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Review #1, by rorykinkadeClash: Shrink

3rd June 2010:
okay, so i read this entire story in like, two days. SO, YEAH, I LOVE IT A LOT! i first opened this story a long time ago, saw her name was Agatha and decided not to read, but it is so good. literally, last chapter, my eyes just welled up with tears and i have no idea why! i want potter and agatha together, when he said "i love you" all those chapters ago, my heart stopped with agatha's (which sounds so lame, but you wanted a review so this is what you get). and uh, everything you've written about aidan's coma has felt so real, that i can't help but feel sorry for characters on a page. you are amazing. i love your writing. please, UPDATE SOON!!!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! It's like, 12ish in the morning right now, so I'm sorry if my response isn't making any sense right now, but... I love that you read this whole thing in two days :) It makes me happy to know that you didn't get sick of it!

I'm glad you like everything! Chapter 18 is in the queue!

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Review #2, by rorykinkadeA Cautionary Tale: The Only Chapter

3rd February 2010:
okay. so, i really liked this story. i didn't actually lol, but in my head, i kept thinking "wow, if i wasn't sick, i'd actually find this really amusing and probably laugh out loud." see, your story has warned me against such things as saying lol when i didn't actually lol. and, my favorite part was when you brought up rosencrantz and guildenstern, 'cause, you know, reading hamlet over winter break is REALLY fun and having it referenced in things that are supposed to be entertaining was really awesome! so anyway, cool story.

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