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Review #1, by OrabellaTime Tells: A Blowing Wind

1st April 2012:
oh very intriguing!

you know, I typically dont read HPFFs that are the harry potter/ron/hermione generation because to me the charectors can only be written by JKR... but I do enjoy this. it is different and I find it interesting.

I hope to read more soon :)

Author's Response: I like the different takes on the three characters that fanfic writers create - picking on a small part of their persona that JKR wrote for them, and generating a whole story around that different take on the character. Glad you're enjoying so far.

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Review #2, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Spots

14th March 2012:
oooh snape! I am really intrigued now. I also think its really great how lily and rose both have flower names and snape is drawn to that and their red hair. interesting. I am very curious to see how this plays out. IF snape is introduced again later.

this story just has us asking more and more questions haha its torture! I liked this story at first but this chapter took it up another level. I did get confused about the 'spots' thing though. that could be because I read the chapter so quickly. I am not sure how spots relates to the kitchen? haha I feel kinda stupid at the moment. my interpretation is he is just calling her something because he doesnt know if she has said what her name is. and the thing he is referring to from the kitchen is that because it appears that snape is trustworthy and he is a slytherin then he really is NOT trustworthy. (because he said you can trust the slytherins that you know are untrustworthy). so whats my grade on understanding? A- maybe? B? haha sorry for the long review I am kinda rambling. avoiding homework.

great chapter. cant wait for the next one

btw I read the answer to my last question in the review. thanks so much for replying :)

Author's Response: Don't worry, you've pretty much got it. Malfoy's calling her Spots in case she hasn't told Snape her name. There be more on his choice of codename next chapter ;) The trustworthy thing was kinda right, basically Snape has his wand pinpointed on Rose, but Scorpius wants her to turn her back on the wand so she can get away. What he was referring to in the kitchens was that she should trust him that it will be ok if she turns her back on the wand. And she does :) Ooo, this next chapter, which is currently sitting in my word document, is going to be good. Like sexual tension up to the ceiling good. Sorry, I'm taunting you a bit ;)

Thanks for the review and have great day.

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Review #3, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Mutiny

4th March 2012:
YAY A new chapter! :D
I am really confused about what happened with chrissy and rose during lunch. she is angry with her... I gathered that. but I didnt get anything else.

btw I am SO happy with what you changed the story description to! I think the addition of the timeturner sand is very very important when it comes to getting viewers. I am so excited for you and cant wait to see the reviews come flying it once people see this story :)

do you think you could comment on this review and explain what happened with chrissy and rose? or at least what was meant to be understood by that? I will check this review often to see if you end up replying. :)

cant wait for your next chapter.

Author's Response: The Chrissy and Rose thing is pretty much meant to confuse ;) Point is that Chrissy is angry at Rose for something, in her own special way. Rose doesn't delve into that much, presuming its just Chrissy being Chrissy. But...I'm being really bad now, is it a coincidence that she's off with Rose the day after she and Harrison had that nice chat? Food for thought.
Thanks for the review, have a nice day :)

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Review #4, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Lust and Books

6th February 2012:
more insight into scorpius's past and why he behaves the way he does. thankyou! :D

I look forward to finding out more in the future :)

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Review #5, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Screwed Hate

6th February 2012:
harrison does like rose doesnt he?

poor scorpius :( now I see why he wants to hate rose so much. he was bullied so much that I think he thinks that it would be easier to just hate people and keep those defenses up so he doesnt get close to anybody. it makes life for him a whole lot simpler. however I dont think he really hates her.

this is a really interesting plot twist. I love it! maybe you should include something in the description of your story after what you already have such as "a potion and time turner gone horribly wrong". hahah that sounds really lame but something including a time turner will really attract attention from people just skimming over the 'next generation' stories.

just my two cents.

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Review #6, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Creature

6th February 2012:
the plot thickens

oh malfoy, if he really wanted to get inside her head he should be smart enough to not get himself into trouble too. he is slipping up. something is clouding his judgement ;)

anyways this is review 52 :D

good luck and I hope you are having a great day

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your very dutiful reviews ;) Glad your liking what your reading, next chapters will be here soon...

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Review #7, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: House Bonding

6th February 2012:
jeez. as much as I should be expressing sympathy for rose over her injuries I still feel annoyed with her. its a little bothersome that she always thinks she is right but thats okay. flaws are what make a charector become a person.

I think you have 50 reviews now like you wanted :D success! I am glad to help

Author's Response: Yes! I knew it was possible :) And I think you did play a big part in that, so heaps of thanks and what not.

I agree with you, Rose is annoying, quite stuck up and often wrong. But she is the most fun to write ;)

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Review #8, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Opportunity

6th February 2012:
you know I actually believe that Rictor is interested in her. I dont think things will work out at all but its good to see her reaction to him.

there is one thing that kinda bothers me. you wrote;
"“Thank Merlin”, Chrissy exhaled as I sat on the same sofa in front of the blue fire. “I thought you’d eloped with Albus”. "

I have no idea what to think about that. I mean they are cousins. . I trust that you know what you are doing though :)

Author's Response: Rictor Haven is like a puppy Rose kicks. So i do feel sorry for him, but I feel more sorry for Rose, as she never fully realizes what she's doing ;)

Albus and Rose. Albus struggles with normal relationships because he thinks everyone is just after the fame that comes attached to him. Rose is the only one who knows what he's going through and hates her family because of that.

In no way is their relationship romantic (as Chrissy assumes).

But its that very dependent relationships that some people struggle to understand. Albus feels like he can only talk to Rose. Rose would risk anything for Albus.

I've found people can often mistake these feelings for romance - it's not.

Hope that clears things up a bit ;)

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Review #9, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Confiscated and Highly Dangerous

6th February 2012:
I wonder. will the meaning behind what harrison smelt in the love potion come in anytime soon? or was it just to add some detail? maybe I am just reading into everything too much. since this is my second time around reading these chapters I am trying to pick up new information hehe

also I am really surprised this chapter didnt get any reviews!
so I am honored to be able to add one :P

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Review #10, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Being Head Girl

6th February 2012:
HmmmM I too would like to know the answer. what exactly is James planning now that he is officially removed from head boy?

I like the irony of the ending with the bag of roses.

good job :)

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Review #11, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: I'm Going To Kill Her

1st February 2012:
AhhhHh!!! cliffhanger. it breaks my heart to hear that she met fred and cant tell either fred nor george what will happen to them. :'(
I would say I am really excited for the next chapter but I already read it :P. I am going backwards now to add more reviews

Author's Response: Thanks so much for your review. Means a lot that you'd go back through and bulk up the reviews, I love this story so much, even though the characters can be harsh a they're meant for each other: promise.

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Review #12, by OrabellaWasting Time With You: Rehearsal Of Feelings

1st February 2012:
read this whole story yesterday. I love it! It is a really interesting concept and I cant wait for the next chapter (although you just wrote one). I hope you dont take the lack of reviews to heart because your story really is better than a lot of rose/scorpius next generation stories. If I have time I might go back and review the other chapters. I couldnt wait to get through them all though hehe.
good luck

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Review #13, by OrabellaStill Delicate: Yet Another Emotional Breakdown

25th January 2012:
AH! this chapter just flew by. I was so dispointed when I got to the end of it and couldnt click 'next chapter' (sign of a good story). I am really happy that Draco acknowledged Scorpius and their shared pain.

I am also really glad that Draco is deciding to fight for her.

I was reading some of the other reviews and people are hating Tom. As much as I think Rose and Scorpius should be together (although complicated) I still dont hate Tom. I feel he isnt a bad person and his reaction to being punched by her Ex was completely valid.

anyways. awesome job and I am looking forward to your next chapter

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Review #14, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): Revelations

14th April 2011:
yay! a chapter update. thankyou so much :) it is okay that it took you longer. I was even more excited when it was posted than I normally am :P. oh kerri. pizza and fudge... beleive it or not I actualy had that tonight HAHAHAHAHA it made me laugh so hard. my parents had the same expression on their faces as you described on roland and remus. I hope the majority of the changes going on in your life are positve ones. I know I say this a lot haha but I really do. everything will work out with whatever is going on. I am sure of it. :)we love you!!!

Author's Response: Finally getting around to answering this.

Yes, my mother doesn't understand how I can eat odd combinations of food (like pizza and fudge) either. Like Tonks's mother, she says that I have a young stomach and should enjoy it while I can.

The changes in my life are positive ones. I've just gotten engaged to be married. I'm very busy with my fiancee right now, which is why my writing time has been so limited. Today I am going to sit down and work on the story for at least half an hour though, I promise.

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Review #15, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): The Burden

20th March 2011:
good chapter. I am sorry to be leaving such a short review. I really am so happy that kerri and severus are 'friends/siblings' again.

awww I almost miss basil as he used to be. he seems like he is increasingly becoming more and more depressed.

lol I feel like sending you a howler! except ofcourse it would be a very tenative one it woudl read like this "WHERE ARE YOU!!! IM WAITING FOR A NEW CHAPTER. (then it woudl be all nice and quiet): I hope everything is okay and if everything is that you are having a good time. I remember you said you were back in school. so exciting haha I will understand if you cant update for a while but I miss kerri and all your charectors. update when you can :) " haha I would be awful at writing howlers :P

Author's Response: Basil is starting to grow up, which he needs to do for me to bring about some changes in his life next year. (I haven't forgotten his feelings for Tonks yet).

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Review #16, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): When Nobility Meets Stupidity

6th January 2011:
congratulations on getting back into school :D. I think I remember you worrying about that a while back. thats great that you are able to go back. :)

hahaha the preview amused me. it made me smile in a really cheesy way. but it wasnt too overdone which is good. I liked the humor in it hahaha oh kerri...

remus roland tension *dun dun dun* (ominous music)

I am sorry I have to leave such a short review but I am really wishing you the best on school and he new year :)

Author's Response: Thanks.

It's not actually official yet. I did manage to talk them down from a $16,000 bill to a $5,000 bill. There's also another form that they're processing. It's going to have to be worked down to virtually zero though because I have about $300 in my account right now and I won't get paid again for two weeks. (And this is where a lot of Kerri's money problems come from. You write what you know). Classes start Wed. so I'm just waiting to see what happens.

Glad you liked the preview. I have more pre-written scenes remaining, including the obvious one that takes place nine months after this one.

Remus meeting Roland is likely to have a good effect on him. It should make him wake up and see what could happen if he doesn't straighten up.

Thanks for the review. I haven't heard from you for a while. Happy New Year to you too.

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Review #17, by OrabellaSaving Mum & Dad: The Perpetrators

14th December 2010:
ahhh!!! youre right it is suspenseful. It has been a really long time since I read this story so I am going ot go back and start over. I remember it enough though to understand this chapter haha. I really like it and im so glad youre back. I cant wait for the next chapter :D

Author's Response: Oh I feel bad for taking so long to update that you had to go back to start over again. :(

However, thanks for the comment, hun. Till next time. Ciao! :)

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Review #18, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): The Chinese Fireball

25th November 2010:
hey so there is one mistake I wanted to point out:

"I'm rather jealous of the champions," said Gideon wistfully. "It's the typical dream that you have growing up, isn't it? To fight a dragon?"

that should be griffin right?

I liked the chapter. I had been waiting for it forever it seems. haha ive been checking everyday. :P its okay though dont apologize. I do want to know though... is it going to be every wednesday now? or will it be at random?

I was so happy with snape and kerri and how things are working out between them :) it makes me so happy to think that maybe snape is a little less miserable than he normally is. especially considering how moody has been torturing him.

Author's Response: Sorry for the delay.

A couple of people caught that same typo. I think it's because I envision Gideon and Roland as looking somewhat similar, dark haired, clean cut, etc. I kept mixing up their names but evidently didn't catch all the mistakes on my final check.

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Review #19, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): Girl Talk

13th November 2010:
ive been re- reading the chapters again. in this one kerri is talking to tonks and she brings up offering to find out who her father is. kerri of course doesnt want to tell tonks anything but It makes me wonder. will tonks find out? how will if happen if you can give me any details haha. you probably cant but I cant wait to find out.

oh by the way. I missed reading your chapter this past monday haha I was thinking "where is it?" I hope everything is going alright and I cant wait for your next one.

Author's Response: By the beginning of year five, the entire Order of the Phoenix will know who Kerri's father is. By the end of year four, Harry, Sirius, Hermione, and some of the Weasleys will know. (She'll tell them during the part when Harry is in the hospital wing. I've already written the scene).

I just posted this week's chapter today along with an explanation for it's lateness in the author's note. I've just had a very busy week and everything is fine. Thanks for asking.

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Review #20, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): The Quidditch World Cup, Part 1

14th September 2010:
universal studios? as in the one in florida? VISIT THE HARRY POTTER THEME PARK! I forget if you live in the US or not.

anyway I really liked this chapter. it was just perfect in getting across the mood of everything :)

Author's Response: Yes, I live in Florida. My friend lives in England and she's here for two weeks. We spent almost all of today in Hogsmeade -- it was great. I found a lot of inspiration there.

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Review #21, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): Roland

4th September 2010:
oooh fun fun fun!! haha poor remus. I thought they had officially taken a break. I thought they werent exactly in a relationship anymore so I was surprised when she said she had a boyfriend. nevertheless im glad that is cleared up. *sigh* you make roland sound so real. haha if only he was a real person :P and my age hahaha

Author's Response: Kerri hasn't decided what she wants to do yet, which is why she hasn't seen Remus since going home. She stormed out of his room on the day that he resigned with nothing being resolved other than that they weren't going to get married. Everything was just sort of left hanging.

Roland has been popular so far. I'm glad, because I intended people to like him but you can never be sure how your readers will react.

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Review #22, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): High Hopes

23rd August 2010:
once again a great chapter. I know last chapter you said that you had a relative in the hospital and so you might not be able to put it up on time. You did though :) as always you are dedicated and get things done.

by the way how is that relative? your grandpa I think right? I hope he is doing well as well as you

Author's Response: Thanks.

My grandfather is home from the hospital but still takes looking after. My grandmother can't leave him home alone for long periods so sometimes we go down to stay with him while she's out.

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Review #23, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 4): Irresolute

9th August 2010:
AAHHH!!! amazing as always. this one has already started out great and we all know that this is the year that is vastly differant from the other books school schedules/acitivities. i cant wait this book truly will be a good am i sensing some charlie/kerri romance hints. hm :D i mean i love remus and kerri of course but maybe she needs a break with someone a little younger and more "fun". it would be a good experiance for her and maybe make her realize even more how special remus is. and there is no way now that remus could say that she hasnt dated younger people. okay i cant get ahead of myself especially because im probably misinterpreting all of it :P

Author's Response: No, it's not going to be Charlie, but there is an OC I'm going to be introducing soon that will be a major temptation for Kerri. At one time she might not have given it a second thought, but right now she's having second thoughts about Remus, which makes her more open to that kind of thing.

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Review #24, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Weasel, Kneazle and Butterfly

20th July 2010:
ahh!!! my review didnt show up :( i posted it really really late last night haha probably morning for you i think it was about 2 here. anyways i will just repeat myself :D

okay so i think this was the best ending. it was satisfying in every way and it just feels complete. i mean i am not happy with remus leaving but i understand it. i feel sympathy for severus because i think besides the revenge thing he truly thought he was helping kerri so when she did the killing curse i think it upset him. i also feel empathy for kerri of course but these are things i am supposed to feel and make this story and the way you write it amazing. it was PERFECT.

I am super excited, as always for the next book and cant beleive it has been three years. :) keep being the incredible author that you are and keep perservering through this story and life :D haha sorry a little dramatic but i love this story and i hope your life is turning out as well as these books are.

Author's Response: I hate it when reviews do that. It happens a lot. One of my readers, Morgana67 loses reviews on a regular basis. One time it was just week after week after week that they vanished. It's frustrating when reviews are long.

Remus's reaction is pretty typical of him and just couldn't be helped. Snape definitely believes he's doing the right thing -- and so does Kerri's kneazle. Isis checked him over and decided he was okay, proving that he is trustworthy. He means well, he thinks he's protecting Kerri, she just doesn't like the methods he uses.

I can't believe it's been three years either. A few months ago I realized I needed to start planning year 4 and started to panic a bit because I didn't think I was ready. It sneaked up on me a bit. It's always kind of scary finishing an installment, maybe because I have to worry about whether or not the next one will measure up, but it's also very satisfying too to be able to go into the "edit story" page and click on the "Completed" box.

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Review #25, by OrabellaRunning With Wolves : The Journals and Correspondences of Cerridwyn Lupin (Year 3): Hippogriff, Centaur and Werewolf

13th July 2010:
AH! im so excited for the next chapter. this was amazing. i had been really curious about what happened ot remus in the forrest and im glad you did too and added a story into it as you do with all of your chapters. brilliant. i think this chapter was just amazing even though it somewhat is a filler. well maybe it isnt i just cant wait for teh next one. i was hoping this would be the last one because i wanted to know what happened so bad with remus and kerri and how she took in the whole story. keep up the fantastic work. cant wait for your next chapter and your next book :)

Author's Response: Sorry it's taken me a while to answer. My car was broken into so I've been dealing with that mess.

This chapter is my favorite in the entire series because it contains my favorite pre-written scene (the forest scene). I wrote it years ago and have been holding it all this time. I couldn't wait to post it and I'm glad that everyone seems to like it.

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