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Review #1, by _JadeShackled: At the End of August

22nd December 2004:
New banner is totally hot <3 I love it.

Author's Response: Thanks!

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Review #2, by _JadeShackled: Changing Tides

16th December 2004:
whoa that came out super fast! awesome job <3 man you rock. seriously. lol i don't say that to many people.

Author's Response: haha, well thank you!

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Review #3, by _JadeShackled: You Know You're Right

16th December 2004:
omg just read it. GREAT CHAPTER! ahhh NEED MORE! please tell me you're gonna get 31 out soon! please please pleasssse! im dying to know what malfoy says!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh the suspense!

Author's Response: I'm writing furiously so that I won't leave you all hanging like this!

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Review #4, by _JadeShackled: You Know You're Right

16th December 2004:
I love your story. I tell you every time you update, but it's just that good! Anyway, I can't wait for chapter 30 to actually come up lol I hate how they dont' come out when you update them right away. anyhow i was wondering if youd like to check my story out? i know i know you must get this all the time and i dont blame you if you dont wanna, but if you can it'd be appreciated. its called 'faded in your eyes' =) thanks. anyhow cant wait to read more. love your stories <333

Author's Response: I just read your story so far: FREAKING GREAT!

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Review #5, by _JadeTogether We Are Alone: Together We Are Alone

26th November 2004:
I like this story. update soon <3

Author's Response: thanks. will do

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Review #6, by _JadeShackled: Break Your Heart Out

22nd November 2004:
ooo that was really good. kinda depressing lol but killer. theres this advertisement for eczema cream on top of the story at the beginning and it has a pic of a baby with bad skin and i thought it was acne.. wow that was just.. wow lmao sorry though i'd share. awesome story <3

Author's Response: Of all places to show an ad for acne cream...they choose a harry potter fan fic site...

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Review #7, by _JadeFallen Angel: Taking the Plunge

8th October 2004:
I love your story! write the next one sooooon =)

Author's Response: 10/8 I'm writing as fast as I can. Stupid and most irritating school hampers me from writing more/faster though. *stabs teachers* Anyway, I will post the next chapter as soon as it is ready.
Thanks for the review. Love, Deborah

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Review #8, by _JadePerfect Slytherin Match: Startling Information

30th September 2004:
Hey there. Always enjoy your stories. This one was no exception. You're a very good writer and also some what comical, which I love. I give it a 10. Good job, mate! haha <3 Oh if you want, you can read my story. I'm sure you're busy so if you don't get around to it, no prob.

Author's Response: Um, well did you mean 'chapters' instead of 'stories'? Because I don't have more than one story. *raises eyebrow* I will eventually, but I don't now. But, I'm glad you like it and thanks for your review!

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