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Review #1, by mikalilyGold Dust: Head First, Fearless

13th November 2011:
update??? i do like ur story :)

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Review #2, by mikalilyLady Malfoy: Into the Sunrise

1st August 2011:
its done! so happy and yet so sad to see the end i loved it so much best way to end it :) i vote for harry and ginnys wedding! cuz then u can throw in some stuff of the other characters :) beautiful work :)

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Review #3, by mikalilyThe Very First Kiss: Hypothetical, of Course

22nd June 2011:
eh they acted like childern! he could of just kissed her and walked away! not to hard!! i really do want to know the story behind draco and hermione though...

Author's Response: Haha they kind of did! He could of, but Draco just wouldn't do it:) You will in the next one!


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Review #4, by mikalilySimply Irresistible: St. Mungo's

22nd June 2011:
ok ron is stupid wow. haha poor draco he doesnt even now about this yet sad. awww he is helping his brother!! yaY!

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Review #5, by mikalilyOh, the Tragedy of it All!: The Annoying of Tabby

22nd June 2011:
im so happy rose told someone!! and that her and ade r besties again :) now to figure out wat to do abotu rose and scorpius. bahahah seven! tough luck buddy! poor miles

Author's Response: LOL. Yes, I think it was about time she got it off her chest.
Silly Seven, he is going to be in so much trouble.

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Review #6, by mikalilyGold Dust: Blonde Rabbit

21st June 2011:
WOW! u updated! im so shocked! and happy!! yay! im glad hermione and her mom r ok! poor pansy that would suck no wonder she is so bitchie. pls keep going!!

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Review #7, by mikalilyOh, the Tragedy of it All!: New Years Eve on the Flip Side

23rd May 2011:
sad! i really hope theres some reason behind that!!! so close!

Author's Response: There is, there is. Almost like a comedy of errors. :)

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Review #8, by mikalilySalt Rocks: Salt Rocks

30th April 2011:
he is in love! i hope nothing to bad happens to hermione :) o gosh cant wait to see what rita puts out

Author's Response: glad you like it :D xx

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Review #9, by mikalilyThe Very First Kiss: An Unexpected Appearance

27th April 2011:
cuz its him! and when she wakes up they will fall in love! :)

Author's Response: hahaha yep! Aww wouldn't that be adorable?? :)


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Review #10, by mikalilyThe Very First Kiss: It's Just Business

6th April 2011:
hm he reacted pretty strongly when he found out that hermione was hit.hmm hidding feelings? yay cant wait till he kisses her rons gonna be so happy :)

Author's Response: Haha yes he did?? Maybe so:) Thanks so much!


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Review #11, by mikalilyBetter Than I Know Myself: Falling In Love

4th April 2011:
is she going to date krum? i think she should :) aww poor draco and rude! but sad they better make up sometime!

Author's Response: unfortunately no krum :(

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Review #12, by mikalilySimply Irresistible: Draco, Draco what are we going to do with you?

2nd April 2011:
so since apirl fools is done i think u can fix ur story :) awww draco is a sweetie! love it!!

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Review #13, by mikalilyOh, the Tragedy of it All!: Scorpius' New Years Eve Dissapointment

28th March 2011:
nno no more seven!!! eh so close! and they know wat happened between the parents!! omg it took me forever to read this! im gonna blame it on the fact i was in NY for a wk without a computer. i cant believed i missed so many chapters! but im caught up and i really think sev should go jump off a cliff now ;)

Author's Response: LOL... I don't know if I want to kill Seven, but perhaps I will let him get his due :)
Thanks for coming back.

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Review #14, by mikalilyThe Reverse of Reality: Attacked and Action

28th March 2011:
still liking ur story but thinking u should really really update! stupid ron!! er

Author's Response: im pretty busy with college work the now but im on holiday soon so expect updates soon!! sorry its taking so long lol thanks for the review =)

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Review #15, by mikalilyEverything But You...: Great Escapes and Happy Endings

28th March 2011:
well i finally got to read the last chapter!! took me long enough! but it was worth it! :) very good aw she had twins cute :) glad everything wokred out!

Author's Response: you finally got to the end, yey!! so glad that you made it and that you liked it :) yup, happy endings all around! loved writing this ending. twas sad to see it go, but it was a good run ^_^

thanks for reading/reviewing!

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Review #16, by mikalilyNow and Then - Moments of Time: Explaining Now and Then

28th March 2011:
well im sure u updated this a long time ago...but i just read it so yay updated! hahahah i hope u update soon :) i really like ur story and have been with u for a long time!! cant wait to see wat happens and harry is back!

Author's Response: YAY!!! My writing has kinda...stalled due to life...But I hope to get some updates out soon :)

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Review #17, by mikalilyDiagnose Your Own Magical Maladies.: Family Matters

22nd March 2011:
i feel like a lot of things happend really fast...but still i still like ur story so pls keep going :) im glad they all accept the marriage!!

Author's Response: thanks so much. I always appreciate constructive criticism. Glad you like it. Thank you for the review!

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Review #18, by mikalilySearching for You: Click

22nd March 2011:
yay u updated!! not sure when probly awhile ago hhaha but u did! i wonder wats gonig to happen! update soon pls i still love ur story :)

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Review #19, by mikalilyFor Good: Chapter Eighteen

6th March 2011:
sooo does this mean u r going to be updating normally now??? cuz i really like ur story!! :)

Author's Response: thank you so much! i'm definitely going to try. right now i'm focusing on getting out the last two for When Love and Death Embrace because legit the next chapter is the last and then their will be a short epilogue to follow. then i'll be able to finish the last three chapters in this story and start their Hogwarts years.

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Review #20, by mikalily3 Greengrass' and a Malfoy.: Italian Ice-Cream and Other Things.

13th February 2011:
i love breakfast at tiffany's! its one of my favorite movies!!

Author's Response: I first saw it when I was in Berlin on a school exchange, and I just knew it would be such a 'Hermione' film and I could just see her watching it.
I have to say, a HUGE thank you for all of your absolutely amazing reviews which you've given me right from the beginning of the chapter.
Also, I am so sorry how long it's taken me to respond to this review, unfortunately life's just been so hectic recently.
Thank you again,

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Review #21, by mikalilyThe Very First Kiss: Eternal Sleep

11th November 2010:
yay u updated! bahaha they have to find the first man! wonder who its gonna be. :) (draco)

Author's Response: Thanks so much! And yes, they have to find him;)


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Review #22, by mikalilyThe Very First Kiss: A Terrible Accident

24th October 2010:
so i think u should really update this story cuz i think its going to be really good! so pls update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I know it's been awhile, but i'm almost done with the chapter. My goal is to post it sometime next week!


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Review #23, by mikalilyMrs Malfoy, Being Found Again: Chapter Six

24th October 2010:
u should really really update soon cuz i like this story and i wanna know wats gonna happen!

Author's Response: will try and update in the next week

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Review #24, by mikalilyDefining Home: Inevitable Mishaps

24th October 2010:
update pls!! ive forgotten all about this story! so that means u neede to update :)

Author's Response: GOLLY! I did too!
Thanks for reminding me; I have a whole lot of it written anyway.
Sorry for the delay.

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Review #25, by mikalilyThe Gains Offset The Losses: 11. Draco

24th October 2010:
update pls! im starting to forget about this wondfurl story!

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