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Review #1, by Thia MalfoyThe Seer: Outrageously Framed

28th November 2011:
Oh I'm so excited for this story!!! Great job and can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #2, by Thia MalfoyOne Night: One Night

11th October 2011:
I loved it!! Great job and I love the cliff hanger. Wish there was a second one but there doesn't need to be which is just as great. I really like the Lily/Teddy mix.

Author's Response: Thank you! :) --Jenna

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Review #3, by Thia MalfoyEver After: The Problem

16th February 2011:
Love the first chapter. Can't wait till the next. Ive really liked each instalment for this story great job keep it up please!

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Review #4, by Thia MalfoyNever Gave Them Much Thought: Unexpected Invitations

15th November 2010:
I loved this second story. The first was great and I think you portrayed Harry and James II great. I've always loved James as a fun loving guy but knows when to be serious and you wrote that beautifully. I really think you could turn this into a short little medleys of different one-shots telling from different views of this whole event. But it's great with just these two parts. Wonderful Job again!!!

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Review #5, by Thia MalfoyThey Say We're Family: My Other Relatives

12th November 2010:
Please continue! I want to know if they show up to the wedding lol. It's a great little story, and I could really see that happen. Great Job

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Review #6, by Thia MalfoyCharcoal and Paint: And Then The Marauders Faced An Inexplicable And Utterly Unsolvable Dilemma . . .

24th October 2010:
So I'm simply in love with this story. I'm really liking all of the interactions between the characters. I believe you've really done a good job creating believable attitudes. I cannot wait till the next chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you like the way I've portrayed the characters. :) It's very fun writing them as I've decided they behave.

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Review #7, by Thia MalfoySerpentine: Prologue: Not Gryffindor

16th June 2010:
SO cannot wait for the next chapter! I've always found Lilly II as one of my favorite next generation children. Can't wait to see how you write her and this story!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review! I'm so excited that this just got posted! I wasn't expecting it to go up until tomorrow! Don't you just love it when the queue surprises you?! :)

You get a cookie for my first review!


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Review #8, by Thia MalfoyBook Sexy: Objective - Demolish Nikki

26th May 2010:
I can't wait! I'm loving how their sounding just like my group of friends. Keep up the great work.

Author's Response: Groups of friends are sort of universal in that way don't ya think? :) And as always, thanks for the review! ~K :D

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Review #9, by Thia MalfoyBook Sexy: Dismissal and Detention

24th May 2010:
OH SHE'S SO EVIL! gr I'm really really hating Nikki, and I'm someone who always tries to find a good side to even the evil people in books. lol can't wait for the next chapter.

Author's Response: Yeah, usually I am one of those people too, but I really wanted a solid 2D person who was cruel and evil. Any suggestions as to how to make her seem a little more human? Thanks for the review! ~K :D

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Review #10, by Thia MalfoyBook Sexy: December Heartbreak

6th May 2010:
I can't wait until the next chapter! I loved her blow up at him. I could really see that happening, it didn't feel fake. Great job!

Author's Response: I was hoping to make it seem real. Do you think that what she said was too cheesy? I keep going over that chapter to see if there's something I can change to make it seem believable. So you think I pulled it off? Thanks for the review ~K :D

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Review #11, by Thia MalfoyMudblood: The Muggle Born

22nd March 2010:
Only just started and can't wait to read more! Nice work

Author's Response: Thanks a ton! glad you like :)

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Review #12, by Thia MalfoyThe Eagle and the Phoenix: A Secret Revealed

21st March 2010:
I LOVE NCIS! nice idea and I like how ducky could be related to Lily. Can't wait for the next chapter.

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Review #13, by Thia MalfoyCSI: San Diego: Chapter Six: Memories and a Murder

21st March 2010:

BOO cliff hangers.oh well. another great chapter. It's funny but as I'm reading this I'm kind feeling Snape is a little like Jane off of the Mentalist. (Who I also love)

I love how cats, with people they love, know when something is wrong. Don't get me wrong I love my dog but if something is off my cat is right there as close as he can get. It's funny because I never would have imagined Snape as a kinda cat person but it fits brilliant!!! lol

Author's Response: Thanks for the review, sorry for the cliffie.

And I like the Mentalist, too, although Jane is a little too 'out there' to be Snape for me, but it's an interesting idea!

It's the exact same with my cat, he knows when I'm sad, etc, and always comes in my room purring as if to say 'who cares about the rest of the world. they're stupid, anyway. now pet me.' Snape isn't really a cat person, so to speak, but he tolerates Panther because he's part-kneazle and Snape uses this to help him with his memories.

Thanks for continuing to review, I really appreciate it!!


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Review #14, by Thia MalfoyCSI: San Diego: Chapter Five: Bloody Cat

16th March 2010:
My cat does the same thing. He'll paw at my door to be let in if it's shut or just run into it to open it. He'll sit on my hair purring in my face while licking my nose to wake me up sometimes. NO matter what I do he just keeps purring.

Like the new chapter can't wait for the next. This and the story I'm starting to write are my brakes between to many soc. and english papers so thank you lol

Author's Response: Thanks!

MY cat does this too! Crazy, huh? I'm glad you liked this chapter! I hit a major case of writer's block about halfway through and didn't know what to do. I'm glad it turned out good. Let me know when you get started on your story, and I'll check it out!


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Review #15, by Thia MalfoyThings Unforeseen: The Year

16th March 2010:
I'm loving this story. Hopefuly you don't get to much writer's block.

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Review #16, by Thia MalfoyCSI: San Diego: Chapter Four: Home, Temporarily Of Course

15th March 2010:
I LOVE THIS! First I love Alan Rickman and Second even though he wasn't the nicest I loved Severous Snape. I was compleatly supporting him before the 7th book came out. Also I loved the comment about the cheshire cat. I just saw Alice in Wonderland and it was AMAZING. I like how as your writting I can see it almost playing out like a movie. Keep writting either here or maybe a book of your own.

Author's Response: Oh I love both then both! My favorite Alan-that's-not-Snape movie is the original Die Hard. He plays the villan ;)

AND, from about the third book until DH, I led this whole "I trust Severus Snape" campaign war against my fellow Harry Potter fans. They all thought he was a greasy git, but I still loved him.

And yes, Alice was FLIPPING AWESOME!!

This is the second review I've gotten where someone says my story reads like they're watching a movie! Thank you so much for say that, it gives me that warm fuzzy feeling!

Wow this is a long response, but who cares. I'm actually in the process of outlining my first original fiction novel. My username happens to be the title, just with a space between Shadow and Changer! Thanks so much for your wonderful review!


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Review #17, by Thia MalfoyFire and Ice: Silent as Death

10th November 2008:
Your stories are great keep up the great work. I've just started my first story so i know the feeling of trying to write and having blocks so good luck!!!

Author's Response: Aw good luck with your story! Yeah I've been hitting one chunk of writer's block after the other lately... it completely sucks. And whenever I do get a break through, there's always some essay due and I have to get that done first so by the time I get to writign I forget things. It's terrible lol

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