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Review #1, by JayCeeThe New Year is for Lovers: Bearing scotch

24th May 2008:
Awww. This story is short and ever so sweet.

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Review #2, by JayCeeDeception: Hiding

1st June 2006:
*runs around in circles* cant stop there. You must tell me what happens...*sobs* Im in suspense. I really really really REALLY like this story and I cant wait to read the next chapter. Thanks for a good read!

Author's Response: Don't worry! Next chapter coming up right now!!! Lol!!! Thanks for the review!!!! =D

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Review #3, by JayCeeThe Truth Uncovered~Sequel~: Celebrating Events

30th December 2005:
Wow, what a great chapter. You work those quotes perfectly into your story I almost forgot they were even there. OMG...Ron is such a git. Does he really think that Hermione would cheat on him. I can't wait to see what happens there. I love how you set this whole chapter around children and family. Especially with all the interaction between the Weasley's and Mrs. Weasley wanting MORE grandchildren. That is soooooo like her. Oh and another thing...Gary Potter....LMAO....I dont know why but that is funny. Electrocuting cookies...thats the bomb diggity. Well another great chapter. I will be anxiously awaiting the next chapter to see what happens.

Author's Response: Thank you thank you! I'm glad you liked how I worked those quotes in, I'm really good at that because of you! lol. So give me more, I'm ready for them. And yes, Ron is a git...known that for a while now! he he he. Thanks, I'm glad someone picked up on the family scene...I was afraid I was hinting too much about Hermione being pregnant! he he he. And must have the grandchildren. Though I'm surprised you didn't mention anything about Percy...after all, he is the only one shooting blanks there! lmao!. And yes, Garry Potter...I always thought of doing that, I haven't seen it in a story yet. You know, the G from Ginny and the rest from Harry! lol. And yes, the cookies the idea from eating pop rocks while writing..he he he. Thanks for the kick ass review...totally love hearing your reviews chick. Feel better! Peace Out!!

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Review #4, by JayCeeBy The Fire: When Worlds Collide

30th November 2005:
Dang girly. This story couldn't get any better. But are they ready? AND OMG RON WAS ALL WORRIED AFTER...I could so seriously see that happening. How did you know to write that? Everything in this story is written perfectly and to taste. But I wonder about Harry and Ginny though...heehee. I seriously can't wait to see what you have in store for the rest of this story and I absolutely cant wait until the next chapter. You're really talented at fanfiction and an awesome banner maker. I'm so jealous. Talk to you soon Won-Won. ~~~Harrykins

Author's Response: Aww, thanks, chick! Yeah, it's funny about the whole R/Hr thing..I think I must have seen it in a dream or something because I put this down on paper before I typed it up and as I was writing it out, it just seemed to flow. I really have no idea where it came from, but I'm like you, I totally saw it happening. I really need to touch more on Harry and Ginny..maybe I'll come up with something for them in future chapters, you never know. *Blushes* Me? Talent? *waves a dismissive hand and smiles* Pshaw! You're too kind!! =) Thanks for r/r! See ya. 'round, Harrykins!

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Review #5, by JayCeeAgainst Time: The Death of Ronald Weasley

24th November 2005:
Hey! This is such a great story. I can't wait to find out what she wants Harry help her with. You must update soon! Hehe. I'm one to talk. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving!

Author's Response: Hehe! I will update as soon as I finish writing it! I'm glad you liked it. Happy Thanksgiving to you too! This is also my Harryversary! :P Four years ago today I saw my first Harry Potter movie and became obsessed with it. It is thanks to this day that I am on this site. :P Anywho! Thanks for the review, and eat lots and lots of turkey! :P :hearts: Tonya

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Review #6, by JayCee:

23rd October 2005:
Hey Girl! Sorry it's taken me so long to read this story and to review. I've be incredibly busy but oh my freaaaaaaaaakin gawd. I love this! It is like sooooo what Rowling would write if she ever dabbled away from her precious Harry for five seconds. Ha! Anyways you've known I love your work but keep me updated when you update...Latah!

Author's Response: Hey, you!! No worries at all, I know how it is to be just swamped with lifem it gets insane at times. Thanks for taking the time to review, I'm glad you enjoyed it! Speaking of updates, I have updated By The Fire (finally) may wanna mosey on over there when you get the chance. Thanks again, sweetie! Ta ta!

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Review #7, by JayCeeAfter Everything We’ve Been Through…: Suspicions Confirmed – A HUGE Surprise

17th September 2005:
DiZAmn gIrL!!! What a great chapter. What you ran out of your muse? I don't think so at all. It was a perfect chapter and fit well with the rest of your story let alone brought together connections that were very crutial to the plot line! How come you didn't tell me about this chapter sooner I would have like read it FOREVER ago! It was well worth the wait and I'm glad that its up and everything. I can't wait to see what you have in store with the whole Jen and Harry connection thing and the fall of Voldie! WooT WooT! Until then I guess I'll just have to suffer until the next chapter comes out! WHICH BETTER BE SOON! *evil sneer* lol just kiddin. Latah!

Author's Response: No promises on the next chappie, my friend. I have started it, but I don't have much done. I'm still in debate as to what I am going to do and I also cannot find my must at the moment. I have a few other fics in my head as well, one is already written. I just have to type it up. I also have a sequel to Naturally Yours almost done that I have to type. We shall see, my dear. We shall see. LOL!

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Review #8, by JayCeeHarry Potter and the Quest of Horcrux: Before the Departure

11th September 2005:
Wow. What a great start to your story. I love how you start it off kinda summarizing what happened in the previous books by Rowling. That is always a good sign of a great author. I also like how you added your own ideas about Scrim...however the heck you spell his name. Haha its late and I've been up a while. You'll have to forgive me. Well you've officially made the favorites list on my favorites for this site which means you get extra long reviews. I cant wait until Harry gets to the Burrow so I'm off to read your next chapter. Again great start! ~JayCee

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Review #9, by JayCeeThe Truth Uncovered~Sequel~: The Wedding Ceremony and Reception

10th September 2005:
Yea everyone better catch the slight twist in this chapter or she will bite your head off! Haha. Just kiddin. Another wonderful chapter. I cant believe the wedding came and went already. It seems like just yesterday I was hounding you about writing it and you were like its 282132908 chapters away and I was like 'dangit' But anyways I'm glad you finally updated...unlike me! What can I say...I'm a loser. Anyways are you going to give out any hints on what is going to happen in further chapters. You don't plan on killing anyone else off do you? Alright chica. Latah! ~JayCee

Author's Response: Yeah... you heard what she said! lol. Its not that hard people! Well anyways...thanks so much for reading my chappy JayCee! And yes, its finally done and you can stop sending the dogs over my house! But you can leave Oliver..he's so cute! he he. Hey, you're no loser...I'm a loser for taking so dang long! lol. And no...I don't think there will be any more killings in my story. I'm not that dark! lol. Thanks so much. Peace Out!!

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Review #10, by JayCeeThe Truth Uncovered~Sequel~: Moments before the Wedding...

22nd July 2005:
Okay...I'm a horrible friend. I admit it. You invite me into your home...well your brother's home but it's all the same and then I go and I don't read or review your newest chapter for like WEEKS...even after daring you to write some lines in it. They were hilarious by the way. If I ever go to Hawaii you'll need to hit me for being such a lousy friend. Ugh...blah...arg...*Is cranky* So anyways I did finally get around to reading it which should make up for something! I hope. I feel so bad that I don't even have time for the one thing that made me meet you. FANFICTION! Well hopefully I'll get on track. I think I'm starting to anyways. Okay so now...about this was awesome. It was a great chapter to set up the wedding...but I want to read the wedding now! Are you almost done writing it by now? I think you did a great job incorporating my lines into your story and they didn't seem out of place at all. Simply mahvelouuuuuus. There was only one negative thing I have to say about the whole thing...“Ron and Harry, the both of you suppose to be at the front of the chapel two minutes ago,” she informed them, as they nodded and walked faster towards the side of the chapel down a stone hallway. (((The both of you are supposed....?)))) I saw it and thought I would let you know. But otherwise this was an excellent chapter and did the job it needed to of setting up for the wedding and getting the readers excited for the wedding. LIKE ME>>>I cant wait dammmmmit! Okay I am off to take a nap now. Talk to you later I hope. Latah! ~JayCee

Author's Response: First of all...DON'T BLAME ME IF I DON'T CHECK ON MY BETA WORK! GO YELL AT AUNTY BETH AND MARY! lol....yeah, I know now..I'll go fix it. Besides, I was speaking pigeon okay! lol.
Okay, when...and ever come to Hawaii! I'm going to drown you! lol..jk. But I won't use physical force on you. And if and when you do, let me know like a month or three weeks a head of time! lol. Can't wait!
I'm glad you liked this chapter...its so cool, you're able to read this. I'm still waiting for my review from JEN! lol. But thanks so much, the dare was so awesome...I totally loved writing it! I should ask for more challenges like that!
Thanks so much for the freaking long review! I totally love it..and you should go check out ANE, I have someone that'll surprise you! Thanks for stopping by and the next chapter is on the works, too many funerals! People are dying all over the place! Peace Out!!

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Review #11, by JayCeeBy The Fire: Memories

28th May 2005:
AHHH!!!!You like need to write the next chapter into this super long chapter like 40 word pages long so I never have to wait for an update again! Seriously I LOVEVEVEFEVEVE this story...yup...if that is even a word....well it is now because I said so. This story is SOOO OUT there and I love that about it. Okay so the next chapter is IT right like the big WOW! I can't wait to see how you write this although I know that you'll do a good job. I seriously cant wait to read it. I love all your is your Draco/Harry one coming? I know that I said that I would help and now that I'm done college I have the time now to actually DOOOOO something. Well let me know anways. Great job with this chapter as well as this story in general! Latah!

Author's Response: Hehehe..don't tempt never know with me :P. Thanks so much for that, I love your new words, you're so creative! =) The next chapter is IT, yes, I can safely say that much. Oh! I need to send the Draco/harry story to you. I've been meaning to ask if you were still interested. I have 4 pages into that and haven't touched it, because I was wondering if you still wanted to work on it. Thank you muchly, girlfriend, you're beautiful! :)

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Review #12, by JayCeeAfter Everything We’ve Been Through…: Revelations – All Things Happen for a Reason

27th May 2005:
Haha...perfect ending. That was a classy way to end it. Hmmm poor Harry....poor poor Harry. I feel so sorry for him you know?...and the bad part is he isnt even a real person. All this prophecy shiznit...and I sooooooooo have a feeling he is really going to die in the seventh book soooooooo please dont kill him...PLEASE...*sniffle* ohhh I'm all sad now. NOW down to DARE you KILL the baby. I was all excited and there you go and just kill it off! I understand the reasons and etc but you had this incredible build up about it being born and then BAMMMMMM DEAD! *wipes away a few tears* What a cruel thing to do. I seriously cant wait to see where you're going to go with the whole connection between Harry and Jen. I bet it will be good but I'm glad you didn't leave this chapter with a cliffhanger. That would be horrible to deal with. Did I tell you that I spent a million hours cleaning my room. My mom flipped the fudge out at me and was like if you're friend is coming to visit you're room has to be spotless! So I spent forever cleaning it. It's still really cluttered but then again that is because I have stuff to fill an apartment all crammed into my bedroom. Oh so I'm going to Rhode Island on that Saturday before my party. I have an important board meeting to attend for my sororities national board but I should be back hopefully by 8 pm. I'm going to leave early so I'm hope at a decent hour. Okay so back you your story....Simply the best. I cant believe you've been writing it for so long. I remember reading the first chapter and being like "Where is she going to go with this..." and Im so happy with where you have gone with it and curious as to where you will go. Do you have any idea of how many more chapters you have left before the end? I really want this to be an extremely long review because well you deserve it and I know Hoku aka Shantell will OUTDUE me by atleast 4 inchest of a review...How can I compete? But I'll try anyway...Okay so what to talk about...Oh yes...what is going on in America and what is going to happen over there? Are you going to have Jen get pregnant again with George's baby this time? That would make me happy since you just UP and killed the other baby. Its like writers homicide. *UGH I dont like this character so booom dead!* Anyways....I feel like something more "conflicty" should happen between Jen and George. Like if you plan on writing the story fairly long it should involve something more drastic happening that DOESNT involve my bf Draco raping her and knocking her up or BABIES dying! That is just my opinion though and what do IIIIIII know? Are you going to have Ron and Hermione have a baby? That would be sweet...and what about a little Harry/Ginny romance...but PLEASE....keep their story line sane...don't you just hate it when outrageous stuff happens and it just isnt believable? *giggle* Okay so I must have a quite a bit written for this review but Im sure it still isnt long enough...You know I've always wanted to write a story about Molly and Arthur. I think they have such a deep love and it would be great to write them falling in love during a war...getting married...having babies...LOTS OF redheaded babies...BUT I have too much on my plate as it is. I still have to finish my story. I'm pretty much going to cut it short...oh well but it must have an ending before HBP hits the stores. So when you come here next weekend for a visit are we getting trashed? Because I plan on getting all these answers about your story out when you're drunk...haha. There are a couple of local bars that we could walk to or we could stay here and make a few drinks which is probably safer...but whatever you choose...I'm still considering drinking myself. AND FOR ALL THE RANDOM LITTLE KIDDIES READING THIS: DRINKING IS BAD! I just thought I would be safe and put a warning...haha. Okay so this has to be a fairly long review...if not I will owe you a longer one for your next chapter...which I will PROMPTLY read when you publish it! Again you're such a talented writer. I'm priviledged to get to write a story with you and to know you. I absolutely love this story in every aspect (well maybe not about killing off Jen's baby...hehe) and keep up the great work. I cant wait for the next chapter and if you need help you know that you can always count on me for help. Seriously I'm done writing now. I hope you like your review!

Author's Response: Wow. What a review. Where to start. Okay. I'll do the non-story related stuff first. 1. I will not be killing Harry in this story, though I believe that he will die at the end of the last book. 2. You are going to RI right before your party? What time shoudl I come up then on Saturday? Let me know. 3. We will get our story done soon, Maybe we can brainstorm when I come visit. 4. Drinking is cool. Don;t pay any attention to her, people. 5. You can try to get my plot out of me, but I won;t tell you. I may give a hint or two, but that will be it. 6. Thank you for your words. I just started the next chapter, so it may be a while. Sorry.
Now, onto the story-related stuff. I had to kill off the baby for many reason. Those reasons will be revealed later. Not just because of the prophecy. I have mapped out the remaindr of my story. There will be 13 chapters and then an epilogue. There will be no sequel of any kind for this story. When it's done, it's done. I will try to get the next chappie out ASAP. I promise. Thanks for the long review and thanks for reading. You're great!

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Review #13, by JayCeeAfter Everything We’ve Been Through…: The Big Day… or is it?

27th May 2005:
OMG! That was bloody RUDE! Good thing the next chapter is just lying there for me to read otherwise I would be very cross with you young lady! Oh're older than me...sorry...hehe. SOOOOOOO BEAUTIFUL. THIS CHAPPIE made me all happy and sad and worried all at once. I'm so happy that Jen and George are together now and Ron and Hermione are married and words. I was laughing at this line of dialogue...“That, my friend, is for me to know and for you to find out.” THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YOU! I've talked to you a few times online and on the phone now and that so reminded me of you. So what is happening with Jen...will she be okay? I sure hope so but the only way for me to find out is for me to go read chapter 9 finally! Super-deee-dooper job on this chapter. I'm off to read the next one!

Author's Response: LOL! You will notice certain similarities between Jen and myslef. I can only fathom why. LOL! Glad you liked it. can't wait to see your reaction to the next chapter.

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Review #14, by JayCeeAfter Everything We’ve Been Through…: Return to Normalcy?

27th May 2005:
Oh okay so I havent reviewed a few of your chapters so I'm going to try and catch up. First off I want to say how truly sorry I am for not being around like before. My favorite thing to do in the entire world was to write and read fanfiction and I havent had time for any of it. I really miss reading everyone's stories and writing my own. You're stories are always great and there is no reason why I'm behind on three chapters. It only would have taken me a half hour to read them and I'm truly sorry for not finding the time to do so. I hope you can forgive me. I cant believe I stopped reading this story where I did because the last chapter was so depressing. I'm glad to see some happy development in this chapter. I love your dialogue. Seriously it is SO important to write the characters true to JK Rowlings book characters. It is really hard to think of how the characters will be later in life and you do a really great job doing that. I'm jealous. I absolutely loved this interaction for some reaon: “George, do you want to feel?” she asked him. He gulped at the thought of touching her stomach, but he agreed when he saw the happiness in her face. She took his hand and placed it on her stomach and waited. Several moments later, they both felt the baby kick and they both got excited. “Wicked,” George said as he pulled his hand away. I thought that that was soooooooo sweet. Anyways I must be off to read the other two chapters. Very good chapter and again Im sorry its taken me THIS long to read it.

Author's Response: It is no problem that you have not been able to read and whatnot, darling. You just graduated college. That's a good enough excuse. Thank you for the kind words. You are too much. I am very glad that you enjoyed this chapter. And I loved the scene between the two of them with the baby kicking. That actually happened to me when I was in class my senior year before I left school to have Kyle.

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Review #15, by JayCeeCrazy Love- The American Way: BACK TO SCHOOL

16th May 2005:
Im finally getting around to read everyone's updates. Very good job with this chapter. I forgot how much fun your story is with EVERYONE in it! I hope everything is well with you and Todd! I cant wait for another chapter! This story is super!

Author's Response: Thanks Jill, I haven't been online here lately, I haven't updated in so long either....I will soon, I was on hiatus, lol! sorry guys! i'll be back soon though...thanks again, and glad your back Jill! :)

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Review #16, by JayCeeCrazy Love- The American Way: BACK TO SCHOOL

1st March 2005:
Another great chapter girl. Thanks sooooo much for writing me into your story!!!!! I love this chapter even though its a transition chapter from break back to school but I like how Jen and George are having a baby and everything is going so well with everyone and there is going to be a Valentines Day Ball. I cant wait for that. Take your time though, schoolwork comes first. Great Great Great Girl!!!! Keep it up!!

Author's Response: He he...thank you so much Jillian...I'm glad you like the part about you and Draco...Of course though you are part Slytherin in ways...LOL! I will update as soon as I can.....Thanks for your review...:)

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Review #17, by JayCeeCrazy Love- The American Way: New Romance

27th February 2005:
I agree with HOKU...HURRY HURRY HURRY! Im super excited about this next one!

Author's Response: I did update but it is going to take awhile for it to go on this should be up within a couple days....:)

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Review #18, by JayCeeThe Truth Uncovered~Sequel~: Christmas at Her Parent's House

27th February 2005:
OH I like the new banner! Woot WOOT!

Author's Response: Thanks...Beth did that banner...I felt that the other one made it seem dark..but this one looks cool! Thanks so much for noticing! Peace Out!!

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Review #19, by JayCeeThe Truth Uncovered~Sequel~: Christmas at Her Parent's House

26th February 2005:
OH my freaking GAWD!!! I am soooooooooo friggen sorry that it has taken me forever to read and review this chapter for you but I finally got to it and I am sooooooo glad that I did because this one is soooooooo sweet. I especially like how you wrote the interaction in Hermione's bedroom with Ron snooping around. I also have to compliment you on how you really wrote the characters in this chapter. They did and said everything that I could expect them to if that even makes sense. I liked the whole conversation with Mr. Granger and the discussion with Ron and Hermione. It was kick@$$ with Ron and Harry wrestling. I can so see them doing that and mmmm that would be hottttt to see. lol. It was a very very very happy chapter and you did a really great job. It was written to a tee and I cant wait to see what you have in store for the next chapter but not to pressure you because we know how long it took me to read this one but I finally did it. Great Job Hoku!! You're one of the best writers here by far...NO LIE! Keep it up. If you ever need help you know where to find me and if Im not online give me a ring. LATA!

Author's Response: Freaking finally you show up...if you held off for another week I thought I had to fly to mainland and steal you away from Matt! lol. But thank you so much! I can't believe you liked it! I'm glad you liked all the parts of took me a while to master, and I'm happy you appreciate my work, like I do with yours! No No are one of the best writers by lieing what so ever! And yes, I probably will give you a about right now! lol. Peace Out!!

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Review #20, by JayCeeThe Darkness and The Light: The Trial

14th February 2005:
WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!Such a great ending to such a great story. YOu really outdid yourself. I really really really really loved it. Such Talent! Such a great writer! *throws roses at you* Bravo bravo!!! encore encore!!!

Author's Response:'re too much! Thank you for being so sweet! I tried, I;m glad you enjoyed it.

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Review #21, by JayCeeThe Truth Uncovered~Sequel~: First Half of the Quidditch Season

23rd January 2005:
Great Chapter. I like how you write all of the characters and I absolutely love how you write about quidditch. That is my worse thing to write about with Harry Potter. I usually shrink it down but you did an awesome job. Thanks for crediting me as your beta. I really appreciate it. I like getting to read your story before anyone else. I seriously cant wait for the next one. Im sooooooooo hooked on this story. Im also thankful that you put me in your You're such a great friend and I cant wait until I have the money to come visit you. Again great chappie! IM outtie.

Author's Response: Thanks...tear...I'm so happy you like it! lol. Yes, I love Quidditch, can't you tell! lol. Well its fun writing Quidditch, though I think I would bore everyone by writing out the matches! lol. And no problem, I love crediting those helping me out, thanks so much, I'm glad you like reading my work before everyone else! lol. I'm so flattered that you're hooked on this story...I think I'm going to cry! And yes, you're are going to be in it twice...!! You are a great friend, I really enjoy talking to you and well goofying around! lol. And when I have the money I'll come and visit you! Thanks! Peace Out!!

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Review #22, by JayCeeCrazy Love- The American Way: The Past visits the Present

23rd January 2005:
heheehehehehehe. Such a great chapter! I was surprised to see it posted already but wow. Great. Babies, children, love, marriage. THis chapter has it all and more and even ice cream! Haha Im in a weird mood but yea such a great chapter. Thanks so much for putting me in this story and hooking me up with Malfoy. That was the bomb diggity! You're great! And Hoku who helped with this chapter. You guys are great. This chapter is great. THis story is great! I cant wait for the next chapter! Its super deeee dooper! hehe.

Author's Response: Thank you so much, well it was mostly my ideas, but I really appreciate you taking time on it and reading it....Thanks Jill...:)

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Review #23, by JayCeeThe Darkness and The Light: Two Purebloods

23rd January 2005:
Wow another great chapter as usual. It was sooooooooo long. I love it. I cant wait to see how everything works out! This is such a good story I cant get over it. You're dialogue for all of the characters is flawless. I totally believe them to say what you write them to say. If that makes any sense at all. Great Great Great Job!

Author's Response: Thank you. Yeah, it is a looong chapter. 15 pages to be exact an the longest one out of any of the others. My goal is an even 20 chapters and there was a lot to cover. You're dialogue for all of the characters is flawless. I totally believe them to say what you write them to say., Thanks for that! It makes total sense!!

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Review #24, by JayCeeAfter Everything We’ve Been Through…: The Reunion

18th January 2005:
Wow...Jen you have out done yourself with this chapter. I couldnt wait for this chapter to come and when it did you made it soooooo worth the wait. Although I do feel sorry for Jen...she loses her parents, overhears that George hates her, and gets raped and knocked up in one day. Thats just horrible! hehe but good job writing it. Im happy that George finally talked to her and let her know that he doesnt hate her. Damn that Malfoy...I mean I love Tom Felton but nobody rapes and gets away with it! KILL HIM KILL HIM *starts angry mob which apparently Im good at* I absolutely cant wait for this next chapter but I guess I'll have to wont I? This is by far one of the best stories on harrypotterfanfiction. I like how it is unique and so well written. Good Job! Kudos! Congrats....keep it up and I'll chat with you now! I hope that was as long as the other one I had started to leave you. Okay Im done now. AGAIN...Great Great Great Great GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Author's Response: Thank you soooooooo much, girl. I really tried to liven up this story a bot and I felt that this chapter did it. The next chapter is going to be over the course of a few months, all leading up to a very happy and beautiful yet tragic day. (you will have to wait til chapter 8 for this. lol.) george knew that he couldn;t not talk to her now, especially now that she will need him more than ever. usually, it is impossible to find out that one is pregnant the same day they have sex, but i figured that with magic, it would be different. and malfoy will get his just punishment...and it will come from jen. i am sorry that you will have to wait for the next chapter...i only just started it. this one will take me a little while. but i will try to get it up as soon as i possibly can. and i thank you for thinking that my story is one of the best on this site. i really appreciate that. you are too kind. thanks for the read and review.

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Review #25, by JayCeeCrazy Love- The American Way: Secrets and Past Memories

15th January 2005:
OMG...where to start. THanks soooooooooo freaking much for adding me to this story. I absolutely love how Im evil! I cant wait to see where you go with it. Thanks for crediting me as your newest beta but all I did was beta the beginning of the chapter. Anyways thanks. I really love this story...its so different from the other and I like how interesting each chapter keeps getting. Its like a soap opera but I love it soooooooo freaking much. Thanks again and I soooo cant wait for your next chapter!

Author's Response: Hey Jill, your welcome, I am glad you liked this chapter...Your evil in it...JK!! I might make you good in my story...Who knows?? Thanks for reviewing my chapter, and just wait for the next one to come up soon...hopefully...bye bye...

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