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Review #1, by whackedJealous.: Chapter One: Dumped

1st February 2012:
Hey bro.

Thought I'd see what you've been working on, and it's interesting. I get the whole romcom feel, and I think that's what you'd be going for? But it does feel a little rushed ... but that might just be Al's character, you know, son of Harry Potter, I can do whatever I want, blah blah blah.

Obviously you've kept going, but yeah, let's see where this goes!

Author's Response: It's sort of Al's character to get his way. He's just use to it. Good you're back! Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #2, by whackedCaught in a Web: Chapter 11

21st October 2010:
YOU'RE IN FRANCE??? *dies from jealousy*

Hmm, I'm not sure how effective the scene between Victoire and Molly was - I don't know, it just felt a little forced to me. I preferred the scene with Lucy.

But overall, I think it was a good chapter. I think that this IS the right time to start bringing Molly and Seb even closer, and I'm dying to get a look inside Seb's head next chapter to see how he likes the new situation.

Author's Response: I AM but don't be too jealous - they're striking and it's gone from funny, to frustrating to downright inconvenient in the space of a fortnight! Gorgeous bread though (which am eating as I type)

No, I agree entirely. I hate that scene but just couldn't for the life of me find a way to fix it. I did some minor editing but I needed to get Victoire in (for some reason I've since forgotten - this pre-writing business is really a bit of a pain) and couldn't work out how to sort it. I'm glad you liked the Lucy scene though (also not a fan of that one, personally!)

Thank you so much for yet another helpful, insightful and generally wonderful review. I appreciate it so much ^_^

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Review #3, by whackedStarving Artists: The Benefits of a Flashback

18th October 2010:
‘Scorpius, that’s a man.’

- CLASSIC Lucy and Scorpius

Oh god, that life class sounded ridiculous! 'Am I a duck or a frog?' - I'm inclined towards Scorpius being a duck. Ducks are yellow/white, Scorpius' hair is the same colour.

And regarding [1], I know exactly what you mean. I did a similar thing where we took photos of seafood at a fish market. It was really embarassing to have people stare at you taking photos of fish fillets and prawns.

Really fun chapter :)

Author's Response: Scorpius is a duck, let's face it. He spends his time floating around looking miserable and eating soggy bread, wishing he was a frog instead.

Ahha, I love random art visits (: So far we've been around the canals, to a chocolate factory, we're booked to go to a butcher's...the list goes on. Definitely enjoyed the chocolate factory the most, though, the canals were pretty rough and we were terrified of finding a dead body in the undergrowth or something, but, nah, only dodgy graffiti and doubly dodgy dodgy stuff. In the case of the graffiti, I wasn't even aware that such profanity exsited in this world. *woe*

Thanks very much for the review (:

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Review #4, by whackedBrains & Brawn: Pretty Down to your Bones

28th September 2010:
Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was a good one :)

I'm kind of worried for Charlotte - messy love triangles, silent she-devils and Oliver Wood are not a good mix. Ever.

I like how you addressed the issue of pursuing someone who's already taken. It's interesting to see it both ways.

The conversation with Lupin sounded a bit odd, though. I don't know how to describe it, really. It seemed in character, but also out of character as well.

Either way, interesting chapter, and happy birthday again!

Author's Response: It was a wonderful birthday!

Yes, well, Charlotte's a trooper! I'm sure she'll be getting through this ;), but she appreciates your concern. Lupin/Charlotte interaction is some of my favorite -- he really takes on a role as someone she can seek advice from.

Thank you very much!

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Review #5, by whackedCaught in a Web: Chapter 10

14th September 2010:
I tried to hold her gaze but she wasn’t having it and the way she looked away only made me want her more.

- CREEP ALERT! My god, how does he make my skin crawl, and yet draw my sympathies at the same time? Oh right, he's a "bad boy", except one heck of a creepy one, not just your run-of-the-mill chain smoking, leather jacket wearing, motorcycle riding bad boy.

Seriously, Seb is a really good character. He is instantaneously repulsive and attractive. You are a total genius for writing him in such a way.

I do feel, though, that you ended this chapter too abruptly. It seemed to be going places, and then it just stopped ... I liked it, I just think you could have gone on a little bit more.

And LOTS of trouble for Molly and Harisson I see ... I'm just glad, like Seb, but not for the same reasons (because that would be gross).

Author's Response: Hahaha, I know! I actually hate writing those lines because it makes me feel all weird and icky but god, I love him. I'm so glad it makes someone else feel like that too. I worry that in the more recent chapters, that I'm writing now, that he's come across more normal so I'm trying to creep him up without making him a total unattractive weirdo.

Thank you so much. Repulsive and attractive is pretty much the entire purpose of him, and ensuring the balance is really hard, so when it's pointed out it's a huge relief.

I think at this point, I was struggling with writer's block which may explain the abruptness. A lot of Seb's chapters are significantly shorter than Molly's when we get into the teen chapters because once I've got the idea going, it's hard to fill it out. He can't ramble about family and friends like Molly does, and extensive paragraphs about her would add a whole level of creeper that I'm not ready to delve into :P The next chapter will follow on from this, though, and I'll try and update quicker this time. I write so far ahead of myself (I'm halfway through chapter 20) that I often forget what happened in previous chapters!

Lots of trouble indeed. That should start coming out in the next chapter and then reach its climax shortly. I won't let them stew in their misery for too long!

Thank you so much for yet another wonderful review. They always completely make my day.


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Review #6, by whackedHogwarts: a Battlefield of Boyfriend Recycling, Illegal Parties and Mutant Love Triangles: Snogging For Points

18th August 2010:
Did he have some kind of
problem or incontrollable impulse she didn’t know about?

- ah, Julietta, still so young.

Interesting chapter. I liked seeing the power balances and relationships between the girls. It's really interesting, and rather creepy how relatable it is! (Not the snogging, just some girly nastiness)

That was an ... interesting board game. Hahaha, I can just imagine how terribly awkward it must have been.

Author's Response: Hey!

Thanks a lot for your review. I'm glad you were able to make some sense out of it despite all the characters. I guess it's creepily relatable because it's loosely based on my own experiences, haha. And yeah, Julietta's really young.. But at least she's realizing it now, which is kind of the first step to growing up.

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Review #7, by whackedStarving Artists: A Sparkly Lettuce

18th August 2010:
I could eat Lettuce :P I started choking when I read "Lettuce", because then I imagined a man made out of lettuce dressed in a sequinned bodysuit.

So the nameless one is Barry! Hahaha, who would have thought his name was Barry? I was expecting something like "Manuel" or "Odin". Barry sounds positively comical for some reason.

Seriously, this story = ice-cream with awesomesauce.

Author's Response: Ahhhaa! I did actually just laugh out loud at that. Made out of lettuce! Well, lettuce gets soggy after a while. The sequins would fall off and he'd be sad ):

Barry! He was going to be called Lachlan, but that was far too serious. I was trying to channel Barry from Hollyoaks, as in the emo one who calls himself Newt, because when I used to watch Hollyoaks once upon a golden yonder, he was like the spitting image of this broody guy I've got in the story.

Odin is a smashing name. Is it viking? Maybe he could be called something like Barry Odin Thor Valhalla Longship Horn or something. I'm determined to write him into a scene wearing a horned helmet now. Ooooh teh inspiration.

You used my word of the month! Awesomesauce, that is. Double points for you!

Thanks for the lovely review (:


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Review #8, by whackedLosing Neverland: Chapter 5: The Invitation

17th August 2010:
James is just ... I don't think there's a 12+ word to describe him.

I think the explanation that was given for what James did was fine, as long as more details of his dispicable behaviour are revealed later on.

I'm really interested to see if James will go back. One on hand, he's already starting to lean towards making amends (ever so slightly, I know, but still something), but on the other hand, he's still a ... you know what.

Great chapter, and I'm really glad we finally found out what it was that James did.

Author's Response: No, I quite agree :P

The detail will come - it has to because I couldn't leave it like that! - and hopefully it will be enough.

Yep, exactly. It's right at the start of the next chapter which I've written but now have to rewrite because I want to push the action back a chapter :P

Thank you so much - your reviews always make my day ^_^

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Review #9, by whackedIrrational: It's Really Nothing

16th August 2010:
OMG they kissed!! Percy and Audrey are easily in the top 5 of cutest HP couples. They're just so ... I don't know how to say it.

I really love how you've kind of inverted the typical perception of Percy. Yes, he's a workaholic, and yes, he's a fair bit on the dorky side, and he is terribly funny when he's not trying to be, but rather than showing that as a negative like many authors do, you've made it a positive, because he's Audrey soulmate.

And I love the dramatic irony - "how are you" actually DOES mean "I want you to have my babies!"

Author's Response: Aw, thank you!

I think inverting the typical perception of him was one of my main goals in writing this - so yay! I'm on the right track! And I think you hit it on the head - he is still very much a dork, and a lot of people around him don't think much of him, but the point is that Audrey values the traits other people don't. So where others see something wrong with him, really he's exactly what she wants.

Thanks for the great review!

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Review #10, by whackedCaught in a Web: Chapter 9

11th August 2010:
Is it weird to say I can understand why Molly's so fascinated by Seb?

Molly and Harrison ... they just seem so bland, even from Molly's perspective. He's such a cliched perfect boyfriend, it's pretty easy to see why she's becoming interested in Seb, who is really weird and interesting.

I rather like this chapter as well. The changes in the dynamics in the relationships are being outlined, and I'm becoming more and more worried and yet oddly fixated by Molly/Seb.

Keep up the amazing work, Rachel!

Author's Response: Not at all. In fact, it's just what I want to hear.

Exactly, exactly, exactly. You've hit the nail on the head. This was an aspect that I was encouraged to expand when I rewrote it - Molly/Harrison and how they fall apart - and I think that's it exactly.

Worried and fixated - oh so perfect. It's all working!

Thank you so much for yet another brilliantly encouraging review. Update shall be soon!


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Review #11, by whackedBrains & Brawn: Shackles and Chains get in the Way

2nd August 2010:
I liked the little insight into Charlotte's mind, and how she feels about everything. It's REALLY refreshing not to have a vapid MC who is misguided about herself and thinks she's so "different". Charlotte actually comes across as someone who IS different, and kind of cool in a dorky way.

"bigheaded Head Boy"

- I read this as "Bighead Boy". I think it's a sign that you've really managed to capture the feel of PoA that I read this as a quote from PoA.

I love this story :)

Author's Response: HAHA. thank you so much! sorry it's taken me (a freaking year) so long to respond. -_- sometimes i read reviews and think that i've responded, but i really haven't and ugh. i suck. nuff said.

THANKS! :D i love charlotte. she's just so...normal. it's bizarre. she's another person, going through life as everyone does...wondering the same questions that i wondered my senior year of high school -- WHAT ON EARTH AM I GOING TO DO WITH MY LIFE? etc. etc.

hehe. that compliment makes me so happy! thanks again ^_^ ♥

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Review #12, by whackedblood.: Not Exactly Friends

24th July 2010:
I thought Dexter was going to redeem himself a bit by sparing poor Scorpius, but then Dexter had to knock Scorpius unconscious. Ah well.

And I liked the whole chapter being from Dexter's POV. It's really interesting, because he's such a fascinating character. I think something from Scorpius would be good as well, seeing as he's under the Imperius Curse.

You described the fight between Dexter and Scorpius extremely well. The scene was really vivid, and extremely stressful!

This story makes me stressed. But in a good way.

Author's Response: Hello and thank your for the review, as always! I'm sorry for the delay in response, but I'm doing my best to catch up now. I hope you continue to read now that updates are coming quickly as it really is so nice to hear from you.

And aahh...yeah, Dex. So not likeable, but don't be too hard on him. I probably would have just killed Scorpius right out if he had just tried to kill me. But, I'm glad you enjoyed the chapter anyway, and found the fight scene vivid and realistic...i love a little action in my stories, even if it is incredibly difficult to write.:P

Hmm...from Scorpius' POV? That could be interesting.

Thanks so much for the review again, and sorry for the delay.


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Review #13, by whackedCaught in a Web: Chapter 8

21st July 2010:
Gah, Seb the uber creep! Hmm, was he actually telling Molly the truth when he was talking about his own bullying? If he wasn't, I think you've managed to create the creepiest teenage boy I have ever read. I loathe to think what kind of man he'd grow up to be.

Which makes me extremely concerened about Molly. She's falling right into his trap, and she's so lovely and sweet! As perverse as it sounds, I'm really looking forward to see how you pull Molly further and further into Seb's creepiness.

When I read this story, I imagine a little movue playing in my head, and the characters look like the ones on the banner. So when Seb says:
Then again, I added to myself, unable to conceal a smirk, when had I ever been worried by morals?

I imagine Tom Sturridge just acting like a scary loon, and I can't look at him in the same way now!

Author's Response: Oh you're a genius and if I wasn't 10 chapters ahead of myself, I would so be stealing that.
Creepiest teenage boy you've ever read? I'll take that as a huge compliment, since my objectives have been reached a hundred times over in that case.

Sweet and lovely? Honestly, boxes are being ticked so perfectly - thank you!

Haha, I understand. His creepiness is dying at the minute but it's going to pick back up shortly, I hope.

As soon as I saw Tom Sturridge (I started this just before 'The Boat that Rocked' was released over here), I knew he was my perfect Seb. I can completely see him playing a lunatic which, let's face it, is what Seb is.

Thank you so much for another fantastic review! They always make me smile so much ^_^

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Review #14, by whackedblood.: Wanderer.

20th July 2010:
A floating bubble? A la Nagini in DH?

You know, Fanny, I'm getting quite concerened now. You have this brilliant plot set out with crazy complications and a really good idea of what is scary. I'm beginning to wonder if you aren't a serial killer yourself.

I'm actually not trying to figure out what happens next. I want to remain being surprised every single time. If I HAD to guess, I would say Molly's ghots is involved ... I'm probably totally wrong though, so that's not a proper guess.

I really liked that scene between Dex and Teddy. Dex is a total something not 12+, but at the same time, it's so clear he and Teddy have a really strong bond and a close friendship. It was sweet ... well, Dexter-sweet.

Author's Response: Hello and thank you for another awesome review! And Yep! Ala Nagini in DH. :P

And, I have to confess...I am not a serial killer, but perhaps my psyche has been informed by too many scary movies and episodes of Law and Order! :P

Molly's ghost? Molly haunting the wedding and seeking revenge? Who knows?

And yeah, Dex is an interesting character, and definitely one of my favorite OCs that I've ever created.

Thanks so much again for the review!


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Review #15, by whackedThe Morning Waffle: Snappers, Creepers, and Other Things That Go Bump In the Night

19th July 2010:
James and Andy ... I like it :D

Oh man, I wish this story was in film as well so that I could see James' face when that happened!

This was another great chapter. Seriously, where do you get your inspiration for such genius from? Every single chapter is consistent in terms of pace, humour and character. It never feels like something's dragging, and it never feels like a filler.

Hmm, I do rather like Fred's idea of a romance novel :P

Author's Response: I'm glad you like it, because James certainly doesn't. XD

I was going to add some description about James' facial expression, but I think it's not too difficult to figure out what it must look like, right? You can safely assume he looked torn between being sick and wanting to kill someone. You can further safely assume that Raj, Tabitha, and Miles were all laughing so hard they had tears running down their cheeks. Because they were - I just didn't add that in there. :-D

The best answer to your question is probably that I'm certifiably insane. But thank you so much for the compliments - I'm so glad you're enjoying this fic.

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Review #16, by whackedblood.: The Possibility

17th July 2010:
WHAT? I'm more confused than ever! Wait ... so Al has been putting Scorpius under the Imperius Curse to kill everyone? Good lord, what a twisted family!

I honestly have nothing more to say than WOW. Fanny, seriously, you never fail to impress, and I think I can safely say that this story is under my favourites not only because I'm itching to know what happens next, but because it really is a great piece of writing.


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Review #17, by whackedStarving Artists: Al and his Many Elbows

16th July 2010:
Ah, Al! I liked this chapter, with the whole family being there. I think you captured the noise and confusion that comes with such a large family without it being impossible to read.

Everyone's reactions to Lucy's hair was quite amusing.

‘Lucy! Your hair!’ she gasped. My father’s eyebrows had nearly hit his hairline, and considering that he was almost bald, that was some achievement.

- That was brilliant :D I wonder what they'd say if they mat Sc-Tarquin and the gang.

And I'd love to see how Lucy's photos turned out. And yours! hahaha, following a RL Scorpius? I've actually been noticing a lot of RL Scorpiuses as well, now you mention it. But I don't tend to have my camera handy :(

That was a fun chapter to read.

Author's Response: 'I wonder what they'd say if they mat Sc-Tarquin and the gang. '

Probably a lot of 'Blimey! By Jove! I say!' and such, and then a bit of swooning from Percy. Audrey would have to crack out the smelling salts to revive him.

'ahaha, following a RL Scorpius? I've actually been noticing a lot of RL Scorpiuses as well, now you mention it.'

Me too! He's everywhere! I even saw a french Scorpius! Unlike you, though, my camera has now become surgically attached to my arm and it goes everywhere like an extension of my hand. But it'd be a bit odd to tap every RL Scorp on the shoulder and ask for a photo, especially in'd be like 'er, est-ce je peux...take...un photo?'

thanks for reviewing! :)


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Review #18, by whackedBrains & Brawn: Dance in Dark Suspension

14th July 2010:
wot! 500th review :D And on your story!

I really love reading people's interpretations of what happened that night. I think that, really, you and JolieFille252 have really managed to capture that night from a different perspective well. I haven't read too many canon-compliant Oliver/OC fics, but of those, your interpretation of events is really good.

I love how Charlotte and Oliver are interacting. They're so squishable, even if Charlotte has Drew at the moment. I think more than just a cute couple, you've started creating a strong friendship, which I think is infinitely more adorable, and much more fun to read. In fact, Oliver and Charlotte could end up as just friends, and I really wouldn't mind.

"I wish Isabella and I were like that." Oliver gave one of his dramatic sighs. "I only wish that I knew what she liked…like, what she really liked…" Control, I thought to myself. "Or, what her favorite color was…" Black, I rolled my eyes a bit. "I even wish I knew what her favorite food was." People's souls. I smiled and nodded and pretended like it made sense to me.

- I loved that scene :D

Author's Response: YAY. 500th REVIEW! congrats. :D & I feel honored! ^_^

Okay, to be put in the same category as JolieFille252 in an Oliver fic is humbling, honoring and I feel very squee-y right now. THANK YOU. Seriously. I love her Oliver series and I loved her interpretation of that night. I've always been curious as to what other students thought of the Sirius Black incident, especially because later on, they didn't have the same insight of the situation as Harry.

Hehe, don't let Charlotte hear you saying that. It's true that they're developing a friendship -- which was something I felt was very important in this story. Usually in Oliver/OCs, they fight and meet and randomly fall in love? No! That's not how it's supposed to go, so to hear that you can see that relationship develop and grow means a lot to me.

Hehe. That scene was so random. I don't even know what I was thinking when I wrote it, but I'm glad you enjoyed it. Their interactions are some of my favorite because they're quite awkward. Oliver talks and Charlotte listens. :p Typical.

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALWAYS LEAVING REVIEWS. You don't know how much it means to me and I always love hearing your thoughts. ^_^ You're awesome. ♥

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Review #19, by whackedblood.: The Missing

12th July 2010:
I'm so used to reading stories that have the whole Weasley & Co. family very happy and close. This story turns the cliche on its head so much it's like a 540 degree turn. But I think I almost prefer it this way ... as creepy as that sounds.

I really don't like Dex, but he's a great character. Seriously, he just jumps off the page at you, and his presence is always felt in every scene he's in. And I really love the way you've portrayed Rose and Scorpius' bond with each other. I think that especially with this macabre setting, it just highlights their love even more.

And your ability to create suspense - I'm in awe, Fanny, I really am.

Author's Response: Hello again!

I'm glad you enjoy my take on the Weasley clan so much! I often write them happy and such too, but it is so much fun to write them this way. :P

And YES! Thank you, thank you, thank you for your compliment of Dex!! He's my favorite OC of all time, and just so much fun to write. I love it when people love to hate him and it means so much to me that you included that compliment in your review!!

And yes...poor Scorpius and Rose are a bit starcrossed, aren't they?

Thank you again! It means a lot to me!

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Review #20, by whackedblood.: The Wind Down

10th July 2010:
Oh man. Oh man, oh man, oh man.

This is twistier than a pig's tail!

There were a couple of typos, but who cares when the plot and characters are so darn good? I love the changes in dynamic between the group. It's so interesting to see the psychological effects on everyone.

I don't want the insane suspense to end!!

Author's Response: hahhahaa..."twisiter than a pig's tail!" thats a great saying! Typos? Oh no! I'm using a new word processor, so I'm still working out grammar and spell check...hmmm. Thanks for letting me know.

And no worries, plenty more suspense to come. Thanks for the review!

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Review #21, by whackedThis fic is crap, don't read it: Crap

9th July 2010:
Who on earth let you post this? The title is most apt, and I don't even now why you have reviews.

By the way, I was being sarcastic. I know it doesn't come across as well online, but I couldn't help myself. I love how this parody makes it all sounds so serious at times.

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Review #22, by whackedblood.: Treason

9th July 2010:
I'm really, really, REALLY intensely disliking Teddy and Dexter at the moment. I know they're stressed and confused, but they're still making me SEETHE.

I suppose it's a testament to your writing skill then! I'm really enjoying where you're going with this, and the characters are so well written, they feel quite real.

Very impressed, Fanny, very impressed.

Author's Response: Hello again and thanks so much! And yup, Teddy is going a bit into the deep end and everyone is just following along, esp. Dex.

I'm glad you're getting wrapped up in the story though!! And that you like my characterizations. Thanks again for reviewing!!

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Review #23, by whackedBecoming Molly: Hurricane Dominique

9th July 2010:
Ooh, Jasper sounds positively enchanting! And really mysterious ... and more than just a little creepy ...

Writer's block, eh? Just like Dom? Ih my, I really hope you don't have a crazy mood swing thing! That was a really intense scene. Actually, two really intense scenes. The emotion was quite overwhelming, but in a good way.

This plot keeps getting better and better!

oh, and what an apt chapter title.

Author's Response: I always look forward to your reviews! ^_^

In short, I'm absolutely infatuated with Jasper right now. He's definitely mysterious and very, very creepy...but with a reason! Hehe. I mean, if you knew the reason, it would be reasonable that he's doing what he's doing. :P

Ugh. I wouldn't call it 'writers block' per se? It was like, I knew what was going to happen in the next chapters but I needed a transition between the two chapters and nothing would come out. I literally rewrote this chapter 5 different times because I didn't know how to get things to where they'll be at in the next chapter. :p I really do have to thank my friend Michelle for all her help with it. :D

I'm glad you thought the emotion was overwhelming because I think at this point, Dom's a bit overwhelmed. Molly, too, but anyone who's with Dom for long periods of time would be overwhelmed. ;D

Thank you so much for the compliments & your support. It means so much every time you review.

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Review #24, by whackedIrrational: Damn Lifts

29th June 2010:
This may have been on hiatus, but it still feels familiar when I read it. It's so easy to slip into!

I had this smile on my face that kept on getting bigger and goofier as the chapter progressed. Percy is so adorable, I feel like becoming a fangirl :P Except that ginger men don't do much for me. But I loved this bit -

ā€œI meanā€¦fancy bumping into me again tomorrow?ā€¯

That was so unbelievably cute without being sickening. Good job!

Author's Response: Thanks for the review! I'm glad you liked it - and am always glad to know my writing isn't sickening. :-D (kidding)


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Review #25, by whackedScorpius Malfoy's Guide to Relationships: What To Do When You Become Stricken With Jealous-Boyfriend-Itis

29th June 2010:
yaysies, sequel!!

Hmm, I rather like Scorpius' POV. It's very engaging, like Rose's but I can tell it's a different person.

LOL at Griffin and creepy stalker girl! Poor Scorpius though - he has to deal with the male "friend" and the stalker. No wonder he stayed in the shower for an hour.

Nice first chapter, I'd love to see where thise goes!

Author's Response: Thank you! I had a lot of fun writing Scorp; I wanted him to seem a bit kookier and rough around the edges than Rose. I'm glad you liked Griffin and the stalker ;) They shall be making regular appears in the story, heh. Chapter two is in the queue! Thanks for reading and reviewing!

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