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Review #1, by icegreen89Eleanor Digby: Let It Be

21st June 2011:
It's well past 3.30 AM and I'm up just to read this. It's very, very well done. Really great.

Author's Response: Really? Although it's not good that you stayed up so late to read this, I'm really glad that you liked the story enough to do so. :P It's a wonderful compliment, and I appreciate it and the fact that you reviewed. Thank you! :D

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Review #2, by icegreen89The Boy Who...: Let Go

20th June 2011:
This is excellent. Just breathtaking. I was crying a little. Poor fallen Draco, and baby Scorpius is so perfect. Now I hope you later do a bit about Scorpius too.

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! It's such a huge compliment when my writing makes someone else emotional.

You know, I never actually thought about doing ones for the next-gen characters, but I might have to include that now!

Thanks for this lovely review!


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Review #3, by icegreen89Déjà Vu: Parchment Textures, More Visions and Decisions (Hey, That Rhymed!)

6th April 2011:
I know your wrath is supposedly frightening, but mine is actually so. Really. Seriously.

Update soon.




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Review #4, by icegreen89Where Our Echoes End: To Drift As We Do

27th March 2011:
It's unbelievable, how well you write.

Author's Response: You're lovely - thanks so much. :)

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Review #5, by icegreen89Raining: Shrieking Shack, Seventh Year.

23rd February 2011:
You know, this is my first review in the longest time. I love how you've handled this. Amelie is strong and mature and such situations usually end in forgiveness in fanfiction as though nothing at all had happened. This is great.

Author's Response: Thank you so so much for taking the time and effort to review after such a long time (I had a cheeky stalk - four months!). Thank you for thinking my story was worthy. I'm glad you liked the believability of the chapter. I thought it was really important to put across. Thanks again for the review.

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Review #6, by icegreen89The Boy Who...: Lived

25th September 2010:
I read the other reviews, so I cannot take credit for this, but I can agree with them and say that Harry has died for the rest of the world. It's what he does- he sacrifices himself for 'the greater good'. His family should give him reason to live. I think he'd want to watch his sons and later his daughter grow up. He'd want to live.

I really wish you'd update, BTW. These are great.

Author's Response: Yes, Harry did die for the rest of the world. He already sacrificed himself once, why should he feel that he would do it again? I don't know. Perhaps it is a minor flaw of his--growing up always putting his neck out to save other people. Maybe he doesn't know that living for someone is just as powerful if not more than dying for them?

Or maybe I just made all that up. xD It's a possibility. Yes, his family does give him a reason to live, but he would be willing to die for them nonetheless. ^^

And I hope to be able to update soon! I have a few stories for this in rough draft form. Just haven't gotten around to prettying them up yet.

Thanks for the reviews!

Magically Yours,


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Review #7, by icegreen89The Boy Who...: Lied

25th September 2010:
These are lovely. I really wish you'd write about the other Weasley boys too. With your skill, I know they'll all come alive. The banner is also fantastic.

Author's Response: I'll definitely be getting to all the Weasley boys eventually! They each have such fantastic stories and characters, how could I pass them up?

And thank you for the compliment on my writing skill. ^^

I love the banner. So much love. xD

Magically Yours,


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Review #8, by icegreen89Songs of Calico: A Realisation

3rd April 2010:
Oh... so I'm not a stalker or anything :D really... :D Ah well... I guess there's something to say for updating this soon. I'll be looking forward to it.

Really though, you're a fabulously talented writer, you know that, right? I really wish I had some of that. I love all your stories I've read so far.

Author's Response: Haha no I see that :P Honestly, I wouldn't get your hopes up for an update - don't really see it happening any time soon.

-Hides- Thank you so much! I've got plenty of rubbish stories out there, don't worry about that! Thank you so much for all your reviews, they've been fabulous =]

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Review #9, by icegreen89Songs of Calico: The Problem With Quidditch

3rd April 2010:
Okay- brilliant, as usual. Indi... so, you're Indian? Or Asian, I take it? Just a question, though, not meant to cause any kind of alarm or offence. I am. Indian.

Author's Response: Ahhh nope. Not at all actually haha. I don't think there's any Indian or Asian in me at all.
Thanks for the review!

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Review #10, by icegreen89Songs of Calico: Prologue

3rd April 2010:
Observation: She on first name basis with her aunts and uncles.

Author's Response: Ahh yep. I thought most people were? Guess not!

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Review #11, by icegreen89Monday, Monday: Stand By Me

3rd April 2010:
Hi, hello. Again. Okay. Brilliant, like the previous one. Was expecting five chapters, then saw that arrow pointing to the next chapter. Was very pleased. Louis sounds like my best friend. Also male. Hmm.

SO I didn't spot the Viktor reference, and I don't know who the girl is at the end of the chapter... Oh, and I'm in for Sam and Louis. Just in case you wanted to know.

So now, I'm off to read something else by you. That Calico story.

Author's Response: Ahh excellent timing it seems you have! Think it must have got updated just as, or before, you started reading it. Really? Well you're doing alright then, Louis being a pretty rocking dude and all.

Well, there was a mild misspelling that might have made things difficult! Haha well, you aren't really supposed to know who she is - that's rather why I cut things off there :P
Hate to be the one to break it to you, but Sam/Louis just isn't going to happen. I'm a bit over the whole best friends falling for each other thing to be honest.

Good luck with that and thank you so much for the review!

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Review #12, by icegreen89Any Given Sunday: I.

2nd April 2010:
Utterly brilliant. Really. I hope the sequel is really, really long. :D

Author's Response: Oh wow! Thank you so much! The sequel - Monday, Monday - is currently five chapters long with a sixth on the queue =]
Couldn't HONESTLY say it's really, really long yet - it's getting there though!
Thank you so much for a fabulous review XD

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Review #13, by icegreen89How to tame a Marauder: Confrontations

16th January 2010:
Hi again :)

Your answer was looong! I loved it! :D

Well, firstly, no one as such recommended the story to me- I am not active on the forums or anything. I generally select my fics based on the number of reviews they have garnered, since I generally only review something particularly good. Next, any awards they have won- also a symbol of general appreciation, I think. The last hurdle is me. I read a bit of the first chapter to see if everything sounds right- grammar, usage, characterisation, story, etc... mostly, f I feel the author is doing justice to what they wish to convey, I give it a chance. The first two tests don't automatically mean I don't read new fics... let's just say I have a long list of favourites.

Okay. The last bit in this chapter didn't sit right. Not because I don't want them to get separated again (because that's boring), but because it seemed rushed to me. It just happened very suddenly. I think, and this is obviously just a suggestion, if you had included the conversation Lily must have had with the boys, it would have seemed an easer transition. Also, thought it was out of character that the boys hadn't prepared for this kind of a confrontation... While they discussed this with Lily, I am sure there would have been various excuses suggested. I do get that Sirius didn't want to lie to her, but he is also very protective of his pals.

By the way, I am looking for some good Neville/ Hannah post DH, minus epilogue. Do you have any recommendations? I like my Neville self confident and assured, by the way, and it's been an absolute nightmare! I don't know what happened in the 19 years to them, and I don't mind an adult rating if it's a good story.

Anyhoo (:P) hope the next chapter comes soon :)

Author's Response: Hi again! Thanks for the review!

Right, I'll answer your question first. Sorry, but I don't know any Hannah/Neville stories. Because I'm so busy with this story (and real life, which unfortunately keeps popping up and demanding my attention) I don't get much of a chance to read other stories unless they're handed to me on my review thread, and I haven't come across any Hannah/Neville stories on that yet. In fact, the only story I've come across in that which features Hogwarts-era characters in the years following the battle is Losing Harry by taylorj828, which is an excellent story but doesn't feature Neville or Hannah at all. So sorry about that. There is a thread in the forums under "story recommendations" though where people can nominate their favourite stories, including those based on particular ships, so you might find one in there if you have a look. (You don't need to log in to see those threads either, you can just browse.)

Okay. This story. I understand that the last bit of this chapter didn't sit right, and I was hesitant about posting this chapter because I knew it wasn't really up to scratch. And it's a fair point that if I'd included the conversation Lily had with the boys (if indeed she did have one) would have made it flow better. However, this is a first person story and if that conversation did happen they would have made sure Laura didn't hear it, so that wasn't really an option. (You will see exactly what DID happen with Lily next chapter.) And yeah, they should have had some decent excuses, but he's really worried about lying to her at the moment so he didn't want to have to go down that path.

Anyway I think I'm also guilty of considering that scene as a whole when I was proof-reading, including what's coming up in the next chapter, so that's probably why it didn't feel right. I'll have to make sure I don't do that next time I break a scene up.

cheers, Mel

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Review #14, by icegreen89How to tame a Marauder: Reconciliation attempted

13th January 2010:
Hi :)

You know, I generally try and avoid MWPP fics, unless they are (very) highly recommended, because they're just so doomed... but really, I just have to bow down- you're just a fabulous writer! I wish I had your skill. Non of the characters are stereotypes, and that itself is an ode to how well you've done with them. Eagerly waiting for the next bit on this... and I'm a fan for life! I also love how you update regularly *hint, hint* :D

Hey, I was hoping, could you put in more of Remus in here? I know this is not his story and all, but he's my favourite character, so... (though his behaviour with Charlotte has just been annoying me- maybe she should just get someone to snog the life out of...)

Oh, BTW... I think you should do a next gen fic too, because we know even less about them than we do about the Marauders, and I think you'd be just fabulous with them too.

Right. Sorry if this sounds stalker- ish, and hope you have a Happy 2010 :D

Author's Response: Hi there! Thanks for the review!

You know, I completely understand about avoiding Marauder fics because they all feel the same after a while. Though, to be honest, I've only ever really read Marauder fics (aside from on my review thread) because that's where my primary interest lies. But if I've converted you, then that's brilliant. *beams* I must say also that you made it sound like someone had recommended my fic to you ... if that is the case, I'd love to thank them for doing it.

Anyway thanks a lot for saying I haven't succumbed to any characterisation stereotypes. I'm sure there are a few in there - all I've done is write my own interpretation of them - but to have you saying that is just fantastic. I did put a lot of work into my characterisations and it sounds like it's been paying off so I'm uber pleased with that. :D

As for Remus, well there is some more in-depth character analysis for him coming up, but I've had a look through upcoming chapters and you might have to wait a little while. I have taken your request on board, though, so I might tweak things to see what I can come up with.

Ah, next-gen? Possible. It would entail a lot less research, but I would have to come up with a story idea and, for me at least, that's easier said than done. I'll see, though. It wouldn't be for a while, however - after this fic is all up, I'm posting a series of one-shots from this story that I've written from other people's POVs (mostly Sirius, but there are others), so I'd have to wait till I'm completely done with this story before I could think about writing another one. There's just not enough room in my brain for that.

(Oh, and no, you didn't sound stalker-ish in the slightest. If anything, it's rather flattering.)

cheers, Mel

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Review #15, by icegreen89The Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: Minor Obstacles Affect the Game, Major Ones Altar It Entirely

29th July 2009:
Not shooting anything at you :)

I write a blog, and I don't update for weeks at a time sometimes for no reason at all except that I don't feel upto it. I get it.

Anyway, fantastic chapter as usual, try and update soon, and have a good time doing it. And yeah- don't feel guilty (well, not too much anyhow) we miss the updates, but that's all just down to your skills, so take your time.

Good luck!

Author's Response: Dear icegreen89,
Thanks for reviewing, and for understanding. With all the distractions, procrastination, and writer's block--it's hard to just sit my butt down and write. Grr, it's infuriating! (Good luck on your blog, btw :]) Thank you so much for you review, it made me feel a lot less guiltier (well...somewhat. I still feel the need to flog myself lol). Thank you!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #16, by icegreen89A Subtle Touch Unseen: "I will always be yours."

1st July 2009:
Hey, I just want you to know what a wonderful job you've done with this story- Alec and Jenyse. At the beginning I thought Lily's character was a bit stilted, stereotypical, but the rest of it really made up for it- I mean, it's past 2.30 AM here, and all I want to do is start reading the sequel! And I want an Alec too.

Author's Response: aw! thanks so so much! you\\\'re so sweet! ahh, you sound like me when i\\\'m hooked to a story or book or anything, really. i\\\'m so glad that you liked my story! haha, and my character, it seems. thanks loads!! i\\\'ll see you at the sequel! i hope you\\\'ll be fully refreshed when you read it! haha.

~ Danica

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Review #17, by icegreen89Oh, Ollie!: In Which Oliver Reveals, Angelina is Gleeful, and a Party is Planned

14th June 2009:
It's hyperactive and crazy as usual... made me want to pant... can't wait for the next chapter, hope it's out soon.

Author's Response: Wo. I like crazy, and panting is fun!! I hope to post again soon (as soon as I respond to all these reviews!). Thanks for reviewing!

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Review #18, by icegreen89Weasley Stories: Heart and Snow

3rd June 2009:
'James was frantically trying to find his left boot. Fred was frantically trying to hide James’s left boot.'

Favourite line.

Anyhow- you've updated after ages! Shame on you! I liked the 2nd story much better than the 1st by the way... I don't know why though, so I can't tell you that. Loved the 2nd. Loved.

Author's Response: Hah, glad you liked that line. Thanks for reviewing, glad you loved the second one.
I don't consider the time I took updating to be "ages", considering all the things I do that don't involve writing fanfiction.

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Review #19, by icegreen89Baby, look up when you're down: II.

3rd June 2009:
Hey, welcome back. So, constructive critism, and I hope you don't take it otherwise... I loved the first chapter, and I'd said so in the review I left for it, but I do have certain probs with this one... firstly, it seems very abrupt; secon of all- Cameron just seems like a bad influence on Teddy at the moment, and Teddy just seems to be going along with whatever he was saying.. I think had this chapter been longer we would have gotten a clearer picture of what was happening. However, your laptop did crash, and it couldn't have been easy to rewrite all of it, so good job on the update :)

Author's Response: Great, I love constructive criticism.

I didn't make Cameron out to be the bad guy; Teddy is a big boy and can make decisions for himself. Teddy isn't like an insecure, lost person: he knows what he's doing. And Teddy isn't stupid, he's not going to follow everything that Cameron says. But, I think what everyone needs to understand is that I'm not making the Teddy in my story out to be that quiet, werewolf type that he's often depicted as. I'm really basing Teddy and Cameron and my other characters that will come along as the guys I know. And, they practically all think like Cameron.

As for the length of the chapter, I'm really sorry. As I was re-writing it I couldn't remember everything that I had written before. So, I just stopped it at the end of Teddy and Victoire's conversation. Although, the further chapters will be longer as I'll have more time in the summer to write. Thank you for understanding the wait for this chapter.

Thank you for reviewing, your constructive criticism is really appreciated, I'm glad that you really told me what you thought of this chapter.

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Review #20, by icegreen89The Quidditch Commandments: Ravenclaw: Players Must Bear The Consequences Of Their Actions

31st May 2009:
Ah, hello :)

I love Jason's characterisation. He's one of my all time favourite fanfic characters. Thanks!

Wish the chapter had more in it... but really liked it nevertheless. Good luck for your finals!

Update soon,

cheers :)

Author's Response: Dear icegreen89,
Thank you so much! I'm glad you like Jason (he's a favorite of mine as well). More will be coming, and thanks for the luck!
Your Obedient Servant,
The Phantom

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Review #21, by icegreen89The Memory Box: Chapter XXIV

21st May 2009:
Wow that was scary. LOVED the chapter.

Somehow, I missed this update earlier, so am reviewing now. You know what a cricket bat is!

Author's Response: Heya icegreen89 - thank you for leaving me a review :) I'm thrilled you enjoyed the chapter - it was a bit dark but I tried to put some light in there, too :)

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Review #22, by icegreen89Oh, Ollie!: In Which Smith Yells, Kenna Worries, and Oliver is Caught Off Guard

15th May 2009:
Hahaha :D very fun chapter... and reading from Oliver's POV is so different from the earlier story..

Anyway, good luck and update soon :)

Author's Response: Thanks, I'm glad you think so!

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Review #23, by icegreen89Two lipsticks and a lover: Fault

5th May 2009:
Yeah, that was long- a long wait! Hmm... well, they seem to be getting somewhere now, and this is a really interesting story, though not canon... bella's dead, remember? Update soon!

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Review #24, by icegreen89Fire and Ice: Arrivals

30th April 2009:
Good luck for your finals, and why are you going to the hospital? I hope everything's alright...

Yeah, the chapter was quite short for such a long wait, but it's alright... Let me guess- is it Helena?

you take care, dear.

Author's Response: LOL thanks! I'm gonna need it to pass german! And my little cousin had to have surgery at the same hospital that my grandpa is in isolation at so it's been a week of duel visits! But all is well with me. It's just a little tiring going back and forth is all! And *gasp* how did you guess LOL!

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Review #25, by icegreen89Oh, Ollie!: In Which Oliver is Naked, Kenna is Insane, and Smith Makes an Appearance

25th April 2009:
Haha- brilliant! Looking forward to lots more... Enjoy the...Opera(?)

Wait I wanted to ask- where does the war fit into all this?

Author's Response: Thanks a bunch!! Yes, it's an opera, and I promise, I'll have tons of fun.

Haha, I'm basically acting as if it doesn't exist. So Fred is still alive. =]

Thanks for reviewing!

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