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Review #1, by xXCloudfallsXxAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Thirty: Friends vs. Enemies

1st July 2009:
I'm glad that you posted this chapter and that the next chapter is almost done. yay.
I like your story very much.
I hope that Adara will be ok. I'd love to see more Adara/Sirius moments. They're cute
Good luck with writing

Author's Response: yay! i\\\'m glad you liked it! haha. :]

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Review #2, by xXCloudfallsXxMy Life Without Me: How to Make a Choice

14th June 2009:
Great chapter.
I'm so curious of what is going to happen.
please update soon

Author's Response: I will :) Thanks for reviewing!!

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Review #3, by xXCloudfallsXxA Clandestine Reality: The Hard Truth

1st June 2009:
This is great. I really like the chapter's end. So sweet...
I hope you'll write more about Draco and Rose. I want to see how they'll act now, because she knows that he is her father.
And I can't wait for Draco/hermoine parts :d

Author's Response: I will try, but I am afraid that the last two chapters are already written. There will be more Draco/Hermione, I can assure you that.

Thank you for the review.

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Review #4, by xXCloudfallsXxAlong Came Sirius: Chapter Twenty-Nine: Wildfire

25th May 2009:
great chapter. Finally after 28 chapters they become a couple. :D
Reg is pretty annoying...interrupting them.
Well, i hope you'll update soon.
Good Luck

Author's Response: aww thanks! haha. i know, right. took long enough... haha. :]

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Review #5, by xXCloudfallsXxStealing the Hours: In Search of a Paradise

14th May 2009:
you're story is awesome. please update soon.

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Review #6, by xXCloudfallsXxA Clandestine Reality: Daddy Who?

9th April 2009:
this was a nice chapter. i like that you wrote a part of the chapter from Rose's POV. it's very interesting
I hope that draco doesn't do anything stupid to hannah.
Is Dray-co my daddy? - you finished the chapter exactly when it was interesting. I hope you will update soon...I'm so curios

Author's Response: I know I finished just when it was interesting, but that was the point. You should know by now that I am pure evil...cliffhangers are a love in my life.

I'm glad that you liked it, thank you for the review.

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Review #7, by xXCloudfallsXxA Clandestine Reality: Your Own Fault

24th March 2009:
great chapter :d.
the moments between rose and her father are very cute.
I liked the draco/hermione part. especially the kiss. :d

Author's Response: Lol, I liked the kiss too, especially writing it ;P

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Review #8, by xXCloudfallsXxA Clandestine Reality: The End

16th February 2009:
nice chapter. I liked the "Blaise and Lila part"
i can't wait for the next chapters. especially now, that hermione is going to live with draco :d

Author's Response: Thanks for the review and I am glad that you liked it.

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Review #9, by xXCloudfallsXxThe Untold Story of James and Lily: Chapter 38 - Lurking in the Shadows

19th January 2009:
you're back :d
great chapter. nice work
btw, this is one of my favourite stories from hpff.

well, good luck with your wedding and exams :d

Author's Response: awww... thank you! that's very kind of you to say! i'm glad that you enjoyed the latest chapter, and i will try and update as soon as i can. thanks for reviewing!

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Review #10, by xXCloudfallsXxTrouble With the Centaurs: Overly Protective

11th October 2008:
This story is really interesting. I like that it is in draco's point of view.
please, hurry up with the next chapter

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Review #11, by xXCloudfallsXxMy Life Without Me: To Remember How To Live

11th October 2008:
I like your story.
I hope that i'll read pretty soon the next chapter.

Author's Response: hopefully u will:] Thank you for reviewing

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Review #12, by xXCloudfallsXxMy Life Without Me: Breathe Until You Die

8th October 2008:
this story is awesome. sirius is one of my favourite charactes.
I hope you will update soon.

Author's Response: Thank you:] I will, trust me xx

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Review #13, by xXCloudfallsXxStrictly Forbidden: Chapter Thirty

4th October 2008:
I really like this story. It's one of my favourites stories.
please, update soon
i hate gwen. she is a horrible person.

Author's Response: Ooohhh well you'll be happy to know i've updated lol
thanks for the review

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