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Review #1, by Psyche3Five Things You Should've Seen (I Swear I Saw Them All): Five Things You Should've Seen (I Swear I Saw Them All)

27th July 2010:
I'm sitting here at my desk with tears ruining the ultra-rare swipe of eyeliner I deigned to put on earlier in the day. This was so lovely, and so heartbreaking. And I can absolutely agree with the idea that Fred was there for every bit of it. Great job!

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Review #2, by Psyche3Always On Your Side: Few and Far Between

17th February 2009:

This is angsty, and so well-written. I love the detail of the sky in that first paragraph, and I love the way he's remembering the conversation, every word, every look, every nuance of feeling.

I like how the very end reiterated what the beginning was like, but then segued into what it had become.

And while I'm interested to know the answer, I like that you didn't even touch on whom Hermione and/or Ron had married. It really makes more of this story, when it's focused solely on what Harry and Ginny have become.

Great job!

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Review #3, by Psyche3A change of heart: Shocks and black eyes

17th February 2009:

I LOVED this, I think the fact that she decked him is absolutely hilarious, and so fitting of what I see in her.

Great job!

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Review #4, by Psyche3Forget-Me-Not: Forget-Me-Not

14th October 2008:
I am just floored by everything I've read by you today! This one especially, the depth and feeling that went into it was so evident, as was the depth and feeling that came out of me while reading it.

I was so, so frustrated in the first portion, just as I imagine Alice was! Always that nagging feeling of almost remembering, of being on the edge of knowing - and while each day is a routine, each day is also new and strange and not quite familiar. A smell, a face, a habit - there, but not.

Frank - oh, it was so sad - he just didn't care. Neville and Augusta were just peripheral bystanders, really.

But then the second part - my heart swelled with the two of them, with the way they were, with the affirmation that whatever came, they loved each other.

Very nicely done - I think I need to go cry in a corner for a while, now. ;) Thanks - again - for sharing!

Author's Response: Aw, oh no! I went from making youl augh to making you cry! I'm sorry, even though I'm absolutely flattered that you had such nice things to say about this.

Thanks - again- for leaving me such kind reviews!

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Review #5, by Psyche3Cheese-Filled Breadsticks and Water Glasses: The Talk

14th October 2008:
*is still wiping tears of laughter from her eyes*

Oh, this just had me roaring! Dryness aside, it was completely HILARIOUS, and something I can absolutely see happening. I swear to God, I will never look at cheese-filled breadsticks the same way again! *collapses in another fit of giggles*

Dudley saved Harry! That was a lovely little touch, kind of a "we're in this together" thing, whether meant in that vein or not.

And Dudley, just blurting it out like that - if Harry hadn't been confused himself, I think he'd have done exactly what I did: snorted out a laugh and tried to stifle it without success!

And Petunia! Trying to scramble away from the table, oh, that was so perfectly accurate for her!

Thanks for the best laugh I've had all week! XD.

Author's Response: lol, I'm glad you thought it was funny! And you are I think the second person to notice that Dudley saved Harry...which is awesome for you, because even I didn't know I had put it in there until someone pointed it out.

Oh well, I'm glad you thought it was so funny! Thank you for all the reviews you left, and sorry for getting back to them so late!

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Review #6, by Psyche3Dolores Falling: Dolores Falling

14th October 2008:
This was very well done. I don't like Umbridge, never most people, I'm sure. This was a great visual tool, something by which to explain how and why she became what she did. I loved the cut-scenes, the defining moments in between the cold, calculated rationale.

I don't pity her, however, nor do I sympathize with her. I sympathize with the child she was, with the events and restriction that shaped her young life, but eventually we are all responsible for our own choices, right or wrong. I was sorry for the young child who was rebuffed by her grieving father, I was sorry for the young woman who loved a young man - but not for who and what she made of herself out of it.

Again, this was excellent - thanks for sharing!

Author's Response: Ah, I like reading the responses to this story...

I wrote this piece a year ago or more, and I think my views have changed a bit. I agree, we are all responsible for our actions, but it's still nice to hear what caused people to persue the actions that they did.

Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #7, by Psyche3The Sorting of Peter Pettigrew: The Sorting of Peter Pettigrew

14th October 2008:
Oh, I liked this so much! I giggled all the way through, especially the bit about rabbit poo looking like Cocoa Puffs, and McGonagall cracking a smile when he pooted. XD. Great job on this!

Author's Response: Aw, thank you! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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