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Review #1, by sunflower_loveThe Most Eligible Bachelor: Behind the Mask

19th October 2009:
i think hermione should return to the show
maybe it could be because of something Ron says to her when he sees her... like how Draco would never like her
just an idea
awesome job by the way

Author's Response: Thanks for your ideas! And your review :) But Ron is keeping his thoughts to himself...for now ;) :P

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Review #2, by sunflower_loveThe One: The One with the New Boyfriend

10th August 2009:
oh dont you love the odd looks people give you
i get them all the time
they're kind of funny
anyway i loved the chapter
keep up the good work
and update again soon


Author's Response: thank you :)

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Review #3, by sunflower_loveCompromises: Broom closets.

9th August 2009:
wow feel like an idiot for my last review
probably should have kept readin your authors note

im sorry

oay im still feling really dumb right now and very embarressed so im just going to your doing an aweome job and i cant wait for chapter 7



Author's Response: Please don't worry about it i'm not going to laugh trust me i do things like that all the time more than your average persone to be honest i'm just glad that you're liking my story it makes me soo happy to read what you guys have to say about it so please keep reading and reviewing

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Review #4, by sunflower_loveCompromises: Of Desire and Rage

9th August 2009:
are you really making this a ron/hermione fic

please dont


i know that this your story and you can do whatever you want and whatever you think works but i believe you could continue making this a great story by throwing in a bit of r/h but keeping it d/h
ill keep reading whatever way you go but i can honestly say i that i would much prefer keeping it a draco/hermione fic its not as cliche as r/h


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Review #5, by sunflower_lovePolychromatic: It's Tough to Keep a Level Head

2nd April 2009:
I loved Darrens point of view
Great job on this chapter and for making it to 60
have fun on spring break


Author's Response: Yay! Glad you liked it. And, thank you! :D

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Review #6, by sunflower_loveThe Bloodening...: And in the end....(Part One)

21st March 2009:
i'm thinking there is more than one murderer
in the beginning there was one but in one of the following chapters it said they so that to me implies more than one murderer...i thought for a bit it might be seamus as he came in during the making of the list... but for some weird reason which by the way is probably totally wrong but for some reason i get the feeling this is all set up and they aren't really dead... like this is all some huge prank... although as i said it is probably totally wrong
anyway update quickly
i don't usually read these sorts of stories but yours caught my attention so please make it a good ending


Author's Response: I'm glad that my story attracted your attention. The ending should be good.??

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Review #7, by sunflower_loveThe Social Reject Black: Oh my an understatment

15th March 2009:
im really loving the story
i cant wait for then next chapter
and for you to start really getting into the plot
update quickly


Author's Response: hiyo
im glad ur liking my story
sorry but im off writing on HPFF for a while
you know school and stuff
blah!!! lol
thanks 4 ur review...=D

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Review #8, by sunflower_lovePopulars: Beneath the Surface

11th March 2009:
At this point i don't really care about team johnny or team adam either would be good but if johnny stops being a jerk i would probably go for him...
Definetly team teddy and definetly team marauders

Also i am offically making a team vanessa and team veronica and i am rooting for team vanessa

Just so you know
great job update this and your other stories soon


Author's Response: Dear sunflower_love,
Oh shoot, I forgot to make a team Vanessa and Veronica! Haha, you can be the president of team Vanessa:) Thank you so much!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #9, by sunflower_loveNobody Worse: The Letter

8th February 2009:
hello... great chapter...
you did a good job of conveying the lose she was feeling espically if you've never through that before yourself
and for your sake i hope you never do
it's not an easy thing to go through and you really did an amazing job of showing how she would be feeling
nice work update soon


Author's Response: Yeah, I believe you're right. Kathleen isn't anything like me either as far as personality goes. So it's not like I could imagine myself going through it because I wouldn't act like Kathleen at all in this situation.
Thank you, though. I'm happy you enjoyed this chapter, as depressing as it was.

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Review #10, by sunflower_lovePolychromatic: So What Did You Think I Would Say?

27th January 2009:
Ohh i love suprises
Are you writing another story or something
You have to tell me
I'm all excited now
Anyway great job by the way although this chapter did seem a little on the short side... but i enjoyed it anyway
How many chapters do you think you'll write
I can't remeber if you've said or not
Update soon


Author's Response: I am writing another story . . . But that's not the suprise! Don't worry, you'll find out all in good time. :)

I actually haven't said how many chapters. I don't know for sure, but I can give an approximation. (Don't take this for sure, though, I know where I am now, and I'm pretty sure how I'm going to end, but I'm not quite sure what's going on in between.)

Finishing Anna's Sixth Year (plus the summer): 10 chapters.
Anna's Seventh Year: 5-10 chapters
Damon's Party/Summer: 5-ish chapters
Fall '79 -Summer '80: 5-ish chapters
Fall '80 - Summer '81: probably less than 5 chapters
Early Fall '81 - End: anywhere from 1 to 10 chapters, depending

And then - the sequel begins!

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Review #11, by sunflower_loveA Clandestine Reality: A Helping Hand

21st January 2009:
I'm really sorry to hear about the death in your family
I know what it's like to lose a loved one and i hope your ok

Great update by the way i really liked this chapter and it's good to hear that you have finished the story
i can't wait to read the rest

Author's Response: I haven't actually finished the story yet, but it is all planned out.

Thank you for your condolences and I'm thrilled that you liked the chapter.

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Review #12, by sunflower_loveVertigo: Through the Fire and Flames

21st January 2009:
i really can't wait to see how this story will end
usually i have a pretty good idea as to the direction a story will go... however yours is really difficult as i 'm not even sure if hermione dreamed her whole hogwarts life or not

i hope what i just wrote made any sense to you anyway update quickly and good job with this chapter

by the way if your feeling uninspired go outside and lay on the ground so you can watch the clouds... it may seem odd but it's what i do when i have the time

Author's Response: Haha, well, I'm sorry, but I'm not giving anything away just yet ;)

What you wrote did make sense :) I will try to update as soon as I can find a free minute!

Aww, seems idyllic. I wish Norway wasn't so cold, though :(

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Review #13, by sunflower_loveFlavor of the Month: In Which Kenna is Hurt, Aidan is Understanding, Oliver is Insulting, and the Weasleys Sing a Love Song

19th January 2009:
I swear Aidan is the sweetest nicest boyfriend ever
I mean he knows his girlfriend was in love with Oliver and yet he'swilling to forget all that... he also didn't pester Kenna when she wanted to be alone and just aww he so sweet
Oh yeah you were right Oliver was a huge jerk in this chapter

Anyway i still want Kenna and Oliver to get together as long as Aidan doesn't get hurt he's too nice

Awesome job
Keep up the great work and update soon

Author's Response: Isn't he, though?? It's such a shame that he's not the one she wanted. Oliver is a ginormous jerk, and I refuse to apologize for him. He's still got some making up to do.

Don't worry. Aidan's a smart guy. He's going to be just fine.

I'm glad you enjoyed it, and thanks so much for reviewing!!!

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Review #14, by sunflower_loveNo Air: Standing Still

15th January 2009:
Wow its been ages since you update
i thought you had abandoned it
im glad you didn't though
your doing such an awesome job
Just one thing though
aren't people going to realise that kat and the others aren't in the music classes or at dinner when white magic are there... i mean like now when they are introducing white magic won't someone like James realise they aren't there because it is his sister...
Oh well can't wait to see what your going to do next
try update again really soon


Author's Response: oo i will never abandon it but idk i get writers block during the day and always write at like 2 a.m. but i hate staying up late so i guess thats y :P

but that is true but the music class is instead of muggle studies too so not everyone takes that class...and yeah thats true but you i'll think a way around it :D

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Review #15, by sunflower_loveScisco - A Christmas Mystery: December 24 - White

12th January 2009:
i really didn't see that one coming
Oliver Wood evil who wouldhavethough
update soon
can't wait to read the end

Author's Response: Thanks :) I'm glad

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Review #16, by sunflower_loveOf All the Faulty Bludgers: Just Because

8th January 2009:
love your story
update really soon
you are doing such an awesum job

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Review #17, by sunflower_lovePolychromatic: This Has Been Said So Many Times

8th January 2009:
I have to admit I'm kind of jealous
It never snows in Australia
At least not where i live
You are soo lucky
Anyway loved the story update again soon

Author's Response: Dude! I'm totally jealous! You're like the second person to go 'it doesn't snow in Austrailia.' But you live in Austrailia! It's freakin cool! :D

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Review #18, by sunflower_loveKnowledge and Experience; Or Why I Should Know Better By Now: The Strange and Familiar Hogwarts Express

3rd January 2009:
i meant to leave a review early but i completly forgot
i'm really enjoying your story
please update asap and keep up the great work

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Review #19, by sunflower_loveThe Untold Adventures of Lacey Ackhart (and her not-so-beloved Quidditch Captain): Lacey Ackhart: Beardless, Banana-Hating, Chimpanzee-Lady Freak.

3rd January 2009:
I love your story... It's just so funny
Please update soon
I only jusr came across your story
and i really want to keep reading it

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Review #20, by sunflower_loveDiscretion: The Pink Wonder Dabs In The Arts

1st January 2009:
I am really enjoying your story... its so much fun
i think i'll write a oliver/oc story
i've had an idea in my head for awhile but you've inspireed me
please update soon

Author's Response: Hi! Glad to hear that you like the humour and stuff! It was a lot of fun writing Naomi as well, especially when it comes to imagining her over-dramatic character. :D

Ooh! When you write one, I'll go check it out. Oliver/Oc stories are extremely fun to write and read :) I'm so glad you felt inspired from reading the story. :D Good luck with yours! :)

I'll try my best to update as soon as I can, hopefully not long after the queue opens. XD

Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by sunflower_loveHogwarts Respite: Decoy

12th December 2008:
did you have to leave it there
i want to keep reading
please update asap

great job by the way

Author's Response: Hey, thanks and good to hear from you! :)

I try to update at least once a week so keep checking regularly!

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Review #22, by sunflower_loveThe Hot Crowd: Broomsticks of Love

10th December 2008:
I'd love to see where your going with this
that is if you decide to update
i read your story ages ago and i realised i haven't left a review
soo please update

Author's Response: OMFG, I haven't been here in AGES. Sorry guys, I will be updating VERYY soon.

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Review #23, by sunflower_loveErin: 20th December 1988

9th December 2008:
Tell you what that was awful
not the chapter, Reg
he told her he loved her and then killed her baby brother
update soon please

Author's Response: heeheehee the power of the writer! you gotta love it =D working on the next chapter as we speak!

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Review #24, by sunflower_loveFinster, Ella: Irony

3rd December 2008:
Your story is so much fun
i laughed so much when i read it
post the next chapter asap please

Author's Response: Wow thanks for the compliments, I'm glad you enjoyed it so much :)
Chapter 12 is half written and going quite well so it should be posted this weekend I think, fingers crossed. Thanks for a lovely review!

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Review #25, by sunflower_loveDeception: Dichotomy

1st December 2008:
You said you love reviews and i'm a new authour so i see what you mean they are awesome
so i thought i'd write you one
update quickly i'm loving the story

Author's Response: Aw, thank you. I really do love reviews. They keep me going.
Thank you for reading and being so kind as to write one.
Good luck with your own stories!

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