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Review #1, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Awakening.

14th December 2010:
I think this story has made me cry more times than any story has ever made me cry before. I've been reading this story RELIGIOUSLY and your writing has gotten better and better. I love Mary as a character. Even though she has so many more flaws than most characters on this site, she's one of my favourites because of how real she is. I'm going to miss reading about her. I'm so sad that this story is going to come to an end.

Keeping that in mind, you should update super soon so I can find out how this story ends! Hopefully, some amazing miracle happens and she lives, but who knows?

... Well, I guess you do.

Author's Response: Hey Dancing Fool! I'm so pleased by how much my writing has improved since I started writing this and, well, thank you so much :)

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Review #2, by Dancing FoolCuriosity: Encounter.

2nd September 2010:
HIYA AC Rules! So I'm kinda in love with this story :) As for an actress... maybe Alona Tal? I don't really know what Cassie looks like, but it's kinda just what popped into my head. She's cute but a little different and I think it's a good fit :D So update soon please! And if you do, maybe I can help you out with another banner ;) Hahaha, or you could do it out of the goodness of your heart.

Author's Response: HEY! WOW! I feel like I haven't spoken to you for ages... or maybe I just haven't noticed... anyway! It's great to talk to you! I still love the banner you made me for taob and I will love you forever about that...

To tell you the truth, I'm not really sure what Cassie looks like... but at the same time I know what she loooks like...? If you see what I mean, you probably don't - I have a tendancy to talk crap.

I really like Alona Tal as Cassie and I was like, really sure that she would work, and then someone saidd. *scrolls down to find the name* michelle trachtenberg and I thought YES!

I would really appretiate it if you made me a banner... and I will very much try to update soon. I now actually have three stories on the go (which I find very exciting) so this will be either after Everland, or after toab... It depends which chapter is ready.

Thank you so much for reviewing, thanks again for the taob banner :D :D

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Review #3, by Dancing FoolLove, Lies and Lipstick: Bliss

26th July 2010:
300th review? I THINK SO! I really don't think I need to expand off your brilliance, so I shall only say that Chapter 12 should come out soon :) You know, for my sanity.

Author's Response: Aw, yay!! That makes me so happy, and I'm so sad I missed the real day this happened. :(
I'm so sorry for not updating, I sort of gave up with writing but hopefully I'm back now :) xxx

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Review #4, by Dancing FoolConfessions of Adhara Greengrass: Confessions of depression, cousins and punches

26th July 2010:
Wow, I read this for the first time today and I love it! :) I hope you update SUPER SOON! I love Adhara and all the characters for that manner! They're hilarious! Keep up the excellent work and update soon!

Author's Response: Aw, I'm so so happy that you did! I really love hearing people say that. I will try after I get home on the 14th. I'm so glad that you like the characters because I love writing them! I'm happy that you find it funny because I'm always unsure if people get my humor or not. I will try to update asap! Thank you for reading and for your encouragement! :)

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Review #5, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Disintegrate.

20th July 2010:
You can't just stop there! GAH. I was crying through this chapter! Please Update! :) I need to see how this story ends!

Author's Response: DANCING FOOL! Hey! You made me my banner :)

I'm sorry about the tears. update should be soon :)

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Review #6, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Unwelcome & Unforeseen.

17th March 2010:
I'm SO sorry I haven't commented in like 3000 years :( Well better late than never! :D I love this story SO much! It's great that Mary and Sirius finally got together. But when's Mary going to tell them she's dying!??? I think it's kind of dragging out now. But still great story :D Definitely one of my favourites! Love your twists! Don't let Johnny die too! Please update soon :D

PS I'm glad you still like the banner! :)

Author's Response: DANCING FOOL! I still LOVE the banner I really really do, and it's cool, I don't mind :D

It's comming soon I promise! It won't be so long now (as it is dragging on admittedly).

:) :) :)

Next chapte up, 30 nearly done :D

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Review #7, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Inevitability II.

20th October 2009:
Seriously, I love you :D Your story's so original and fantastic!!! So please update :D:D:D I'm dying to see how this all turns out! Hmm... Kaaay, so I'm thinking that I variety of things could happen. Something's definitely up with her illness 'cause she did magic, so maybe her body's fighting the disease... ? Or she has more time or less time than what was predicted. Maybe there's a cure now!!! :D:D:D Let's hope 'cause I really don't want Mary to die! Update soon!!! :)

Author's Response: Seriously, I love YOU! And thank you so much :)

I think theres been 2000 new reads since I started using your banner and thats a lot!

We can always hope :) Update should be soon, the next chapters half done :D

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Review #8, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Inevitability.

11th October 2009:
WOW!!! Mary's FINALLY realized she's got the hots for Sirius! Yay! *applaudes* Took her long enough! I really REAAALLY love this story :D:D:D Sorry, but I'm in a little bit of a rush right now and can't answer any questions :( So update soon soon and I'll be able to leave you a PROPER length review ;) But I do think you need a new banner. The one you have now is nice but you should have one that reflects the awesomeness of your story :D I'd lovvve to make you a banner but it seems that roundabout has beaten me to the punch :( *sigh* Oh well... if that doesn't work out, I'd be EXTREMELY HAPPY to make one :D:D:D:D GREAT STORY! Please update soon!! My sanity depends on it!!! ;)

Author's Response: Hello helllo dancing fool :) Answering this review is being my break from revision - joy of joys - and thank you thank you for reviewing, it really does make me happy :D

It did take her a damn long time, but that's why we love her :)

thank ou thank you thank you, and that's okay - i'll look forward to it!

Bannerage - I have been thinking about it recently and yeah roundabout has offered me one, but if not, I'd love you to make me one too :)

Thank you very much :D I love you. Now back to physics... Update should be soon as I'm back on the role and have some of it done already :D

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Review #9, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Devious.

21st September 2009:
NOOO!! It must not end like that! Snape knows?? Hold the phone! Does this mean I was right? Snape's the first one who found out! *happy dances* I'm never right (: I love your story, please update soon!

Author's Response: Yes yes! I believe you were one of the ones who were correct!!! WELL DONE! YOU'RE A GENIOUS! Thank you so very much, the update's in the queue :)

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Review #10, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Unexpected.

17th August 2009:
What a sad chapter! :( Not that it wasn't brilliant or anything! It just made me feel sad :( But it was great still! : D Mary crying in Sirius's arms was sweet... in a sad way... But, yeah! Okay, for the questions!

1) Um... Probably Remus 'cause he'd be the most understanding and whatnot. And he'd respect her privacy and not tell anyone without her permission.

2) Hrm... Maybe Sirius because she quite frequently gets really close to telling him even though it is by accident...

3) I really don't know :P So, I'm gonna take a guess anyways and say Snape-a-doodle : D No idea why!

Update soon! Pretty please :)

Author's Response: I'm glad it made you sad (in a non mean way obviously) cause it means I made you feel something. *victory dance* thank you very very muchly.

I like yout theories very very very very very much. :) :)

Update is in the queue, much love xxx

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Review #11, by Dancing FoolSnips 'n Snails: A Young Wizard's Tale: Chapter Two: Snowy Days and First Kisses

12th August 2009:
Awww! That's so cute! I just aw-ed out loud! Aw! I'm loving the characterizations in this story! Victoire with her know-it-all attitude and Teddy with his grown-up-ness! They're absolutely adorable! I'm really interested in where you're going to take this story. Hope you can update soon!

Author's Response: Thank you!! I'm so glad that my story made you "aw out loud' (aol?) anyways, victoire is a bit of a spit-fire. She is a very independant soul. Teddy is, and will be, mature beyond his years. I have some great plans for this story and hope you continue to read along! Chapter four should be entering the queue in a day or two... so be sure to look for it.

Thanks again,

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Review #12, by Dancing FoolSnips 'n Snails: A Young Wizard's Tale: Chapter One: A Brand New Adventure

8th August 2009:
Wow! You write really well! Great descriptions! The POV change is done Is that a word? Anyways, well done! I love the story already! Teddy's such a cutie : D Hope you update soon!

Author's Response: oh wow. thanks for this lovely review. I'm so glad that you like the POV change. haha. Superbly is infact a word, but works too. I'm so happy that you love the story. the next chapter has been in the queue for awhile and should be validated soon. be sure to check back for updates. :)


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Review #13, by Dancing FoolVanilla Spice: Ignored Advice

4th August 2009:
'So, skedaddle, kittykats.' Hahaha wow, James kills me XD I'm so glad you updated! It's felt like forever! Hmmm... my favourite is tied between Dom and Mollie. Can't really decide... Any-who, great chapter :D

James's eyes drop to our intertwined hands and I start to feel a little uncomfortable. 'Yeah. Lessons. Right.'

Awww! Absolutely broke my heart!

You're soo lucky! Italy? I'm jealous! Keep up the spectacular work and try to update soon, yeah?

Author's Response: Hehe, I love writing James. He's so cocky yet so adorable and immature :]
Aw, I know, that line felt really weird to write. I'm not one usually for the almost angsty-ness.
Italy was amazing! :D
I'll update as soon as I can! xx

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Review #14, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Civility.

6th July 2009:
WOO HOOT! Mary and Sirius are back!!! Wow, this was long but really good ;) I love long chapters!!! Mary's family is just... WOW. It seriously needs some work... I'm wondering how long Mary and Sirius can stay civil and I'm also wondering how long it's going to take until Mary just flat out tells someone that she's dying. She's left so many hints already someone's bound to find out... I kinda want to see everybody's reactions too... BUT YEAH! Thanks for the wonderful update =] Update soon please! :D

Author's Response: YAY! I missed them :/ it was pretty long! Longst yet, which people seem to like...

Mary\\\'s family? Yeah. Issues big time. You\\\'ll have to see about Mary and Sirius being civil ;) I have Sirius\\\'s reaction written (although it\\\'s a looonnggg time away!) but not Lily\\\'s and the others yet cause it\\\'s going to be hard...

Next chapter well underway! Don\\\'t cha worry!

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Review #15, by Dancing FoolStill Delicate: Weekend At Jenny's: Part I

4th July 2009:
Oh my :S Poor Daisy! She finally found out! I know Rose is acting horrible, but I'm still on her side even though she's practically torturing Daisy. But, really, Daisy should really stop invading Rose's life and leave her and Aidan alone. He's not Daisy's kid, she should let things be. Especially because Scorpious isn't even saying anything and Aidan is HIS child. Anyways! Jenny isn't being very nice either. I am really not amused with the way she was talking to Rose. That's not what a friend should do, at least not with that kind of attitude. Yeah, well, very funny and entertaining chapter! Lots of funny moments. Laura and Dom kill me. Update soon, please?

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Review #16, by Dancing FoolThe Art of Breathing.: Unforgivable.

28th June 2009:
Aww : ( I'm a little disappointed that Mary and Sirius were just left and we didn't get to discover what happened to them : ( But I trust you in getting to that soon ; ) Lily and Snape are pretty cute together and I really like the way you wrote them. I'm not a very big fan of the two, though, but you wrote it well :D But she belongs with James ( : Always will. He's my homeboy XD Okay, anyways, really nice chapter! Hopefully, Mary and Sirius next time :D and Lily realizes that James is MEANT for her =D Well, yeah, loved it and love this story!

Author's Response: I'm sorry about ditching Mary and Sirius for a bit. but they return for the next chapter which is the longest so far! (and in the queue!). Lily and snape are pretty cute, but then pretty not cute if you think about it. I don't really like Lily/Snape relationships but it just sort of happened. She'll end up with James in the end though :) Thank you very much

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Review #17, by Dancing FoolVanilla Spice: Bye, Birdy

25th May 2009:
I love your story! Mollie's so funny and crazy! I hope you update soon soon soon! Hm... as for your question... DEFINTELY James ( : He's so cute and hilarious! He's such a sweet heart!!!

Author's Response: I'm so happy you like it!! I'll try to update as soon as I can
James is a sweetheart isn't he? :D

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Review #18, by Dancing FoolDefying Gravity: 23..Silence is Golden...or is it Deadly?

24th December 2008:
Aw! I'm really liking the Kylie and James stuff = ) They're so cute together! I can't believe that Nat and Albus haven't gotten together yet! Gr! I feel bad for both of them, but for some reason, I feel so much more for Albus! He's so depressed he's not even getting up and Nat's all up and active showing off her cleavage and whatnot. Wow, that sounded a lot worse when I wrote it down... Well, anywho, their whole situation is rather tragic. Good for Lily :) I'm so happy for both of them = D And Rose! Wow! I love that scene! Who would've known that the daughter of Hermione would be such a rebel :P Good for her! I can't believe that Neville would be such a butt about Meghan! I hope that the cut she got gets infected and she dies from a fatal illness. Aha, wow, that sounds mean! Well, YEAH! That was sooo amazing! I am absolutely in LOVE with this story!

Wishing you the very best Christmas,
Dancing Fool

Author's Response: Thanks! I might right a one-shot with them... I haven't decided. But I really like writing Kylie. It may be a while for them...sorry. Albus is playing the marytr, and sulking like his father, and Nat isn't consciously doing it, she had to go out. As for Rose, remember she's also the daughter of Ron, so she's got a bit of Weasley temper in her. Haha, that'd be a little too horrible of a death for Meghan. She won't die, but she's not going to be unaffected, either.


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Review #19, by Dancing FoolDefying Gravity: 22..Tied Up in Lies...Part Two

16th December 2008:
Aw ! Poor Albus ! I can't believe that Nat would break up with him and he didn't even do anything ! Awww ! That makes me very sad :'( But amazingly written . Keep up the good work = )

Author's Response: Makes me sad too. Glad you think so! Thanks so much!

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Review #20, by Dancing FoolDefying Gravity: 21..Tied Up in Lies...Part One

10th December 2008:
Wow! That was sooo good : )
I knew Albus wasn't cheating ! That would've just been awful ! I have a theory but it's probably wrong because I suck at predicting things. Did Albus buy Nat and engagement ring ? Awww, if he did, that is sooo sweet : ) K, well, I won't make you listen to my stupid theories but keep up the good work ! Can't wait for the next chapter !

Author's Response: I LOVE theories! You'll see ;) Next chapter, I hope. Maybe 23. We'll see. Thanks.

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