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Review #1, by ClearCutDiamondsAurore: briar rose's tower

27th March 2011:
I'm so sorry for taking so long to get to this!

I really liked comparisons drawn from Sleeping Beauty. The sleeping and awake. Also, the towers and the pricking of the finger you mention in the beginning.

The use of second person was really good, too. I liked that for the better half of the beginning, you don't exactly know who the characters are so you can draw your own assumptions and paint your own pictures of the characters. The characterization of Scorpius in this was amazing. I actually really disliked him until the end where he says that she's the only one.

I also really like the description mixed with the second person: "He held up three fingers. They stood in the air like spindly towers. Or spindles. You weren't sure." Just little details like that really enhanced the story.

There were a couple of other lines I really liked: "A wry grimace twisted your face. It cut a slash through where your mouth should have been. A blade stole your lips, revealed the bone." "There was no sound, no heartbeat, no note-just the rhythm of his breaths, a steady stream of stupid things, enthralling things, poisonous dangerous thorns of brilliance piercing you, drawing blood, throwing you to-" And: "The grey skies dotted with bursts of dirty blue, the grass dormant, perhaps dying." I love colour, so I particularly liked that line.

Also, how in the summary it is mentioned that she fears the conversation, I feel like the dialogue really flowed well. I feel like you successfully managed to use second person and that this was really well put together.


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Review #2, by ClearCutDiamondsEntangled: she is patient

14th March 2011:
This was really beautifully written. People rarely write in second person, but I think, when well-written, it has so much more impact than first or third. And this was incredibly well-done. I think the combination of, as you said, "second person, present tense and non-linear narration" worked perfectly. The second person point of view had a really big impact - especially with that ending line. The non-linear narrative you employed in the story had good transitioning and I think, made the story a lot more poignant. Although, it was slightly confusing, but after re-reading it I think I finally understood. I have to know, and I may be wrong, but is the patient girl Victoire?

Your description was also really well done and I have to say this again - the writing was really beautiful. I liked Molly's character a lot. I think her little dialogue has a lot of truth in it and that Teddy sort of found solace in her. I also really liked Teddy. He was confused and grappling with the reality of his life, but I think his frustration was realistic. Anyways, I think that this was wonderfully put together and written. I can safely say that I've never read anything like it.


Author's Response: hey Amanda!!!

thank you for such a lovely review hun! i am really pleased you enjoyed it.

i love second person! i have a few fics in second person POV now and i just find it beautiful to work with, given the right characters. this was originally third person, but it was lacking that impact that i wanted, so i made the decision to change it.

thanks so much - i am glad those other choices worked as well! yes, the patient girl is Victoire, and i kind of imagined it going full circle for her - she wanted teddy when he wanted molly, and she got him, but i think she always knew he was not over molly.

thanks so much! I was terribly worried about how Molly would come off - how they all would come off to the reader - so i am very pleased it seems to have worked! he did find a sort of solace in her, but he was never able to provide her with the solace she needed.

*hugs* i am so glad you liked it and thank you so much for coming to review!

Kate xx

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Review #3, by ClearCutDiamondsSummer Rain: Summer Rain

14th March 2011:
Let me just start of by saying that I thought this was amazing. Really. I feel like Dominique's emotions were really real. Most of all, I like that she was sad rather than angry and resentful towards Scorpius. It makes me sympathize with her character a lot more. I also feel like Dominique's emotions of pain, sadness and heartbreak ran really deep and were quite realistic.

You wrote of Dominique's unrequited love for Scorpius really well and I felt like I really understood her feelings and his personality. I loved the description and I especially loved the ending line because I feel like it's almost hopeful or accepting on Dominique's part.


Author's Response: Aw, thank you so much! I definitely wanted to steer away from angry and resentful. I don't feel like she'd really be justified in being angry nor would it be really characteristic of her, at least to me. I'm glad you liked that about it.

I really like the ending line as well. I thought it kind of tied it together nicely; gave it a real ending.

Thank you so much for your lovely review. I really appreciate it!

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Review #4, by ClearCutDiamondsThe Point of No Return: The Point of No Return

31st December 2010:
I liked the twist you put in, even though the ending was sad. I loved all the quotes you added in because they all fit really well. This was really good!

Happy New Year!

Author's Response: Thanks! I spent forever going through all my HP books looking for likely quotes; glad to know all my obsessive searching paid off. :D

Happy New Year to you, too!

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Review #5, by ClearCutDiamondsIt's Not Supposed to Go Like That: It's Not Supposed to Go Like That

23rd December 2010:
This was really sad. I remember reading the part where Remus and Tonks die in DH and I think you wrote it from another person's perspective perfectly. I liked the friendship you created between Madame Pomfrey and Remus. I liked that they had a special bond. This was really heartbreaking, but perfectly written.

Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: I'm so glad you liked it! This is my favorite of all the song fics I've written. It was both fun and interesting to explore the relationship between Remus and Madam Pomfrey. Merry Christmas to you, too! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #6, by ClearCutDiamondsLie to Me: Lie to Me

23rd December 2010:
I love Remus/Tonks stories! I think that their story is really romantic - but I like how you didn't end this on a happy note. I liked the detail of why Tonks hates lying. The song fit perfectly with the mood of the story and the plot. Although this had a sad ending, it was really well written. I noticed something about your writing: you really have a way of making readers empathize with your characters. I really loved reading this and your other one-shots!

Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: Me too! Remus/Tonks is my favorite ship. I was originally going to end it on a happy note, but it just wasn't going to work with the song and then I realized it wouldn't have worked anyway. I'm so glad you liked it. Aw, thanks! It's one of the things I try to do with my writing- make the reader really feel for the character. Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #7, by ClearCutDiamondsMore Than a Memory: More Than a Memory

23rd December 2010:
I haven't read many song-fics, but I really like how you incorporated this song into the storyline. I love reading stories that go deeper with the canon facts. The story was really sad, but I like how you stuck to canon. You really gave a deeper sense to Severus' character. This was sad, but really well-written!

Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: Those are some of my favorite stories, too. JKR gave us so much with the Potter books but there's still so much to be explored. So glad you liked it! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #8, by ClearCutDiamondsLike Coming Home: Like Coming Home

23rd December 2010:
This was so beautifully written! I very much liked the bittersweet ending. I like the idea that the people we loved never truly leave our hearts. I haven't read many Marauder-era stories centered on Remus, but I really loved reading this! The whole sense of smell in forming memories was a nice touch to the story. The flow of the story was also really good and how you tied everything together at the end. I hate sad endings, but this one was bittersweet, and really well done.

Merry Christmas!


Author's Response: I like that idea, too. I really like the idea of how two people can drift apart, but still have a special place for the other in their heart, yet still move on to other parts of their lives. I've found that Remus-centric Marauders fics are hard to come by and they're definitely my favorite stories. So glad you liked this! Thanks for reading and reviewing! :)

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Review #9, by ClearCutDiamondsThe Darkest Night: The Darkest Night

27th June 2010:
Vikki, this was amazing! You wrote Remus perfectly. And I love how you used Snape's jinx in the library and how all the events unfolded. The scene was just really real - like it could have been a 'Missing Moment' from the books, seriously.

I think you captured Remus' guilt and Sirius' joking nonchalance and Snape's unforgiving manner completely spot on. The only frustrating thing was Snape because he's such a ... jerk. But, that's exactly how he would have acted in the books. By the way, the ending line was especially good, poor Remus still feels guilty when Snape is a compete jerk.

I think that's all I have to say and like I told you yesterday in my text this is really good. Hopefully your friends procrastination and writer's block will leave and you can post your other stuff!


Author's Response: AMANDA!
Holy Jeebus woman, thank you :$
For Remus and Sirius, I had to go back to the books alot, which is also why it took as long as it did, but it's good to know I didn't do so bad! :P
Good lord, imagine having to write him? I don't know how Jo did it. Just writing him in for what, a couple paragraphs, had me almost ripping my hair out, never mind having to write him for seven books!
The ending line? You didn't think it was too dramatic?
And once again, merci buckets m'dear! I'll have to get rid of them by force, cuz now I'm stuck with the George one-shot...OH I have a question that can help me with that actually!
Go on Book of Face and I'll ask you there >:D
Mucho love,

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Review #10, by ClearCutDiamondsGood: Albus

25th June 2010:
This was amazing. Seriously, it's great. I've been really interested in Albus and Aberforth's relationship since Aberforth's tale in the seventh book. There aren't many stories about them which is why I was so happy to have found this story because the way you wrote Albus and Aberforth together was pretty much spot on from the little we know about their youth.

I love the way you've made everything fit together. I think it's great that you've written from everything JKR wrote and kind of made it your own. Aberforth's accent was really well done, as well.

I like how you give a new perspective to the Albus Dumbledore we all knew. He's kind of a jerk and Aberforth has the exact same bitterness towards Albus that he had in the seventh book. It's all really, really great.

I'm also really interested in how you're going to develop everything. Anyways, great job with this and I really hope you continue this!

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Review #11, by ClearCutDiamondsCruel and Idiotic Punishment: Cruel and Idiotic Punishment

30th April 2010:
Hey, clearcutdiamond here with your review from the forums! I'm so sorry for taking so long to get to this!

I liked this chapter a lot because I've never read anything like it before. It was original and well-written. I think you wrote Bellatrix really well. You described her as JKR did and your whole plot line is really great because it seems like something that could have really happened.

I didn't spot any grammatical errors, which is great. The dialogue was really well done, as was the way you wrote Narcissa. I pitied Snape in this because Bellatrix was just as she's supposed to be - cruel and sadistic.

I loved the way Bellatrix's plan backfired. The last line was so sad, it really shows how much Snape loved Lily. Another reason I liked this was because it was so well-written in terms of the canon characters, the dialogue and just the situation in general that it felt like a missing moment from HP. Anyways, really well done!


Author's Response: Wow, thank you so much! I'm thrilled that you thought Bellatrix was written well -- she's the character I have the most fun writing. Oh, and I'm glad that it felt like a missing moment, that's what I hoped it would come off as.

Thanks again!

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Review #12, by ClearCutDiamondsSummer holidays: Oh baby

17th April 2010:
Hey, clearcutdiamond here with the continuation of your requested reviews!

The storyline flows well throughout the chapters and I like Rose's character more and more because of her humor. The situation is funny and I like how you depict the Weasley family vacation.

I don't really have anything else to comment on, great job!

Thank you for requesting!


Author's Response: I am glad that you like the humor, I'll try and continue it =)
Thank you xoxo

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Review #13, by ClearCutDiamondsSummer holidays: Squashed like a tomato

17th April 2010:
Hey, clearcutdiamond here with the continuation of your requested reviews!

This chapter was a good continuation of the last. The punctuation and spacing still make it a bit hard to read, though. I like Rose's sarcastic interior monologue and the humor throughout the chapter.

I also like the continuation of Rose and Scorpius' arguing. Other than that, I don't really have much else to comment on.


Author's Response: Thank you again for taking your time to review =)

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Review #14, by ClearCutDiamondsSummer holidays: How it all began

17th April 2010:
Hey, clearcutdiamond here with your requested reviews!

This was more of an introductory chapter and that's good. But, it was a little cliche to jump straight into the physical description of all the characters and how her cousins are all "totally gorgeous." Instead of saying it, describe it, that way readers can get an idea for themselves, you know?

Your punctuation and spacing made it a little hard to read, as well. And even though you say English isn't your first language, I think you write pretty well. And the grammar wasn't bad at all except for some minor typos.

So far, I like Rose's voice throughout. Your opening chapter also leaves a lot for readers to look forward to, which is good.

Overall, I think this was well done. I'm interested to see how the summer holidays unfold.


Author's Response: Yeah, you are right, maybe I'll rewrite it as soon as I have time =)
Thank you so much for reviewing xoxo

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Review #15, by ClearCutDiamondsTrainwreck: March 26th 2025

12th April 2010:
Hey, clearcutdiamond here from the forums with the continuation of your requested reviews!

I like the more serious tone that this chapter took. I didn't expect Rose to have a boyfriend - let alone be engaged. I'm curious as to how Scorpius fits in. I think the bedroom scene was believable, you didn't go too much into detail, so that was good. But, I didn't pick up on any symbolism, though.

I like the storyline so far. But, I can already see how her job is going to strain her new engagement. I'm curious about what happened to Mr Rice.

I love friendship between Louis and Rose. And the way you write Louis. Their easy-going conversation lightened up the sad mood of the chapter, which was good because I think a balance is needed in stories.

Anyways, great chapter and thankyou for requesting!


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

Yes, this cahpter was a lot more serious, which was bizzare for me, because I write humour mostly. Yeah, Rose does have a boyfriend - well, fiance now. Scorpius will fit in about Chapter 4 I think ... Unfortunately, he's not half as cool as you Scorpius. (btw, can I marry him? If Rose really doesn't want him?)

Maybe my symbolsim wans't really symbolism, and just me imagining there was ... or i've just been studying English far too much.

Mr Rice ... I'll not comment on that.

Yeah, I did feel a need for balance. I felt depressed writing this, so I felt much better writing their dialogue. Plus I kind of love him too! (yes, I love characters. Even some which I've invented. I'm sad, I know it)

And no, thankyou for reviewing!

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Review #16, by ClearCutDiamondsTrainwreck: June 25th 2021

12th April 2010:
Hey, clearcutdiamond here from the forums with your requested review!

I thought your characterization of Rose was well done. During the flashback, she seemed like typical perfect school girl. I'm interested to see how her character changes in the story because your summary talks about her falling into a downward spiral. And because you said that she was everything Scorpius loved and wanted to be - past tense. I'm interested to see what he thinks about her now or in the future.

Your opening after the flashback was also good. Everyone writes the Weasleys a different way, and I like the way you write them. It's classic James II to be hexing his cousins. But, I very much like your idea of having Dom and Louis twins. I also like how Rose is close with Louis as opposed to how she's normally close with Albus in stories.

I thought the dialogue in the Ron/Hermione/Rose scene was a bit awkward. But, you write them in canon, which is good.

I don't think Rose is like a Mary-Sue. I don't think we know enough about her yet to label the way you write her character. But, the good thing about her character is that she's never been written by JKR, so you can write her any way you want. I like that you describe her physical appearance so that readers get an idea of how she looks.

All in all, I like it a lot so far. It was nice to read a story with no grammatical errors. And the plot of your story seems to be getting interesting.


Author's Response: Thanks for the review!

I am SO stoked the characterisation was conveyed the way I wanted it to be. And yes, the "was" is intentional. very intentional.

Yeah, I did want my next-genners (don't think that's a word) to be a bit different. Btw, I really liek you Next-genners ... in case you hadn't picked up on that :P

Yeah, I just can't get that scene right for some reason. It does feel weird reading over that, but I'm having a lot of trouble re-writing it.

thanks again for the really lovely review!

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Review #17, by ClearCutDiamondsPesky Parchment : Howling Parchment

8th April 2010:
Haha, I loved this chapter. The howler was so funny with the whole family saying different things. Especially Harry being all nice and Fleur asking about Louis. Haha, it was all brilliant. Poor Rose, but I still think James is hilarious. Great chapter! :)

Author's Response: Actually I think James is my favorite to write in the story so I'm glad everyone seems to love him, and we'll being seeing him over christmas holiday :D

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Review #18, by ClearCutDiamondsPesky Parchment : Gossip Parchment

4th April 2010:
I love James!

"James looked down at me, "I feel so dirty. So used." "


"James pointed to his mouth, "I filter no thoughts Rose, and these lips are free thinking."

James is hilarious, I love the way you write him.

And, I love how Hugo signed his letter with "Your Faithful Agent." Haha, this chapter was really good. Great job! :)

Author's Response: xD yeah Hugo is a goofball. I'm so incredibly happy that your liking my story so much! It warms the heart

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Review #19, by ClearCutDiamondsPesky Parchment : Pesky Parchment

4th April 2010:
I really really liked this. The humor in this was great. James was hilarious, he's so dramatic and dumb, I love his character.

I loved this line, "Jill whispered, "Well, I think he knows now." "

Aw, poor Rose. I like the idea of this story. Good job! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, I am having such a blast writing James even though it is from Rose's POV haha. Glad you thought it was funny! Thanks so much for reviewing !

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Review #20, by ClearCutDiamondsMy Life Without Me: And Then We End

20th March 2010:
The scene when Vic realizes that Andy and Lisa are in love was heartbreaking. And Vic talking about fate was also really sad. I really love this story and it makes me so sad, especially because Vic doesn't want to be forgotten. I think we know Vic's going to die and the fact that she doesn't feel loved is even more depressing. Something I like about Vic's character is that she's isn't ignorant, for example she knows that James and Lily are only having a Winter Wedding because they want her to be there for it.

I really love this story because I haven't read any other fanfiction like it. I'm really excited for the Wedding as well. I'm a really bad reviewer but seriously, amazing job with this!


Author's Response: Thank you so much!! You're not a bad reviewer at all :] on the contrary i think your review is wonderful, thank you so much :) I'm glad you liked the story :D

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Review #21, by ClearCutDiamondsFireflies: Fireflies

20th March 2010:
I really like this so far. I like how you describe Voldemort. I find it so heartbreaking that Lily keeps repeating about how she wants to watch her son grow up and we all know that it never happens. Even though this isn't beta-ed, I still think it's good. I'm interested to see how you continue this.

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Review #22, by ClearCutDiamondsIt Ain't Me Babe: It Ain't Me Babe

27th February 2010:
I really liked this. I think you blended all three challenges together perfectly. I think you wrote James really well, how he didn't want to hurt Adonia, so he tried to do what was best for her. I think this flowed really nicely. The end was really romantic, too. I always love a happy ending.

Your description was well done and the song really fit with song.

ps. Thankyou for writing the challenge!

Author's Response: Aww thank you! I am really glad you liked it, and Im really glad you thought I made them go well together! It was a fabulous callenge, I had so much fun participating in it! Thanks again!

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Review #23, by ClearCutDiamondsFourth Time Around: Fourth Time Around

27th February 2010:
This was so adorable. I think the intimate moments fit perfectly with the song. The way you wrote James was great and the fact that he didn't say I love you to Lily when she asked is exactly what I think he would have done. I loved the friendship between Sirius and James that you depicted a little. The ending was wonderful because it was so well-written and perfect.

I love the way you interpreted the song in this and everything just fit together so perfectly. I think you write really well and that this was really amazing.

ps. Thank you for writing the challenge!

Author's Response: Wow! Thank you so much XD. I'm glad you liked it. Everything seemed to work so perfectly and I really enjoyed writing it. It's wasn't so much of a challenge as inspiration! :)

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Review #24, by ClearCutDiamondsOh, Ollie!: In Which Oliver and Kenna Are Again Interrupted

20th February 2010:
I've been neglecting my favourites stories and I came back to read all the chapters I'd missed. I love this story so much! I'd forgotten how hilarious Kenna and Oliver are together and with Smith coming in at the completely wrong time. I really like reading from Oliver's point of view, but it's been so long since we've read from Kenna's!

Anyways, everything is just as funny as always and I honestly think that this story is the best Oliver/OC story on this site. It's so amazingly funny and awesome, great job!


Author's Response: Aww. Thank you! I love hearing things like this. I'm so glad you liked it! And haha, I'm getting a lot of clamors for Kenna's POV to come back. If you'll be patient, it will fairly soon.

Again, thanks so much! I really appreciate all that you've said, and I hope you'll continue reading!

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Review #25, by ClearCutDiamondsOut of reach: She was definitely out of reach

12th February 2010:
I never read anything from Dean's point of view, so this was different. It was so sad, poor Dean, especially the last paragraph. I thought the song fit well with the theme of the story.


Author's Response: thank u so much 4 this lovely review Amanda! it was something i decided to try and this was the final product. it happened while i was hearing to this song and i wrote this in one day. make sure to read the sequel "A new love to be found". hopefully u'll like that one too...^_^

Harry and Ginny

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