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Review #1, by bookspongePlaying Keep Away: "My Life..." NEW / UPDATED VERSION!!

8th May 2011:
Nice, thoroughly enjoyed it. Though i think it could do with a little more elaboration. That last scene kind of came out of nowhere. Still, it was good :)

And wow, James is such a bum! Haven't read such a scathing portrayal of him in... ages. Not that it's a bad thing, it was just different.

Anyway, good job. Hope to read more from you.

Author's Response: Yeah, I really just need to sit down and thoroughly revamp this story, I didn't spend as much time as I could have on this one.

And yeah, I like experimenting with different extremes of personalities every now and then :) It keeps things interesting.

I suggest checking out some of my other stories (they're more thought-out and developed, I promise!) if you enjoyed it :)

Thanks for the review!


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Review #2, by bookspongeIt's a Kind of Magic: Thieves of Hearts

6th November 2010:
It was a lovely and fitting end. They work really well together and i really enjoyed this story.

Hope to read more from you,


Author's Response: Thanks so much! its great to hear you liked it, and that ending worked.
You're welcome to check out my other stories, and hopefully there'll be something new coming up.

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Review #3, by bookspongeAll Hail The Heartbreaker: The Living Dead

3rd December 2009:
Very well done!! I am enjoying the story so far and am looking forward to seeing where you go with this.

From a critical point of view though, your writing could be tightened up a bit. Maybe going through the chapter and checking for grammatical errors and such might help : ) I noticed that every now and then you would switch from third person to first person within the same sentence. I can't remember where I saw it but by simply going through and editing you can improve a piece so much : )

But other than that, I'm really liking your take on vampires and am intrigued as to what happens in the next chapter, that little hint was... interesting...

Oh and i also like your OCs; Sky seems like a cool character, as does Harmony, though I'd like to see her personality shine through a little more : )

Keep up the good work,


Author's Response: Thank you!

Oh! Yeah, I should probably do that. But then I get unhappy with the chapter, try to rewrite it, get angry cause I like the original. But I will work on it ^^

I never noticed that before O.O Wooow. xD Uhm, okay, well that just goes back to proofreading xD I'll work on it, I swear!

Thank you ;3

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Review #4, by bookspongeFall For Anything: Quiet, Man

20th August 2009:
Oh god! No!







I knew something was going to go wrong!!! *gives squinty eyed look*

No matter, next chapter will no doubt be interesting, and oh mannn, i still can't believe Sirius DID that!!! The bloody idiot!

But hey! At least everyone knows now! I sort of feel like a weight has been lifted off my chest... but it wasn't actually me that was keeping the secret in the first place but oh well... lets just say i really connect with

Very well written, thoroughly enjoyed it all and may i just say 'poor poor deb' oh and i sort of feel sorry for Sirius as well for some reason... will i have reason to, do you think?

Oh and did you mean this this story is going to be eighteen chapters all up? or eighteen chapters to go until the end?

oh and i think a sequel would be a lovely idea!! just thought i'd tell you that : )

Until next time (I'm finding that I'm really getting into this reviewing thing... i quite like it...)


Author's Response: Well thats dramatic... haha I'm so glad you really connect with Deb like that then! Sirius is an idiot, it can't be denied, but he will get his chance to explain, although whether anyone's in a fit state to listen is another thing... but we'll see, you'll have to decide for yourself whether you have reason to feel sorry for him! This story's going to be 18 chapters all up, but that's not the point at which the whole story's going to come to a close if you ge me, it's just that I know where would be a good point to end the first part and begin the 2nd (possibly with a prologue of Sirius POV, it's not yet written but I have the whole idea) so then it would carry on into the sequel. Anyway thanks for reviewing, I'm glad you like to do it! I hope you keep reading and by the way this review was awesome!

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Review #5, by bookspongeStill Delicate: Nuptial Catastrophe

14th August 2009:
Yay!!! they kissed!!! FINALLY!!! WOHOH! *starts doing victory dance*

you have made me incredibly, insanely happy and goodness, i was dreading the kiss ending just as much as Rose was!

It ended all too soon, in my opinion, but hey, can't wait until next chapter, i wonder what Jenny'll have to say.

Boy are they naughty.

The chapter overall was great, some really funny moments such as the destruction of Molly's cake haha, i knew that was going to happen.

Oh and the conversation with Scorpius had my heart clenching, just as the kiss did, i just wish their conversation had been longer, maybe clearing up scorpius' feelings for Rose perhaps??? but its okay, i know he loves her anyway.

Woah, this review is really lacking in structure, usually i would sort of think about what im going to say before i write it, but well, i just put my thoughts down because im in a bit of a hurry, so yes, now you have an insight into my twisted little head...

and i think i'll just shut up now.

great chappie, looking forward to the next update : )


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Review #6, by bookspongeFall For Anything: I'm Fine

9th July 2009:
ah cliff hangers. Every writers personal tool to torture innocent readers...

i was just getting into it in the end there you know!!! I was like 'yay! yay! they're finally telling them!'

but alas, you ripped it all out from beneath my feet! lol, sorry, enough of the analogies now,

good chapter, it was long, but it didn't feel like it that's for sure, and drunk deb is quite funny actually, and oh how i wish they had told James and Lily!

looks like I'll just have to continue waiting... *sighs*

um, i don't think i had much more to say, good work, keep it up : )


Author's Response: well personally im glad you have to keep reading..and that you want to ( i hope! ) but sorry that its an obligation! haha, no seriously thanks for reviewing it means a lot and i hope you enjoy the rest!

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Review #7, by bookspongeAccidentally on Purpose: Of Shocking News and Black Coats

7th July 2009:
you forgot to apologise for the major cliff hanger at the end there in your A/N!

or maybe you aren't sorry.


just kidding; good chapter, really felt for Nell and i really like your characterisation, it's done really well. Nice flow, nice dialogue, nice... everything.

good work, looking forward to the next update : )


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Review #8, by bookspongeHide and Seek: No Reasons for Restless Napkins

4th July 2009:
wooohee (interesting sound if i do say so myself)

emotions running high... again. lol. but that's okay, i just can't wait until oliver comes back in! oh and if he did just walk into katie's house, i think he should just talk to her, in a very un-dramatic fashion (well at first, at least) and apologise and i think she should apologise too and then they can... kiss and make up!

but, that obviously aint gonna happen because it would be way too easy.

however, i am noticing a pattern here, first oliver and jane break up, now katie and george... please... no more break ups!

well, you can if you really want to because i'll still read either way, but you would be saving me a lot of heart problems if the break ups stopped.

ummm, don't really have any favourite parts, although the fight between K and G was really well written i must say, overall a good chapter : )

not much else to say.

until next chapter,


Author's Response: Sometimes I wish things were just as easy as kiss and make up. Maybe I\\\'ll make that un-cliche or something to make things easy haha. Alas, I wish. I hope you\\\'re right about the pattern, and by right I mean that there are no more break-ups. So sad! imagine all four girls broken up. Sad sad! Thanks so much for the review!

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Review #9, by bookspongeHide and Seek: Measuring Tape Needed

22nd June 2009:

Thought i would stop by to let you know that i thoroughly enjoyed the chappie and i absolutely loved that the boys were back (As various other reviewers have already told you) and that Jane was slowly getting back to normal : )

Though i must say, that i really really really miss Oliver, goshness, it just isn't the same without him is it? And i hope that they make the first steps to making up sometime soon (but no rush) oh and i was just wondering, how long are you planning on this story being, chapter wise? Just curious, oh and before i forget, very well written, as usual : )

Funny, lighter than the last few chapters and very enjoyable! Good job, can't wait until the next installment!


Author's Response: I do love the boys. They're wonderful, aren't they?

I miss Oliver too! He'll be in the story soon, I promise, but there are a couple things I have to do before he can come back. I hope you understand. But he'll be back most definitely.

As for the story, it isn't completely planned out yet. I think I have it up to 30-something right now but I think it'll be longer, closer to 40. So it's going to be hefty. :)

Thank you for the review!

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Review #10, by bookspongeHide and Seek: A Bouquet of Break

13th June 2009:
woho, emotions were running high there. And even though it wasn't as perky a chapter as some of the others, or as humorous, it was still a great chapter. And you showcased your abilities to draw emotions from the reader. I really felt for Jane in that chapter, and kudos to you for making me feel something. Every good writer has to be capable to make their readers feel something with their writing. Too often i read something that's written well, in the conventional sense, but there's just no feeling in it.

But this was really really good. And a really good blow up by the way, completely realistic and yes, I'm like you and Jane, i tend to bottle things up, and they just build up and up and up until i completely burst... just like Jane actually. Except i tend to take it out on the wrong people... lol.

Anywho, great chapter, looking forward to more : )


Author's Response: I agree with you, actually. I just finished a book that had an amazing plot and whatnot, but I felt nothing toward the characters because the dialogue and characterization was just a bit off. I wanted to fix it, haha. And in a book nonetheless. But I'm glad you're liking this. I totally bottle things up too. Thank you so much for the review, can't wait to see what you think of the next!

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Review #11, by bookspongePerfect? Hardly...: Making an Effort

1st June 2009:
Nice start, and by the way, that summary... well... it was enigmatic and compelling... to say the least.

Anywho, i enjoyed the little joke between Lily and her parents, but i find it hard to believe that she had waited until the first day of school to tell her parents that she was head girl. But no matter, it's a small insignificant detail.

So yes, that was about all i had to say.

Good work, looking forward to see how this story pans out : )

Oh and by the way, VEGEMITE?! God i hate that stuff. HATE IT!

lol, but whatever tickles your fancy : )

Author's Response: I've noticed that a lot of my overseas friends hate it too... thats what made the Vegemite reference so appealing to me.
Thanks for reviewing.

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Review #12, by bookspongeFall For Anything: Thirteen Budgies

29th May 2009:


That chapter was a little topsy turvy like you mentioned, but it definitely wasn't, in any way, bad. My god, the emotion in this chapter was almost palpable; you just executed it so well! Not so much the beginning of the chapter, more just the scene with Dee/Freddie and their dad. Wow wow wow wow, i almost felt like crying just like Dee, so just that and the fact that i could relate to her even though i have experienced nothing of the sort myself means you did a superb job.

Kudos to you! Too many times i read a story where i just can't feel it, relate to it, but this one.. well... i did feel something.

Written really, REALLY well, i have to add, and also, i would just like to say, that you sort of surprised me with this. In the beginning of the story i just thought this was going to another light-hearted, fluffy, feel-good romantic journey, (and of course, with that comes the lack of depth.. tee hee... but i love it anyway) and although in many ways it is, this background to Dee and Freddie, just gives it that layer of depth, that layer of substance that all good stories have.

So again, kudos to you!

Oh and just to give you one more compliment to inflate your ego even more, i think that you did a really honest and realistic portrayal of Debbie and Freddie's characters, taking into account what they had been through, and i really think, that that really is how someone who's experienced that kind of pain and suffering would react in that situation. And also, who they would become because of those past experiences as well. And that takes talent, a lot of talent, and also, a lot of hard work and thought. It's clear that you've put a lot of thought and time into this chapter, and this story as a whole.

So again, really great work.

The only little thing that i sort of don't like (and that is because of my own biased opinion.. tee hee, so you should probably disregard what I'm about to say) is maybe your portrayal of Sirius. I just have this thing against him as a playboy, but i must say, even though i particularly detest that kind of portrayal of him, you have done that too, exceedingly well, and the fact that I'm reading it, and liking it, is again another compliment to your writing abilities!

Ookaaay, that is just about enough of my rambling nonsense now - i don't usually leave such long reviews... or leave reviews at all really - that was all i really had to say and... yeah. I hope that i can refine my writing skills to the point that you have, one day as well :)

Can't wait until the next installment, (but i have no problem waiting so no rush or anything),

until the next time i leave a review (in other words, the next time you write a stellar chapter :D )


Author's Response: OH MY GOSH that is one hell of a review, but thank you so much! this is really amazing to hear, especially as i was so worried about this writing this sort of thing because its really, as you said, not the sort of thing people can usually relate to if they haven't been through similar things themselve, and i'm sure that there are people who have been through these things and dealt with it in a different way... and im rambling. but this gist of it all is thank you!

and about the whole sirius character thing, i absolutely agree if i'm honest - when i first read a story on hpff that portayed sirius as a playboy i was like whaat? when did jkr ever mention this? even when looking back at the stories i see it more as a 'he didnt know how much girls were interested in him' sort of thing, but if that was true then i wouldnt have my story would i? :P

anyway, thank you so much again for breaking yoru traditions and review, i hope i give you further reason to in the future!

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Review #13, by bookspongeStill Delicate: Disaster

24th April 2009:
A nice chappie, a good follow on from the last chapter.

Pity that Scorupius didn't really react to her confession last chapter, i had been particularly looking forward to that, but i refuse to think that he didn't feel anything! Rose and Scorpius are meant to be! i know they are! lol.

I also thought the scene after the wand explosion was very good, where Rose held her own. It was a nice moment, and I can tell this story is going to be one of extreme growth for Little Old Rose Weasley.

But unfortunately i can't bring myself to say this chapter was great, it was good, not your best, but good. Still love the story though, and i look forward to some more Scorpius/Rose action!

Nice job, and don't feel pressured about updating quickly, do it when you can; i completely understand the whole Life Swallowing you Alive thing, it's happening to me right now (and yet, i still found time to read your update...)

: )

Until the next chapter,


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Review #14, by bookspongeKeep Away: Mistletoe

5th April 2009:
oh the suspense! the suspense!

again, i will reiterate the point that oliver is sooo sweet! *sigh* and god, you were killing me there at the end when i was like "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss you idiots! KISS!"

but they didn't.


kidding. lovely chapter, full of ollie, just as it should be.

Author's Response: Sorry, I just had to be mean. I'm horrible :) That was my favorite chapter though of Keep Away. Thank you!

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Review #15, by bookspongeKeep Away: Perry Practice

5th April 2009:
Oh I take it all back! Oliver is sooo sweet! No seriously, my heart was doing these funny flip things when he gave her his broom!

I'm really getting into this story, more than I've gotten into a story in ages, so kudos to you for keeping my interest, and making my heart do flippy things! It's been a while since I've read a story that's made me do that!

Addictive that's what it is!

Author's Response: Thanks so much, a lot of people have told me that which makes me feel warm & fuzzy. I really hope you continue to enjoy it! Thank you!

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Review #16, by bookspongeKeep Away: Spreading the Word

5th April 2009:
Oh Oliver is naughty!!! Intriguing beginning, looking forward to getting on to read more!

Oh and there was nice chemistry between Oliver and Jane, you portrayed it nicely, with comments like "i didn't expect him to see right through me" and such. Nice little subtle touches.

Well done!

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm so glad you spotted my subtle hints :) Thanks so much for the review, I'm looking forward to seeing what else you think!

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Review #17, by bookspongeThe Last Fight: Crazy Mornings and Nightmares

26th January 2009:
Yay! Chapter two finally came! This was another fantastic chapter and a lovely continuation from chapter one. I laughed out loud so many times and i was intrigued at all the right moments. I love the originality of this story, and as another reviewer said in chapter one, this story definitely has a spark of it's own.

And it is so completely you... lol.

Keep the good stuff coming, can't wait until chapter three, so hurry up and start writing!

love you lots munchkin, this is a great story, you should be proud,


P.S: here's a cookie *hands over triple choc fudge belgian cookie*

Ha ha! Don't scream too loud, I can hear you from here : )

oh! and you should call me, I need a distraction from homework!

Author's Response: What do you mean that it's so completely me?
What is me?
What are you TALKING about woman?
Okay, i'm calm now.

Down to buisness.

Okay that was weird and unexpected, it was my other half you know the one.
The crazy one, tee hee.

No really, i'm serious now. it was a rush of sugar and a sudden impulse i couldn't ignore.
Who says i'm not an impulsive person.
*sticks tounge out as playful gesture*

Thank you for a lovely review, i'm happy, no exuberant (can you use that word in this context) *shrugs shoulders* that i... yes i can make you laugh.
I'm thrilled that you like it and think that it has a spark.
You are on the recieving end of my long and endless calls about nothing, not to mention the endless pranks i pull on you. I may not always put them into practise but i assure you they're always there on my mind, tee hee.
Thank you for putting up with me these last, i don't know... 100 years.
It feels like that (*puts hands up defensively*) in a good way.

lOve you more
munchkin :D
P.s if you so happen to utter the word cookie in any futher reviews you write i will personally see to it that this time you WILL get hit by a frying pan.
Hah hah, tee hee, ho ho etc etc.

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Review #18, by bookspongeThe Last Fight: Going Home

27th November 2008:
Loved it! You did a really great job of portraying, not just Dumbledore, but his wife and his hilarious family! I absolutely loved the whole purple hair thing, and the facial cleansers thingy! made me laugh!

really good start, can't wait to read more! is more coming soon?

pretty pwease? *gives puss in boots eyes*

Author's Response: Wow, thanks for a great review. I'm happy you liked dumbledore, i really hope i caught his personality. More comin your way don't worry.
By the way the purple hair thing came from my best friend.

Munchkin123 :)

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