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Review #1, by zissa24My Confusing (and Hard to Believe) Love Life: The Beginning of the End... of the Beginning

26th November 2009:
pplleeaseee update as son as you can. I love this new completely different concept. I mean i wish Hermione wasnt a complete looser, and maybe had a few friends at least. but i understand the point your trying to get across with her. Great writing, pleasee keep going :D

Author's Response: Haha thank you! She's not a COMPLETE loser... she just doesn't like that many people =P

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Review #2, by zissa24Anything : Fallen in Africa

2nd September 2009:
Oo, please update soon, im loving it! very intense this story is.

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Review #3, by zissa24Getting A Happily Ever After Isn't Easy: A trip to daddy's house and Diagon Alley

27th August 2009:
can u plzzz update!???

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Review #4, by zissa24Coming Home: Chapter 1

27th August 2009:
Can u pleaseee update soon, iwant to hear the story!

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Review #5, by zissa24Harry Potter: Babysitter: OPERATION: BIRTHDAY SURPRISE! and potion explosions

21st August 2009:
I Like it a lot! Please update as soon as u can :)

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Review #6, by zissa24Harry Potter and the Eccentricities of Death: Yet Some Things Do

20th August 2009:
I love it, im hooked. Please Update ASAP!

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Review #7, by zissa24Again & Again.: Chapter 3

19th August 2009:
This is kind of childishly written. I want to see what happens and everything but its not very well written, sorry. But please continue, i am intrigued.

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Review #8, by zissa24Untitled: chapter 1

19th August 2009:
I dont want Harry to be mean! Make him a good slytherin!!! Thats all i have to say. Update soon, i wanna find out what happends :O

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Review #9, by zissa24In Time: The Butterfly Effect

17th August 2009:
OKOK! i'm dying to know what sirius and harry talk about! UPDATE SOOON!

Author's Response: Working on it.

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Review #10, by zissa24In Time: Meet the Grangers

17th August 2009:
the 5 year olds seem a little mature for being only 5. but otherwise this story is intriguing

Author's Response: Really? I'll have to fix that. Thanks for reading!

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Review #11, by zissa24Defying Gravity: 05..Seeking Shelter

9th November 2008:
wow i cant believe that Ginny would say those things
but i'll see what happens nexxt!

Author's Response: Hmm, I know right? I hope you got to where Ginny apologizes, that explains more. Thanks!

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Review #12, by zissa24Defying Gravity: 02..Bittersweet Epiphany

9th November 2008:
great great great
it makes me wanna find out what happens next
that means it must be good(=

Author's Response: Thanks so much! Keep reading ;)

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Review #13, by zissa24Defying Gravity: 01..The Art of Procrastination

9th November 2008:
cool story(=
never really been into the "next generation"
but this one is good

Author's Response: Thanks! I'm glad I could turn you on to something different.

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Review #14, by zissa24Under the Apple Tree: The Truth Inside the Pensieve

7th November 2008:
this was a really good chapter
i didnt want it to end!!!
you're such a good reason
keep it up
& update soon

Author's Response: Thank you so much I'm so glad you liked it!

I'm working on the next chapter, don't worry. :) It shall be up soon!

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Review #15, by zissa24Under the Apple Tree: Taking the Plunge

7th November 2008:
i really want to see what memories she sees!
i am seriously hooked on this story
please, please update soon!!!

Author's Response: Thanks so much and I promise that I will update asap! ;P Thanks for your reveiw!

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Review #16, by zissa24Under the Apple Tree: More Tangles in the Web

7th November 2008:
i really love the whole harry/hermione friends thing
i just hope that whatever hermione did is as bad as they are making it seem
cuz otherwise all of this secretive stuf is not worth it...
but i'll seee, i hope it is
i have a hunch(=
i dont like that everyone keeps using the excuse that "its not their place to tell"
but its all goood you dont need to change anything.
i am seriously HOOKED!

Author's Response: Well you can judge how bad it is haha. But personally if I were Hermione I'd feel pretty bad. I'm so glad you're hooked that's always good it means more reviews for me. ;P Thanks so much for reading/reviewing!

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Review #17, by zissa24Under the Apple Tree: The Mystery of 3312 Fifth Avenue

7th November 2008:
this is going to my favorites
i am a H/Hr person
so i hope thats where its going
youre a great writer, i have no baad things to say about it

Author's Response: Wow thanks so much I'm glad you like it! ;D

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Review #18, by zissa24...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...Chop, Chop, Lets Get To It...

3rd November 2008:
way too much technology and info for me
i think there is too much muggle and scientific things going on
its supposed to be "magical"
yeah this chapter was really hard to concentrate on because of all the explaining montes had to do
i feel like Montes is a bad guy...and is using harry?
idk if thats
anyways even with all that stuff going on i still wanna know what happens nexy

oh, and with all that stuff with technology that was going on
it was hard to really understand what the emerald actually did...
i think you should have concentrated on that more then that thing that Montes made for harry, the armour
yeah, okay
keep up the good work(=

Author's Response: Well you know that scientific and technology stuff is up there as a buffer, I mean i know thats its supposed to be magical but you see...only people who are really interested in the story will read past all that to get to the magic. The magic is not in the story its in you!

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Review #19, by zissa24...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...More Needles, First Meeting...

2nd November 2008:
this chaapter waas aalriight
ii meaan ii wiish thaat haarry haad more of aa paart...
but over aall iit waas good(=

Author's Response: Yeah bout that, just trying to give the story abit more of a wider range!

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Review #20, by zissa24...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...Of Flames and Cocktails...

2nd November 2008:
good chapter(=
still dont like the evil dumbledore...
but otherwise
i love it
keep up the awesome work

Author's Response: the way dumbledore is not evil, when Im writing...he isnt evil in my mind, he just umm has really really strong beliefs.

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Review #21, by zissa24...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...What You Seek...

2nd November 2008:
oh wow
great great chapter
still not understanding how harry gets to "potter mansion"
is it inside the trunk?
idk, kiinda confused
i doont like how dumbledore is baad)=
but i guess it makes the story more interesting
anyways i love this story soo much(=

Author's Response: Thanks again for the review, like I said dumbles aint bad yo! oh and the potter mansion thing? a combination of two things one montes and two his pendant im sure I mentioned it in the chappie? didnt I?

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Review #22, by zissa24...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...This Choice I Make...

1st November 2008:
this chapter i probably understood the most
just a bit confused on how he actually gets to the trunk
or sees whats in it...
i think i totally missed that part last chapter
i am REALLY enjoying this story
Harry Kicks ASS!
i just want hermione to be as cool, lol

Author's Response: Dont worry your girl hermione is gonna be supercool in my story, well about the trunks, i sorta came up with something abit loopy the trunks themselves are the piercings on his body and to how he gets there? the trunks exist in subspace pockets that literally pull him outta one plane of existance into another...dimension??? any of this making sense?

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Review #23, by zissa24...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...To Each His Own...

31st October 2008:
i am really confused...
like i really wanna find out moree
but i dont really understand his whole task, and what happened at Gringotts.
can that be explained a little more clearly...?
otherwise this story is really interesting!

Author's Response: Im sorry I cant explain those two things that'll give away the story, its actually a good indication that im getting through if your confused. its what im going for at the finish line and you'll be like..."ohhh, now I get it" so hang in there.

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Review #24, by zissa24...The Long Walk to Redemption...: ...Just Another Ordinary Day...

30th October 2008:
haha,i love harry's image
i just dont like the ear piercing...
oh & i am a little it confused about how those compartments or whatever work, can you explain that a little more clearer? to me at least?

Author's Response: Thanks for the wonderful reviews so far, sorry the piercings arent your thing but there sorta necessary for the next scene. The compartments work on a subspace theme in that harry can store and extract literally anything and make it look like his pulling stuff outta thin air.thats what I was going for anyway!

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Review #25, by zissa24That Feeling: That Feeling

29th October 2008:
it was okay
but no amazing...
there really seemed to be no plot.
overall it was a cute story(=

Author's Response: Well, I said I was rusty. And I don't really...think one-shots go into much details besides the romance. But, maybe I'm wrong. Thanks for reviewing! :)

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