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Review #1, by Hearts Then TearsWithout Shame, Without Fear: From Admiration to the Deepest of Loves

20th June 2010:
This was nice.
I would like to leave a longer review but I don't have much else to say.
It was sad, but I felt like I knew the character.
Overall, good job:)
Ten out of ten !

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Review #2, by Hearts Then TearsRemembering Sunday.: Heartbreak.

18th June 2010:
this was sad, and I liked it a bunch.
with your idea of a sequel, i will totally read and review that one:)
and yes, you write well, and I like this one-shot.

although i do not fully understand why she left, it still was a good read:)
good job.
but yes, that is a question i do have,
why did she leave?

it was really heartbreaking, with the ring and she moved away and blah.

but yes, it was very good.
so, thank you for the great read:)

nine out of ten !


Author's Response: Ah, the sequel will answer your question. :D
As I have said in replies to other reviews, I didn't put in the reason to why she left because I wanted to keep everyone wondering.
I wanted it to be a mystery.
I wanted people to have their own thoughts on why she left.
But, seeing as a lot of people have asked about it, there will be a sequel and the reason why she left will be in there.
I'm glad you liked it though. :D

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Review #3, by Hearts Then TearsWedding Dress: Wedding Dress

12th June 2010:
I, personally, like it just as it is. It kind of made my heart hurt a bit, and even though it was short, I liked it.

very nice:)



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Review #4, by Hearts Then TearsDivulging : Out of this world

7th June 2010:
as I read I know you had bad punctuation and spelling.
it seems as if your English is not very well, and so I recommend a beta.
and you were bad with sexuality. for instance, you used he and she for the same person, which isn't really possible..
I believe to be a good author and earn respect, at least in your writing, you need to write your best, especially here.
I actually liked the plot, but it was a bit pointless, yet the point was really clear?
I liked it.



Author's Response: thanks i have some bad habits that i need to resolve, i often type she instead of she. really the plot was pointless, i just had the erg to do something pointless. over the past six months i have been improving vastly, i can tell when i read some of my first stuff i'm like oh dear. thanks for your suggestions, i will endeavour to get a beta.

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Review #5, by Hearts Then TearsNever Crossed Their Lips: Three Words. Eight Letters.

28th May 2010:
to be honest I didn't really like some of the dialogue, but overall you've got a nice short little story.

but I must say perhaps you could make it longer, add some background?

my opinion.


-htt :)

Author's Response: About a week ago I was asked to do a 2500 word original fic for a prize that's awarded at the end of the school year. Instead of starting a new one, I decided to extend this one.

Should I put it up as the Dramione fic?


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Review #6, by Hearts Then TearsThese Little Words: These Little Words

6th May 2010:
I feel like your talent of writing here on HPFF is so hidden.
your pieces are so well written, and I really just love your Dramione stories so far.
anyway, I feel you interpreted Dracos P.O.V. perfectly, his feelings seemed on key.
I seem to love my reviews here, so I feel like I am obligated to give you one on this very well story.
I felt that it could have been better, but it was just good enough.

very nice.

Nine Out Of Ten.


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Review #7, by Hearts Then TearsLook at Me: Look at Me

6th May 2010:
very short, but it satisfied me.

I believe this story pulled me in quite quickly, and you are good with your words, which made the story more clear.

a little cliff-hanger, and I love these, unless they are on long stories for I get all built up, but I like these in one-shots for I can assume, and dream, and what not of their future!

wow, I usually don't sound so formal in my reviews...

haha :)

I did like what you did with this story, it was very interesting and creative in a way for I think you have made it your own.

but I think most people here make their stories their own.

Thank you so much for the good read :)

Ten Out Of Ten !


Author's Response: I think you just made my life!

I always have loved cliffhangers; I'm not entirely sure why!

Thank you so much for your review! After reading everyone's reviews and comments it's given me the incentive to work on this, perhaps on a sequel, or something equally shiny!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and leaving such a wonderful review!

Rebecca x

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Review #8, by Hearts Then TearsDraco, Please Don't: Stop

19th December 2009:
So at first I did not want to read this story, for the introduction... well the grammar wasn't very fabulous.

SO I read the reviews first and the ones I did read were giving you thumbs up so..

I must say, this was a very well written story. I really liked the last sentence.

What does confuse me is that when Draco goes into the room to see Hermione he then calls her "beloved"? But if it is who I believe it to be then... well... don't they dislike each other? I find it odd...

But still it was... just... great.

Very good. Very good.

You should get a banner. They attract attention! I don't know I seem to look at banners then read what people wrote for the introduction THEN if I like one or the other I read it..?

Okay. I am done blabbing.


~Hearts Then Tears

Author's Response: he doesnt call her his beloved, he is saying that hermione calls ron her beloved =]
and yeah, i need a banner lol =], and im not one for grammar lol =]
thank you for the nine and the good reveiw =]

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Review #9, by Hearts Then TearsBright Anguish: Bright Anguish

12th March 2009:
I Am Very Bad With Criticizing So... Yes.

The Only Real Problem I Had Was The Length. I Really Wanted To Read More! Argh!

You Wrote In A Poetic Kind Of Style... Me Likey!

And You Need To Know-

That Thing You Wrote Right There Was Absolutely AMAZING! No Doubt!

So I Wonder What My Rating Will Be...


1 Out Of Freaking 10...


If That Make Sense... It Does To Me But... Yes.

It Was Really Amazing.

You Wrote So Awsome!


Really Good!

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #10, by Hearts Then TearsNo Words: No Words

28th February 2009:
Do You Understand The Talent You Hold? The Way You Can Describe What's Happening So Clearly Is Amazing, And I Am Jealous. This Was Beautiful And You Must Know That. This Was Written Wonderfully And I Can't Even Say How Much I Liked It, Loved It.

Great, Great, Great Job.

Ten Out Of Ten No Doubt.

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #11, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 28

17th January 2009:
Well First Off I Want To Say... Won't You Ever Respond To My Reviews Ever Again? You Haven't In Foreverr! I Mean I Usually Put A Lot Of Effort Into These Reviews Because This Is My Favourite Story Out Of All Of The Dramiones I Read.. And I Know Most Of The Sentences I Write Are Just Random Blah And I Go Onn And Onn And ONN! But.. That's How I Roll.

Well Whatever I Am Just Being Dramatic Because.. I Am [?] Haha Yes.

And Anyway You Have Work So.. Haha Just Don't Listen To That Part!! Again, I Am Being Dramatic! [Haha I Read That Part And I Sound Stupid! Imma Keep It Anyway Its Funny.]

On With The Review!

Haha He Pushed Her Off The Bed.. Poor Hermione.. That Must've Been Uncomfortable.

And Its Like Yeah Draco Just Admit It To Yourself! You Love Her! So True So True.

-Takes A Deep Breath While Shaking Head Left To Right-


It Bothers Me, Too, That Hermione Isn't Understanding That Draco Has Strong Strongg Feelings For Her! I Mean Common Now! But Whatever.. She Will Sooner Or Later.. Right?

Oh And I Liked Rons Reaction! Like I Can See Him Reacting Like This! Ohh Yesss!

Well.. To Me This Chapter Was Rather.. Short. Thus I Have Not Much To Write. Because.. Yeah.

I Wonder What Rons Gonna Do. I Mean Of Course That Isn't All Of His.. Reaction Thing. No, No. Soo.. Now I Wait!

Alrightyy Thenn!

Ten Out Of Ten.

Always Like That! Ha.

~Hearts Then Tears

PS: Just Thought Bout It But When I Read The Summary Thingy I Was All Thinking That Itd Be Draco Saying That! But Since Ron Did It Was A Little Suprising. I Mean If It Was Draco It Could Of Been A Very.. Like.. I Don't Know But I Liked It Being Ron! Yeah.. Just Had To Say It. Goodbye And Farewell Until Next Review!

PSA[Got It Right]: Sorry Im Reviewing So Late... Phone Is Being A Meany Again... Like Always... So Yes, Sorry :]

Author's Response: Aww, I really want to respond, but my brain's dried up to the point where I don't even know what words to reply with :(
So, I don't want to mess up your review with some lame reply :-S
But, I love reading your reviews :D

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Review #12, by Hearts Then TearsHeroine: Heroine

10th January 2009:
This Was Very Well Writen.

Through The Whole Story I Never Got Bored So That's Great.

I Really Liked It.

Ten Out Of Ten.

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #13, by Hearts Then TearsAnother Auld Lang Syne: Another Auld Lang Syne

10th January 2009:
No Offense But I Think That Draco Was OOC.

I Mean I Just Can't See Him Being So.. Like That.

And I Would Think Hermione, Being The Girl She Is, To Always Stay In Contact. Especially If She Loved Draco..

But I Guess This Story Was Okay.. Just The OOC-ness And Stuff..

I Just See Draco Always Being An Arrogant Snob.. Yes He Can Love And Be Loving But I Truly Think He Will, And Always Will Be, An Arrogant Snob.

So Other Than That It Was Okay :]

Go Dramiones! Woo.

Six Out Of Ten.

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #14, by Hearts Then TearsSo Arrogantly Beautiful: Cold, But Loving Heart

4th January 2009:

This Story Was Nothing Less Than Brilliant But So Much More.

I've Read A Lot Of Reviews For This Last Chapter And Most Say That They Hated, Or Very Much Disliked It.

I Loved It. It Might Not Of Had A Happy Ending But I Mean Really People.. In Real Life [Or Fictional!] You Don't Always Get A Happy Ending. Which In My Opinion Made The Story So Much More Believable.

And If You Did Make It A Happy Ending I Still Would've Loved It Just As Much.. Perhaps More.. Perhaps..

But I've Read This Whole Story Awhile Ago And Actually It Was Before I Even Had An Account So I Never Reviewed And I Didn't Really Feel Like Going Back And Reading Them All Again And Then Reviewing All Of Them [I Actually Would But I Read And Review On My Phone So..] But Yeah..

Your Story Made Me Cry [Who Hasn't Once They Read This?] And In My Case Emotion Is Good With Stories.

Plus If You Made People Cry [Good Or Bad..] It So Means You Can Capture Your Readers.. Which You Did Well.

So Overall Great Story.

A Billion And Ten Out Of Ten.

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #15, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 27

4th January 2009:
At First I Read The Summary And I Was Like HELL NO! But Yeah I Had To.


Why Would She Want To Avoid The Beautiful And Pleasurable Draco? And After They Got Jiggy With It? Well.. Alright [?]

And Woo Hoo! I Love Luna And Neville Together! For Some Odd Reason Some Don't Think They Should Be But To Me They Seem Like A Good Pair :]

And The Hang Out Session Sure Did Go Fine! Yeah.. Sarcasm.. Much..

Haha The First Part Of Dracos Whatever, Perspective Is The Word I Am Looking For. Anyway Yeah That Part Made Me Laugh.. Seven Times, Eh? Well Then.. That's.. Interesting.. This Whole Story Is Rather Interesting..

Haha I Liked When Draco Thought Of Making A Joke Bout Harrys Sexuality Or Whatever.. It Made Me Laugh! A Lot Actually.

I Liked Dracos Reply When Harry Said:

"I will never know what she sees in you,"

So True So True .. Except You Know.. I Kinda Know What She Sees! Haha.

And Just One Thing To Say Here.. Just A Suggestion.. Well.. Whatever.. Its Something Like That.

Anyway.. Its Just.. Maybe One Day You'll Make It So Harry And Draco Are Friends.. And So.. Just Maybe Can You Make It So They Stay On A Last-Name Basis? Because I Just Truly Can't See Them Saying Each Others First Names.. Seems To Weird For Me.. Just Cause All The Time.. Hating And Blah.

Okay So The Hermione Ginny Laven Blahh People Part.. Well I Don't Think The Punishment Was Suitable.. Yup.. Nope.. Tsk-Tsk!

Stupid Lavender Whatever.. I Never Really Liked Her..

Why The Hell Are There So Many Whores?? I Mean Im Sorry She May Not Be One But.. For Real.

But Go Ginny! She's A True Friend Right There!

Oh.. Well Then.. I Sound Stupid.. Okay So Lavender Lied? Ahh I Might Be Wrong Again.. I Read And Write The Review At The Same Time.. So Yeah.. I STILL DO NOT LIKE HER!

Oh Wait She Didn't Lie.. She Was Just Bein A Whore Face To See Hermiones Reaction..

AH! Wtf. Im All Confused.

Wow.. Well Then.. She Slept With Him And Just Had To Tell Hermione? Ugh..

Well There's One Thing I Like Bout The Lavender Part.. Parvati Thinks They're A Cute Couple.. Well That's One.. Haha. Well In The Story Anyway.

And Yeah.. Id Probably Keep The Non-Virgin Status To Myself To.. I Mean Her And Draco Is New But Her Shagggiinggg Draco? Nahh.

Well Then.. Rons Apology Was Weird.. I Liked It! Haha.

Oh I Am So Jealous Of Hermione.. Freaking Draco Malfoy In Her Bed And In Just Boxers.. Now She's A Lucky Girl I Tell You!

And Its Funny That She Was Sleeping And Didn't Even Know.. She Was Sleeping Right? Im Suree..

Good Chapter.

Left Me Jealous..

[Pouty Face]

I Spelled That Wrong.. O Well.

Well Im Tired Because It Is Almost 2 30 AM.. Yawn And Sorry Ill Review Later.. I Can't Now Because Im On My Phone And My Phone Is Not Cooperating With Me Tonight.. Or Any Other Night.. Used To But I Do Not Know What Happened.. Grr. So Yes.. Good Chaptaa!

Sundays Are Fun. This Story Makes Me Look Foward To Sundays.. Haha Yes, Yes It Does.

Ten Out Of Ten.

~Hearts Then Tears

PS: Happy New Year! I Think I Already Said It But.. Its 2009! WOO!

PSS: Woah.. Doesn't PSS Just Mean Post Script Script? Hmm.. Well Thenn It Should Be Post Script Again! Yes So PSA: Oh... I Forgot What I Was Going To Say Because I Just Said That.. Well I Do Not Feel Like Deleteing It So.. Sorry!

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Review #16, by Hearts Then TearsForbidden Love: Chapter 26: Caught in the Act (Part Three)

29th December 2008:
Alrighty Then..

Well You Had Some Writing Mistakes And Some Times You Sort Of Said The Same Thing Twice.

Other Than That It Was Good.

But I Don't Get One Part. Harry Stopped Breathing And All Ron Did Was Go To The Common Room? Wtf.

That's A Little.. Disturbing.

Annabel.. Wow She's Different.

Servent Of The Devil? Alrighty Then..

And What's Up With Hermione? She Feels Bad About Breaking Up Annabel And Ron But She Never Wants To Speak To Them Again?

Its Like I Said Before, She Shouldn't Be Mad Because Harry And Ginny Kept It From Ron And So Its The Exact Same. And Betrayed? Its Like She Kinda Betrayed Them A Little More.. Kinda.. Well In My Opinion Anyway.

Doesn't Make Much Sense.. But Alright.

And I Liked Your A/N Because It Is True. Im Christian And I Actually Believe In Magic Haha.

But Dude! Cliffhangerr! Your Killing Me Here!

Please, Please Don't Make It Be A Month Until You Update.. I Get Sad Haha. And Its Alright To Be Evill.. I Guess.

So Yeah..

Where's Draco! Oh.. The Closet. Lol

I Wonder What's Going To Happen..



10/10 Because The Part I Liked The Most/ That Was The Most Interesting To ME Was The End.. Haha

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #17, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 24

29th December 2008:
Woops.. I Just Reviewed Backwards.. All Well.. You Probably Wouldnt Of Known.. Whatever..

Okay So.. Uhh Yeah! You Tell Him Draco!

Blaise Is A.. A.. A You-Know-What!

Yes, Yes He IS.

Well Thats An Interesting Ending.. I WONDER WHAT WILL HAPPEN!

[Special Effects Sudden Go Off Where Ever You Read This Review]

Just Imagine IT!

So.. A Ball Eh?

Col. Haha They Gotta Go Togetherr.


Kinda Literal Kinda Figurtiveishly..


Well Ten Out Of The Tens.

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #18, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 25

29th December 2008:
Well.. Hmm.. Harry Didn't Explode.. Yay.

I Wonder How Rons Reaction Will Go..

Haha.. Well.. Ron Ruined Hermiones Moment.. Funny.. I Think.. Maybe.

Anyway.. So.. That Was Quite Interesting..

Well Yeah.. I Don't Know What To Say..

Hermione And Draco Got Jiggy With It.. Interesting..

TEN OUT OF TEN.. Always Going To Rate It Like That.. Yes.. ALWAYS!

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #19, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 26

29th December 2008:
Alrighty Then.. That Was Also.. Interesting.. Very.. Sexual.. Very..

Uhm.. Yeah.. Uh.. I.. Don't Really Know What To Say [?]

Very.. Descriptive.. In A Way.. Uh..

Hermione.. Changed A Bit.. Or Just Became More.. Hermioneish?

Who Knows. Not Me..


Great.. Chapter?


Oh Here's A Part Where I Won't Sound Weirdd.. Well Ill Try.. It Won't Be As Akward As The Rest Of The Review::

Hermione Couldn't Find Her T-shirt.. Funny! Haha I Thought It Was Funny When Draco Said Their Sheet Or Whatever Was Her T-shirt.. Hilarious. Ahh Good Times Good Times..


Uh.. Ten Out Of Ten [?]

Yeah Sure..

That Was Akward..

Thiss Chapterr Didnt Suck By The Wayy.. And If This Is The Worst You Can Do.. Well Then Its Alright To Write Crappy Chappies! Uh.. No. Write GOOD! Lol IDK.. That Was Supposed To Be A Compliment..


~Hearts Then Tears

PS: Sorry.. Didn't Know What To Write.. Andd My Reviews Will Get Better.. Just.. I Don't Know.. Yeah.. But They WILL!

Author's Response: *hugs* Thanks :D
Btw...I did notice you were reviewing backwards :D

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Review #20, by Hearts Then TearsForbidden Love: Chapter 25: Caught in the Act (Part Two)

26th December 2008:
WOO! That Was Awsome!

Finally Got My Fix Of Forbidden Love!

[I Was Trying To Make A Joke About How This Story Is Addicting.. If You Didn't Get It Hah.]

So Like.. Congrats On No More School! I So Think You Passed Even Though I Don't Know You! But I Got A God Feeling!

I Personally Don't Think That Hermione Should've Reacted Like That;

Firstly, Because Well.. She's Dating Draco And Its A Secret And Harry And Felicity Know. So Ron And Annabel Are Dating And Harry And Ginny Know. Not Much Of A Difference Between The Two Secret Relationships.

Secondly, Because She Could Of Approached It Differently.. Like Telling Ron That Their Relationship Was A Danger To Her.. And Since Ron Loves Her.. You'd Thiink That He'd Be Like Oh Okay Well I Don't Want Her To Be In Danger..

Thirdly, Because Telling Annabel Was A Badd Idea.. BAD.. And Its True About The Telling And Stuff..

But Ya Never Know With Hermione..

I Thought Draco And Hermione Talking About Future Plans And Stuff Was Soo Cute. And That WAS The Right Time To Tell Her..

Feel A Little Bad For Harry.. He's Stuck Always Walking In On Them..

And A Little For Ginny.. And I Mean She's Rons Sister! I Mean You Can't Get Mad At Her!

And I Also Feel Bad For Harry Because Hermiones Freaking Out About Ron And Annabel And Blaming Him Too..

And Hermione Could Of Thought About It.. Like Harry And Ron Have Been Best Mates Since The Beginning. So If Ron Asked Him To Keep A Secret He Would.. Obvious. But He Would [And Is] Doing The Same Thing For Her..

Just Gotta Stop And Think Some Times Ya Know?

But Overall This Chapter Was Ahhmazingg!

Love This Story Soo Much..

She Really Shouldn't Of Told Annabel.. But She Did.. Fool.

So This Review Is Way To Long So I Am Going To End It.. Even Though I Have Soo Much More To Say..

Ten Out Of Ten.

Farewell Until Next Chapterr.

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #21, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 23

26th December 2008:
Okay So My Last Review Was Super Short So Here's A Longish One.. I Think.

So I Might Be Going All Over The Place With This Review And Its Alright If You Dont Keep Up Haha!

So Like When I Read This Story You Always Make Them So Difficult With Each Other And I Love That You Do That Because That Is So How It Would Happen!

And Im Glad Draco Finally Is A Little Grown Upper [?]

He Didn't Get All Superly Mad Like He Usually Does When He Words Things Wrong [?]

So Go Him!

Haha Pansy Got Madd.. Suckaa. And I Liked The Beginning Part With Blaise And Pansy Because Like Blaise Totally Told Pansy How It Is!

I Also Liked How Pansy Seemed Frightening.. But When Did She Learn Such Big Words [For Her Anyway].

Yeah I Tried To Make A Joke.. Because I Always Thought Of Her As The Pathetic Annoying Dumb Girl.. So.. It Surprised Me But You Never Know!

And I Cant Wait Until That Ravenclaw Person Lady Leaves The Story.. Preferably Forever.

I Thought Ginnys Reaction Might Be More.. Rawrish.. Ya Know? But Yeah.. It Wasn't.. Which Is Good!

And Hermione Is In Such Denial.. She Is Sooo Jealous.. But Ya Know I Dont Think Id Want To Admit It To Him Either.. Hmm.. Also Because That Little Part Where Draco Said There's No Reason To Be Jealous.. Because There Isnt But Yea.. Its Hermione.. So.. Yeah.

I Feel Bad For Draco.. He Might Have To Take Lessons To Learn How To Says Things Right.. Because He Makes Hermione Misunderstand Things Too Much.. Shame Haha!

Okay Well My Thumbs Hurt From Typing [On My Phone] So Im Going To Stop..



Ten Out Of Ten!

~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #22, by Hearts Then TearsAlmost Lover: Good-Bye

26th December 2008:
I listened to the song while reading this and oh wow.. I have just been hit with many emotions haha.

This was so well written. Nice choice and I agree this is a much better fit.

I loved it all.

Beautiful is what it was.

This was so good. I really dont know what to say to express its greatness! Haha but really I cant.

This is one of my favs.

You are a talented person.

Okay.. Well I dont know what else to say.

Ten out of Ten For Suree..

~Hearts Then Tears

Author's Response: I'm SO glad you listened to the song while reading it and I'm SO glad you liked it and were so kind to leave a review.

I dunno about talented, but if you say so...


Thanks for leaving a really REALLY nice review!!

Mrs Roonil Waslib

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Review #23, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 22

26th December 2008:
Haha that was awsome. This is so a cute chapterr! lovedd it lots.

This review is gonna be super short.. Sorry..

Merry Christmas! Okay.


~Hearts Then Tears

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Review #24, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 21

26th December 2008:
And Sorry About Reviewing Late :[ I Read It When It First Came Out
November 30th I Think] But My Phone [Woo I Have Internet On My Phone]
Wouldn't Let Me Review.

Bad Phone!

And Guess What! Your Gonna Love This!

I Was Thinking About The Overall Problem With Zabini And Do You Know
What I Concluded? No? Well

I Concluded That Hermione Should Tell Harry That He Isn't Getting Any
Point And That She Did Break It Off But It He Doesn't Understand! Thus
Hermione Asks Harry If He Could 'Fake' Date Her For A Month Or So Just
So Its Believable And Zabini Will Back Off. And After A Month Or So [I
Already Said That] They Have A Big Argument About Something Big And Its
Public So Its Even More Believable!

Muhahaha! Then Draco And Hermione Can Secretly Be Lovers Again Without
Zabini Having The Satisfaction Of Ruining It.

Yes I Know My Brain Is Brilliant!

So That's Just A Suggestion. I Know You Already Wrote Most Chapters But
I Like Ideas So.. Yeah!


I Thought Draco Went A Little Over The Edge With That

"Well, apparently I havent, so listen up, bitch. Dont -and I mean, dont,
judge me. Dont tell me what to do. Dont even think that you have any
right over me. Got that?"

Thing Because Really She Isn't And He Needs To Calm The Hell Down. She
Isn't A Female Dog And If He Said That To Me Id Kick His Butt.. Yes, Yes
I Would.

But Ya Know At The Beginning When Hermione Said She Had To Choose
Between Draco And Her Friends?

Well I Think If Her Friends Really Cared, And I Mean Truly Then They
Wouldn't Mind Who SHE Loved.

I Mean Yes I Can See Them Avoiding Her For Awhile And Not Looking, Nor
Speaking To Her And Blocking Her Off, Making Her Feel Guilty And Such,
But In The End They'll Have To Think:

Oh This Is Hermione Granger, The Girl Who'd Die For Me, As Id Do For
Her. She's Been My Friend Since The Beginning And Hasn't Left Me Through
All The Tough Times.

And They'll Say They Don't Mind So Much.

At Least That's What Id Think A True Friend Would Do.

May Take A While Whatever.

And I Feel Stupid But..

I Don't Get It.. Hermione Was All Like You Just Never Got It.. Then Like
Apparently Two Days Before [When Hermione Was In The Grryfindor Common
Room] That He Said I Do Get It And Kissed Her..

Like I Think [This Might Be A Bad Guess.] That Maybe Hermione Was Saying
That Draco Didn't Get That She Felt So Much For Draco And He Didn't Get
It And When Draco Came To Hermione And Said I Do Get It And Kissed Her I
Think The Kiss Meant That He Did Too Kinda.. And That Was The Message..
And He Wanted That Kiss To Be Him Telling Her He Did Feel The Same.. He
Did Understand..

And I Don't Know If I Want Ginny Getting The Truth Out Of Hermione
Because You Remember Her Reaction To What Hermione Said About Her And
Draco Dating That One Time In The Great Hall? And Plus I Can See Her
Telling Harry And Ron Very Quickly And That Ruining Their Relationship
Even More Than It Would Have Because Hermione Didn't Even Tell Them,
Ginny Did.

So Since This Review Is Far Most The Longest I Have To End It.

Awsome Chapterr!

Love You And Your Wonderful Talent To Write And Capture Characters
Emotion And Keep It Real.

Farewell Until Next Chapter.. And Next Review :] Oh The Joy!

Zillions Out Of Tens

[But Don't Get All Glad With Yourself And Start Writing Crap.. Please
And Thank You!]

~Hearts Then Tears

PS;; Congrats On Being Unemployed! Hah Fun! But Dont Become A Hobo! I
Don't Have Anything Against Hobos But.. If Your A Hobo You Won't Have A
Compter To Update! That'd Make Everyone Depressed! Okay Buh Bye.

Author's Response: Yay!! You reviewed! I thought you might have actually stopped reading or something :( And that would've been a flipping shame because your reviews rock. Like the way you start every word with a capital letter. That would be a pain to do on a *keyboard*, never mind a *keypad*!

Draco's just, you know, a bit (okay, very) scared at the way he feels like he's losing control of the situation, his life. So he lost his temper at Hermione and called her a you-know-what. I'd be mad too, I'd probably take the closest sharp, pointy thing and stab him with it.

The friends issue and the Zabini issue...well, hopefully you've read ahead and you know what happens :)

You're right about the whole 'You just never got it' and the 'I do get it' thing :) Draco understands that she's at the same place he's at...but he can't help himself from lashing out at her, because if he's so out of control, it's her fault. And he is a bit of a git, so...yeah.

Anyhoo, I lurve your long reviews, so keep writing pages :D That is...if phone keypads don't bother you too much. They bother the hell out of me :-S


P.S. I'm not unemployed anymore...sigh :(

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Review #25, by Hearts Then TearsThe Fine Line: Chapter 20

23rd November 2008:
I Do Not Think That Draco Was OOC At All!

And I Will Go With That Forever!

Wtf Though. Hermione Isnt Really With Blaise.. Well Kinda .. But Really? No.

And Theyre [Draco And Hermione] Cute Little Cuddle Go To Sleep Thingy [Im Bad With Explaining My Words], Now That Was Cute :]

Go Little Gestures Of Affection :]

Hah I Was Reading This And At The Beginning I Was Getting All Upset And Yelling At The Screen.. I Looked A Little Coo Coo.. But Whatever.

Why Cant Hermione Just Accept Their Love?!

[Yes I Am Calling It Love.]

Stupid Blaise.

Stupid Pansy.

Stupid.. PEOPLE!


Hermione Seemed A Little Out Of It Hah.. In The Common Room.. But Thats Okay!

[You May Ignore This One Part I Am Going To Write.. It Is To Hermione.. Yes.. To Her.]

And Yes Hermione You And Blaise Are A Couple.. But It Is Almost Like An Arranged Couple!! Yes Arranged Couple Indeed!

Because, Yes You Said Okay To It, But Only Because Stupid Blaise Threatened You!! Yeah!! And You Had, Almost, No Choice!


Stupid Blaise.


So Forget Him!

Yeah I Said IT!

[I Am Done Talking To Hermione..]

So Anyway Go Chapterr..


No.. No I Cant..

But I Also Cant Wait For Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince!

So I Guess Since Chapter 21 Is Going To Be Closer Than The Movie.. I Guess I Can Cope..

Hopefully.. Maybe..

Okay This Is Wayy To Long To Read..

So I Will End It.

Farewell Until The Next Chapterr

~Hearts Then Tears

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