I can't wait for what's to come - I just like reading it over, and over, and over again. I really can't wait for chapter 5...haha, 'the beast, in Sirius' case!' 'Actually, I believe James' is bigger.'


I love you. And I love this. This is all amazing. You need to give me some of your talent. Pft, you and Amanda keeping it all to yourselves. xD


Author's Response: Oh Lord. Amanda, did I not tell you? I will never hear the end of this. **sighs**
And Nadia, thank you a million times! You and Amanda have read, and re-read this thing more times than I could ever imagine!
Thanks soo much! :)

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Review #14, by prongs_lives_on78Confessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of makeovers, idiocy and Quidditch practice

25th May 2009:
All right, so you're pretty much looking over my shoulder right now, and I'm staring at your beautiful background of you and the guy from the Fray, but I just would like you to know that I'm looking forward to your answer. Somehow, you always manage to come up with something more insane than my stuff. Kudos, my friend.


Yes, that really deserved caps and three exclamation points. (side note - did you know in that package for English exam, apparently over three exclamation marks makes you sound like a psycho? :D)

Again, so this chapter made me laugh so hard. Very Gee-like and amazingness. I love love love it. You're so talented, I want some of it. Maybe you could write me a summary too? ::winkwink:: haha, Elizabeth.

AGAIN, MY LOVELY RANT HAS GONE ON TOO LONG. (side note - again - did you know that in the English exam, caps all the time make you sound like a deranged lunatic yelling all the time? :D)

Love this. Love you.

Author's Response: well, you're not with me anymore but, i still think you're stuff is better than mine! thankyou :) nadia's a psycho, she used three exclamation marks. i'm glad you liked it D: talented? coming from the fountain of excessive amazingness. yeah, k. i could... lmao. elizabeth, i actually wrote it, i'll send it to you.
love you too, you deranged psycho lunatic :)

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Review #15, by prongs_lives_on78All the Pretty Faces: III. Little Miss Perfect

7th May 2009:
Basically, the essence of Lily Evans lives in your chapter. It is incredibly amazing. and darn this stupid computer with keeps screwing up my capitalizations and making me have to erase everything and start my sentences over. ARGH IT JUST HAPPENED AGAIN!

All right, back to reviewyview time.

So, I found this chapter was extremely well-written - but which of your chapters isn't? - and that you've created a really easy-to-follow but super-dee-duper intriguing story.

In the simple words of a commonman, YOU'RE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOUU.

Author's Response: nadia, lmao, i love you. the essence of lily evans? how... metaphorical? thankyous, your opinon means a lot to me:) YOU ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOUR FACE.

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Review #16, by prongs_lives_on78Baby, look up when you're down: I.

18th April 2009:
I love it.

Pure awesomeness. I love how Teddy calls Victoire 'Vic'. It's sort of like how, in RPing, Vicky Lasley's old Teddy called her 'Vix'. It brought back awesome memories, and you did it so well!

and I love how Teddy was not the typical half-werewolf metamorphmagus that was all lonerish like his dad. he was like this Sirius Black-ish guy.


haha. I love my explanation of it.

and I love YOU.


amazingness of a person over here. :)

Author's Response: thankyou D: i'm glad i have your stamp of approval.

i love how you ramble on about RPing, when i have no idea who you are talking about :P my older sister saw the account i did for lily evans and even after i explained she was like, "you're a complete loser." ah, well. D:

remus was not loner-ish! he was a marauder! but, yes, my teddy is not the stereotypical teddy (and i'm proud).

lol, wow, your explanations are awesome.

the infinite amazing person. (amanda).

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Review #17, by prongs_lives_on78Confessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of mental lists, awkward silences and screaming

18th April 2009:

"Why, yes, I /am/ insane, thank you for asking" is mine!

ah, well, I love you anyway.

So here is this amazing review that you've been waiting for! HOORAYSNESS! I'm here at last.

so, yeah. other than the fact that you're a line-stealer that doesn't credit the peoples (::cough ME! cough::) that came up with the line in the first place, this chapter was full-on awesomeness.


but other than that, it was amazingness. I luffles it. ::cuddles you::


your amazing awesomeness best friend-that-talks-too-loudly-for-you-apparently. :D

Author's Response: am not!
how many things do you and liz steal from me?
that's right.

yeah... 2 weeks late and you call yourself my best friend. D:
what awkward silence? lmao you crackhead.

you do talk too loud! yesterday was... lmao. we saw olivier and greg. i'll send you a fb message.

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Review #18, by prongs_lives_on78He Nearly Killed the Cat: He Nearly Killed the Cat

18th April 2009:

That was amazing. I loved it, I loved it, I loved it. James and Lily were perfect, and even little Harry was amazingly portrayed! You write so well!

My favourite line definitely had to be 'Harry brought the broomstick to a screeching halt and gave James a wide-eyed look that clearly said, /Mummy's going to kill one of us, and I hope to Merlin it's not me./' I laughed so hard. Amazing. You brought light and levity to their time cooped up inside their house, and you definitely did it expertly.


Author's Response: Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm so glad you enjoyed it! It was one of my favorite stories to write, and I think that line is one of my favorite too.

To me, this story was almost about James more than anything else, and I wanted to show how much he loved Harry, while at the same time bringing out the fact that James, after all, is a 21 year-old kid trying to raise a kid of his own while still having a youthful personality himself.

And with Harry...I like writing about children, because I think they comprehend a lot more than people give them credit for, so it was important to me to make Harry more than just a 1 year-old rolling around the house.

Thank you again for the wonderful review!

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Review #19, by prongs_lives_on78Together Forever...Or Not?: And Padfoot Makes Three

8th March 2009:
Amazing!I never thought you could write stories.Of course it helps that it's harry potter...I also like you got some Andy Griffiths in there:"don't get your knickers in a knot!" Well, since your bugging me to give me the computer,I'll end my review.
bye!! from your dear sister,


Author's Response: *blinks* I don't know if I should take "I never thought you could write stories" as a compliment or as an insult. Especially since you added that it helped that it was a Harry Potter story. xD

*laughs* I wasn't thinking of Andy Griffiths when I wrote that, actually! It's a pretty common British saying. xD

*shakes head* You're too slow, Elana. I love you anyway! :)

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Review #20, by prongs_lives_on78Together Forever...Or Not?: In Which A Lot Of Big Words Are Used

8th March 2009:
Good job sissy!Incredible though.

Author's Response: haha, thank you Elana. :D

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Review #21, by prongs_lives_on78Spiraling: Four

10th January 2009:
“Well, golly gee, I so know who you’re talking about know! Half the people in Hufflepuff are blonde!”


it's true, though! hufflepuff has a weird aptitude for drawing all the blonde students to be sorted there. except for cedric, of course...*swoon* ROBERT PATTINSON IS AWESOME AND WE HAVE TO STALK HIM SOON.

okay, outburst over. :)

anyway, this chapter was freaking awesome, as always, and the broom closet? perfect. it's such a weasley thing to do - you got it down pat.

like you said just now, you are a genius. :D

love ya!


Author's Response: thankyous D:
and i liked writing fred this chapter. and cedric did sort of look blond in the movie... no? i don't remember all that well.

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Review #22, by prongs_lives_on78Spiraling: Three

10th December 2008:

*tsktsk* you misspelled "criticism," young lady. :D
aw, you know I love you!

anyway, so onto the review. yeah, so I basically stalked your reviews :) and I find it's really unfair when it gets super huge amounts of reads but no reviews. 'specially because this chappie is FREAKING AWESOME! XD

well, all the chapters are.

but this awesomeness is dampened by stupid gaspard at the top of the page, and now in your response you're going to rant rant rant about how he's the greatest.

you thought ben barnes was the greatest too at one point, eh? BEN BARNES IS STUPID!

but this chapter isn't, cause your writing is beyond belief.


Prongs xoxoxo

Author's Response: haha
your reviews never cease to amaze me, nads.
and, you know gaspard is a beast, you just don't want to admit it ;)
thank you for you wonderful review!
&i will fix that grammar mistake, thankyou!

amanda xxx

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Review #23, by prongs_lives_on78Spiraling: Two

19th November 2008:
haha, "miss potter" and "session" :)
so yeah. you're basically awesome, and you write really well - this chapter is amazing and funny!
love you!


Author's Response: lol, yeah, i tried to make him sound like a huge prat.
thank you :)

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Review #24, by prongs_lives_on78Something I've Been Meaning to Tell You: Can't you tell? — Chapter 5

15th November 2008:
okay, wasn't really sure which chapter to review, so I chose this one, because alice and frank kiss in this one, and so I = loves :)

so, alice is awesome, just plain and simple, and the way you write her gives her extra depth, which is even more awesome. and frank is, he sounds hot. I would act like alice if it meant frank would kiss me. :) cute and smart? you don't get that a lot.

so, all that to say, your writing is just overall awesomeosity. and you should really continue. :)


Author's Response: thank you, :D
haha, "frank is, he sounds hot."
i love you, nads :)

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Review #25, by prongs_lives_on78Confessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of genius best mates, blond-haired cousins and peacocks

15th November 2008:
ahahaaha, georgia. :)
'kay, one thing to remind you of: I is not equal to Ellen. SORRY :)
anyway, I've been rereading georgia, and I wanted to say that your writing sounds remarkably like it. not in a "OMG PLAGIARISM!" way, but in a "wow, OMG, she's as good at writing as Louise Rennison is" way. :)

so, yeah. :D

loveya, pads! :)


Author's Response: aha, thanks nadja.
and, yeah, that's what i was going for.
and, you=ellen.
haha. :D

amanda xxx

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