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Review #1, by MelodyLike Father Like Son: Remembering Sirius

19th July 2005:
Hey, that chapter wasa little short (keep us on the edges of our seats why don;t you) but i'm really looking orward to seeing where this goes.

Author's Response: yeah, i kind of wanted to keep it short-like i said. i'm glad you're going to keep reading. I'll be updating as soon as possible. =)

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Review #2, by MelodyStupid Boys: Misguided Fool

4th February 2005:
wow! the latest two chapters are really good! looking ofrward to the next!

Author's Response: thanks a lot. Hopefully you'll enjoy the next chapter!

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Review #3, by MelodySay Goodnight, Not Goodbye: Problems Arise

6th October 2004:
hey, wow, this is my favourite chapter so far (22). i'm really enjoying the story and can't wait to read more. i really like the way you switch between the different couples, it's nice that it's not just abut Draco and Ginny. keep it up! xx

Author's Response: Its good to know that people like the different couples, I was beginning to think that maybe it was becoming boring. Thanks for telling me that you love it! Now I know! You sound like my best friend, she called me up and told me that this was her favorite chapter so far too. Its good to hear from you again, you have reviewed in a while. I hope that you keep reviewing!!

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Review #4, by MelodyStupid Boys: Quicksand

26th September 2004:
why aren't you updating? this is a really good story and i'm really excited to read more. but there never seems to be any more. if you're there please update soon.

Author's Response: I've updated!! Yay!! Well, I now have up to chapter 10 written so if more people review they'll be up v v quickly!

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Review #5, by MelodyStupid Boys: Only Brave Men...(Or Idiots)

23rd August 2004:
Fantastic! i love it! can't wait for the rest! i especially love the diary entry. it's all so funny! keep it up! xx

Author's Response: you have no idea how long those diary entries took me. HOURS

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